New Music from Fyfe Dangerfield

fyfeFyfe Dangerfield is usually known for his role in Guillemots, but he’s decided to step aside from the group, just for a bit.  His album, Fly Yellow Moon, hits American stores on March 16th.  It’s a supremely British sounding track, encouraging you to stomp your feet along with Fyfe, as his somewhat throaty vocals soar atop the rest of the song.  It might just be an acquired taste, but it’s something I think most of you will enjoy.


Download: Fyfe Dangerfield – When You Walk in The Room [MP3]

New Music From Slow Six

Slow_Six_STNiiLocal label Western Vinyl stays hot on the trail of release for 2010 with a second album from Brooklyn band Slow Six.  Their new joint, Tomorrow Becomes You will hit stores next week on Jan. 12th.  Those unfamiliar with the band should know that they rock as an instrumental outfit somewhat similar to our very own Balmorhea or Calm Blue Sea.  Have a listen to new single “The Night You Left New York” below to make your own comparisons.


Download: Slow Six – The Night You Left New York [mp3]

New Tunes from Northern Portrait

nThe wonderful thing about being brand loyal, especially when it refers to record labels, is that you are usually guaranteed to like one thing, if you like the rest of the label’s output.  Such is the case with Matinee Records, the label that put out Cats on Fire (one of my 09 must haves).  Now, through their web site, I discovered another gem,  by the name of Northern Portrait.  The group is from Denmark, and they write jangle pop, some might even call it twee. Whatever it is, it’s good. You’ll like it.


Download: Northern Portrait – New Favourite Moment [MP3]

New Old Tunes from The Loom

loomBrooklyn band The Loom have it all if you ask me.  They sound like a good old fashioned folk collective, a la Rock Plaza Central; they have multiple ladies in the band; they feature a lot of work with banjos.  Recently, the band raised enough money to go into the studio and record their debut album, and I’m pleased to bring the group to your attention, as I’ve been listening to the band’s 2008 EP since I first got my hands on it a year or so ago via a friend in New York.  They’ve received stellar reviews, played solid CMJ shows, and for those of you who haven’t heard them, now is your chance.  Unfortunately, this is an old track (though it’s probably new to you), but it shows nothing but promise of great things to come from the quintet.


Download: The Loom – Song for the Winter Sun [MP3]

New Tunes From Besnard Lakes

ThuSep101823462009My mind is seriously about to explode at the thought of all the albums I’m going to have to buy between now and March.  The upcoming release list just keeps getting sicker and sicker.  Canadians Besnard Lakes are getting in on the action as well with their 3rd studio album The Besnard Lakes Are the Roaring Night due out March 9th on JagJauwar.  Prior to that release, check out this new single “Albatross” which will actually be available as a vinyl 12″ single next month.  Suhweet.


Download: Besnard Lakes – Albatross [MP3]

New Music From Aloha

01111_Aloha3Polyvinyl Records band Aloha are yet another band returning in 2010 after a lengthy break in new material.  The band’s new LP is set to be called Home Acres and hits stores March 9th.  Head down below and you’ll find brand new single “Moonless March” from the upcoming LP.  Anyone ready to offer up some first impressions?


Download: Aloha – Moonless March [MP3]

New Tunes from Love Is All

loveisallIt really hasn’t been too long since we last heard from Love Is All, the band having put out a 12″ last year with covers and some new tunes.  Now, they’ve switched up labels completely, landing on Polyvinyl for their new release.  Said album hits stores on March 23rd, and is yet another number filled title, Two Thousand and Ten Injuries.  Give this new tune a whirl.


Download: Love Is All – Kungen [MP3]

New Music From Rogue Wave

roguewaveAfter too many struggles with personal loss and injury, we’re happy to see that Cali band Rogue Wave are returning in 2010 with new material.  The guys have apparently written what they’re calling a “dance” record that goes by the name Permalight.  Check out first single “Good Morning” which debuted yesterday and find out Rogue Wave dance music sounds likes.  The new LP will be out March 2nd on Brushfire.


Download: Rogue Wave – Good Morning [MP3]

New Tunes From The Kissaway Trail

imageDenmark band The Kissaway Trail are returning in 2010 after a little bit of a hiatus in terms of releasing new material.  An upcoming LP from the young band will be called Sleep Mountain and sees the light of day April 6th on Bella Union.  Until that time, have yourself a listen to this new single “SDP” which will appear on the upcoming sophomore effort.  The song can get a little long for my taste, but also has some really beautiful elements to it.


Download: The Kissaway Trail – SDP [MP3]

New Music From Quasi

quasiThe famous duo known as Quasi are returning in 2010 with a new album entitled American Gong.  This being the first new album from the band in close to four years, we are anxious to hear where things are going.  Take a sample of that new direction with this first single from the new LP called “Repulsion”.  Quasi’s new album hits stores February 23rd via Kill Rock Stars.


Download: Quasi – Repulsion [MP3]

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