Silky New Wild Nothing Tune

One of the hot tickets on the ATH docket has all of us anticipating the new record form Wild Nothing. It’s been interesting to see Jack draw from his various influences and meld that into his own sound. Here, you hear a certain nod to any dance number in a Hughes movie, even adding in the textured horns for maximum jazz hands effect. The vocals have a bit of a warp to them too, displaying just another trick Tatum uses to look back. Indigo, the new album, will drop on August 31st via Captured Tracks, giving us another glance back.

New Track from The Goon Sax

I feel like The Goon Sax should be one of the great bands of our age, yet they still have so much potential to grow. On their latest single, they’re taking their angular pop stylings and turning painting them with a broader pop brush. There’s an accent from the cowbell to add some step, but the chorus has swelling strings and horns blasting through. It’s enchanting, yet cautiously energetic; you’ll have this song running through your head all day. The band’s new album We’re Not Talking will be out on September 14th via Wichita Recordings.

Power Pop from Stoner Control

After spending some time with this new Stoner Control tune, it makes sense that it was produced by Hutch Harris of the Thermals; it has a similar fashion, vocally, to the early part of Hutch’s work. That’s not a bad thing, mind you, as it’s one of the things that made that group so distinctive, and now Stoner Control are just picking up where he left off. Musically, the group have this really casual style of power pop, calling on the history of acts from the Pacific Northwest to fill in some of the sonic textures. The band will release Alone in the City on August 31st via Blade Records.

Stream The Year That Felt Like Two

We’ve been releasing records for some time here in Austin, and through that time I’ve longed to work with David Israel. Last week we were fortunate enough release David’s new album, The Year That Felt Like Two. In my ears, it sounds like a pop version of anything penned by David Berman, employing a similar sense of wit, while crafting an undercurrent of pop sensibility. There’s not a bad song on this record, but of course, I’m probably slightly biased…so you should see for yourself by streaming below. And if you’re in Austin on July 29th, come out to the release show at Electric Church, with proceeds of the release going to RAICES. Grab it HERE!

Delightful New Frokedal Tune

Frokedal has a new album coming out in a little over a month, and I’ve been spending a lot of time on the side listening to the various singles. The latest is an assured charmer begging for you to indulge your pop fantasies. There’s definitely a nod to various indiepop genres in the opening moments with the way the keyboard and guitars intermingle, opening the curtain for Frokedal’s voice. She operates somewhere between smoky chanteuse and angelic pop star; it’s the perfect balance needed for this song. If your nostalgic for classic pop songs, then you need look no further; How We Made It will be out on August 31st via Propeller Recordings.

Fresh Tune from the Orchids

We’re just a year or so removed from The Orchids 30 Year Retrospective, and it’s great to see the band have new music on the very near horizon. In fact, they’ve recently released the first single from their forthcoming 7″ for WIAIWYA. It’s a mild-mannered pop song, mostly sitting back and allowing the harmonies to do the work over soft percussive elements. The vocal display, of course, has that luxurious contrast between male and female bits…James’ voice always sounds so friendly and familiar, like all those times my father sang with his guitar around the house. Anyways, another great Sarah Records survivor with new music for us; they’re new 7″ drops on August 7th.

Gritty Pop From Vacation

Summer presses along this week with no more soccer to watch but plenty of rocking tunes to add to your playlist. On this lovely Monday morning we have this new track called “Deflector Head” from Cincinnati based rock group Vacation. The song has a very nice, gritty, driving pop/rock sound to it perfect for your next pool party or adventure.

Vacation will release new album Mouth Sounds #2699 on July 27th via Let’s Pretend Records.

Dreamy New Parrot Dream

You might remember Parrot Dream from our brief SXSW Interview with the band, but if not, let’s refresh a bit. The group began in Chile before relocating to Brooklyn where they fleshed out their band with various friends. They’ve finally gotten all the pieces together, amassed a decent following and now have their debut full length ready for you. Our first listen has this excellent blend between shoegaze and dream pop, which I suppose always combine to make the perfect mix. The guitar has this refreshing glisten with atmospherics lurking from behind from layered electronics. Christina soon enters the fray, letting her voice hang above it all, almost casually in fashion. Light Goes will be out on August 24th via Good Eye Records.

Another Charmer from The Smittens

I seem to be continuously charmed by the Smittens, and here we are again with another brilliant pop song to adore. It’s got a steady cadence, filled in with wonderful harmonies between various members of the group; the group stretch out the song in the latter half, allowing for a more thought provoking element to the tune. That makes sense, as Dana says he penned the number as ‘a coming out/transition anthem,’ encouraging us to all ‘find the spaces in which we belong.’ City Rock Dove will be out via Fika Recordings on August 3rd.

Pleased to Meet You: Andy Burns

When Andy Burns reached out to me, I wasn’t familiar with his work, but I’ve been delving deep into the music he’s sent me. He’s putting finishing touches on his latest album, which will be out in the Fall; it was completed while the Australian songwriter has been living in Tokyo. I’m a sucker for string arrangements, especially when they accompany light little pop songs, such as this one. Plus, Andy carries deep vocal tones, though there’s a slight hint of operatic tendencies lurking deep in there. A mellow number that’s perfect to start out your Friday goings-on.

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