Pummeling Punker from NOTS

notsIt only takes a second for the pounding rhythm section to push this track right into your face. Natalie Hoffman tosses off her punk scowl in the best manner possible, biting and indifferent, aiming straight for the song’s message of ‘depression and loss.’ NOTS made waves with their first release, but they seem more confident and headstrong, aiming to take the rest of the world head on. I fully expect their new effort, Cosmetic, to be full of like-minded songs, with no bullshit rock n’ roll begging to be played over and over. Look for it on September 9th via Goner Records.

ATX Spotlight: Tele Novella Announce Album

telenovellaIf you’ve been living under a rock in Austin, you’d be excused for not being aware of Tele Novella (otherwise there’s no excuse!). Recently, the band signed on to work with Yellow Year Records, and now we’ve got the first single to hear. I think the recording here is spot on; Natalie Ribbons’ voice is perfect, polished and mature. For me, I appreciate the bits of keyboard twinkling lurking behind the guitars, as well as the soft backing vocals, adding an extra touch to an already great song. Look for their debut album, House of Souls, on September 23rd.

Powerful Synth Tune From Chelan

Chelan_mattdrenik-500Often times the synth pop genre is left for other members of the ATH staff, but today I’ve taken a liking to this new single from Joshua Tree based Chelan. “Wont Break” is a heavy synth song which manages to blend the best parts of Beach House with the heavier electronic sounds of Cold Cave. I promise you will find tons to like about this new single and I suggest you check it out.

Vultures will hit streets on August 26th.


Show Preview: A. Sinclair Returns to Hotel Vegas – TONIGHT

A. SinclairFirst, this show is all about welcoming back A. Sinclair after their tour; it’s always good to show up and say hi to old friends, buy them a beer before they crash into that post-tour darkened den of sleep for a few weeks. Plus, if you come out early, like a music fan, you can catch Mean Jolene, who will be releasing their debut LP later this year via ATH Records (that’s us!). But, one thing people might be sleeping on in the presence of Tedo Stone of Atlanta, who garnered a lot of great press from the like heavy hitters with their album Marshes last year. Oh, and secretly hiding their all along is Star Parks, who’ve released one of my favorite LPs in Austin this year. It’s going to be cheap, and its going to be fun, and the weather will be cool enough to actually enjoy the great Hotel Vegas patio. See you tonight.

Nice Pop Tune From Mirror Test

Mirror Test_Washed Up_cover imageMany of you may remember us talking about Melbourne based band Wilding several times over the last few years. Well Justin from the band recentlyalerted me to some new music he’s making under the moniker Mirror Test with several otherfriends in Melbourne based bands. As a preview of this new start up, the band shared with me this new single entitled “Washed Up”. One can clearly hear the brit pop influences here with gleaming guitars and hushed vocals. It’s bright, jangly, and perfect for your morning sunshine.

Justin has told me the band hopes to get their act together soon and release a proper EP. Stay tuned.

Here’s New Jenny Hval

jennyhvalIf you haven’t really spent too much time with Jenny Hval, this is actually a pretty good way to get introduced to her work. The music in this single is pretty minimal, just looping around on sampled beats. While it may be simple, it allows for her voice to really do the work on this song, and boy does it ever. She seems to have so many different tones/pitches, and they constantly seem to be delivered in a varying manner…it ends up creating sort of a beautified trance for the audience. Her new record Blood Bitch will be released on September 30th by Sacred Bones.

Watch This Luke Roberts Video

Looks like I’m taking on some mellow tones today, and I’ll do that happily as long as it sounds like this delightful Luke Roberts tune. For me, the close work of the guitar picking creates a great feeling, and when accompanied with the video it leans towards a sensation of longing, looking to just get lost out there in the world. There’s some beautiful nature shots too, if you enjoy admiring the outdoors. This track will be featured on his new record, Sunlit Cross, which will see a release on October 14th via Thrill Jockey.

Loving this New Motel Radio Tune

motelradioFeel like at some point, I sort of digressed from the folk-influenced indie rock genre; it got tired after a bit. But, every once in a while, something peeks through and catches my ear, like this new Motel Radio tune. It’s a seemingly carefree number, hitting upon a great harmony for the duration of the track. Personally, I love the use of some of the negative space, with the way the organ/synth is used or the guitar chords are bent in just the right direction. I guess when things in a genre get bland, the only way to win new fans is to perfect the art, and I feel like the group have done precisely that. Look for their Desert Surf Films EP via Roll Call Records on August 12th.

Flavorsound Productions Class of 2016 Premiere

flavorsavorThe last few years in Austin have seemed like a downer, everyone worrying about how the music scene here is dying. Well, I know it’s troublesome, but that’s not an Austin-centric issue. So let’s look on the bright side with Flavorsound Productions releasing a compilation of theClass of 2016. These are all acts that either got their start in 2016; you can tell by listening that while things are tough for the artists, there’s still an abundance of talented acts everywhere you look. We even have a hand in releasing a few of these acts, like Plantation Band and Mean Jolene (coming soon). Stream the whole compilation below, and see what Austin is really all about.

They’ll have a tape release of the compilation on August 12th over at Barracuda, so be on hand to get yours.

Fresh Single from Elephant Stone

elephantIt’s really interesting watching a band, such as Elephant Stone, progress through their various albums. In the beginning, it was easy to typify them as a purely psychedelic act, but this new single seems to indicate that the band has continued to progress throughout their releases; I feel like this one takes a more pop-centric exploration of the acid-house of late 90s Britain. It’s got a great melody, but often times it’s purposefully obscured by slicing guitars, vocal samples and synth washes. This single appears on the group’s new record Ship of Fools, which sees a digital release in September and a physical LP via Burger Records in November.

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