Sorry I Missed This: New Holy Youth

youthA little bit ago I got this jam from Holy Youth, but I got sidetracked, forgetting how much I was hooked on the song.  The vocals threw me for a loop early on in my listens, but the guitar was just so damn catchy that I couldn’t get it out of my head.  I returned today with a bit of a fresh ear, realizing that the youthful approach to the recording of the vocals didn’t really strike me as all that odd, considering other things I’ve been jamming to this year.  So, with that in mind, I suggest you give this a good couple of listens, and you’ll be hooked too. Look for their self-titled debut via Happenin Records on October 14th.

More Jams from Dark Blue

darkblueWhat? You thought I was done posting about Dark Blue? Well, as long as these guys keep pumping out rad singles, I’m going to keep throwing your way.  Honestly, I think this is one of my favorite tracks the group has offered so far; it’s definitely got a solid melody hook in the deepened vocals, though the ringing guitars definitely add that gritty touch many listeners will be clamoring for.  They’re readying the release of their album, Pure Reality, which has an October 7th release date; it looks to combine dark melodic grooves with a bit more vitriol, so I’m in.

Austin Spotlight: Small Circles

10516600_577338272388271_5118767778977189528_nHere’s a fun little diddy from Austin based band Small Circles.  The track is called “Maybe in the Long Run” and features a catchy vocal delivery with a pop/rock vibe sound.  Though I knew nothing about the band prior to today, I’m already digging this more than a lot of the popular music currently coming out of Austin.  Keep it up boys.

Small Circles have an EP coming out very soon.  Stay tuned here for updates.

Pains of Being Pure at Heart Release Bonus Track

D700-Pains-Ans-303If you missed out on picking up your copy of Days of Abandon, the latest offering from The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, you’ll be happy to know the deluxe edition heading your way tomorrow will feature several brand new bonus tracks.  This tune has a pretty clean quality, which seems to have been the approach Kip took on writing the song for this album; the gaze-iness is pulled back in favor of maximizing some great melodies.  My ears seem to think it’s even dreamier than their earlier offerings, including just the right amount of jangle in the tunes, though softening a bit around the edges.  Enjoy your listen below.

Fear of Men Cover Ty Segall

fearI’m really not one for cover tunes, or for remixes either, but I really just love this version of Ty Segall‘s “Sleeper” done by Fear of Men, who I enjoy quite a bit as well.  Their spin isn’t too far off from Ty’s version, as they both hold tightly to a soft touch, but the vocals from these Brits really added a different perspective for listeners.  This tune comes off their new single “Tephra,” erving as the B-side.  The band has a slew of dates in Europe, though I’d love to see them make their way back over to the States soon.  For now, let’s just enjoy a nice cover.

Throwing Muses to Release Purgatory/Paradise via HHBTM

TM-photo-steve-gullickPurgatory/Paradise saw a limited CD release last year, which earned Throwing Muses some incredible press.  But, with the CD medium not always reaching all the corners of the world, HHBTM Records has opted to release the full length via vinyl and cassette.  The song below is one of the main singles from the band, so why not revisit for a taste of what you’ll get when you, undoubtedly, pick up your own copy.  Kristin Hersh sounds as confident and strong as she ever has, and that goes for the whole album, not just this track.  You’ll definitely want to take a listen if you haven’t already.

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Download: Throwing Muses – Slippershell [MP3]

The Blind Shake Bring on Furious Rocker

blindboysofalabamaThe pace of this track is immediate, pummeling you with lightning-quick drums from the moment you press play.  Guitars fuzzily swarm around the beats, leaving room for the vocals to hit you with their own shouted bit of echo.  As the feedback rings out in the background, the group keeps the pace, blasting away for nearly three minutes.  The Blind Shake has just announced that they’ll be releasing their new album, Breakfast of Failures, via Goner Records on October 28th.  Those of you searching for some noisy rock n’ roll today are going to have this on repeat all day long.

Ballad from DMAs

dmasThere’s not a whole lot to this track, especially in its opening moments, as it’s strummed guitar and vocals.  That’s the back to basics approach that Australia’s DMAs are offering up today, which is actually a pretty nice little jam.  There’s a hint of percussion added on the back end of the tune, but for the most part, this is just a really simple ballad; who doesn’t love a good ballad?  There’s some touches in the tune showing that the band has room to play, musically speaking, but for now we can just enjoy the simplicity here.  This tune will feature on a 7″ from Mom + Pop in Novemeber.

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