Free Tunes from White Denim

It seems like our local boys White Denim are up to more than we thought. While working on their untitled third LP, the guys decide to do sort of an off shoot and record a bunch of stuff, songs they say aren’t in the same vein of the stuff they’ve been working on.  Good news for you is that they’re offering up the entire recording session absolutely FREE.  Well, not entirely, as the band is asking for donations, and you should definitely spend a little money, as they’re worthy of support, ours and yours.  You can only get the new work HERE. Oh, and the work is called Last Day of Summer. Here is a sample.


Download: White Denim – Through Your Windows [MP3]

New Music from Blank Dogs

I knew this was coming.  I had heard quiet whispers in the underground world if music nerds, and now P4K has helped us out, giving a little press to the newest of releases from Blank Dogs.  His last record was one of my favorites, and it blended the line between post-punk and electronic–usuaully with a twinge of gloom.  His next album, Land and Fixed, comes out on October 12th via Captured Tracks, which he runs.  If you go off this very first single, it definitely seems a little bit brighter, though his voice always has that appeal with the darkside.  Whatever, I’m digging it.


Download: Blank Dogs – Northern Islands [MP3]

New Music from The Octopus Project

One of our favorite local acts, The Octopus Project are gearing up to release a new collection of songs, titled Hexadecagon.  The project began, as the band is like to do, with a bit of an artistic inspiration, writing the songs to video clips, and recording in the manner of the Flaming Lips on Zaireeka.  This collection hits the streets on October 26th, and just you wait for the band to rock it out, just like they do near the end of this track.


Downlaod: The Octopus Project – Fuguefat [MP3]

New Music from The Lucksmiths

It’s always a sad day when a great band calls it quits, but we knew this was coming for some time now.  The Lucksmiths have opted to call an end to their blissful tunes, but they’re not going to leave us empty handed before they run off.  The band is going to offer up one final 7″ by way of our good friends over at Matinee.  It’s the final two tracks from one of Australia’s great exports, so be sure to order this and savor the memories.


Download: The Lucksmiths – Get to Bed Birds

New Music From We Are Trees

So just as I say I’m getting sick of the lo-fi scene, I’m gonna go ahead and give you yet another lo-fi band for you to get into.  This one called We Are Trees features songwriting from Virginia Beach native James Nee and sounds eerily similar to Grizzly Bear.  A debut EP from Mr. Nee and his backing band entitled Boyfriend is available for digital purchase now ($4) with a vinyl release coming in November.  Check out “Dear Chan Marshall” below or head to the We Are Trees bandcamp site for a free stream of the entire EP.


Download: We Are Trees – Dear Chan Marshall [MP3]

New Music from The Shilohs

Occasionally you come across something super familiar, yet entirely new.  Something that just takes you back to the innocence of musical discovery.  In this case, I’m talking about The Shilohs, who have just released their latest EP, which is self-titled.  This track I’m tossing your way feels oddly like the pop music of my childhood, not overbearingly powerful, yet crafted in such a way as to encourage repeat listens.  Perhaps you’ll fill the same after you take a quick listen to this track.


Download: The Shilohs – History of Love [MP3]

New Music From Ruby Coast

Amidst the craziness that is summer, we somehow missed out some new tunes from our old Canadian friends Ruby Coast.  Apparently the guys have two new songs available for download, one of which “Creep Me Out” can be found for your enjoyment below.  The other song “Whatever It Is” has a sweet video companion that can be streamed/seen on the band’s website.  Both songs will appear on an upcoming LP from Ruby Coast due out next year.


Download: Ruby Coast – Creep Me Out [MP3]

New Music from Motorfik

For several years I’ve been enjoying the last Working for a Nuclear Free City album, and now that they have their new album heading our way, I’ve been devouring everything the group’s been onto.  Luckily, I stumbled across this new track from Motorifik, which is the side-project of WfNFC songwriter Phil Kay and Idrisse Khelifi.  The duo’s new work Secret Things will hit stores on November 9th.  This track shows their dense wash of melodic noise, juxtaposed with deep, cool vocals.  It all has a bit of a shimmer to it, as the melody gradually begins to escape the atmospherics.


Download: Motorifik – Secret Things [MP3]

New Music from Allo Darlin

I’m a sucker for anything with a ukulele, even Iz.  So, I can’t help but to run this sweet new single from Allo Darlin, a band from Australia, via the UK.  They’ve got a new album coming out titled. well, Allo Darlin, and it hits stores on October 5th.  If we’re going to base the record on this track, its going to be nothing short of strong songwriting, light harmonies and bit of a groove.  You’ll never have a bad time listening to ukulele based pop music, promise.


Download: Allo Darlin – My Heart is a Drummer [MP3]

New Music From The Georgian Company

A local band we’ve always been into since their inception The Georgian Company have a new MP3 they are giving out for free to all their loyal fans.  The track “If You Love a Ghost” will appear on the band’s upcoming EP Side B which serves as a follow up to the ironically named Side A from last year.  You can also check out more of the bands music on their bandcamp site, including a full stream of their EP from last year.  Keep it local.


Download: The Georgian Company – If You Love a Ghost [MP3]

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