More Great Pop from Little Red

I went with sort of a more rock oriented morning starter for everyone this morning, so I had to redeem myself, or rather, at least offer the other side of my musical tastes.  Little Red‘s new album, Midnight Remember, has been playing around my office fairly frequently, and you can now get your hands on it!  But, in case you don’t have the time today, here’s another great track to warm your soul.  It’s just a great melodic ballad with quietly strummed guitar being featured before the song itself begins to meander further into the spectrum of catchy pop tunes.  One listen to this song and you’ll surely find yourself humming along, hoping to have a day as promising as this young act.


Download: Little Red – February [MP3]

Sludge Punker from The Spits

Man, since I’ve really been pushing myself back into rock n’ roll this year, my part of the site might have gotten a little bit heavier than we’ve had in the past, but I’m totally down with that.  One of my favorite acts, The Spits, just released their new album today on In the Red Records, and of course I had to get my hands on it. This new little number is quick and to the point, and it’s definitely one of the muddier feeling tracks on the record.  Lyrically you might not find a great deal of inspiration here, but hey, I’d buy it just for the cheap price and the album cover.


Download: The Spits – My Life Sucks [MP3]

New Rocker from Classic Guided by Voices

As we’ve all certainly heard, the classic line-up of Guided By Voices is back together, having recorded new material.  I was fortunate to catch the group on their classic return, and they sounded just as I had hoped, if only a wee bit older.  The band will be releasing Lets Go Eat the Factory at the first of the year, but for now you can grab a listen to this track that went up on Matador Records, the label that will be putting out this track as a 7″ on November 22nd.  Whether you’ve liked the band for years, or just recently caught on, surely you see the greatness in this.


Download: Guided By Voices – The Usinkable Fats Domino [MP3]

New Folk Core from Two Dark Birds

Okay, so Folk Core is totally made up, but I wanted to make sure I had your attention.  In all actuality, Steve Koester and Two Dark Birds are a lot more folk, a lot more traditional, so much so that you might call them hardcore folksters.  Their new record, Songs for the New, comes out next week via Riot Bear Recording, and it’s shaping up to be a really beautiful listen, filled with traditional folk elements spun in an entirely novel manner. It makes you yearn for wintery weather, which we just so happen to be experiencing, so what a wonderful way to wrap up our Friday.


Download: Two Dark Birds – Black Blessed Night [MP3]

Contest: St. Vincent @ ACL Live (10/24)

It’s contest time kids!  It seems like forever since we’ve had ourselves a ticket contest and I’m pumped that our first one in a long time is for St. Vincent tickets.  So I’ll cut the crap and give you some contest deets:

Rules: Leave a comment below with why you should win and we’ll pick winners with the best answer.

Prize: 2 tickets to the St. Vincent show at ACL live on Monday the 24th.  We will pick TWO winners who will each receive ONE ticket.

Timeline: We’ll pick our winners and email them sometime this weekend.

Tickets for this on are still available for $20 if you don’t win.  Don’t forget to leave a valid email address in the comment section so we can get in touch with the winners.


Download: St. Vincent – Actor Out of Work [MP3]

New (old) Punk Rocker from Tyvek

It’s Friday, so I feel like we all needed a nice swift kick in the ass, you know, to get us going into the weekend.  With that in mind, I’d like us all to have a listen to this little rocker from Tyvek, who just put out Fast Metabolism via M’Ladys Records. It’s a compilation gathering all the old singles from the group’s early days, thrusting some furious rockers back in our ears.  It’s always good to listen to the history of bands we love, so it’s good to get to finally have a hold on these gems from some of my favorite rockers.  Give this a go; it’ll save your Friday.


New Track from The Golden Awesome

New Zealand’s The Golden Awesome aren’t necessarily what you’d associate with the typical Oceanic fare, but that’s a good thing. They’ll be releasing their album, Autumn, via M’Ladys Records on November 15th, and it’s shaping up to be a darkly tinged bit of poppy noise rock.  If you stream the single below, you’ll be met with walls of guitar noise drenched in warm female vocals.  Clearly there’s an element of pop one can’t escape in NZ, but there’s more than enough darkness lurking in the songwriting of this group.  Stream the jam below for a taste of great things to come.


More New Music from Richard Swift

We gave you the heads up on the new Walt Wolfman EP from our favorite Richard Swift, which just came out a day or so ago via the good folks over at Secretly Canadian.  Well, today, in case you weren’t able to make it to your local store, the label (and SPIN) tossed up another groovy track from the record. This one’s a bit different, using some ramshackle drumming to keep the beat while Swift sings atop it all.  I highly encourage you to get your hands on this work as soon as possible, giving Richard some much deserved love; it’s definitely an interesting, and enjoyable listen.


Download: Richard Swift – MG 333 [MP3]

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