Dutchess & The Duke On Daytrotter

Another album of the year contender, Dutchess & The Duke, were recently featured on the Daytrotter website.  The Portland duo play two songs from their 2008 debut LP and two other previously unreleased songs.  Download/listen to the songs and find out why we love these two so much.  Here’s one of the tunes from the session you can jam out to this weekend called “Out of Time”.


Download: The Dutchess & The Duke – Out of Time(Daytrotter Sessions) [Mp3]

Anti Records Sampler

Anti Records is doing there part to remind you about some of their better releases of the year by giving away a free end of the year sampler.  The sampler features pretty solid stuff from Islands, Devotchka, Billy Bragg and a bunch of other great artists.  You can read the entire track listing on the Anti Records website or download the whole thing from their blog.  Here’s a standout track from the sampler called “Big Mistake” by Tim Fite.


Download: Tim Fite – Big Mistake [MP3]

Anthony Kiedis TV Show

Word on the street is that long time Red Hot Chilli Peppers front man, Anthony Kiedis, is planning a series for HBO based on his rock ‘n’ roll childhood.  The memoir is tentatively titled “Scar Tissue” and focuses on Kiedis’ move from Michigan to Hollywood and his relationship with a rock star lifestyle dad.  Variety has the whole story.  This follows a recent trend of famous 90s front men taking on completely random new projects.  Have your say and give us some episode ideas in the comment section.

The Acorn On The Laundormatinee

The Laundromatinee, brought to you by MOKB, continue to bring you sweet video of their in studio performances with a set by The Acorn this week.  The Ottawa based band is currently touring with Calexio in support of their 2007 album Glory Hope MountainCheck out video for the 4 live songs or listen to the band’s most recent single “Crooked Legs” right here on our website.


Download: The Acorn – Crooked Legs

Watch All of MTV’s Videos Online

Well, MTV might have just made itself cool again. It’s rolling out MTV Music – a free, searchable database of nearly every video in their vault. My only question is, what took them so long? It has a slick interface, the site runs quickly and the video quality is much better than the user-submitted videos on YouTube. Sorry if we just ruined your work day, but we’ve already spent hours looking at some old favorites.

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