New Tunes From Working For A Nuclear Free City

English band Working For a Nuclear Free City have details of a new sophomore album with new digital single hitting the internet news wire.  New album, The Jojo Burger Tempest, will see the light of day on October 12th via Melodic Records.  Similar to their debut LP, the upcoming joint will be a debut album effort which the band is calling “epic”.  Below you’ll find a tune called “Silent Times” from the new album.


Download: Working for a Nuclear Free City – Silent Times [MP3]

New Music From The Coast

Canadians The Coast are about to release their new sophomore album Queen Cities on September 14th via Aporia Records.  The single below, “Heartbreak City”, reminds me a lot of a poppier version of some early Wolf Parade material and I see nothing wrong with that.  Stay tuned for more info about this up and coming band.


Download: The Coast – Heartbreak City [MP3]

New Music From The Black

Somehow in our crazy world of music we missed this new track from Austin’s own The Black that just popped up on LHB feed.  The track “Love Don’t Need a Reason” is set to appear on the band’s new album Sun in the Day Moon at Night hitting stores October 12th.  The song is more proof that this band is one of Austin’s best and worthy of their A2W status on ATH.


Download: The Black – Love Don’t Need a Reason [MP3]

New Sufjan Stevens EP Online Now

The interwebs is going crazy today with news of a brand friggin’ new EP from songwriting great Sufjan Stevens.  The EP, All Delighted People, features 8 new tracks and can be streamed for free on the Sufjan Stevens bandcamp site.  Stevens is using the new material to promote his upcoming fall tour which sees a stop at The Long Center in Austin on October 19th.  Tickets are currently on sale for that date and are running at $35.  Take a listen to the EP and feel free to share your thoughts.

New Music from Blood Red Shoes

If you listen to the news from Britain, Blood Red Shoes are sure to be the next big thing, both there and in the US.  While I’m not quite sure what to make of promises from the British press, I do know that the latest single from the bands Fire Like This record, due over here on October 5th, has a nice little ring to it.  For me, the chorus is probably the weakest aspect of the song, as it reminds me too much of the Vines (remember those kids), but the verses are pretty solid.  I like a good straight-ahead rock approach from time to time, and they don’t get too much better than this.


Download: Blood Red Shoes – Light It Up [MP3]

FTC: Desaparecidos

In all honestly, I had probably written Desaparecidos off entirely, putting them away for the better part of the rest of my life.  It’s not that I dislike the album, in fact, quite the opposite.  I probably played their own album Read Music/Speak Spanish at least once a day for the better part of two years.  Recently the band made headlines reuniting to protest Arizona immigration, as well as similar policies in their home state of Nebraska.  I busted the record out again, and it fits perfectly with my new attitude of more rock, less electronics.  No one shredded it with such political angst, which still remains relevant today, if you listen closely to the lyrics.  Oh, and they had some dude in their band named Conor Oberst, who doesn’t sound all country, like that guy with the Mystic Valley Band.  This is probably one of the greatest pieces of music to ever come out of Omaha, and that says a lot considering the rich heritage of the town.  Who knows, the way Rick Perry runs this state, maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll reunite to overthrow that Texan dictator.


Download: Desaparecidos – The Happiest Place On Earth [MP3]

New Music From Margot & The Nuclear So & So’s

Indianapolis based group Margot & The Nuclear So & So’s are returning in 2010 with their 3rd album of new material entitled Buzzard.  Prior to the release date of September 21st, you can check out a preview of that new album with “New York City Hotel Blues” found below.  Hope you dig it as much as I do.


Download: Margot & The Nuclear So & So’s – New York City Hotel Blues [MP3]

New Music From Tim Kasher

I think we’ve made it pretty clear here at ATH that we have long been behind any and all music created by the indie great Tim Kasher.  With his huge catalog of material in Cursive and The Good Life, what’s not to like about the guy?  So after all this time Kasher has decided to put out his very first album of new material under his own name.  Below you can find a sneak peak at the new solo album, The Game of Monogomy, in the form of track “Cold Love”.  We’ll be the first in line when Kasher’s solo album hits stores on October 5th on Saddle Creek. (via)


Download: Tim Kasher – Cold Love [MP3]

Wooden Birds @ The Parish (8/20)

Date 8/20/10
Location The Parish
Doors 9pm
Tickets $13 @ Parish website

The Wooden Birds are making a name for themselves in and out of Austin so you better hurry to The Parish on Thursday night while you can still see them at such a small venue.  Joining the Austinites on the stage are fellow locals The Mercers and Canadian musician Dan Mangan.  Mr. Mangan is touring in support of the U.S. release of his debut LP Nice, Nice, Very Nice which came out last year in Canada.  Latest single from Dan and his band “Road Regrets” can be found below.


Download: Dan Mangan – Road Regrets [MP3]

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