New Jam from Thee Oh Sees

One of the groups we’ve really been into over the last few years, which was reinforced by their solid SXSW sets this year is about to release a new record.  Thee Oh Sees are putting out their new album, Castlemania (not to be confused with Castlevania), on In the Red Records on June 14th. Surprisingly, this first listen has a lot less anxious chainsaw guitar, and more of a folky little swagger to it, though I’ll admit that the change of pace and styles is never something these guys seem to steer away from.  All in all, seems like an excellent way to get people excited, as this a pretty solid little number.


Download: Thee Oh Sees – I Need Seed [MP3]

New Music From Soft

I was recently sent some new music by NYC based band Soft that I’ve been giving some heavy spins at work today.  The guys have that all too familiar twee pop/shoegaze style that’s becoming ever popular in the music world with bands like POBAH and Yuck leading the way.  Now I won’t simply say that Soft sounds like those bands, but they do have an eerily similar sound while still bringing something new to the genre.  This track “Cieling” is set to appear on upcoming album Dogs which is said to be available sometime very soon on itunes.  Dig.


Download: Soft – The Ceiling [MP3]

New Track from The Yellow Dogs

What’s that? You’re not into Iranian post-punk?  Well, that might change once you get a good listen to The Yellow Dogs, one of the leading band’s in Iran’s hidden music scene.  The group is about to release their In the Kennel EP on May 17th of this year, and it’s been a long time coming.  While they may not have the government’s support, the band has had to rely upon word of mouth to spread their tunes.  This new track from the four-song EP definitely has a nice little vibe, offering steady drumming and an off-kilter vocal performance, all the while hammering out angular cuts of the guitar.  It’s a stomping affair worthy of our support.  I also dig the way the song sprawls to a close.


Download: The Yellow Dogs – Gastronomical Meal [MP3]

New Music From The Night Beats

Seattle based band The Night Beats mine as well change their address and move down to Austin, because their sound truly evokes images of some of our favorite psych rockers in town.  Ironically enough, the band will be making their way into town next weekend for the annual Psych Fest at the Seaholm Power Plant.  This new song “Ain’t Dumbo” will appear on the upcoming debut self-titled LP from The Night Beats due out June 28th on Trouble in Mind Records.


Download: The Nigh Beats – Ain’t Dumbo [MP3]

New Tunes from Seapony

This new single from Seapony is by far the best I’ve heard them sound.  Hazy pop vocals are coated over every bouncy bit of this track, and so we’re really happy that our friends over at Hardly Art have picked up the band.  They’ll be putting out Go With Me on May 31st, and after listening to this upbeat gem of a tune, I can’t help but get those tinglinging feelings of joy.  Right now, I feel like I’m taking the emotional aesthetic of Beach House and blending it with some straight twee power-pop.  That’s right, that sounds delicious.


Download: Seapony – Blue Star [MP3]

New Music From Beat Radio

Hailing from the NYC area, Beat Radio are a band lead by the songwriting skills and hard work of frontman Brian Sendrowitz.  Over the last two years, Sendrowitz has compiled 3 full length LPs with many lineup changes making it difficult to maintain a steady flow.  To be perfectly honest, I knew little to nothing about this band until they sent me an email with the title track to their recently released Golden Age LP.  After the first listen, I was immediately drawn to the creative backing drum beat supporting the song.  Now that the track has gotten a few more spins in the ‘ol itunes, I’m impressed with the pop melodies of the song as a whole.  The new album from Beat Radio is available for purchase on their bandcamp as a limited edition vinly or digitally.


Download: Beat Radio – golden age [MP3]

New(ish) Track from Conversion Party

So we might be a few weeks late to this, um, party, but make no mistake, we’re fully getting behind Conversion Party over here at the ATH offices. The band is putting out their Favors EP, and will have a nice little show to celebrate in New York on May 7th, but the rest of us can still enjoy the band’s tunes.  This track has the feel of a Scottish act, namely that of Frightened Rabbit, but that jagged guitar that cuts through the entirety of the track gets me each time.  If you look hard you can find the rest of the tracks floating about, but we suggest you go ahead and get your hands on Favors, as it’s just a stepping stone to something really exciting.


Download: Conversion Party – Teeth [MP3]

More New Music from Snowmine

A few weeks back I brought you a stunningly beautiful track from Snowmine, and as we draw closer to the release of their record, Laminate Pet Animal, on May 3rd, more tracks are slowly leaking out.  This newer track takes it’s time to build you up, as you anticipate some sort of soudn explosion.  While the band does give in, it’s not quite as strong as you would expect, showing great restraint to maintain the band’s song structure and sound, rather than indulge in the quiet/loud formula of modern lore.  It’s hard not to fall for this band at the moment, crafting gently moving melodic pieces of wonderment.


Download: Snowmine – Beast in Air, Beast in Water [MP3]

New Music From The National

I’m sure many of you ATH faithful readers realize that when a new song by The National pops up around the web, we’ll be posting it when we get the chance whether you’ve heard it elsewhere already or not.  For me and most of this crew, last year really was an impressive year for the band.  They put out the steller LP High Violet, toured like crazy, and quietly released some awesome B-sides and new tunes like the one below.  This track called “Exile Vilify” is oddly enough set to appear on the soundtrack for upcoming videogame Portal 2.  These guys continue to amaze me all the time.


Download: The National – Exile Vilify [MP3]

New Track from Pink Frost

Listening to Chicago band Pink Frost, you can see that there’s a lot more of a darker undertone to their music than perhaps the band’s name might dictate.  Despite that, they’ve crafted this beautiful little self-titled EP, which has these sprawling tendencies with the guitars, yet holds close to those melodies.  Vocals sound soft and quiet, providing you with clarity to really allow yourself to focus on lyrics, along with the mood created by the band. Don’t be scared of the dark leaning photo above, as pop sensibility certainly dwells within this band’s catalog.


Download: Pink Frost – The Sun [MP3]

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