I Can’t Not Share This New PWR BTTM Track

11214188_484716751697869_5820414742918648429_n-2Look, I know this is blowing up internet land already, but way back in the beginning of July I shared with you the first single from PWR BTTM, and now that they’ve returned with another excellent single, I feel compelled to stick with this group. This song, “1994,” gives a bit of a different flavor to what you’ve already come to enjoy from the duo– whereas the last track was a bit punk rock, this number puts more of a pop spin on the sound. Yea, it definitely still has its rock flair, but that chorus of “Oohs,” sort of makes it impossible to avoid singing along with the group. Lookout for this group, and their debut album, Ugly Cherries, which is due out September 18th via Miscreant and Father/Daughter Records. Preorder Here!



Beautiful New Crayon Fields Tune

thecrayonfields01One of the new albums coming out this year that has me waiting anxiously is the new LP from Australia’s Crayon Fields. They’ve been one of my favorites, but had been relatively until the last few months when they announced No One Deserves You. I’m on pins and needles here, and the newest single isn’t going to deter me. Interestingly, the vocals of singer O’Connor sound vaguely similar to Ramesh of Voxtrot, and there’s a definite synth drive going on here too that hooks listeners. Their new album is being released by Chapter Music on September 25th, so you better ready to fall in love.

Chilled Out Vibes from Younghusband

younghusbandThe guys in Younghusband are quickly building a name for themselves at they prep for their second LP, touring with the likes of Loop, Slowdive and Jacco Gardner. Musically, they’re crafting tunes that are probably closely aligned with the newer brand of psychedelia, though listening to this track it seems like more of a pop sensibility feel to it; it’s almost a straightforward pop song written for the indie spectrum.  The title is Dissolver, and its set for an October 30th release date via ATP Records.

Get Heavy With Windhand

unnamed-2Normally, I’m the resident softy around here, posting those gentle folk tunes, but when I heard this metal tune from Windhand, I couldn’t pass up the chance to share it with you all; what’s wrong with a little bit of diversity? Anyways, the track is a heavy and growling tune in the instrumentals– the guitars grumble through and sometimes wail, but are always distorted. Meanwhile the vocals lighten up the mix a bit with their airy sound that float on through and show just what’s so special about this track and group. Lucky for you, the band’s got a new record coming out soon on September 18th called Grief’s Internal Flower on Relapse Records, which you can preorder here. Get to listening.



Day Wave Return Already

11337002_401226620061420_3011181159598881531_oTalk about an explosion! It’s been a banner year for Day Wave who burst onto the scene earlier this year with his Headcase EP. And, without even taking a breath, he’s back with a new track for your pop ears. This one has a little bit of a hook that reminds me of early stuff from the Drums; it’s got a jangling surfy guitar sound with a driving beat…pretty infectious. Honestly, I should have posted this yesterday, but I wanted to save it for Friday, as it’s a pure Friday pop hit for you. I’m sure he’ll flood us with more new tunes in the near future as he readies a full length.

Synth-y Jam from Talking Bush

talkingbushIt wasn’t too long ago that Talking Bush released their latest EP for Shelflife, but the band is wasting no time on the turnaround, readying a brand new tune for your ears. There’s a chilled out vibe to this one, and I can imagine folks who love the 80s dance pop fawning here. But, even with that nod, I still like some of the vocal inflections; they really sell me on the song as a whole, even if they’re only there for a syllable or too.  Give yourself some time with this track, then thank me later.

ATX Weekend Show Spotlight

austin_mainIt’s the weekend, with many of us looking at three days off, so let’s try and fill it with some great tunes. Let’s take a look at what Austin has planned for you, with just our personal highlights on where you should end up.

This is only one man’s opinion.

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Enjoy Some Helvetia

helvetiaHelvetia is a group we’ve been talking about for years now and you have to know that we’ll be sharing their tunes when they come our way.  Today I’m pleased to share with you their latest single “A Dot Running for the Dust”.  It’s an organ heavy, sort of throwback emo style, melodic tune.  It’ll take you a few listens, but I’m sure you will find more and more to enjoy with each play.

You can pick up Dromomania on October 2nd via Joyful Noise.

New Tunes from Heavenly Beat

heavenI don’t think I’ve quite tired of hearing new music from John Pena’s project, Heavenly Beat. It always fulfills my listening needs, providing bits of pop elements entranced by dancefloor-ready grooves. Interestingly, Pena doesn’t have the same household name as others of his ilk, which seems strange as I think his layering is often far better than his peers. Anyways, he’s got a new record titled Designer that he’s self-releasing later this year; you’ll also be able to catch him out on the road with other synth-pop purveyor, Teen Daze (including a September date here in Austin).

More From Samson the Truest

samsonSamson the Truest has quickly walked his way into our constant listening rotation over at the ATH offices, or at least on my side. I’m impressed with this track, as it offers a different style than what he offered us early on, giving a little bit of a funkier step/groove to the song. Still, there’s a soulful touch in his vocals, carrying on into the voice of the guitar, which always pleases my ears. This tune appears on his new album, Come Back Shane; it has a scheduled release date for October 2nd, so stay tuned.

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