Great Dream Pop from The Notes

It seems we get a lot of surf-pop and dream-pop nowadays with male singers, and I’m definitely okay with that, but I don’t mind having a swinging female voice maneuver in and out of these tracks as well. The Notes, like Seapony, do a great job of doing just that, and this British bunch has just put out their brand new album, Fearless, which you can grab for FREE, if you so choose. The title track’s got a little bit of haze, a little bit of noise, and a slew of pop bubbling beneath it all. Give these guys a chance to win you over this Friday.


Download: The Notes – Fearless [MP3]

More New Music from Blouse

Portland-based Blouse have been making their way around the Interwebs with a slew of recent 7″ releases, the most recent coming on Sub Pop. As it stands now, the band’s signed up with Captured Tracks for the release of their self-titled debut, which will be released on November 1st.  This latest single begins with the quality of a warped recording, but if you can withstand that, there’s some blissful pop moments surfing thoughout the song, making for an elegany little listen.  Game, Blouse(s).


Download: Blouse – Videotapes [MP3]

More New Music from Twerps

If you’ve been following us, you surely know about my love for Twerps, a band who I’ve fallen in love with ever since the great folks over at Chapter Music introduced us to them. Their sound has definitely grown, coming across with that warm Oceanic pop feel, and even cleaning up the production a bit.  There’s a quality that seemingly gives their songs the feeling of floating music from afar, as if you’re hearing their music dance across the Pacific.  You can grab this song, as well as the rest off their self-titled record on October 18th here in the States via Underwater Peoples.


Download: The Twerps – Dreamin [MP3]

New Oddball Jam from Prussia

Detroit’s Prussia are one of those bands that you’ve got to give a chance in order to fully sink your teeth into their catalogue.  They combine odd shifts in mood and tempo, utilizing all their instruments to craft genuinely interesting chamber pop masterpieces.  The group is in the middle of releasing a set of 10″ singles, and we’ve got a premiere of one of the tracks of the second 10″ from the Poor English collection.  You can grab the first single now, but the second one, with the song below, won’t be available until September 13th.  I’m extremely stoked by the music these guys are crafting right now, and you should be too.


Download: Prussia – Sleeper [MP3]

New Music from Deleted Scenes

Probably one of the most interesting things, at least in my historical view of music, is that Deleted Scenes are an indie group from Washington D.C.  According to their bio, they maintain the cities DIY ethics, but apart from that, they share little else with the city.  Their tracks are down-tempo, employing various textures in each song, creating an overwhelmingly clever pop collage.  Their new record, Young People’s Church of the Air, is being released this September, and if this track is any indicator, I anticipate various outlets reporting on this group, continuing their rise to stardom.


Download: Deleted Scenes – Bedbedbedbedbed

New Track from Kurt Vile

If you haven’t given a thorough listen to Kurt Vile‘s Smoke Ring for My Halo, then do so now, as you’re really missing out on some kind of wonderful.  Sure, there’s tons of hype, but it truly is justified. If you’ve already gotten into that effort, then you’ll also be happy to know Kurt’s putting out the So Outta Reach EP on Matador Records on November 8th.  If it’s anything like the track below, it’s just going to add on to the damage he’s done to my bank account this year.  Oh, and if you truly dig this and you’re in Austin, Kurt’s an act not to miss at ACL next week.


Download: Kurt Vile – The Creature [MP3]

New Folk Tune from Chuck Ragan

One of the great things about being an old-ish punk rocker is watching your idols grow up along with you.  Their music changes as your tastes do, both of you seemingly taking the same path.  For me, this has been the case watching Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music fame go out on his own with his folk recordings.  Generally they rely upon acoustic guitar and his throaty vocals, giving old post-punk fans a bit of enjoyment, and sense of self, while listening to a bit of folk.  You can pick up Ragan’s new album, Covering Ground, on September 13th, and it’ll be worth it; I haven’t met a Chuck Ragan LP I didn’t like.


Download: Chuck Ragan – You Get What You Give [MP3]

New Jam from Fanzine

One of the places I frequently troll for new music tipped me off to this great little London act, Fanzine, They also alluded to a possible signing with Fat Possum, which wouldn’t seem out of line after they picked up Yuck last year.  The group are self-releasing their Low EP, and there’s definite gems for you to enjoy.  Whether you want a slow-pace pop ditty or a nice upbeat stomper, you can find it on this short EP.  One things for sure, the band has the hooks, seemingly, to write a great track, so I’m sure we’ll hear more from them in the future.


Download: Fanzine – Rocket Fuel [MP3]

New Club Hit from Super Melody

At the beginning of August I brought you a nice little number from Super Melody, the new project from James, formerly of Architecture in Helsinki. His debut, Destination Unknown, is slated to hit stores next week.  You’re going to really dig this record if you’re into the sort of thing Chromeo does to the dance floor.  It’s definitely got that electronic-R&B vibe, meant to get you moving.  Considering its Friday, we should all put our dancing shoes on now, moving on into the long Labor Day weekend.


Download: Super Melody – Worker Bee [MP3]

New Music from Martin John Henry

If you ever had the chance to listen to Scottish group DeRosa then you are probably just as excited as I am to hear new music from Martin John Henry, one of the group’s principal songwriters before their demise.  He’s been working on solo stuff, and we’re finally going to have a release, with The Other Half of Everything being released in the UK in October.  On first listen, there’ a whole lot of Malcolm Middleton, though I hate to pigeonhole the entire singer/songwriter genre of Scotland–still, it’s not a bad thing by any means.  It’s precisely the pleasant listening experience you’d come to expect from the cover art picture to the left.


Download: Martin John Henry – Breathing Space [MP3]

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