New (ish) Single from Useless Eaters

Feel like today could get too poppy if I don’t throw something deliciously heavy on the mix, so I’m glad I got my new Useless Eaters 7″ today.  The band just recently released their Addicted to the Blade single, and it looks like they’ve already got other things in the mix, but let’s focus on this jam.  There’s a bit of an echo in the vocals, giving off a dark vibe to the stomping rhythm of the track…and it all leads into the great chorus that makes the song an absolute winner. Oh, and did I mention they blew us away recently when they played with Ty Segall? All things point towards the positive for this group, so go and order your copy of the single from Tic Tac Totally!


Download:Useless Eaters – Addicted To The Blade [MP3]

Original Slumberland Records Act Lorelei Returns

Slumberland Records has made a name for itself recently by signing big acts like Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Terry Malts, but we often forget just how long the label has been promoting great tunes. Luckily, a lot of their first wave of bands are coming back to the fold as the label’s popularity continues to rise.  One such act is Lorelei, who will be releasing their first album since 1994 on August 14th.  The record is called Enterprising Sidewalks, and it picks up where the band left off, crafting beautiful melodies backed by some jagged cutting guitars.  This is the sort of music that gave the label the ability to rise to its current position, so I’m happy to see a solid return to form.


Download:Lorelei – Hammer Meets Tongs [MP3]

Great Track from Plateaus

After catching a show with Plateaus last month, I’ve been putting them on my daily play rotation, tapping my feet all the while.  They recently (end of May) put out this killer single I wanted to share with you, and I’ll point you to another great track as well. They’ve got this real low-key punk rock vibe, that’s as gritty as it is infectious.  You can buy their 7″ for this song from Hozac, but there’s also a great gem coming out soon from Art Fag Recordings, which you should pick up HERE.  The band will have an album out in the Fall, but for now, enjoy the jams.


Download:Plateaus – Do It For You [MP3]

Great New Pop Song from Charlie Big Time

Long have I supported Jimmy and his crew over at Matinee Recordings.  Somehow they’re able to scour the world and find some of the most creative and pleasurable pop music, and this time they’ve landed on UK band Charlie Big Time.  While the band was a duo early on, they’ve added Beth Arzy of Trembling Blue Stars to the fold, and her presence is best exemplified on this track from the group’s new EP, Dishevelled Revellers. The EP is currently available over at Matinee’s Shop, and you’ll find all sorts of pop goodness—which is just par for the course from the label–and the band to boot!


Download:Charlie Big Time – The Liberation of Love [MP3]

The Bulletin Board: Music Ownership

We have a vendetta to quell cell-phone cameras and non-stop talkers at shows, but another underlying message we sometimes don’t vocalize loudly enough is to support the artists. A recent blog post at NPR and rebuttal by a musician are making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter sparking discussion on the notion of music ownership and what is “stealing” music.

This is the digital age. What constitutes ownership or is it all “Free Culture” once sent up into the ether of the cloud?

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Great New Single from Alpaca Sports

One of my favorite discoveries of the last year has been Sweden’s Alpaca Sports.  The duo creates hook-laden pop that dares you to play the songs just once; I promise you that’s not a possibility.  Lucky for all of us the group has been kind enough to let us stream their new single, “She’ll Come Back for Indian Summer,” which I sincerely hope is a Beat Happening reference.  You can get your hands on the digital single on June 20th via Luxury, and then you’ll have it on your own stereo to play over and over again.  Keep your eye on these guys, as there’ definitely going to be more gems from them coming our way soon. Also, you can check out a video for the single that just went up today by clicking HERE.



New Tunes from Apache Dropout

I’m always going to give a shout out to Trouble in Mind Records; they’ve got a really diverse catalogue, but typically it all dwells in the garage rock category.  Today, this new jam dropped from Apache Dropout kicking out the rock n’ roll jams with a psychedelic twist; I tend to think more along the lines of psycho-billy, at least when I’m listening to this song.  It’s got whimsy, choppy guitars and the album artwork has a hint of ghoulishness. If you dig this track, you can get a hold of the group’s new record, Bubblegum Lemonade, soon; it hits stores on August 7th.


Download:Apache Dropout – Candy Bar [MP3]

New Single (+ Album Stream) from The Daredevil Christopher Wright

I’m absolutely loving the new record from The Daredevil Christopher Wright, a Eau Claire three-piece who’ve created an eclectic sound akin to the likes of Here We Go Magic or Fleet Foxes.  Their album combines elements of folk, group harmonies, but there’s also a slightly experimental bent–though not as much because the group wanted to focus on the songwriting on the record for performance purposes (I commend that!). If you’re sitting at work, wondering what the next record you’re going to HAVE to buy is, then you need to take a listen to The Nature of Things, which hits stores next week. You can stream it in its entirety HERE.


Download:The Daredevil Christopher Wright – Divorce [MP3]

Warm Pop Gem from Cinderpop

The single for Cinderpop’s newest album has been floating around for quite some time, but I hadn’t really given it too much of a listen until I started spinning Manic Sparkles repeatedly on my player.  It’s an album that’s chock-full of wonderful pop tunes that recall all sorts of influences, from the Lucksmiths to Sloan to Nada Surf.  These are the sorts of influences that make me swoon, so I’m happy to have re-discovered the band and their classic pop sound.  I feel like more people should be writing music like this, but if they’re not, I’ve always got great bands like this to enjoy.


Download:Cinderpop – Florentine [MP3]

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