Refined Lo-Fi From American Wrestlers

unnamed-2Refined lo-fi? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Well, maybe, but if you’re at all familiar with American Wrestlers‘ music then you’ll understand what I mean when you press play on this new song, “Amazing Grace.” In the past, the tunes we’d heard from Gary McClure and company were gritty– super fuzzy and washed out tracks with McClure’s voice hanging high in the mix. This new track shows a ton of growth for the band in that the mix has cleaned up a bit to allow for a variety of sound to be expressed. You get the tinkling piano that carries the tune, but the overall vibe is anthemic and soaring, something along the lines of The War on Drugs. This track is from the bands’ forthcoming album Goodbye Terrible Youth, which is due out November 4th via Fat Possum Records.

Premiere: New Track from JoJo Worthington

jojo_wyebridgeIf you’re seeking out a bit of light pop music in your day, then perhaps you’ll want to sit down with this piece from JoJo Worthington. It’s built around her voice, or at least it seems as such during the opening moments; it erupts into this pounding drum roll with electronic stabs that build loudly in your speakers…eventually settling down to make way for Worthington’s dreamy voice. The tune ebbs and flows, rises and falls, swelling with pop in your eardrums. You’ll want to keep your ears out for more tunes from JoJo going forward, and grab her latest tape from Epoch Tapes.

Dreamcoat Give You Glowing Indie Roc

14107860_1313459802061191_411731909503790422_oIf you’re like me, then you’re a sucker for some good old fashion indie rock. Dreamcoat, a four piece out of Melbourne, have got a good dose of that clean sound on their new(ish) track, “Winter,” which you can listen to below. Here in the ATX it may seem like we’re a far cry away from the cooler temps that the aforementioned season entails, you can channel that sort of energy with the track. It’s a mellow track, but by no means is it a sleeper– the song really builds over its course, the vocals becoming more and more forward and commanding in the mix, while there’s definitely some excitingly detailed percussion happening throughout. You’ll find it’s a lush indie rock track that will beg repeated listens. This great track is taken from the bands’ upcoming EP, which is called Sleeping Through Tempests, and is out October 14th



More Short Pop from Tony Molina

tonymolina_promo-compressedIt’s great that so many people are taking notice of Tony Molina as he gears up for his latest release; it’s always good to see people who deserve it finally win some fans. That being said, his new work, continues to surprise me. It’s not the brevity, as that’s always been his staple, but rather the gentle quality of the tunes themselves. I almost envision them as perfectly crafted demos, written quietly over quick spurts of beautiful creativity. But, if it’s a good tune you’re after, then it’s a good tune you’ll get by pressing play. Look for the Confront the Truth EP on October 28th from those Slumberland cats.

Catching Up to Static Animal

Our friend from Sports Day Records passed this tune from Static Animal our way just the other day, and I was running behind in life, so there’s no excuse for running great tunes. It’s a relaxed vibe throughout, letting the mood and the trickling dance of the guitar carry you away to your happy place. I like the subtle little switches in lead guitar that add a vibrant layer to the track whilst the vocals carefully sit in the backseat. The label will be releasing a limited run of cassettes (as well as digital) of the new EP tomorrow, so hurry and grab it while you can.

Grunge Rocker From Honeyblood

13641310_1320494084647185_1046652868248833915_oGlasgow’s Honeyblood are coming around to releasing their second LP in alittle more than amonth, and just to build your anticipation for that album, they’ve given you a second single. “Sea Hearts” is a rambunctious rocker, which you can pick up on pretty much immediately after the fuzzy guitars sound off in the first few seconds of the song. The vocals are hazy and biting, matching the tone of the guitar, but it’s not too fuzzy or distorted to keep you from belting along with the group as they do some chants towards the end of the track. Take a listen.

Babes Never Die is out October 28th via FatCat Records.


Don’t Count Out The Wave Pictures

wavepicsSome bands come and go, and their popularity rises and falls, but some bands are constant…forever, even; the Wave Pictures is one such band in my book, and they’re back with a brand new album, Bamboo Diner in the Rain. The vocals are quite distinctive, but I feel like they’re delivered in a bit more of a quick-draw manner on this track. Musically, the band builds on their pop cum spaghetti Western feel…steady and rock n’ roll enough to rule. Look for the group’s new LP from Moshi Moshi on November 10th.

Nice Indie Pop From The Tins

unnamed-6In keeping with my theme of trying to simplify things here, I present to you this new single called “Friday Afternoon” from Buffalo, NY based The Tins. It’s a simple pop number with a very repetitive feel and a bit of meandering guitar throughout the track. The chorus here also drops in nicely to break up the melodic acoustic guitar bits driving the song. Easy to like.

This new single can be purchased on iTunes or Spotify now.

Musical Journey with Holy Sons

holysonsThe first twenty seconds of this new Holy Sons track had me questioning my choice to press play; it felt like mundane bedroom recordings. But, I stuck around just long enough for the song to erupt into an expansive bit of pop exploration. Not long after, vocals crept from beneath the mix, though they hide just in the middle, so the track’s construction still remains fascinating. I don’t want to call this psychedelic, though there’s similarities in the adventure you’ll take musically…just on a more pop-centric side. And, if like me, you stick till the end, there’s yet another musical turn waiting for your ears. This track appears on In the Garden, the album that will be released by the project on October 21st via Partisan.


Fresh Tune from Real Numbers

realfakeI’m not sure why you haven’t pre-ordered this new Real Numbers record yet? I tried to convince you with their first new single, but here’s another chance for you to realize how great pop music is these days. Ringing guitars, a bouncing step in the rhythm…and a sense of longing in the vocal delivery. Sure, you could add more reverb and some 40 second ambient solo, but pop music is best when it sticks to simplicity…and in this case its great. Slumberland Records is releasing Wordless Wonder on October 14th, and I reckon the best pop fans will be clamoring to get their hands on it, fighting over shelves like it’s Record Store Day…don’t be one of those folks, get it HERE now!

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