Greg Ulhmann Comes to Mohawk with New Video (3/29)

Greg Ulhmann is heading out of his home base of Los Angeles to travel the States and play some shows for you all. He’s fresh off the release of his latest LP, Odd Job, and he’s letting us run this brand new video for you to enjoy. It’s a delicate track, illustrating the careful approach to pop songwriting that Greg’s taken. The notes, both from guitar and voice delicately seep through your speakers, entrancing the listener, much as we expect from his live performance at the Mohawk on Wednesday night. Speaking of that night, he’ll be joined by several of our local favorites, Jacob Metcalf, Daphne and Zula Montez; be sure to come out for a special night of tunes.

New Good Field on Slack Capital 2

Slack Capital 2 is a compilation of music by 27 of the greatest bands in Austin. All proceeds from the comp go to SafePlace, which provides support for victims of domestic and sexual violence. To keep things exciting, we’re unveiling one song per day.

Song of the day: Good Field – “Necessary Feeling”

Good Field is a soulful, gritty indie pop band with chops for days, and their hook laden songs demand repeat listens. “Necessary Feeling” has the band in high spirits, buoyed by a glistening guitar riff that evokes not only the salt of an ocean breeze, but also the memory of an ocean breeze. There are plenty of guitars here, guitars that chop and guitars that peal, adding an AM gold fuzz to an otherwise neatly constructed pop-rock song. At one point in “Necessary Feeling” the song stops, a fake out, as singer Paul Price moans, “Hold my head”– a brief hangover– but after a few beats a crisp drum fill brings us back into the groove immediately. Later, the song roams into an extended freaky jam, but the dreamy existentialist core of this upbeat tune never quite leaves your line of sight. There is an over-caffeinated urgency and eagerness to “Necessary Feeling” that seems to say something like “Life is a lot, but life is good.” – Eric Braden

Pre-order the CD HERE:
Come to the release show. More info HERE.

SxSW 2017: ATH vs SOTO Party Pics

Who is ready to relive the greatest day of music ever assembled by John Laird and Nathan Lankford? Ever.

The jams were copious as were the tender moments. The showcase highlighted the talent in Austin with bands watching bands that shuffled up to be other bands. We had international celebrities in attendance, as well as every familiar face possible. I took photos, some with an Instax. We ate sausage wraps and drank beaverages. It was perfect air for a whisky.

Click through and be impressed.

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The Glasgow Buckaroo Ball @ Mohawk (3.17)

For me, SXSW is all about friendships; you make new friends you’ll share a lifetime with, and ultimately, that’s what’s been so great for me the last twenty years of attending. One such friend hails from Glasgow, and he’s bringing a bunch of his friends over for an official showcase at Mohawk next Friday! The Glasgow Buckaroo Ball features hot Scottish acts like Pinact, The Pooches, Catholic Action, Happy Meals, Spinning Coin and Womps! Should be a great night where all our Scottish friends get to share in their love of Texas, so come find us boogieing all night long! Here’s a few jams to get you going.

ATH vs SOTO Showdown @ Hotel Vegas (3.12)

The time is nigh. SXSW is upon us. But, we here at ATH first and foremost want to represent Austin, and so we’re throwing our annual Spring Break Showdown with our best frienemies, Side One Track One. Together we bring you 30 bands, free entry and great music. You can join us on Sunday over at Hotel Vegas, with music starting at 2 PM sharp. More event details can be found at the Event Page, with hot tracks to get you excited below! There’s even a brand new Digital Wild tune down there for ya!

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Show Pics: The Ocean Party @ Cheer Up (2/28)

Our friends The Ocean Party made it to the US again to do a spell of touring. Their reason for coming to Austin was to visit sports bars, wear thongs while riding bicycles and crush some chicken-fried steak. Since that was all easily accomplished in a single 80’s montage, a show was in order. Given the affection we have for the Aussie’s, it would be natural to want to see them at a friendly venue with a friend-filled lineup. Cheer Up played host and joining the bill was Daphne, Summer Salt and Shivery Shakes.

I have a great big gallery of photos to share after the break along with a few comments.

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SXSW Interviews: Mt. Wolf

I am so not ready for SXSW right now… are you? Well ready or not, it’s right around the corner and we’ve all got to prepare ourselves for the oncoming party. As usual, ATH has tons of interviews lined up to help expose you to some of the acts coming into town in a couple of weeks. My first one is with British indie act Mt. Wolf. Follow the jump to see what they have to say.

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Announcing The ATH vs SOTO Spring Break Showdown

We’re a few weeks away from the madness that we all love, or at least I do. And happily, we’ve teamed up with our friends over at Side One Track One to bring you a solid bill of 29 Austin acts, and a French band. What’s the cost to you? FREE! The whole show will be going on over at Hotel Vegas/Volstead on Sunday, March 12th, and we hope you come out to enjoy the day with us, starting right at 2 PM with one of my favorites, AMA. There’s four stages and not a bad band on the bill! More info on the FB Event Page.

Here’s a list of other participating bands on the day: Ama, Julia Lucille, Basketball Shorts, Quin Galavis and Annecy, Caroline Says, John Wesley Coleman, Jana Horn, She Sir, Lola Tried, Wild Bill and the Lost Knobs, Darkbird, The Halfways, Mean Jolene, Melat, Grivo, Pollen Rx, The Lovely Sparrows, Hard Proof, Roaring Sun, A. Sinclair, Black Books, Tres Oui, The Digital Wild, Tamarron, Upper Deck Pets, Growl, Skin Drips, Midnight Stroll, The Dizzease, and Weird Omen (mbrs of King Khan).

Check out a bunch of tunes from the bands after the jump.

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Show Preview: The Ocean Party Comes to Cheer Up Charlies (2/28)

I encourage you all to head out tomorrow night to Cheer Up Charlies. There’s a huge line-up of great pop music, some of which I’ve had a hand in putting out on vinyl. For instance, we’ve helped The Ocean Party from Australia put out Light Weight in the US, and this might be one of the few chances you get to see the band live! Second, you’ll have Shivery Shakes and Summer Salt, both perennial pop powerhouses who we’ve released stuff from in the past (and present). Plus, you’ll get to hear Daphne, which is Santiago from Growl‘s other project, as well as Summer Swells. You won’t find a better bill in town, and it’s free, with donations highly encouraged to help out The Ocean Party while on tour in the States. Sample some tunes below, and see you tomorrow at 9 PM.

Show Review: The Radio Dept @ Mohawk

I’m sure if you’ve ever read our site, you know how much I was looking forward to the Radio Dept blowing into Austin on a crisp evening. My anticipation was pretty high, and for the most part, the band was successful in their delivery to a grateful crowd.

Photoguy Comment: During their set, fans would randomly raise their hands in an effort to catch the music. I love that feeling. It happened a lot. It also rained just after their set was done. That was cool.

Thoughts and B.Gray photos follow.
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