Give Wand a Listen

wandoI probably haven’t told you how much I enjoy Wand, but now seems like the right time, especially since they just unleashed a new jam today.  “Broken Candle” is the second shortest track on the record, so it’s easily digestible; it starts with a bit of a psychedelic stomp to it, though there’s a bit more of a collectivist pop bit as the tune progresses.  The album, Ganglion Reef, has a great deal of fuzzy elements to it, but they walk this fine line between being noisy and radio friendly.  Check out the release on August 26th via God? Records.

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Brand New Tunes from Terry Malts

terrysWhat a great week for fans of Terry Malts (aren’t we all?).  First, we had a new single from Corey, and now we’ve got the announcement of a brand new bouncing tune from the band themselves.  It’s a rocker, of course, with gritty guitar coating the pop sensibility of the band in a bit of distortion.  It’s a quick tune, but it’s one of those songs that you can sing along to whilst you playfully pogo into the folks jamming out with you.  This new song comes from the band’s Insides EP; it’s going to be released as a 7″ on September 23rd via Slumberland Records.

Another Great Track from Laura Jean

laurajeanI’ve written about the work of songwriter Laura Jean on several occasions, and she’s back with a real winner today.  This is her second single from her upcoming self-titled album; it’s also the best track I’ve heard from her (not that I don’t adore the others).  There’s a gentle touch to her playing on this tune, almost playful, which suits the vocal tones extremely well.  You think Jenny Lewis can write songs like this? I’m thinking no, which is a strong step forward for LJ.  Look for her album on August 22nd from the reliable Chapter Music.

Bellows Bring Us A Bit of Quirky Pop

10305413_655128174552829_6618824475890402563_nBellows is a project run by songwriter Oliver Kalb who resides in Brooklyn and has been plying his trade for a few years now.  My first taste of the group is coming today in the form of this new track called “Funny Games” which is the primary single from a brand new LP.  The track is hard to put a label on as it seemingly jumps from hushed, bedroom pop to a more loud, eclectic, rocking sort of tune at the drop of a hat.  Something about that is a little bit strange, but I think that’s what I like about this track.  Gimme the weird.

Pick up new album Blue Breath on September 2nd via Dead Labour.

Austin Spotlight: Meet Decisions Decisions

decThose of you waiting for The Rise to reunite will have to…wait.  But, in related news, one of the former members of that heralded post-rock outfit from Austin has begun a new venture with members of Hides, Hour of the Wolf,  and The Program (all West Coast hardcore acts).  Decisions Decisions formation only recently came to my attention, and I’m quite stoked to hear what these guys do going forward.  They’re actually playing their first show at Liberty this Sunday for House Party Sundays; you can check out the event HERE. As of now the band only have a few demos to share, but look for more in the near future.

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Download: Decisions Decisions – You Were Saying [MP3]


I Love This New Tune from Purling Hiss

PurlingHiss_byAaronBiscoe smallTuesday’s are full of tons of tunes on the webs.  People are trying to get you to buy the latest (and I did!), but as a blogger type dude, you get lots of emails too.  I waded through some stuff, then I got stuck.  I got stuck on this ridiculously rad tune from Purling Hiss.  It’s nearly five minutes of great alternative guitar riffs that are meant to be turned up loud as you work to blow out your factory speaker system.  But, what I really like, is the lackadaisical tone of the vocals; it’s almost like a slacker jam, though you can tell there’s been more work put into it (it’s five minutes long!).  The new record from the band will be out on September 23rd via Drag City; it’s called Weirdon.

Greylag Sign to Dead Oceans

greylagA few years ago there was this wave of folk/Americana being remained and tossed out left and right.  Bands like Fleet Foxes and Cave Singers dominated my own personal listening playlists, but the genre hasn’t really hit me again until I heard this track from Greylag, who’ve just signed to Dead Oceans.  They’ve got similarities to both previously mentioned groups, with the instrumentation resembling the former and the vocals harkening to the latter.  Their album will be self-titled, and it’s set for an October 14th release…should make great times for fall listening.

New Track From Meatbodies

799Los Angeles based rock band Meatbodies are sharing an incredible track with us today called “Tremmors” and it’s one of those that’s just too good to not share with everyone else.  At its core, the song is a psych rock rocker with some incredible guitar riffs sprinkled in and some mesmerizing vocals from lead singer Chad Ubovich.  This is rock music at its finest ladies and gents.

Pick up the new self-titled full length LP from these guys on October 14th via In the Red Records.

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