Even More New Music from Bare Wires

Are you tired of me raving about the Bare Wires just yet?  Since SXSW I’ve been digging their solid rock n’ roll records, and with the release  of their record Cheap Perfume just a few weeks from release, I’ll gladly drop a little more knowledge on you.  This track is not as powerful as the earlier tracks the band has released, but I dig the subdued attitude here, demonstrating the band’s ability to just throw good old rock n’ roll right in your face.  There’s no tricks, there’s no hype, just good old fashioned rock.  Sometimes that’s the best kind; actually, it’s always the best kind.


Download: Bare Wires – Back on the Road [MP3]

New Rocker from Terry Malts

During the summer I caught wind of this project by following the wonderful Magic Bullets, but Terry Malts is a beast of a different sort.  They’re a little bit more upbeat, and they’ve got a more direct approach to rocking.  Just this week they’ll be releasing a new 7″ on Slumberland Records, and we’ve got the A Side from the Something About You EP.  It breezes in quick, with a little bit of bounce.  You’ll find a sharpness to the guitars, and just one killer hook after another in the vocals.  I’m really excited to see where these guys go from here, and I hope you are too!


Download: Terry Malts – Something About You [MP3]

New Music from Duchess Says

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting to hear from Duchess Says again.  Their show at SXSW two years ago was perhaps one of the most intense of my SXSW career, and frightening for some.  Out of nowhere the band have come out with a new album, In a Fung Day T, which should be in stores soon.  This first track seems to have put the reins on their ferocious electro-post-punk, which should do wonders for making the band a huge hit with audiences. There’s still that darkness lurking beneath the surface, and I can hear Annie-Claude still scatting out mono-syllabic noises, which both frightens and excites me. Dig it.


Download: Duchess Says – Time to Reiterate [MP3]

Poppy New Single from The Echo Friendly

Perhaps we get burdened by the endless stream of love songs on the Interwebs, but this new single is really winning me over.  The Echo Friendly just released this new single from their album Same Mistakes, which you can pick up on Cantora Records now, and it’s a gem of a track.  Trading vocal duties between male and female vocalists, bits of atmospheric feedback, and a nice little stomping groove to keep everything moving along .  This is a perfect tune to wrap up your Friday listening experience, so I hope you enjoy it.


Download: The Echo Friendly – Boats [MP3]

Weekend Punk Shows in Austin

We all know that I’m a lover of the punk rock, and I just wanted to share some excellent shows about town this weekend highlighting the good old fashioned rock n’ roll for you.  Below is a quick list of some shows worthy of your attention.

Friday: Curtis James & Grape Street @ Skinny’s Ballroom – FREE!!!

Saturday: Bad Sports, Act Rights – Matinne Show @ 1 PM @ Beerland

Mind Spiders, Birthday Suits, Shit Creek, @ Beerland

John Coleman, Rhett & Dean, Bang B. Theodores @ Frontier Bar

Just a quick list, but some killer shows you should check out.

[audio:http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/bad_sports_teenage_girls.mp3] [audio:http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/bad_sports_teenage_girls.mp3] [audio:http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/01-John-Wesley-Coleman-Track01.mp3]

New Rocker from Radical Dads

Didn’t these guys just put out a record? Well, if you listened to Mega Rama, you might not know what to think when you get this solid little jam.  It reminds me of the furious moments of Les Savy Fav back in the days of Go Forth, but that’s probably wishful thinking.  The band’s Skateboard Bulldog 7″ will be out later this year, but we’ve got the track to rock you right now.  From the minute it kicks off, it’s geared at rocking you right out of your chair.  Quick and to the point, you won’t be able to catch your breath before this number ends. Well played Radical Dads.


Download: Radical Dads – Skateboard Bulldog [MP3]

Fun New Jam from MiniBoone

It’s the middle of the week, and we all could probably use a bit of a pick me up, as that lull begins to creep in.  Well, for those of you with an infatuation for bits of post-punk and old school art rock, you’re going to love this jam from MiniBoone. There’s little intricate moments and there’s all out joyous moments, all which make for a great midweek listen.  You can find this track along with others from the group on November 8th with the release of their MiniBoone Mountain EP, courtesy of the fine folks over at Drug Front Records.


Download: MiniBoone – Brand New Thing [MP3]

New Jam from Lyonnais

I got this Lyonnais record in the mail a few weeks ago, and I’ve been waiting to share the first single from the band with you.  It’s a bit noisy and gaze-y, if you will, but the melodious moments bring out this internal music that really holds the entire record together.  Speaking of said record, you can pick up Want For Wish For Nowhere on October 18th via Hoss Records.  I promise you that this little gem of a mini-album is not going to let you down.  Please, allow me to introduce you to the wonderful Lyonnais.


Download: Lyonnais – The Fatalist [MP3]

New Music from Guineafowl

If you haven’t heard of Guineafowl until now, we’ll forgive you, as we’re just catching onto the band ourselves.  The Australian group is coming to the States to support the release of their Guineafowl EP. The feel of their first US single totally epitomizes my need for high-fueled energy on Wednesday; it’s got bits of stomping, yet I can sort of hear that blissful swoon of the Dears hiding beneath their guitar work lines.  Just sort of imagine blending pieces of eclectic elements with bits of electronic rock, add some swinging chorus lines, and you’ve got this group summed up. Damned if that doesn’t sound like a great bit of fun to me.  Their EP is out now on Dangerbird.


Download: Guineafowl – Little Fingers [MP3]

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