Dirt Dress Offer Up New Single

doubledI caught this jam creeping up the other day, and it’s probably one of my favorite tracks off the Dirt Dress Revelations EP, which comes out in about a month.  It opens up with this guitar line that sort of knifes its way through the opening minutes, though there’s a nice distortion to it that gives it a quirky touch.  Drums roll through, often offering a nice beat, or other times pushing the track forward with pace (thus the rhythm section!). And you’ll always see me enjoying a good horn blast, especially if it’s done appropriately; no one likes gratuitous horn blasts.  Check out their EP on November 18th from the Future Gods. I also just dig the band’s aesthetic.

New Opus from Vaadat Charigim

vcLast year, we wrote about Tel Aviv’s Vaadat Charigim quite a bit; they were just releasing their debut album for Burger Records.  They’re back now with a 7″ they’ll be releasing with local Austin label Reverberation Appreciation Society, as they prep for a new LP in 2015.  This first track is this trembling swell of psychedelia, moving in and out of your stream of consciousness.  It opens quietly, building momentum for the band’s entrance just around the minute mark.  You’ll find that the song definitely has peaks and valleys, rising and falling here over the song’s 9 minute sprawl.  I appreciate that; I like a good non-run of the mill psych track.

I’m Enjoying a Daydream Waltz

ddwaltsYou come to expect a certain sound from your favorite labels, so I was taken aback when I grabbed this new single from A Daydream Waltz.  It’s one of the latest singles to be released by Art is Hard Records, so you knew I’d be on board, but for an entirely different reason.  I like the melancholic tone of the guitar; it has a bit of a billowing sound as well, which goes even further as the tune progresses.  It’s this perfect bit of pensive pop music, and it’s my jam today.  You can also go and grab the band’s According to Whom EP for the NYP over at their Bandcamp.

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Download: A Daydream Waltz – She was like you [MP3]

Warm Pop from Violet Woods

violetFeeling dreamy? Let your mind float away this afternoon with the work of Violet Woods, who are set to release their eponymous album this November.  This is my favorite type of pop music; it trickles in, it’s well-crafted and there’s a warmth that makes it the perfect listening for the fall season. The pacing on the track is steady, allowing for the band to maximize their melodies, and allowing your brain to gently drift away to a happy place.  Feel like this is a perfect way to enjoy your Wednesday, so join me by listening to this UK act.


Sleater-Kinney Are Back, Y’all

sleaterWhile the Internet has been all a twitter over the box set reissue that has been put on sale from Sub Pop, Sleater-Kinney, of late 90’s girl group fame, have announced that they are back with a new single and a new record, No Cities To Love. The group broke up back in 2006, but they’ve decided to give the gritty emo badass rock another go. You probably know one member, Carrie Brownstein, from her role as producer/star/all-around-funny-lady in Portlandia, or even her work in her other band, Wild Flag that also featured Janet Weiss from the S-K lineup.  Have a listen to the new track and follow along with the words here, and get ready for the new album to be released January 20th of next year. You can also download the track for free with an email address on the band’s website.

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Download: Sleater Kinney – Bury Our Friends [MP3]

New Music from Honduras

hondurasI checked out this tune from Honduras, a band I have talked about previously, and it seems that they’re up to their catchy old tricks.  The band is crafting these crunchy guitar pop anthems, much like Nathan from Wavves was able to accomplish, though these songs seem to have a bit more focus…and perhaps slightly less of an edge.  It’s a version of the indie rock scene that puts them in line with their comrades Twin Peaks, who we know have made a big name for themselves this year.  Look for the band’s Break EP this coming November.

Video Premiere: Spider Bags

10_700_700_521_spiderbags_900pxSpider Bags put out an incredibly underrated album entitled Frozen Letter this August on Merge.  Some great tracks are hidden in there, including this one called “Summer of ’79”.  Many of you may have heard the tune before, but today I’m excited to be premiering a video for the rockin’ song.  It’s a live version of the track so you can see and hear the band in all it’s punk rock stylin’ glory.  Follow the jump for video.

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Stream This BLXPLTN Album

blxpltnHere at ATH, we like to keep things as local as possible. So when we find an up and coming local act we like to let y’all know about it so you not only can stay hip, but also so you can jam out. BLXPLTN is a self proclaimed ‘politically charged futurepunk’ group of three that started back in 2013. They just recently dropped their debut album, Black Cop Down, on Wolfshield Records and you’re in luck– you can stream the whole thing via the band’s SoundCloud Page. Personally, I’m really digging “Pressure” and “Betta Run–” both of which give you a little bit of a mix between old and new influences in the sound (I’m getting Ramones meets TV On The Radio). Check out this track, and then the rest of the record for free. For Free!


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