New Track from BNLX

Man, you’ve got to thank your lucky stars if you live in New York.  On May 20th and 21st, BNLX, will be playing several shows to celebrate the release of EP #5.  We tossed out a track a bit ago, but the more these guys write together, the stronger their sound gets.  The lead single from the new EP, “Burn the Boats” reminds me of early Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, when that band was blowing out amps and burying us with feedback.  You can hear that feedback squall swirl around BNLX on this track, and the steady delivery of female/male vocals has this hypnotic yet driving influence that’s just perfect for any sort of rampage.  The more they write, the happier we are.  You can grab your copy of the new EP from Susstones.


Download: BNLX – Burn the Boats [MP3]

New Music From Yourself & The Air

Our amigos over at the MOKB just premiered this new tune called “Sick Days” by Chicago based band Yourself & The Air that’s struck a chord with me.  The song will appear on a brand new EP from the band entitled Who’s Who in the Zoo due out May 24th on Lujo Records.  Sometimes these guys come across as sort of a post-emo pop band and then throw you for a loop and give you some contemplative prog rock to really make you think.  Oh and they were animal masks, which lord knows we ATH kids LOVE.


Download: Yourself & The Air – Sick Days [MP3]

New Track from Priory

Yesterday was a long day for me, just dancing about in my chair.  But, today I think I’ve become refocused after discovering Portland band Priory.  At first, I thought I had stumbled upon this great bit of forestry folk, you know, the softer type that takes you to the woods.  Then, a bit of a bounce was introduced in the middle of this track, which, while welcome, completely caught me off guard. It’s nice to find a little blend between true folk and street pop, so it’s easy to say that I got hooked on this track from minute one.  You’ll be able to find this song, as well as ten others the group has been working on for their self-titled, Priory, record.  It will be out on June 21st on Expunged Records, so get into it before you’re too late.


Download: Priory – Kings of Troy [MP3]

New Music From Villas

Austin based band Villas just sent us a new song they are releasing soon as an online single.  The track is called “Spyglass” and features a sort of post-punk type sound that seems to be a lacking a bit in the Austin seen right now.  It’s a song built around a simple power chord chorus that has me singing along with fist pumping in the air.  You can also check out a live set from these guys on Friday at Ghost Room with Phonolux from San Antonio.


Download: Villas – Spyglass [MP3]

New Hit from Neighbors

Just when I swore to the world that I was going to swear off dance-y music, I come across this new number from Neighbors, which is the preview to their upcoming August EP, which the band will release for free on May 24th.  Sure, those beats just hang there momentarily, but the vocal resemblance to Matt of The National is what really sucked me in, as I’m a sucker for baritone/bass voices when recorded.  I suppose there are other things to hate in the world, such as all the kids filming their favorite song during a concert (I’d like to see the band, not your camera), so I’ll hop back on the electronic touch here for a bit, as long as it sounds this good.


Download: Neighbors – Watergun [MP3]

New Music From Matt Pond PA

Yesterday we received word of a new EP entitled Spring Fools by old time ATH favorite band Matt Pond PA.  The short player is due out April 26th on Altitude Records and features this new jam “Love to Get Used”.  I gotta say, this band has really lost some of their initial appeal to me over the last few years, but this track redeems them a bit with a nice little pop tune.  The new track also features guest vocals from Austin’s very own upstart singer-songwriter Ariel Abshire.  Keep it up PA, keep it up.


Download: Matt Pond PA – Love to get Used [MP3]

New Dance Track from New Moods

I’m having a personality crisis! I’m tossing out two new electronic jams today, and you know what, I don’t care. these things are too good to just simply put aside.  New Moods is a fairly new project, and seeing as they don’t have a lot of output yet, this one should definitely grab your attention.  At first, I figured it was sort of just an oddball electronica piece, but then it unloads into a lush melodic hypnosis that will surely grab the attention of those in attendance when the band plays May 4th with Gang Gang Dance in New York.  Don’t resist this; it’s just too good.


Download: New Moods – Playtime [MP3]

New Jam from Thee Oh Sees

One of the groups we’ve really been into over the last few years, which was reinforced by their solid SXSW sets this year is about to release a new record.  Thee Oh Sees are putting out their new album, Castlemania (not to be confused with Castlevania), on In the Red Records on June 14th. Surprisingly, this first listen has a lot less anxious chainsaw guitar, and more of a folky little swagger to it, though I’ll admit that the change of pace and styles is never something these guys seem to steer away from.  All in all, seems like an excellent way to get people excited, as this a pretty solid little number.


Download: Thee Oh Sees – I Need Seed [MP3]

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