Austin Spotlight: Jonly Bonly Back with New Tunes

jbSeems like a rad day for Austin bands, as we get to hear the first official single from Jonly Bonly today after earlier rocking out to Spray Paint.  We’ve talked about JB before as the project of Jason Smith (OBN iiis), with friends Stephen and Marley filling out the sound. They’re releasing their debut album, Put Together, on September 9th via 12XU, and I have a feeling it’s going to be one of my favorite records of the year.  If you’ve met Jason, you’re likely to note that he’s got some of the most eclectic tastes around town, and while there’s a bit of a Wire feel in the opening lines, the warmth of his guitar playing definitely takes the song further away from that sound.  I’m excited to hear what the entire record sounds like…hopefully you are too.

Austin Spotlight: Spray Return with New Album + Show

normanwanklordIt’s been rather a slow year for Austin’s Spray Paint, considering they released two great LPs in 2013.  But, we don’t have to wait anymore, as the band are readying their new album for release in September via Monofonus Press. The track begins with a bit of angular propulsion, almost in the vein of a repetitive stutter. But, the song opens up with a bit more discordant noise just after the minute mark, only to quickly return to the steady drive of the track.  The record is titled Clean Blood, Regular Acid, and it’s sure to make a lot of local year end lists, not to mention getting the Norman Wanklord seal of approval.  AND…if you’re in Austin tonight, you should check out their live show this evening at Hotel Vegas with Flesh Lights and more.

More New Music From The Rentals

The.Rentals-band-1995Having already heard a new track from the upcoming Rentals album, count this man in as excited for the band’s return in 2014.  Today the band is offering up another new single called “1000 Seasons” for us to grow even more excitement.  Once again, I can’t seem to get enough of this throwback rock sound that is making me feel nostalgic and like a young teen again.  Loving the sound here.

Get your hands on the new album Lost in Alphaville due out August 26th on Polyvinyl Records.

Stream New Single from Nicholas Nicholas

nicknickListening to this track from Nicholas Nicholas, it becomes clear that he’s operating in his own world, outside of the mainstream indie compositions.  First, you can look to the dark tonal quality of the vocals, which occasionally get some lightening in various parts of the track.  Second, I love the structure of the track, seemingly stringing two separate song ideas into one.  Despite the shadowy veil on the song, there’s this inner beauty that billows in.  You can pick up his new album, Wrong, from Miscreant Records on August 19th.  Here’s “Cave.”

Even More New Tunes From White Arrows

Upload_White_Arrows_23We’ve already shared a couple of new tracks from White Arrows this year and I say let’s share even more new tracks from the upcoming full length.  The latest single coming at you today is called “We Can’t Ever Die” and features more of those great, dancey pop sounds we’ve grown to love about the band.  I’m sure many of you may find this one spinning on your DJ playlist as you prep for your dance parties this weekend.

Pick up new album In Bardo via Votiv on September 16th.

Quirky Pop From Wave Sleep Wave

fourpaws_wswbandpic_2Wave Sleep Wave is a duo that would certainly call themselves unconventional when it comes to their songwriting technique.  This new single from the band called “Pico” is a perfect example of how the band approach music in their very own way.  Upon first listen, you might hear comparisons to bands like Silver Jews or even a modern day Talking Heads locked inside somewhere.  Give the song a few spins and I’m sure it will be growing on you as it has grown on me today.

New album, Never Notice, will be out on September 9th via Curb Cut Records.

Free Time Share New Single

dionI wonder if Dion Nania is still playing with Twerps?  I reckon it’s irrelevant at this point, with his Free Time project announcing a brand new single.  Today we’ve got the mellow vibe of “Guess Work” for your listening pleasure, and while there’s similarity to his Australian friends, there’s an interesting spin he offers on this song.  It’s definitely got an Australian vibe in the guitar playing, but I hear a bit of Kurt Vile in the vocal delivery; it’s a nice touch that makes the song rather reflective in nature.  This here is the B-Side to the Esoteric Tizz 7″ that’s being released by Underwater Peoples in mid-August.

Chilled Vibe from Slow Magic

slowBefore you get full into your Wednesday routine, take a little breather, relax. What’s that? You need some accompanying music? Well, this new Slow Magic tune should do the trick for you.  It’s a slow moving electronic piece; it’s sort of a soul cleanser, if you will.  It opens up heavier on the “beats” side of things, then moves into this carefully trickling bit of piano.  As the piano plods along, there’s some vocal samples of “hold still” that whisper through  the front of the mix…then it blasts off emphatically.  This single will appear on the new album, How to Run Away, which is out September 9th on Downtown Records.

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