New Track from Bare Wires

Just a few weeks back we got to witness the powerful pop of Bare Wires, and they just barely missed out on making our Top Ten Artists of the event.  I can remember listening to their newest single, kicking out below, and thinking what a gem of a song it was.  I imagined myself in some dirty old club shouting the chorus along with the band, amped up by their performance and those gritty guitar chords.  Well, if hearing it live wasn’t enough, the recorded version is precisely what I remembered, making me fall head over heels into a pile of Lone Star tallboys, waiting for this group to come back to town. You can do yourself a favor and grab the band’s Ready To Go single, featuring the lead track we’ve got for you today.


Download: Bare Wires – Ready to Go [MP3]

New Music from Something Fierce

It’s odd, but Houston is the oft-overlooked town in Texas, in regards to music, but over the last few years, the local scene has been putting out some great tunes.  One of the one’s I’ve recently been turned onto is Something Fierce.  They’re a bit of punk rock, a bit of pop rock, and switching of male/female vocals.  It makes for a really solid blend of sugary-punk, but not the kind you’d find in Hot Topic, the classier kind.  The band is set to release their album Don’t Be So Cruel in April via Dirtnap Records, which has already released some great albums by The Mind Spiders and High Tension Wires this year.  Also, check in on the band, as they’ll be heading out on tour this summer.


Download: Something Fierce – Empty Screens [MP3]

New Song from Savoir Adore

What? You don’t have enough pop goodness in your every day listening habits?  Well, we’ve got the band for you, and a wonderful new track to boot.  Savoir Adore are one of New York’s brightest new stars, blending all sorts of elements into a whirlwind of pop. It’s the kind of thing that starts you off with a bit of a head nod, then a toe tap, and suddenly your swept away in the magic.  This seems like the perfect way to start off our week, so we hope you enjoy this promising new act as much as we do.  And, if you go to their site, you can grab another wonderful track, “Loveliest Creature” for free, so do yourself a favor by visiting them right now.


Download: Savoir Adore – Sparrow [MP3]

More New Music From We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves

Earlier this year I posted a new song from a recent band discovery going by the name We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves.  I was intrigued back then, and now with this new pop jam “Stop Moving”, I’m ready to call myself a fan of the band.  The awesome and unique voice of the lead singer is still a big draw to me which is complimented nicely by the jangly sound of the guitars.  Apparently a new LP from the band is currently in the works with more details coming soon.


Download: We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves – Stop Moving [MP3]

New Track from Snowmine

Damn you Brooklyn! Why must you have such stupendous bands?  Can’t the rest of us share a little bit of that love?  Well, actually we can because we get to hear the incredible meandering pop of Snowmine, who are set to release their debut LP, Laminate Pet Animal on May 3rd.  Listening to the first single, “Nervous” reminds me of what you would get if you crossbred Suckers with Grizzly Bear.  I don’t know, maybe that’s lazy, but those vibrant melodies mixed with that odd percussion and delivery definitely left me with that feeling. See what you think about this track; I mean I know it’s good, but is my comparison right on?


Download: Snowmine – Nervous [MP3]

New Song from Sarandon

It’s unfortunate that a lot of bands go largely unnoticed, especially when you can see that they would fit in with so much going on, both past and present. Such is the case with Sarandon, who’ve just released their new album, Sarandon’s Age of Reason, in the States via Slumberland Records. Now, this isn’t going to be your normal SR release, mostly because the band have a much more proto-pop-punk feel to them, with the sort of delivery of bands like early Wire. Sarandon’s Age of Reason is full of songs just like this one, and while I think this band would have been an enormous success in say 2002-2003, I still definitely dig the sound they’re kicking out. Trust me, you should love this stuff.


Download: Sarandon – Piglet [MP3]

New Music from Rosebuds

With all the great releases coming out this year, it’s no wonder that we haven’t heard about every little thing on the radar.  One of the things I’m most excited for is this new one from the Rosebuds titled Loud Planes Fly Low, which comes out on Merge Records on June 7th.  There’s definitely some interesting sounds coming here, as the track we’re posting has this really mellow clarity to it, while this TRAILER VIDEO featuring another track definitely has that whispy pop quality of past Rosebuds tunes. I guess we’ll have to wait and see which route the band takes, but either way, I bet it’s good.


Download: The Rosebuds – Second Bird of Paradise [MP3]

New 7″ from Circle Pit

You know what you should have done yesterday?  You should have gone to your nearest record store and picked up this brand new 7″ from Australia’s Circle Pit, a band that’s been on our radar for some time.  The 7″ Slave/Honey was just released by our friends at Hardly Art, and it’s definitely one of my favorite short listens so far this year.  Luckily, you can sample the entire 7″ by going HERE. If you find yourself enjoying this droned pop music then go get yourself a copy; it will be worth your time.

New Track from Vetiver

Seeing as we’re huge fans of Sub Pop, we’ve known this one was coming for sometime, but we hadn’t gotten a chance to hear anything new. Then today out comes “Can’t You Tell,” the first single from the new Vetiver record, The Errant Charm, coming to you on June 14th.  This song has less of a traditional feel for the band, adding a little bit of bounce in their step, at least in comparison to their folk stylings on past efforts.  Similar to bands like the Fruit Bats or Foreign Born, they’ve added a bit of a pop element, perhaps seeking out a happier vibe for us all. Give this one a listen.


Download: Vetiver – Can’t You Tell [MP3]

More New Music From Young Girls

Earlier this month I posted a new song by up and coming Houston outfit Young Girls called “Six Pack Back Stab”.  Apparently that song wasn’t quite as new as I thought and the band has since sent me a more recent jam entitled “Mexico in December”.  It’s a very well written pop song that’s sure to grab them some attention this spring.  A full length album featuring this song and a few others is said to hopefully be available some time later this month.  Stay tuned.


Download: Young Girls – Mexico in December [MP3]

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