New Music from Carnivores

It seems lately that Atlanta has been churning out music left and right, yet I haven’t quite heard the same sonic palette that I hear when listening to Carnivores.  They’ve just released their latest record If I’m Ancient, and it’s got such a jangling light-heartedness that I’m slowly falling in love with the album.  There’s a bit of slow moving classic rock enchantment, yet the trading off between male and female vocals definitely gives you that hook to draw you deep into the songs.  It’s youthful, yet there’s a wash of depth/darkness that seems to encompass the whole release.  It’s been perfect listening to this on such a cold rainy day hear in Austin.  Even if it’s sunny in your town, you’ll still enjoy what these guys have to offer.


Download: Carnivores – Salts To Mine [MP3]

New Music from Bass Drum of Death

Not really sure how I feel about the name of this group from Mississippi, but I’m definitely positive that I’m feeling their raucous tunes.  Bass Drum of Death will be releasing their album GB City through Inflated Records on February 22nd. Listening to the album’s single, it recalls a more energetic Black Rebel Motorcycle Club back in the early days, bringing plenty of pounding rhythmic grooves wrapped inside of an edgy wall of noise.  This appears to be the year when slinging the rock kicks back into gear full time, and Bass Drum of Death is just going to bring it twice as loud.  Check it out, you know you wanna.


Download: Bass Drum of Death – Heart Attack Kid [MP3]

New(ish) Music From Tera Melos

Somehow in our online slumber last year we missed out on this incredible LP Patagonian Rats from Sacramento based band Tera Melos.  The group appeared on some smaller year end lists last year and I didn’t take much notice of them until I heard the track “Frozen Zoo”.  Now I won’t say that this one song will blow you away, but it should spark enough interest for you to check out a full stream of their incredible debut LP over on bandcamp.  Another EP of new material is expected in February on Sargent House Records.


Download:  Tera Melos – Frozen Zoo [MP3]

New Music from Mind Spiders

Out of the ashes of Marked Men comes Mark Ryan, pushing through with his own group, Mind Spiders. The band will be putting out their self-titled album on January 25th via Dirtnap Records, which basically guarantees goodness with their releases.  On this first single you get a little hint of garage grittiness filling it up, but the pacing provides a little bit more of a straight power-pop feel to it, allowing the band to capture both audiences.  Yeah, it’s a short track, but if you give it a listen, it definitely feels like there’s so much more than 1.8 minutes of rock n’ roll here. And did I mention they’re from Ft. Worth? Who woulda thunk it?


Download: Mind Spiders – No Romance [MP3]

New Music From Sister Crayon

I recently got an email about Sacramento based band Sister Crayon and immediately fell in love with this song “I’m Still the Same Person”.  The track is set to appear on the debut LP from the group entitled Bellows which hits stores on February 22nd via Manimal Vinyl.  Obviously this band will get comparisons to Beach House or even School of Seven Bells, but I really think lead singer Terra Lopez has a voice unlike any other I’ve heard recently.


Download: Sister Crayon – I’m Still the Same Person [MP3]

New Tunes from Craft Spells

It’s going to be a huge year for Captured Tracks, and it’s got me super giddy sitting here at my desk. They’ve got releases from Minks, The Beets and who knows what else.  One band I don’t know a great deal about, but I’ve been jamming all day via P4K is Craft Spells (not to be confused with Cast Spells). Sure, it’s got that club-disco swing groove to it, but you mix that with a bit of far-off vocal effects and you’ll have me swinging my arms from side to side.  Honestly, that’s probably not such a bad thing, and a decent way to kick off the weekend. Maybe it’ll help get you started.  And you’re sure to find more hits like this on March 1st when the band releases their full-length, Idle Labor.


Download: Craft Spells -After the Moment [MP3]

New Music from Wildlife

I’m not even going to pretend that listening to Toronto’s Wildlife doesn’t sound remarkably like another Canadian act, they may or may not exist anymore.  Regardless, this is actually what I wish that band sounded like.  Wildlife have just released their album, Strike Hard, Young Diamond, and it’s full of gems precisely like this one.  You’ll find soaring melodies all over the place, not to mention that throaty yelp that’s evident throughout this song.  Still, despite the somewhat ramshackle approach, it all ties together nicely, making this song, and the whole affair incredibly infectious, as all albums should inevitably be.  Am I right?


Download: Wildlife – Stand In The Water [MP3]

New Music from The Papercuts

I’ve been waiting for several weeks to get a little sample of new work from The Papercuts, after Sub Pop announced they would be bringing Jason Quever on board for his new album.  Thankfully, Stereogum got it out before I went crazy, so we’ve got it here for you.  The record, Fading Parade, comes out on March 1st, with this single hitting stores on February 1st.  Jason’s music has really blossomed since his first album, adding more textures, blending his melodious voice, and each time, topping his previous output.  His progression continues to lead me down a path of great enjoyment, so give this tune a try.


Download: The Papercuts – Do What You Will [MP3]

New Music from The Veils

Finn Andrews and Co. have opted to bail on Rough Trade, pursuing their own adventure into the DIY realm, and their first test will be the release of their new Troubles of the Brain EP. The new label for The Veils is now going to be called Pitch Beast Records, with some allusion to animals used in promotional campaigns. Anyways, the last record the band put out was underrated in my opinion, and I’ve been really enjoying what I’ve heard from the EP so far (you can sample 3 tracks HERE).  I really hope this works out for the band, as Finn has this incredible voice that never ceases to hit my musical heart.


Download: The Veils – The Wishbone [MP3]

More New Music From John Vanderslice

ATH favorite John Vanderslice has been a busy guy these days.  He already offered up a free EP of new tunes in November and is already dropping a new full LP this January.  Mr. Vanderslice’s new album, White Wilderness, was recorded in only a matter of a few days with the help of the Magik Magik Orchestra.  A short documentary of this recording process was also captured by Yours Truly and is available to watch over on Vimeo.  Until the January 25th release date, you can check out intimate album opener “Sea Salt” below.


Download: John Vanderslice – Sea Salt [MP3]

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