Colourmusic – F, Monday…

Colourmusic – F, Monday, Orange, February, Venus, Lunatic, 1 Or 13

Rating: ★★★★½

Oklahoma’s Colourmusic won me over long ago with their fantastic live shows, something I mentioned in the past, and now we are here to see if their debut album lives up to the hype of one of the most exciting bands around.

They open the album with “Motherfather,” a light tune that evokes some of the band’s British influences.  And you can add to that joy a brief bass solo.  It’s a clear statement from the beginning that Colourmusic will be a difficult band to define.

Immediately afterwards they push forward with the grittier “Put in A Little Gas.”  The song is fueled by the distorted guitars, juxtaposed with the playful chorus–or is that a verse? This song is sure to be the staple of the band’s live show, as the repetitive lyrics make it difficult for any crowd participant to ignore.

This act keep the pressure on with the continually upbeat “Gospel Song.” It’s the indie world’s response to call and response choir work, with a sexual undertone that may or may not be intentional.  Clearly this is a song that makes you want to throw your hands up and stomp around the floor of your room until the floorboards are nothing but dust.

I’m tempted to say that “Spring Song” has a little too much kitsch.  There is a line of playfulness that the band can cross at times, and this is one of those times.  Still, there is an attractive quality to the song that makes this song enjoyable.  I wonder if, as they say, “everyone is singing my song.”  It is catchy.

Enter “Circles.” It’s one of the band’s oldest songs, and it is one they’ve mastered to near perfection.  The constant switching in time builds the momentum throughout the song, encouraging you to tag along with the band.  Go far enough, and you’ll find yourself caught up in the chorus near the end of the circle, swinging yourself and your loved one “all around.”

“Someday Speaks Loudly” is something I can’t really describe.  It begins with some atmospherics, then the ghastly vocals float carefully through the core of the song, as the drumming builds in the background, crashing quietly into the end of the song.  Something is so familiar about this song.  I can’t place it, but if you can, let me know.

Prepare yourself for “Yes.”  This is easily one of the better songs on the album.  Sure, it gets a touch redundant lyrically, but its one of the more powerful songs the album has to offer.  Totally Belle and Sebastian playing metal songs.

“Rock and Roll Polar Bear” employs a similar tactic seen in this album.  It is a song that builds, slows down, then builds.  This is the key to Colourmusic and their intoxicating quality; they know precisely how to construct a song to evoke everything on their minds. I’m not sure there are other bands who can switch it up as quickly and convincingly.

Make sure you don’t skip “You Can Call Me by My Name.”  I don’t have anything bad to say about this song. Each moment in this song seems to fit exactly perfectly with the bands intentions; this is definitely one of those songs that people will beg for live.  It’s a solid song.

When I listen to “Fall Song,” I find it hard not to escape the Simon and Garfunkel reference points.  It’s either the gentle vocal quality that goes throughout or the effortless guitar work that evokes that idea.  This has to be a S & G cover song.  It has to be.

“Winter Song” is the best song on this album, and one of the best songs you will hear this year.  Honestly, it might not jump out at you immediately, but sometimes the simplest songs allow you to get carried away in your own mind, and in this case, you can go far.  Come on, “lets fall in love,” with Colourmusic.

The last two songs, “Try” and “Moolah” are a fitting end to the album.  They offer a glimpse of everywhere this band has gone on the album, and hint at possible planets they can visit in the near future.  As the album draws to a close, you realize that each song fits in to the album as whole.  It’s as if Colourmusic took their time to craft a great album–imagine that.  Everyone can find something in this album, and odds are, if you listen carefully you’ll find some special moments that you can hold close to your heart.  Let’s thank these guys for that.

Oh, and don’t forget to check them out at this years Fun Fun Fun Fest.

And as an ATH exclusive, we have a new track for you to sample:


Download: Colourmusic – Put in a Little Gas [MP3]

Matt & Kim!

We’ve been waiting for the right time to post this new Matt & Kim track, and a Monday morning feels like the right time.  “Good ol Fashion Nightmare” will appear on the duos newest album Grand. We hope this happy tune gets you through your case of the Mondays.


Download: Matt & Kim – Good Ol Fashion Nightmare [MP3]

F*cked Up, Twice Born

Everybody has an itch for a little hardcore, and no one is doing it better than F*cked Up.  From their various SXSW shows to their upcoming Matador release, F*cked Up is a band that is sure to garner interest all over the place.  We’re just another group trying to give them our support.  Take a bite out of this!


Download: Fucked Up – Twice Born [MP3]

Cory Branan @ Cactus Cafe

One of our favorite new singer songwriter types Cory Branan, will be playing a set at Cactus Cafe tonight (9/4) along with fellow musician Greg Barkley of Oh No Oh My.  The starts up at 8:30 with tickets running you only $7.  Preview the show with “Tall Green Grass” by the man himself, Cory Brenan.


Download: Cory Branan – Tall Green Grass [MP3]


This just in from Secretly Canadian: Expect a whole slew of new things from Daniel Smith and his family band Danielson from here until the holidays.  To start the Danielson party off, we have “Animal in Every Corner” featuring a remix by Kramer.  The track will be found on a retrospective album highlighting the first decade of Mr. Smith’s work entitled Trying Hartz due out this fall.


Download: Danielson – Animal in Every Corner [MP3]

Times New Viking Bring New Tunes

Times New Viking are giving you even more music before the end of the year in the form of a new EP entitled Stay Awake due out Oct. 21st.  Happy happy joy joy to all you limited edition vinyl hunters, the thing will only be available as a 7″ vinyl EP on Matador records.  If you don’t own a record player, get one!, or check new song “Call and Respond” from the EP down below.  If you’ve never heard of Times New Viking before, give the sound time, it’ll get inside your head.


Download: Times New Viking – Call and Respond [MP3]

New Single from Land of Talk

Saddle Creek Records has offered up a new single from Montreal band Land of Talk, off their upcoming album Some Are Lakes due out October 7th. They will be touring in support of the new album this fall, but unfortunately won’t be making a stop in the Lone Star State. Enjoy the music this fine Friday afternoon.


Download: Land of Talk – Some Are Lakes [MP3]

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