New Single from The June Brides

For those of you who missed Phil Wilson’s last record, God Bless Jim Kennedy, you can happily sink your teeth into his return under the June Brides moniker.  The group’s just released a new 7″ with Slumberland Records.  As always, his voice sounds quieted, seemingly taking the background to the song’s inner harmony, fleshed out with string arrangements.  Personally, I love how there’s a bit of a stomp just before the 1 minute mark.  This is definitely a happy return, and one I hope you’ll consider looking into; you can pick the A January Moon 7″ up at your local record shop.



New Jam from Outside World

I went checking in on Brain Idea, a band I totally dig, and found that some of the members had begun a new project titled Outside World.  Man, I was surprised at just how great their latest single was; it’s got an old school rock n’ roll sound, filled with infectious hooks and a bit of ramshackle to it. The group’s about to release a new tape for Night People titled Seaside Nowhere, and this song’s going to feature.  If you were once a fan of the Replacements and Superchunk, then this band’s going to find a place in your heart immediately.



New Music from Martin Creed

Martin Creed is a pretty credible songwriter, winning the Turner Prize, and now he’s back with a collection of 18 songs titled Love to You, which is just now being released by Moshi Moshi Records.  He definitely owns a distinctive vocal, but I’m more interested in the craftsmanship that enabled the record to come together.  Every detail is intentional, every lyric placed perfectly, every note placed in exactly the right place, creating a collection of thoughtful songs that you’re not likely to find anywhere else.  This single is perhaps my favorite at the moment, but there’s other more upbeat tracks if that’s your bag too.  Enjoy some Martin Creed today.


Download:Martin Creed – You’re The One For Me [MP3]

Quirky Pop Tune from Gregory Pepper and His Problems

I’ve always favored quirky singers who mess with the formulaic work of singer/songwriter fare, thus I’m enjoying Gregory Pepper and His Problems most recent track today.  In my mind, it kind of reminds me of the lyrical playfulness of Travis Morrison, but with the musical allusion to Owen Pallett or Dent May.  The new record from Greg and Co. will be coming out on August 21st via Fake Four Inc., and it’s titled Escape from Crystal Skull Mountain.  Definitely enjoying the light-hearted attitude of this track right now, and I hope you do too.


Download:Gregory Pepper and His Problems – At Least I’m Not a Musician [MP3]

New Music from Seatraffic

Lately I’ve begun to think of San Francisco as the mecca of psychedelic tunes and new age punk rock sounds, but that’s not all the city has to offer.  One listen to Seatraffic and you’ll see that even dreamy bedroom pop has it’s place on the West Coast, and we’re grateful you can craft music like this anywhere.  The duo has kindly let us share the B-Side to their upcoming 7″, and we’re pretty sure you’ll dig the stripped down emotional effect that remains central to the song.  You’ll be able to order your own copy of the recording on August 1st if you know what’s good for ya.


Hip Jam from Night Panther

I generally try not to take too much stuff from other sites, preferring to do the research work on my own, but I couldn’t resist when I heard this song over at IGIF. The group’s name is Night Panther.  There’s not too much info on the group, other than the fact that they’re from Pennsylvania, but what’s more important is this hit.  Only one song is floating along, and it’s enough for me to fawn over the band like some teenage cool kid.  There’s an effortless bounce, an essence of cool and just a central hook that I can’t get out of my head. Enjoy this one folks.


Download: Night Panther – Snudge [MP3]


Amazing Darkened Tunes from Black Marble

I didn’t expect this at all! We’ve known a full-length was coming from Black Marble since they first signed with Hardly Art, but I had no idea how much I would anticipate the whole affair.  Now, having listened to the first single from A Different Arrangement, I’m hoping it comes earlier than the October 9th release date.  The heavy tones of the vocals caught me off-guard, but juxtaposed with the music itself, it’s surprising how fitting it is, how well it all ties together.  I especially like the guitar flourishes shooting through the background.  Be sure to keep an eye on this release, it’s going to be a great one.


Download:Black Marble -A Great Design [MP3]

New Song From Snowden (Finally)

Snowden‘s 2006 album ANTI-ANTI is a favorite of mine. Shoe-gazed post punk, several songs from that album, especially “Black Eyes” still find their way into playlists. They released a couple tracks over the years with the Slow Soft Syrup EP in 2010 including a track released on a Love and Rockets tribute.

The band is back and announcing a full length on Serpents&Snakes due in the Fall. To get you interested they have the track “The Beat Comes” up on Soundcloud and a shiny new website with info on an East Coast mini-tour. They killed during a day party set I saw in ’07. See ’em if you can.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”show_comments=false&auto_play=false&color=ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”81″ iframe=”false” /]

Fresh New Tune from New Tigers

I always liked the idea of a split 7″; to me, it shows a bit of camaraderie in the musical community.  When I first saw that New Tigers had a new track on a split with Sweden’s Top Sound, I got really excited, as I’m already a fan of New Tigers after their self-titled album from last year.  The split will be shared between Ca Ira and Soliti Music, and it comes out next week.  Both bands take a stab at covering the other group’s tunes, which is another thing I enjoy–you get to see how bands react to the music of their peers.  I’m definitely digging this track, but I knew I would.



Great New Tune from Cate Le Bon

I was fortunate enough to catch Cate Le Bon last year at ACL Live as an opening act, and ever since then I’ve clamored high and low for her music.  I dug CYRK, but now she’s readied the CYRK II EP, which comes out on August 21st.  Just listening to Cate, you can’t help but be completely swept away my her simple guitar work and incredible vocal prowess.  She seemed a bit timid live, but she’s definitely not playing that role any more.  You can tell that she’s ready to take on the world with this tune. Can’t wait to pick this one up.


Download:Cate Le Bon – What Is Worse [MP3]

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