File Under Indiepop: The Keep Left Signs

11393329_10153538320074014_8047800131827082902_oThis week’s been really slow musically, and I can expect with CMJ that next week will be much the same. So, with that, I’ve done some hard core browsing of the net. It gets boring posting the same thing as P4K which is the same thing as Stereogum…it’s an endless cycle of been there done that. Luckily, I stumbled across this great band that I know nothing about, The Keep Left Signs. In fact, there’s little to no information on the group, other than the demo tracks below…and a poster with their name on it that also features FireworksThe Garlands and The Electric Pop Group. Those names and these songs have me convinced. You?

Grape St. Album Release @ Hotel Vegas Tomorrow Night

Grape St.Really happy for our boys in Grape St.; they’ve moved on from our little label to really bang out their excellent new effort over at Burger Records. Luckily for Austinites, the band’s going to be celebrating their release tomorrow night over at Hotel Vegas. Their shows always get sweaty, and are nothing short of a classic rock n’ roll party, meaning you should schedule it in right now. As for their album, Wallpaper, it’s the best work Curtis has done since Harlem went on Hiatus; it’s gritty when it needs to be and poppy in all the right places. They’ll have CDs on sale for super cheap, with a slight delay in the vinyl, so that’s on its way too. Jam this track, one of my favorite live ones from the band.


Stove Does a Great Pollard Impression

stoveI know it probably seems like an immediate diss, but I mean it as a compliment…who doesn’t want to have the songwriting kicks of Robert Pollard? It seems like that’s the direction that Stove, the new project from Steve Hartlett from Ovlov, is going with his new music. I’ll say that some of the guitar work has a heavier hand, but the overall power-pop appeal is definitely Pollard-esque. It’ll be interesting to see how much differentiation comes on the debut for the band, Is Stupider; it sees a release on November 11th via Exploding in Sound.

Did You Hear This Jonathan Bree Tune?

breeI’ve been looking all day for something totally weird and out there, and of course, it’s easy to settle with the likes of Jonathan Bree. He’s got this incredibly operatic voice, living in the world somewhere between Majical Cloudz and Magnetic Fields. The musical accompaniment is fairly simple, just carefully playing on some of Bree’s classical influences such as Tchaikovsky. If you ask me, the entirety of his new record, A Little Night Music, is pretty genius stuff, so you’ll want to catch onto it before he’s a household name for everyone. Enjoy the track below. 

I Dig This Foreign Resort Track

foriegn resortThe Foreign Resort has been on my radar for a bit now, and regrettably, I missed the initial PR about this track last week. Thankfully, the band is announcing a quick US tour (no Austin date, sniffles) kicking off next week in the Boston area to get this song in my earholes. Some tracks form the Danes have been a little synthier, some a little darker, but this is a loving mix of organic, synth and noise into a perfect post-punk new wave sound that is in my wheelhouse. Vocals effectively buried and then up front and emo, I dig it.

The EP The American Dream lands via Moon Sounds Records on October 15th.

Newish Tune from Animal Daydream

10462486_592441910854860_703342773680514304_nI first heard of Animal Daydream via their EP earlier this year on Jigsaw Records, so I was checking back in on them, doing the rounds, when I found this new tune from them. It’s strange, as the track’s not quite folk rock, yet not quite indiepop…still, there’s something undeniable about it, making it difficult to pull yourself away from it. There’s even a bit of a garage-y jangle that bounces to it, just adding another layer that creates an infectious bit for listeners. Should hopefully have news on a new EP soon, as this was the band’s first hint at what’s to come.

Sorry I Missed This: New Video From Good Morning

11893967_1594501650814963_6830838395350050836_oWhat seems like a long while ago now, I introduced you to the sleepy lo-fi of Melbourne’s Good Morning. It’s been a few months, and it seems that the band has a new music video that they premiered over at The Guardian last week. While I’m sorry to have missed bringing you that video last week, I’m pleased to be able to share with you the silly video today, which features a great tune as well. “Time To Try (Again)” has this band again showing why they should be on your to watch list; the jangly guitars, soft vocals, and subtle percussion all combine to make for a good Wednesday jam.

ACL Weekend One Recap

ACL 2015 Banner WE1…with a few tips for Weekend Two fesival goers.

This past weekend, team ATH hit up Zilker Park with a few hundred thousand of our closest friends to catch some live music at what has become one of the most popular music festivals in the country. We were treated to absolutely perfect weather for braving crowds and jamming out without dying of sweat and dehydration. Wether you’re looking to relive, or to decide who should be on your weekend 2 must see list, we’ve got the highlights of weekend 1 for you. Read on for each member of team ATH’s winners and losers and awards of the first weekend of ACL 2015 and see some lovely B.Gray pics.

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Dream Pop from Tiny Fireflies

tfIt’s possible you’ve heard this band before under different monikers, but all you need to focus on now is Tiny Fireflies making your day. Working as a duo, the group has just released a synth-laden bit of dream pop that will surely have listeners scrambling to hear more. You’ll be greeted with a gentle vocal and a pulsating rhythm, immediately putting you in a dream state of the most pleasant sort. Luckily, you won’t have to wait too long to hear their new album, The Space Between, as the duo is self-releasing the record on November 11th; it’ll be greet here with open arms.

Quirky Little Number From Balthazar

10981199_10152707175535814_7541172100670676993_nBalthazar are a Belgian quintet who have been going at it for a little while; their 2012 album Rats gave them some international fame to follow up their 2010 debut. If you haven’t heard of them, now’s your chance to play catch up and take a listen to the jazzy number they’ve got for you below. “The Silence” comes off their freshly released album,  Thin Wallsand it is a track that hedges the line between loose and controlled. There’s a sort of sinister tone that emerges with the horns and the group vocals that gives the track some snarl that I’m enjoying. Take a listen.

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