Dreamy Ethereal Track From Keiandra

keiandra-press-image-2It’s a gray day here in the ATX, which makes me prone to listen to the kind of hazy dream-like tracks that Newcastle artist Keiandra is putting out. This new track, taken from her debut EP Empty Places, which is due out early next year, is a crescendoing sequence of layered vocals and minimalist instrumentation which creates this elegant and mystical sound to “Wanted.” Each sound melts into the next, generating a multi-faceted aspect to the song that reminds me of other alt-folk female artists like Daughter bring to the table. Take a listen below and get a little lost in the song.

Fresh Tune from Wovoka Gentle

wovokaThe music of Wovoka Gentle seems to draw on various influences, which has made it difficult to pigeonhole. There’s obviously elements of folk music, yet there’s some strange touches to like the vocal spoken just beneath the main mix, adding a deeper element to this single. Also, there’s even a slight giggle when William takes over, which is both endearing but also enlightening, as the group’s not seeking to release the “perfect” final cut. The trio release their Wovoka Gentle [Blue] EP this Friday, so should you be inclined to see some people doing things a bit different, take the journey with them.

Two New Wild Nothing Tracks?!?!

Credit_Daniel_McMahon2The boys are back! I’m beyond excited to announce that Wild Nothing have a new album on the way called Life of Pause, which is due out shortly via Captured Tracks. After their spectacular previous release, Nocturne, it seems that this band is still moving upwards and onwards with their sound; these two new tracks still showcase that lush dream pop, but with more hints of synths laced into the sound. While I like both of the new tunes, I think the second track, “TV Queen” strikes closer along the lines of what we’ve heard before from the band.  Take a listen to the tracks below and rejoice that there is yet more new music to come from Wild Nothing.

Your Last Chance to Listen to the Brainstems

braOkay. Not really, but I’ve already posted about the Brainstems multiple times in the last few months, so I promise that I won’t do it again…at least until 2016. Their latest single has a different feel than some of the other tracks, though clearly in the same vein with other garage-y contemporaries. I like the way the vocals are recorded; it seems like this track is built perfectly for a live version where the audience is bouncing and screaming at the top of their lungs…or at least that’s how I imagine it. Don’t forget that their debut No Place Else comes out this Friday via Bad Diet HQ.

Strange Faces Define Lo-Fi

EtHnj8W61v9AxZlCMRp86rwX31srFVD9FknMV2nISeg41jmojnFJp5wrepwdILzoEb342PBrqzsbIbf0ZDIdmUFiXvQXbB4pHfXLjW-BpAMlTs0equBkQ0PjyCd5oNScQAs the weather gets colder and we near the end of year, I always struggle to discover new music when we begin focusing on best of lists.  Chicago based band Strange Faces has woken me from my new music slumber today with this awesome new track called “I Saw Your Face”.  This is a song that truly defines what it means to be in the lo-fi pop genre.  Think The Men if they washed out everything about their sound and got a bit more poppy.

Stonerism is due out on December 11th via Autumn Tone Records.

My Gold Mask Returns

mgmB. Gray is going to be pissed I beat him to this one, as he’s the guy that first turned us on to My Gold Mask. Sure, it’s not my typical post, but I love a solid club hit from time to time. The group sounds a lot like Robyn on this track, using a dance floor beat for the voice of Gretta to work atop. There’s a catchiness to this track that’s hard to turn away from, so put your judgments aside and just have fun dancing about to this great little tune. The band will release their new album, Anxious Utopia in March of next year.

More the Goon Sax Music

GoonSax2MIDYou shouldn’t be surprised that Australia’s the Goon Sax are making waves, seeing as sites all over are clamoring for the next great thing to come out of the country. Luckily, this young group has the leadership of Chapter Music to guide them in the right direction, though this song might show that they don’t need too much. It’s the sort of casual pop that’s been popping up here and there on the Interwebs, always with positive commentary. Really, when there’s good songwriting, you can’t help but to listen…pretty sure this song qualifies. That’s my advice to the world: write simple, good pop songs. This gem will appear on the band’s forthcoming Up to Anything record, which is being released by Chapter in April of next year.

Rock with New Running Single

runninBefore I get too far carried away with the pop music today, I wanted to toss in this brand new single from Running…you know, just a twist of differentiation. The track opens up with a pretty frantic pace, using buzzsaw guitars and a pummeling rhythm section to really build the song’s energy. Eventually, they slow it down just a touch for the vocals to reach at your ears from an echo-y distance; there’s even a few shouts, which comes as no surprise as the band is set to release their new LP on Castle Face Records, the home of John Dwyer. Wake Up Applauding will be released on January 4th, offering something loud and boisterous to kick off the New Year.

Great New Track from The Black Watch

12189194_900374606710510_95011315810630846_oI’ve got the utmost respect for The Black Watch, who’ve been consistently releasing great albums for the last 20 (+) years. They’re constantly playing with varying directions, yet sounding wholly original as lead songwriter J.A. Fredrick ignores all the modern musical trappings. Personally, I think this lead single from their forthcoming Highs & Lows album sounds like one of their best tracks, period. It’s got a great sound coming from the guitars, brimming with really bright chords that ring out perfectly in your ears. The vocals have this deep tone to them, smoothed out in just the right places to make the song an undeniable hit. Pick up the album on December 4th on Pop Culture Press Records.

Bouncing Post Punk from UV-TV

uvtvEmotional Response is becoming one of my more reliable go-to labels. They’ve only been around for a short while, but already I’ve been turned onto new bands I wouldn’t have otherwise heard about. This time around, we’re all meeting UV-TV, some of us for the first time. Winning off the bat is the rhythm section, bouncing us into the distorted guitar before the vocals come in to sweep us pop fans away. I love this sort of stuff, as it’s walking the line between indiepop and punk rock, keeping an edge while remaining ultimately catchy. This track is off the band’s new split with Shark Toys, and it’s available now!

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