Missed This Tune from Fire/Works

firewerksFor the first minute and a half of this new single from Fire/Works, you’ll probably get lost in the wilderness of their intricate folk stylings, emphasizing the harmonies and the gentle quiet in the world.  But, for a brief moment, they bring in percussion, rolling the song into a folk-pop masterpiece, only to bring it back to the solemn ballad where it originated. They move back and forth between the two moments, which will leave listeners of the genre quite pleased.  You’ll find this song on the band’s Shenanigans album.

Jigsaw Records to Release Plastic Bubble LP

bigI think you’re really going to enjoy spending some time with the latest Plastic Bubble LP. Jigsaw Records has just released the band’s Big Day Parade, which has 20 songs of hooks for pop lovers.  It reminds me of a less orchestrated version of Cats on Fire, bringing in ringing guitar sounds, some added flare and a heavy dose of warm melody.   You can press play and take yourself on a journey of great pop music, and that’s probably the best way to spend your Monday.  It’s available now, with the digital version also being offered up by the band. Get on it.

Always Listen to Juan Wauters

jdubsI don’t know what it is about Juan Wauters that makes me come back time and time again.  Sometimes there’s the musical movements within his tracks, but other times, like this latest single, it’s his poetry and vocal delivery.  It’s quite distinct, and I don’t think there’s quite anyone making music precisely in his style, or with his approach.  This track raises the hairs on my arms each time I press play, similar to what happened when I first heard (or still listen to) Majical Cloudz.  I’m excited to hear his new LP, Who Me?, which comes out on May 12th via Captured Tracks.

Grab a Free WFMU Set from Connections

connectionsConnections have been one of my favorite discoveries of the last few years; I owe a huge thanks to Steven from Sweet Talk for that one.  Following the band, I was alerted to a set they did for WFMU, which features a couple of new songs that the band hasn’t released.  It’s ten songs recorded live in studio, which makes me hanker to catch the act live in Austin (come down here please!). You’ll also get to hear several versions of previously released tracks, which you owe to yourself to pick up if you haven’t done so already. You can hear this song, “Cruise Control,” off their Into Sixes LP…a must have in any good rock n’ roll collection.  Grab the free session HERE.

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Download: Connections – Cruise Control [MP3]

Soviet Return via Burger Records

Soviet_no_ghostsThere hasn’t been a synth-pop band in the last ten or so years that really stuck with me quite like Soviet has.  Ever since I first caught them at SXSW back in 2003, they’ve made it on to many a mixtape and “DJ” set.  It’s been so long, I had no idea they were even still working together, but it looks like Burger Records has their hands on a brand new album from the group.  There’s really not too much to say, other than this might be one of the most-overlooked dream-pop acts that’s been birthed in the last couple of decades (just one man’s opinion).  I can’t wait to hear all of Ghosts when it’s released this week!

Spiritual Ballad from Sea Lion

Sea Lion | TurnstileThis tune floated into the inbox, and I was immediately taken aback.  Something about the emotion in the simplest piano chords got to me, then the distinct vocals of Linn Osterberg, who claims Sea Lion as her project lightly shown through the song. While the song stays in once place, there’s this huge pull for the listener, bringing the listener deep into a trance within the track.  At the moment, she’s working on finishing her debut album, but this track felt really special to me, so I had to share it with you. Happy Friday to you.

Ravi Shavi Make Me Wanna Party

raviI hadn’t heard of Ravi Shavi, though their press release has them backing up some pretty rad bands, so I gave them a listen and fell for it.  There’s your typical garage rock tropes, from the guitar to the production, but there’s some little things that elevate this song into a party classic.  I think it’s the slight little vocal inflections that pop up, giving a hip swagger to the sound on this tune; there’s just an element of joyousness that’s hard to escape when pressing play.  The group is set to release their self-titled album on June 2nd via Almost Ready Records. So hope you’re ready.

New Music from Gambles

Gambles-Far-From-Your-Arms-EP-COVER-highresThe last time we heard from Gambles he has released his album, Trust, which we fawned over.  Checking in on him the other day, I found that he has quietly been building new songs for us all, though they’re different in sound, showing his growth as a songwriter. His first effort had him working with the power of his voice over a strummed guitar, for the most part.  Now, he seems to have been experimenting, adding extra layers, percussion, etc; it’s an interesting progression, yet just as striking as his earlier work.  Both tunes are said to come out on a new record, which we’ll keep you posted on.

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