No Joy Deliver Again

untitledNo Joy is a Montreal based band I’ve been into since the band first kicked off back in 2009.  A genre is difficult to come up with for the group as they mesh some of the best shoe gaze sounds with psych and pop elements.  Maybe you can come up with something better after you check out this new single “Hollywood Teeth”.  Labels or no labels, the band creates short yet memorable tunes.

Pick up new album, More Faithful, on June 9th via Mexican Summer.

Quiet Balladry from Head Clouds

headyI wanted to continue with our Australian themed day by looking over at Head Clouds, which is the product of Jayke Maddison.  In listening to his latest single, there feels like there’s two separate movements happening, especially once the song takes a turn just before the 2 minute mark. The pop aspect is smoothed out, adding in a more pronounced bit of percussion to elevate Maddison’s voice into a loftier place. There’s a new EP in the works, with growth on the mind of Jayke, clearing making a push for the most pristine pop music coming out of Gold Coast.

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Download: Head Clouds – New Light of the Equinox

Digging This New Mates of State

untitledMan I’ve really lost touch with Mates of State over the years.  Well, maybe not just lost touch so much as not being a huge fan of their material from the last few years.  Fair enough?  Today I’m excited to be posting about the band for the first time in almost 6 years(yes I had to search that) with this sweet little track “Beautiful Kids”.  For me, it’s a return to old form.  Combined with a darker pop beat are those all too familiar perfectly synced vocals and lyrics sure to make even the toughest guy swoon just a little bit.  Well done.

Mates have a new EP entitled You’re Going to Make It due out June 16th on Barsuk Records.

Have You Heard Of O-Face?

o-faceNo? Well, let’s change that. O-Face are a five piece currently located in New York that make alternative music that will have you nostalgic for 90’s emo. The track I have for you today comes off of the band’s newest EP, Mint, which is due out quite soon on June 2nd. “740 Turbo” has the sleek guitars you’d expect from that aforementioned genre, as well as the cutting vocals, but the vocals have this lovely imperfect quality that show off raw emotion. Go on over to Father/Daughter Records and Preorder this EP.

Teaser Pony Offer New 7″

teaserFelt like it’s been a wee bit since I checked in on the goings-on in Australia, so I was really pleased to come across this new EP from Melbourne’s Teaser Pony. It’s got this casual pop attitude, sometimes energetic, while other times completely relaxed.  Their debut EP has a lot of promise going forward, leaving room for the band to move in multiple directions; “Champion Fullback” has a power-pop feel, while “I.D.K.E.W.Y.S.F.N.” has a Spoon-ish stomp to them. You can grab your own copy from Cinnamon Records in the first few weeks of June.

J Fernandez Strikes Again!

10685392_562669460499749_4070348638879602533_nJ Fernandez caught my attention with his soft approach to psych rock a little while back, but when I heard this new single from the gentleman, I fell in love all over again. “Between The Channels” combines everything you love about psych rock with some string work to make a solid track that will have you marveling at how the two pair so nicely. Many Levels of Laughter is out June 9th via Joyful Noise Recordings. Preorder it here. 

More To Love From Redspencer

11234063_971049419595087_4160870043313847555_oNathan beat me to the punch to share with you a track from Redspencer a few weeks back, but this time, the pleasure’s all mine. “Ride It Out” is a delightful pop track from these Australian gentlemen that is sure to ease you out of the long weekend, or at least ease the week woes a bit. The guitars on here are omnipresent and crisp, resounding with the most force in the track, yet are far from overpowering. Instead, they provide a blissful meandering feeling through the track, while the vocals and lyrics express the same kind of laid back, take-things-the-way-they come sentiment. With these two excellent tracks, you can bet I’ll have my eye out for the debut release from Redspencer sometime in June via Deaf Ambitions.

Have A Nice (Holiday) Weekend

Going to see Mad Max tonight, Braids tomorrow and plenty of friends over the following two days. Hopefully, we won’t float away. In preparation for rain on Sunday, we are planning on making replicas of Shake Shack burgers indoors. Take that El Nina.

We last visited Gypsy & The Cat for one of the catchiest songs of 2012, my personal favorite jam that year, called “Bloom”. This track and a smoother semi-psych pop thins going on, and while different from my jam of 2012, it is still a damn good song and deserves attention for your earholes. Have fun, be safe.

Sorry I Missed This: New (Ish) Track From The Yetis

10633139_10154614720600538_2704436462315816379_oA few weeks ago, Pennsylvania’s The Yetis put out a new track called “Where You Goin'” and somehow this slid under my radar for rad tunes. But I stumbled across this surfy gem from the group and couldn’t help but make up for lost time by sharing it with you all. This song is a classic summer jam from the start not only in its instrumentation, but lyrics as well. The guitars are surfy, the percussion shimmery, there are swelling gang vocals of “ooohs,” scattered throughout and not to mention lyrics that talk of wine, the ocean, and secret getaways. This track is part of an EP from the band which should be coming out later this summer.

Powerfully Percussive Track From Iles

ilesWere you paying attention back in March when Nathan introduced you to Iles? You weren’t? Well, here’s another chance for you to hop on the rad train before it leaves you behind forever. The man behind Iles, Tristan Johnson, hails from L.A., and the sound on this track is both playful and grounded. You get the tinkering xylophone and raw percussion that are balanced by Johnson’s deep vocals. Then the song progresses, and the seemingly playful playground sounds are pared down and grounded by the gritty guitars that transition the track from one part to the next as gracefully as an orchestral movement. This track is the second single from Apartments, Iles‘ upcoming album that is due out on May 26th. I hear you can pre-order it for the low low price of 5$ right here. 

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