Do512/BTTV Happy Hour @ Beerland (7/30)

do512-template5_posterDo512 & Better than the Van have teamed up for a nice little event featuring some free booze & food plus a couple solid local bands at Beerland on Thursday night.  The Happy Hour show features free Lonestar to the first 75 people at the venue and food from local organic taco sellers Taco Taxi.  Two of our favorite local bands Quiet Company and Built by Snow will providing music for your happy hour.  Things kick off at 7 and go till 9.  RSVP over on Do512 to gain free admittance into the event.


Download: Built By Snow – All the Weird Kids Know [MP3]

New Tunes from Music Go Music

musicWe got word yesterday that a final street date had been announced for Music Go Music‘s new album Expressions.  Said album comes out via Secretly Canadian on October 6th, and it features the wonderful song “Light of Love.” It absolutely reminds me of some sort of candy-pop from back in the day; the sort that recalls various montages in movies throughout history, particularly the birthday party scene in Problem Child.


Download: Music Go Music – Light of Love [MP3]

New Tunes from Mountain Goats

mountainI’m not sure how many songs John D. has under The Mountain Goats moniker, but I’m always thirsty for more.  His witty lyrics and gentle guitar strumming never cease to please.  He’s got a new album coming out titled The Life of the World to Come on 4AD on October 6th.  Apparently all the songs have biblical references, but he swears it’s not some newfound devotion.  Here’s the new track.


Download: Mountain Goats – Genesis 3:23 [MP3]

Winston Audio @ Parish (7/29)

updateweb072909Our friends Sonic Itch, Ultra8201, and Navdo are teaming up to put on a rock show Wednesday night at The Parish.  The lineup includes rockers Winston Audio, locals White White Lights, and opener Eleni Mandell.  Tickets for this event are only $7 and can be bought the night of the show.  Doors open up at 8:30.


Download: Winston Audio – Smoke Signal [MP3]

New Tunes from Princeton

princetonPrinceton is a group out of California, which explains a lot about the warm-bred pop they are offering on their latest track “Calypso Gold.”  This song is going to be included on the group’s debut, Cocoon of Love; the album is going to be released by Kanine Records.  If this song is any indicator, then there’s lots to look forward to with the release on September 29th.


Download: Princeton – Calypso Gold [MP3]

The band will also be playing at Emo’s on September 24th with some band named Ra Ra Riot. Never heard of em.

New Tunes from Division Day

divisiondayYet another group hailing from Los Angeles, Division Day, have matured since the release of their first album Beartrap Island. This song, “Chalk Lines,” is a dense little number, surely indicative of what is to come on their newest album, Visitation, which comes out August 18th on Dangerbird Records.


Download: Division Day – Chalk Lines [MP3]

Snoop Dogg @ Stubbs (7/28)

snoop-doggSnoop Doggy Dooooooooooog… The Dog.  That’s right, Snoop D-O-double G is playing a show at Stubbs on Tuesday night.  I hope you’re ready to shell out some cash though because this thing will cost ya $45 a popStephen Marley is providing opening support.  Show starts at 8pm, but I think we all know it won’t really start on time.


Download: Snoop Dogg – Gin and Juice [MP3]

The Thermals On Daytrotter

thermalsWe love The Thermals and we love Daytrotter, so when the two get together, we’ve just got to tell you about it.  By now you know the drill.  Band records daytrotter session, posts MP3s, and you go check it out.  This one is extra sweet because the band plays the previously unreleased track “I Can’t Let Go”.


Download: The Thermals – I Can’t Let Go [MP3]

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