Watch All of MTV’s Videos Online

Well, MTV might have just made itself cool again. It’s rolling out MTV Music – a free, searchable database of nearly every video in their vault. My only question is, what took them so long? It has a slick interface, the site runs quickly and the video quality is much better than the user-submitted videos on YouTube. Sorry if we just ruined your work day, but we’ve already spent hours looking at some old favorites.

Bloc Party On Take Away

If you haven’t seen the video yet of Bloc Party performing an acoustic version of “This Modern Love” behind a bar in Paris, I suggest you watch it now.  The video was shot and produced by the La Blogotheque website as part of their excellent Take Away Shows series.  The older tune is a reminder that Bloc party wrote some outstanding songs for Silent Alarm and their new album pales in comparison.  Maybe they should’ve just made an acoustic album and not the techno/dance rubbish that is Intimacy?

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