More New Music From J Mascis

The incredible frontman of Dinosaur Jr. known as J. Mascis has another new tune from his upcoming solo album for us to check out.  This new jam is called “Is it Done” and appears on the new singer songwriter style album Several Shades of Why from the legend of the indie world.  You can get your hands on the new album March 15th via Sub Pop Records.  This jam is in addition to the song “Not Enough” we dropped on you a couple months ago.


Download: J Mascis – Is It Done [MP3]

New Music From The Strokes

Well we finally have a new Strokes single.  It’s called “Under Cover of Darkness” and appears on the band’s upcoming and highly anticipated new album Angles.  I’m sure you people have seen the news about the tune already, but we figured we just had to share so we don’t look like the losers without the song on our site.  This should give everyone a reason to look forward to that March 21st release date.  I’m already into it.


Download: The Strokes – Under Cover Of Darkness [MP3]

New Music from Idiot Glee

A lot is always said about creativity amongst singer-songwriters, and recent hits like Jens Lekman (or I guess you could say James Blake) use the layering of textures to craft amazing tracks.  James Friley does much the same thing under the name Idiot Glee, except my itnerest in his tunes comes from his influences musically, such as Scott Walker or Brian Wilson…you know, real pop geniuses.  He’ll be making his way to SXSW this year, and you can look for a full-length at some point in the summer.  For now, just enjoy the fact that his layering of textures and melodies seems harmonious, as that’s what it should be about.


Download: Idiot Glee – Do You Wanna Go [MP3]

New Music From Year Of The Tiger

So I’m sort of in a different mood today and decided to mix things up on the site a bit with some tunes that maybe wouldn’t normally find a place here.  Maybe it’ll turn into a new feature called “outside the box” someday… Regardless, my “from left field” song of the day is a jam called “War” by Brooklyn band Year of the Tiger.  I’m sure you’ll initially make the easy comparisons to Jaguar Love or indie darlings Sleigh Bells, but this song has much more of a swagger to it than those bands.  However you want to label them, enjoy the song below and check out a stream of their debut EP over on bandcamp.  I predict these guys will be tearing up the hipster dance hall scene any day now.


Download: Year of the Tiger – War [MP3]

New Music From The Raveonettes

News hit the interweb wire yesterday of a new LP from Danish hit makers The Raveonettes.  The new album is entitled Raven in the Grave and hits stores April 5th on Vice Records.  Prior to that date, the band has made new and completely irresistible single “Forget That You’re Young” available as a free download.  I’ll be adding this to my list of must have albums for the spring.


Download: The Raveonettes – Forget That You’re Young [MP3]

New Track from Generationals

It’s time for Generationals to re-emerge as the pop-rock duo we feel in love with back during thier first record.  This past year the Trust EP made its way out, but now word is that Park the Van will be releasing the group’s newest effort on March 29, titled Actor-Caster.  This new single is just as full of pop hooks as the music we’ve come to expect from the group.  I mean, who doesn’t love a track with some jangling piano and a nice little bit of handclap?  Okay, it’s all about the handclap.  Don’t forget to check out the band for their upcoming shows, including SXSW!


Download: Generationals – Greenleaf [MP3]

New Music From The Frankie Lee’s

The Frankie Lee’s are a relatively new band from Sweden who’ve been getting some spins around the ATH offices as of late.  At times they remind me strongly of Wolf Parade, then they throw me completely on a loop and I start hearing old school local band Zykos.  I can’t say I’ve ever heard of a band combining those two styles before and making it work, but I dig the weirdness of it all.  Below you can check out track “Cats Go Crazy” from the groups recently released EP Majakas which is currently streaming on the Frankie Lee’s myspace page.


Download: The Frankie Lee’s – Cats Go Crazy [MP3]

New Music from Tim Cohen

You probably recognize Tim Cohen as the frontman for one of my favorite groups, The Fresh & Onlys. But, that’s not his only gig, as he’s been honing his craft for some time as a solo artist, releasing several albums.  He’s got another one titled Magic Trick coming out via Captured Tracks on February 22nd, and maybe this will be the one when people really start to take notice of his skills.  This first single has a nice little juxtaposed female voice countering with Tim’s gruff vocals, which definitely provides a smoother tone to the song as a whole, making Tim seem more like a Sonny Smith style songwriter than merely just a beastly frontman.  You won’t hear a bad song on this record; I can guarantee that.


Download: Tim Cohen – Don’t Give Up [MP3]

New Music From The Paperhead

The Paperhead is a Nashville based band comprised of 3 friends who are mere 18 years of age.  These 3 teens apparently got together last summer, recorded a record, and are now ready to share their style with the music world.  A first sample of what these guys are all about can be found below in first single from the band “Back to Those Days”.  It wields a very old school type feel harking back to the days of fuzz pop and pysch rock.  Fans of the style can pick up a copy of the group’s debut self-titled LP on March 22nd via Trouble in Mind Records.


Download: The Paperhead – Back To Those Days [MP3]

New Track from Cold Cave

Since Cold Cave have been around, I’ve regarded them casually, liking what I’ve sampled, but never over-indulging.  That’s going to change though, now that Matador has released the first single from their latest album, Cherish the Light Years, which comes out on April 5th.  Still present are the dense electronic elements, but the vocals sound so much more forceful than they’ve ever been, giving a certain since of urgency to the group’s sound.  It’s a noisy number, but in the end, that’s what builds the anticipation for this record, as the band are willing getting a little bit grittier with their sound, going further into the darker side of their sound.  Besides, who doesn’t love a good Pan reference?


Download: Cold Cave – The Great Pan Is Dead [MP3]

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