Dreamy Pop From Hazel English

12002582_1498974033754457_8499868247937911734_oHazel English, out of Oakland, California, is back once again with her angelic vocals and dreamy mix of pop. She has recently announced that she is releasing an EP in the not-too-distant future, and it’s calledNever Going Home. You can find this track, “I’m Fine,” on that upcoming record, as well as a few others, and you can pre-order it from her website or Rough Trade Records.What I like about this song is the simple, yet completely entrancing brand of dream pop that you find. It’s a quiet, folksy tune, but one that will make you press repeat again and again.

Short Blast of Brilliance from DD Owen

ddowenIn under a matter of minutes the new DD Owen tune accomplishes more than many of the other songs you’ll hear today, or shit, even this year. It’s an infectious little ditty filled with self-deprecation, but enough punk attitudeto let all your friends know just how cool you are.Unlike many of Owen’s rock n’ roll peers, perhaps what stands out to me the most in my twelve repeated listensis how huge the song sounds…sometimes the value of a recording makes the cream rise to the top, which is where this song is staying. Look for the self-titled DD Owen album on September 30th via 12XU.

Pure Joy from No Monster Club

NMC_SLEEVE_PICThere’s a genre of music that’s undefined. That sort, like this new No Monster Club, doesn’t ask that you put it carefully in a box; instead, it begs you let your walls down and immerse yourself in pure enjoyment. For starters, you won’t find this new tune as your regular run-of-the-mill sort, so that’s already a bonus. Ultimately, you’re just going to leave your listening experience with a smile upon your face and enough inner joy to carry you through the rest of your day. The heralded Irish act is set to release their first ever Stateside EP via Emotional Response on September 16th…Pre-orders HERE.

Digging This No Nets Tune

nonets_nonetsEver wonder what would fill the void left by Conor Oberst‘s adventure into a mystic valley? Well, I like to think that No Nets fill in that place nicely. There’s a similarity in the warble/quiver of the vocals, though these are quite possibly less grating (I mean that in a good way!). The music itself is a little bit more heavy-handed, filling in big riffs rather than careful string arrangements, providing a much needed punch to youthful me exuberance. On October 21st the Brooklyn bunch will release Bright Light, so stay tuned for more of this goodness.

Another One From Over Sands

over-sands-press-photo-2Man these dudes in London based Over Sands continue to impress me as they release more and more new music. Only about a month ago we heard new track “Memory House” and now they’ve given meyet another beauty called “Woke up Haunted”. It’s sort of like if Grizzly Bear and Efterklang got together to make bright, soaring, and downright enchanting pop music. Keep ’em coming.

Over Sands has delayed the release of their new EP Roman Rooms, which will now be released on September 2nd.

Winter Gives You Hazy Dream Pop

12898413_1072095462853472_9211509512580337055_o-2Winter are a four piece out of L.A. who are making dream pop that’ sounds as though it’s been deeply coated in a thick layer of fog. The song that’s below, “Wherever You Are,” unfolds slowly, with the whirling synths occupying the song for a bit before the vocals join in. When the vocals finally do come in, you begin to be lulled into a sort of hypnotic trance; the elements all combine to create a beast of a song that will ensnare your attention with its out-of-this-world pop.

ATX Premiere: Here’s the Next Installment from Genuine Leather

genuineleatherEvery Friday since July we’ve been treated to brand new tunes from Genuine Leather…a new single for every week until you’ve heard them all! I love this one, as I think it shows the diversity of the project. They’ve dabbled in indie rock realms, but this one seems more like a pop influenced bit…filled with bubbling grooves while guitar strumming works just beneath the mix; it goes without saying, but the sonic palette has definitely been broadened on this number. Sounds like just another hit from the band’s next record, Brunch, which will be released with a celebratory showthat’s in the works.

Bluesy Folk From Dennis Callaci

denniscallaciYou may know Dennis Callaci from his various work in other projects over the past few decades, but you’ve certainly never experienced him like this. The song below, called “S.O.S,” is a single taken from Callaci’s upcoming debut album under his own name, and it’s a balanced blend of folk with a bit of blues that will have fans of the simple songwriter excited for more. Callaci’s vocals are raw and dripping with emotion as he directs the song, while the instrumentation is subtle– what sounds like slide guitar, minimal organ-piano, and hazy drums complete the tune. Take a listen and be on the lookout for the new album,A Bed of Light, out September 9th.


Another Day, Another Hit from Ablebody

ableThe Hochheim brothers have honed their chops for quite some time, be it in their own projects or working in PoBPaH, so you know they’ve got the songwriting capabilities to make their latest band, Ablebody, a winner. I love the sound on the newest single, feeling vital to the current musical landscape while taking a lick or two from the darkened club hits of the 80s. Plus, it’s accompanied by a great video that you can check out HERE. The band will be releasing their debut full length, Adult Contemporaries, via Lolipop Records on October 14th.

New Pop Music from Real Numbers

realnumsFridays are for feeling good, feeling like you’ve got something to look forward to as you head into the weekend. Of course Slumberland Records would help get us in the mood, right? They just upped this great track from Real Numbers who have this great affection for writing pop hits. Here you’ll hear the band working with discordant jangles as they have a heavy coated vocal crooning atop. The anthemic “do do doo” that closes the track out is a special touch, building anticipation for catching the band live. It has also built my anticipation for the band’s full length, Wordless Wonder, coming out on October 13th.

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