More New Music from The Middle East

One of the bands that I heard a lot of people talking about, myself included, but then faded away was The Middle East.  Recently, I brought you news of a newer track, “Jesus Came to My Birthday Party,” and now there is another new one floating around out there that I’ve really been enjoying. This one’s sort of a uber-downtrodden affair, but the vocals really claw at your inner emotions, grabbing every little ounce out of you.  Both of these tracks will be featured on the band’s newest record, I Want That You Are Happy, which should be available via iTunes sometime soon, though it’s already out in Australia.  It’s full up of beautiful stuff, as I’m sure you’ll see.


Download: The Middle East – Black Death 1349 [MP3]

New Music from Chad VanGaalen

Man, I absolutely love listening to Chad Vangaalen’s voice, especially on this new recording.  He just put up a sweet little Your Tan Looks Supernatural EP on his bandcamp page to help out with relief efforts in Japan, and now we have another track from his upcoming record, Diaper Island.  Not so sure about the album title, but if the tracks sound as sweet as this one, no one will mind.  You can get your hands on this upcoming masterpiece on May 19th, via our good friends over at Sub Pop.  This lead single, “Sara,” has that gentle quality in voice that always goes with one of Chad’s recordings, and musically, well, he can’t do much wrong. Take a peak.


Download: Chad VanGaalen – Sara [MP3]

New Song from Amor de Dias

For those of you that were super worried that Alasdair Maclean of The Clientele was on his way out from writing music, well, think again.  Alasdair has teamed up with Lupe Nunez-Fernandez of Pipas to form a new group titled Amor de Dias, or Love of Days, if you will.  The group will be releasing their debut, Street of the Love of Days on May 17th via Merge Records.  Listening to this first track, you’ll notice a slightly more upbeat affair, though I will admittedly say that I hope to hear Alasdair’s voice on the final product, though Lupe sounds quite enticing here as well. Just another thing to be grateful for in 2011.


Download: Amor de Dias – Bunhill Fields [MP3]

New Music from Radical Dads

Who could imagine that these two unassuming lads would make such potently driven music? Well, luckily, we’ll all get to experience that a bit more, as Radical Dads plan to release their debut Mega Rama on Uninhabitable Mansions on June 14th.  Recently, they tossed out their Reckless 7″, which features the track below, and you can grab those all for free over at the group’s page.  Listening to those guys sort of reminds me of the vocal moments of No Age, you know, if you got rid of all that extra bit of atmospheric noise that permeates the latter band.  Looks promising if you ask me.


Download: Radical Dads – Recklessness [MP3]

New Single from The Beets

If you haven’t listened to The Beets latest release, Stay Home, then you’ve probably been missing out my friends.  But, have no fear, as they’re giving away another track from the album called “Dead.”  It was already one of my favorite tracks, but it just has this oddball quality to it that gets me, sort of reminding me of the Feelies.  Don’t listen to me, listen to the Beets! You can grab their latest from Captured Tracks right this very minute, and if you live in Austin, you’ll be able to catch them in June at Chaos in Tejas!


Download: The Beets – Dead [MP3]

New Song from Times New Viking

Now that we’ve got a solid release date, and a new label lined up for Times New Viking, it seems they’re slowly leaking everything from the new record out to the public, which we don’t mind by any means.  The new album, Dancer Equired, will come out on Merge Records on April 26th, and we’ve now got the third single from the track.  One of the great things about the new recording is that there’s a bit of clarity here, which shows both a newer approach for the band and a bit of maturity.  After seeing some of these songs live, and hearing a fresh spin on the band’s style, I’m excited for this release, and we hope you are too!


Download: Times New Viking – Ever Falling In Love [MP3]

New Music From Jangula

New York based band Jangula recently sent us some new music that they’ve been working on as of late.  The track is called “We Both Like Me” and is a sort of electro-pop song that’s really getting my head nodding in these early morning hours.  The band has already toured and opened for some pretty big names in the NYC area and are working hard to make a name for themselves in the scene.  Well listen up boys, ATH has taken notice and will stay tuned in the future.


Download: Jangula – We Both Like Me [MP3]

New Music from Dirty Gold

It seems like everyone is working on giving us their best summer jams at this time, as those hot months are hiding just around the corner.  Dirty Gold is no different, using a bit of island percussion and a hazyily warm vocal to kick off the release of their new EP, Roar, which will be coming out next week on Autumn Tone Records.  Just imagine yourself taking a seat on your beach chair, even if its in the backyard, and settling down for a sunset, or sunrise as the song suggests, with a cold beverage in your hand.  You’ll definitely be listening to this track for the next few months. And while you’re at it, go grab another free track from the band HERE.


Download: Dirty Gold – California Sunrise [MP3]

New Song from James Irwin

I’m not going to act all tough here and pretend like a soaring voice with really gentle accompaniment doesn’t get me every single time.  When I heard this new James Irwin track, formerly of My People Sleeping out of Montreal, I got really excited, sort of like the first time I heard the latest from F. Dangerfield. This song comes from Irwin’s new record, titled Blue Dust, which should be out this June, so get yourself ready. Personally, this is just the kind of track I like to hear mid-week, carrying me past all the nonsense that pops up during the week, hitting me with good golden pop.  Then again, that’s just one man’s opinion, so you give it a try.


Download: James Irwin – Blue Dust [MP3]

New Music from Teen Girl Scientist Monthly

My girl Christen got me hooked on this great band Teen Girl Scientist Monthly from New York today.  First I got hooked on the track “Can’t Sleep,” from their recently self-released Pioneer Ghost EP, but now I’m just playing “Safari” over and over again.  Just imagine a less-spastic Los Campesinos with a bit more female vocals and you’ll definitely get the picture.  Oh, and a “whoh-oh-oh” chorus never hurts an old pop-punk kid.  Listening here, it’s young and vibrant, and there’s nothing wrong with that as we get ready for the Spring weather.  Go head over to the band’s Bandcamp page, and grab the EP for yourself; you’ll be glad you did!


Download: Teen Girl Scientist Monthly – Safari [MP3]

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