New Music From Best Coast

Bethany Consentino and her project Best Coast have a new 7″ vinyl out today.  The songs are short and sweet beach style hazzy pop that we’ve taken a liking to over the last few days.  This track below “Far Away” is the A-side with B-side Everyone’s Gone” available for listening on the Eskuché headphones website.  The limited pressing vinyl (5oo to be exact…) is only available with purchase of a pair of Eskuché headphones at participating stores.  Where can I get some of those in Austin?


Download: Best Coast – Far Away [MP3]

New Tunes from The Forest & The Trees

As usual, I’ve stumbled across an incredible tune from another Sweden band.  The group is named The Forest & the Trees, and they use catchy guy/girl dual vocals to coincide with their brand of melodious pop music.  This tune features some incredible drum work, which is what propels the song along, but deep beneath lives audible joy.  If you like what you hear, you can go to the band’s WEBSITE to hear the entirety of their self-titled record before it comes out in the states!


Download: The Forest & the Trees – To the Forest (I Need Some Peace) [MP3]

New Tunes from Quiet Company

If you’ve been involved with the Austin music scene for a bit, we’re sure you’ve heard of Quiet Company, at least we hope you have.  The band is about to release their new EP, Songs for Staying In, and based on the lead track, it’s going to be one of those collections of songs that’s sure to get stuck in your head this Spring.  It’s straight pop music, but the sort that comes with lush orchestration and warm melodies.  You can catch the band this week for their CD release at Encore, though the hard release isn’t scheduled until May 11th.  Get on board now; these guys are going places.


Download: Quiet Company – How Do You Do It [MP3]

New Tunes from Coliseum

We realize of course that we don’t always post the most rocking of tunes, at least not of this order, but we all come from a pretty solid punk background (at least I do). Kentucky band, Coliseum, have a new new album, House With a Curse,  which comes out June 22nd.  Since it’s produced by J. Robbins of Jawbox, it’s probably going to rule.  It’s a blistering tune, but it’s one I’ve been jamming to all day long. Happy Friday Folks!


Download: Coliseum – Blind in One Eye [MP3]

New Music From Phosphorescent

If you can’t tell from my artist to watch feature and last FTC, I’m having a bit of an alt-country faze in my current listening trends.  I guess that makes it a perfect time for some new music from Matthew Houck and his indie folk project Phosphorescent.  The group is prepping to drop their brand new fifth full length LP Here’s To taking It Easy on May 11th via Dead Oceans.  Prior to that release date, we’ve got this new single “The Mermaid Parade” for your listening pleasure below.  I’ve already spun my press copy of this new joint a few times, and can tell you alt-country fans that you’ll want to pick up a copy.


Download: Phosphorescent – The Mermaid Parade [MP3]

New Tunes from Woods

Hopefully you’ve already gotten your hands on this tune already, but it’s too good not to share it with those who haven’t.  Woods will be releasing their newest album At Echo Lake next week (May 4th) on Woodsist, and the blissful creativity in this song is just one of the many reasons that you’ll fall in the love with this record.  This is the perfect tune for the perfect Austin weather we’ve been having.


Download: Woods – Suffering Season [MP3]

Surfer Blood On HearYa

I know I know, we just can’t seem to shut up about Surfer Blood can we?  That should just tell you to pick up their debut album Astrocoast before we kick you in the face!  So the now overly hyped band just recorded and posted a sweet new live session on the HearYa website.  This session is super sweet because you can download MP3s of all songs separately or in one big zip file.  Live videos of “Take it Easy” & “Swim” are also included.  Seriously, check this band out now.


Download: Surfer Blood – Take It Easy (live on HearYa) [MP3]

New Music From Marching Band

Swedish indie pop duo Marching Band have some tasty new pop tunes coming your way this summer.  The band’s sophomore effort, Pop Cycle, will be making its way to you on May 18th via U&L Records.  Until then, the guys have this new single “It Will Never Slip” available for free download.  I dig their pop melodies.  Is it summer yet?


Download: Marching Band – It Will Never Slip [MP3]

More New Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club have another new song from their upcoming LP Champ floating around the internet today.  The new track is called “Wait Up (Boots of Danger)” and shows even more pop goodness from the Canadians.  Hoping this will be one of the better pop albums of the year.  You can pick up your copy of Champ on June 8th via Mom + Pop Records.


Download: Tokyo Police Club – Wait Up (Boots of Danger) [MP3]

New Tunes from Magic Bullets

San Francisco’s Magic Bullets once shared connections with members of Girls, but don’t let that fool you! This band is everything you love about groups like Orange Juice and The Smiths.  It’s got new-wave post-punk guitar chops and a bit of yelping vocal to boot. You can find this killer track, along with many others when the band release their second album Magic Bullets on Mon Amie Records on June 15th. Enjoy kids.


Download: Magic Bullets – Lying Around [MP3]

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