New Tunes from The Paperbacks

Canada’s The Paperbacks have been providing us with amazing tunes since back in 2003, crafting lush melodies with their careful guitar work.  Their most recent album Lit From Within is a double record, which is a substantial number for any release.  I mean, if you’re looking for a bad song, you might find one, but odds are, with a collection like this, you’ll find much more hits.  Such is the latest single from the band, “Perpetual Autumn.” We know you’ll love this one.


Download: The Paperbacks – Perpetual Autumn [MP3]

New Music From Wild Nothing

Jack Tatum and his project known as Wild Nothing is grown in fame all over the internet as you’re reading this.  The guy recently dropped one of our favorite LPs of the year Gemini and already just released a new EP entitled Evertide.  Needless to say, the guy’s been a busy bee.  Enjoy a new track from the EP out now on Warmest Chord below.


Download: Wild Nothing – Your Rabbit Feet [MP3]

New Tunes from The Thermals

Now that they have a full-time drummer, it’s like The Thermals can’t be stopped. They put out a great record last year, and now news comes that their newest record, Personal Life, will hit stores September 7th via Kill Rock Stars.  We won’t complain, as we love this band.  The latest single is quick, catchy and not short on the fun, so hopefully you’ll find it beneficial to the doldrums of a slow Tuesday.  If not, at least you have new tunes from this great band.


Download: The Thermals – I Don’t Believe You [MP3]

New Tunes from Electric Sunset

Fresh out of the ashes of Desolation Wilderness comes a new project from Nic Zwart titled Electric Sunset.  The first single from his upcoming self-titled album, which comes out September 7th on K Records.   He’s blending electronic moments with extreme pop, all which lead to blissful moments for the listener.  His record is a sort of journal of sorts, so we’re all sure to find some lyric we can relate to on some level. You’ll want to be sure to get into this now, as everyone’s bound to be talking about this come the fall.


Download: Electric Sunset – Soda [MP3]

New Tunes from David Vandervelde

This guy just won’t quit! David Vandervelde always writing songs, and we’re always falling in love with them.   He’s prepping a new 12″ release, Summer Time Hits, that is set to come out on August 3 via Secretly Canadian, and we’ve got one of those new songs for you to check out.  This tune has a touch of glam rock, and there’s a little bit of a falsetto in his voice, similar to the high pitched yelps of Ted Leo.  It’s a lot more rocking than his last effort, but when did the rock ever bother us here at ATH?  Precisely, it doesn’t, and it shouldn’t bother you, so get with it.


Download: David Vandervelde – Checkin’ Out My Baby [MP3]

New Tunes from The Innocence Mission

It’s hard to keep track of just how many albums The Innocence Mission has released to date, but if you’re a fan of their quiet bedroom spectacles, then the fact that they’re soon to release yet another album is surely exciting news. The album is titled My Room in Trees, and it will hit the streets on July 13th.  The lead single, “The Happy Mondays,” is exactly what you would expect, and the little nuance of a quickened pace mid-track really warms the heart.  Happy Monday to you.


Download: The Innocence Mission – The Happy Mondays [MP3]

New Tunes From These United States

These United States is a band that’s managed to get a crazy amount of coverage on this here website so you gotta know we’ll be posting every time they drop new music our way.  This new track “The Great Rivers” will appear on the groups upcoming LP What Lasts which hits stores July 20th.  I’m sure we’ll be picking up our copy of that one next month.


Download: These United States – The Great Rivers [MP3]

New Tunes from Of Montreal

We’ve been hearing for months now about a new Of Montreal album coming our way, and now details have finally emerged.  This new album, titled False Priest, will be out on the streets on September 14th via Polyvinyl. This single, “Coquet Coquette” is a nice switch from the last few albums, not that I disliked those by any means, but opening with a solid guitar riff, and scaling back on the electronic boogie really has me geared up for this release.  You’ll love it too!


Download: Of Montreal – Coquet Coquette [MP3]


Torben is a new project by featuring jack of all trades artist/musician Brock Enright and his girlfriend Kirsten Deirup.  The duo, and recent parents, are releasing their first ever LP together about a week from today on June 29th.  A documentary of the creative couple, Brock Enright: Good Time Will Never be the Same, will be hitting stores on that very same date.  Have yourself a listen to the Brock and Kirsten’s first ever MP3 “Maybe” below.


Download: Brock Enright & Kirsten Dierup – Maybe [MP3]

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