New Music From Tomorrows Tulips

I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me these days, but I just can’t seem to get enough of this garage rock throwback stuff that’s ever so popular right now.  Tomorrows Tulips are another band ready to join the movement and please the ears of ATH RayRay.  The band features vocals by Alex Knost who used to front solid indie-rock band Japanese Motors, and Knost’s girlfriend Christina Keyes.  If you like the new single “Eternally Teenage” found below, you can get your hands on the debut LP from Tomorrows Tulips on June 19th via Galaxia Records.


Download: Tomorrows Tulips – Eternally Teenage [MP3]

New Jam from Thieves Like Us

Man, after a rough couple of days, I needed a jam like this one.  Thieves Like Us are returning with their Your Love Runs Still EP on May 10th, their first effort for killer label Captured Tracks.  After listening to this title track several times, I sort of see this as a less quirky take on what Hot Chip have been doing.  It focuses on the beat and groove, giving your body that needed emotion to swiftly move about the house, but in a much less spastic manner than most dance tracks.  You can definitely see how a song like this will help the band fit right into the stable of great bands on CT.  Well played guys.


Download: Thieves Like Us – Your Love Runs Still [MP3]

New Wet Paint Track

A few years ago I caught wind of this band by checking in on Bloc Party, but don’t let that confuse you, as they sound nothing like the band. Wet Paint have a sound more akin to those who’ve recently been slogging in the muck with early 90s slacker/nerd rock.  Their new record, Woe, should be out this month, and I can’t help but just swoon over these collection of tracks. You can see the past living in their songs, but it’s not overly reminiscent of any band in particular, which gives the band of a punch of originality and freshness. Go back in time with me and enjoy this track folks.


Download: Wet Paint – Gone So Long [MP3]

More New Music from Other Lives

Just a few weeks ago we brought you one of the new tracks from our dear friends in Other Lives.  And yesterday, Paste released another new song from their upcoming album, Tamer Animals, coming straight to you next week!  If you take one listen to this track you’ll surely see why we love this band so much.  Jesse’s voice sounds incredible, while the drumming remains steady, perfectly emphasizing the solemn piano tracks.  Showing restraint, they don’t burst off into some sort of sonic explosion, instead choosing to allow the song’s natural melody to escape through its quiet presentation.  I dare you to find anything wrong with this band right now; you can’t.


Download: Other Lives – Tamer Animals [MP3]

New Music From Crystal Antlers

One of my favorite and highly underrated indie bands from the last few years Crystal Antlers are prepping a new album for release this summer.  New album Two-Way Mirror will be available July 12th on Recreation LTD.  Prior to that date, we have this sweet new track “Summer Solstice” available below for your listening pleasure.  It’s not quite as thrashy/in your face when compared to older singles from the group, but I’m still calling it one of my favorites of the year so far.  Our amigos over at Tiny Mix Tapes also have a sweet live video of the song from way back in November.


Download: Crystal Antlers – Summer Solstice [MP3]

New Track from Sarabeth Tucek

I’ll admit it, we probably don’t do the best job of promoting female musicians as much as we should around these parts. But, something about Sarabeth Tucek caught me today, perhaps it was the simplicity of her offering.  There’s just a gentle guitar that meanders throughout, and then there’s just the vocal that goes atop it all.  Something in the way Tucek sings is awfully reminiscent of one Hope Sandoval, but perhaps that’s just wishful thinking. Regardless, she’s got a striking voice, and you can hear more from Sarabeth when her album, Get Well Soon, hits stores on May 24th.  Sometimes you just need a little love from the ladies. Oh, and apparently she sang with Bill Callahan on Smog‘s Supper back in the day.


Download: Sarabeth Tucek – Get Well Soon [MP3]

New Music From Yarn Owl

Good Tuesday to everyone out there in internets world.  To celebrate the long week ahead, here’s a newish track from Seattle based band Yarn Owl entitled “Embrace Our Place”.  The band, featuring former Band of Horses member Tim Meining, recently released their debut LP Montaña Caballo last month and are currently playing shows in support.  Ironically enough, the band sort of sounds a bit like Band of Horses, but with a much stronger foot stopping rhythm section.  You can also stream the band’s entire new LP over on their sweet bandcamp page.


Download: Yarn Owl – Embrace Our Place (Montaña Y Caballo) [MP3]

New Tunes from 1, 2, 3

Not too long ago, I tossed out a nice little jam from 1, 2, 3, and now we’ve got another track to throw your way for your listening pleasure.  As the band prepares for their debut release, New Heaven, on Frenchkiss Records this June 21st, they seem to be picking up steam with the press.  Listening to this latest single, you get the feeling that the band is going the route of band’s like Suckers, using off-kilter vocals to attach to their own groove-laden tracks.  It’s erratic at parts, but you can definitely feel the chug-chug of the guitar seep into your heart, as angular cuts and crashing cymbals wash over the speakers. Can’t wait for this to be out.


Download: 1, 2, 3 – Work [MP3]

More New Music From Kindest Lines

My favorite new find of the year has to be New Orleans based 80’s style synth-pop band Kindest Lines.  It’s really not my typical style, but for some reason they’ve struck a chord with me and have this odd way of keeping their tunes in my head.  The second new track we have from the band’s upcoming debut LP is called “Destructive Paths to Live Happily” and can be found below.  You can get your hands on Covered in Dust June 15th on Weird Records.


Download: Kindest Lines – Destructive Paths to Live Happily [MP3]

New Song from Country Mice

If you’re looking for something that seemingly fits the perfect seasonal change between Spring and Summer, then perhaps I’ve found the perfect track for you to toss up.  Country Mice are preparing to release their debut album, Twister, on June 7th via Wao Wao Records.  Listening to this latest track, it lives somewhere between casual country stomper and YHF-era Wilco.  Now, I don’t want to say they sound too much like the latter band, as they definitely have a much more clean country sound, especially when guitars aren’t knifing through everything. This is precisely the kind of music I love to listen to while those Spring showers try to save us from Texas heat.  Get into this now, you’ll be better off for it.


Download: Country Mice – Morning Son [MP3]

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