Top 50 Albums of 2016

top50You’ve all been waiting, anxiously. Waiting for our arbitrary list of the opinion of four folks who run this site, and what we think were the best albums of 2016. It’s really really important. We’re going to make our site great again with this list. We’re going to win, bigly. But really, it’s just a list of the stuff we loved the most that we covered throughout this year on our site. The comment section is open, so feel free to tell us where we’ve gone wrong or what we’ve got right or anything else fitting. Read more

New Video from Serengeti and Sicker Man

Serengeti‘s typically been known for his work in the hip-hop realm, and while I’m sure that still holds true to his heart, his work with Sicker Man is taking him somewhere entirely different. For instance, the video below accompanies this brilliant piece of electronically washed pop; I can’t help but find myself comparing the piece as an homage to Magnetic Fields…all the way down to the heavy tones of the vocals. It’s just one of those songs that finds its way under your skin, and the next thin you know you’ve played it ten times in a row! Look for this tune on the Doctor My Own Patience LP, which is being released on December 16thby Graveface Records.

Delightful Tune from Rebel Kind

rebelkindUp until now, the tunes that Rebel Kind have let loose, in regards to their new album at least, have been fairly energetic. On the title track from Just for Fools, the band illustrates that the group can channel any spirit animal, and for my ears, I hear them channelingthe greats like Hatfield or Sandoval (intentional or not). Those of you looking for something soothing, yet ultimately cool, will find that this new tune is refreshing…giving us the guarantee that the new record is more than just a one trick pony. Guess we’ll all find out on December 16th when Urinal Cake Records release it!

ATX Spotlight: Brand New Hundred Visions

Hundred VisionsEarlier this week we caught wind that local Austin act Hundred Visions would be releasing some brand new tunes; I was salivating…and dare I say this is better than I expected. At first, the band seemingly trudges through familiar territory bending guitars nice with vocals drawn out atop the mix. But, hold on because they refuse to settle for the same old story, blasting off into a riotous mix of punk that jumps right into your ears! They go back and forth throughout, jolting you back and forth the whole way. They’ve got a new tape titled Brutal Pueblo coming out next week via Burger Records.

Premiere: Quichenight’s New Single Is Here

quicheNot only do we get to jam this new Quichenight tune, but tomorrow we’ll get to celebrate the release of Camille’s Market, the brand new album from Brett Rosenberg’s project (the one he has outside of PUJOL). Listening to this track, you can kind of get that early garage rock feel that you got with bands in the late 00s like Harlem, but there’s a steady hand here, allowing the melody to really sink into the listener. Sure, I love the ramshackle quality, but when it’s taken calmly like this, it ultimately becomes more rewarding and deserving of repeated spins. Look for the record tomorrow via Cold Lunch and tell me how many times you play it in one sitting! This song just keeps spinning.

Perfect Guitar Pop from Galants

galantsI’m a huge fan of the contrasting sounds that come from guitar pop…the blend of loudly distorted guitars draped over the soft underbelly of vocals; it’s exactly what Galants are kicking out on their newest self-titled EP. “Evergreen” blasts out immediately with the guitars moving back and forth in your speakers before they push down on the pedal to blast that happy distortion into your eardrums. The softened vocals hide in the verses, laying in wait as guitars cascade back and forth…imagine a heavier version of Teenage Fanclub. If you dig it, grab their latest EP from Jigsaw Records.

Careful Pop from Bodywash

bodywashCall it what you will, but this new song from Bodywash is definitely just a careful expression of pop music…or the sort I call pop music. High-toned vocals are pleasantly resting atop the mix, but what’s most interesting is the way that the band has wrapped the voice in a blanket of shimmering guitars and washes of atmospherics. You’ll even hear some light backing vocals playing in the distance, further texturing this new single. As of right now, they’re working on a new EP, but they wanted to put this on your radar in hopes of building some anticipation…I think it does just that.

Fresh Tunes from Charlie Darling

lesbicyCharlie Darling‘s work came to my attention when I came upon his indiepop project Les Bicyclettes de Belize, so I was really excited to hear what he was going to do with his solo work. He’s always carried this beautifully polished vocal, but the arrangements on this lead track are subtle and lush. Touches of bells and strings build the background into a swelling blast of careful pop music. All the tracks on his Moving Pictures EP sound like they were built perfectly to be tracked into a, well, moving picture. I think you’re going to enjoy these songs!

New Music from Tim Carr

timcarrSitting at my desk here this morning, and it’s relatively cold outside (for Austin anyways). For me, music somehow has this emotional warming, which leads into the physical warmth, so I’m grateful that this Tim Carr track has come across my desk. While there’s a mixture of somberness with the uplifting quality of the rhythms in the song’s latter half, I think it’s the perfect way to let yourself get carried away. Carr’s voice is enchanting, and there’s something spiritual in the simplicity of his playing style. His debut, the Last Day of Fighting, will be out on December 16th.

Tim Darcy of Ought Goes Solo

Man. This might just be me, but I think that Ought is probably one of the most important, underrated acts around the music scene. Now you have Tim Darcy dipping toes in the solo water, and it sounds just as rad as I wanted it to be. The musical work is just a steady dose of post-punk guitar rock, but Tim’s voice has this distinctive sound that makes his work incredibly impacting, not to mention meaningful once you unfold the lyrics. Putting this one out there, as it’s now on my highly anticipated album list for next year! Saturday Night comes out on February 17th via Jagjaguwar.

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