New Tunes from YACHT

yachtYears back nothing seemed as bubblegum delicious as B.L.O.W. , so when one of the members parted ways to form YACHT, everyone took notice. Now it seems that the one man show of Jona Bechtolt has evolved into a duo, including Texan Claire Evans. Since the new line-up is set, it would only seem appropriate that the group release a new album on July 28th titled See Mystery Lights. Here is a hint as to what that album might sound like, as this is the first released single.


Download: YACHT – Psychic City (Voodoo City) [MP3]

Pilot Speed

pilotspeedPilot Speed is a band that we’re running late on posting about, but now is a great time as they’ll be stopping through Austin on Tuesday.  The Canadian act is currently touring in support of their brand new LP Wooden Bones (Windup Records) which has been receiving some quiet buzz around the blogging world.  Check out this single “Put the Phone Down” and if you likes, head over to Emo’s on Tuesday to catch the Pilot Speed live show.  Jeff Hanson is headlining that one.


Download: Pilot Speed – Put the Phone Down [MP3]

Manchester Orchestra In Austin (5/26)

man_orch_01Hotlanta rockers Manchester Orchestra are coming through town on Tuesday and have two shows lined up for you Austin music lovers.  First show is a Waterloo Records in-store which starts around 5pm and will of course have free keg beer if you get there early enough.  Second show will be a full on proper set at Emo’s later in the evening at 8pm.  This show features Audrye Sessions, Fun and Winston Audio playing in support.  Tickets are on sale for $10.


Download: Manchester Orchestra – I’ve Got Friends [MP3]

New Tunes from Dead Weather

deadweatherIn further antcipation of their upcoming album, Horehound, ultra-hip group Dead Weather are offering you a chance to hear yet another new single off said album.  This one definitely has that rocking element, and it features vocals that seem to be predominantly Jack White.  Either way, the hard hitting track, “Treat Me Like Your Mother,”  is a sign of more good things to come.


Download: Dead Weather – Treat Me Like Your Mother [MP3]

Here We Go Magic on Daytrotter

magicDaytrotter has just put up a brand new session with Luke Temple and Here We Go Magic. Lucky for the fans, this session has a brand new track to offer you, not to mention it has a few reworkings of other tunes from the band’s self-titled debut, Here We Go Magic.  If you like what you hear from this band, be sure to check them out on tour in Austin with Grizzly Bear in June.


Download: Here We Go Magic – Collector [MP3]

R.I.P. Jay Bennett

jay-bennettAs you can see ATH is taking Memorial Day off, but we wanted to share some sad news with everyone before signing off.  Jay Bennett, formerly of Wilco, has passed away today at the young age of 45.  No cause of death has as of yet been reported.  The Chicago Sun Times has more information as it develops.  To say the least, this is the worst news we’ve ever reported on.  Jay was someone that we all admired here at ATH and loved most anything he worked on with or without Wilco.  Jay will be best remembered as one of the creative minds behind historic Wilco albums Being There, Summer Teeth, and the big one Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.  Words won’t do you justice Mr. Bennett, so we’ll just say that you will sorely be missed by all.  Your music was far ahead of its time.


Meat Puppets @ Waterloo Today!

20070823music_meatpuppets_500In the mid-eighties, Greg Ginn’s SST Records built up an incredible reputation for raucous punk bands by the likes of Husker Du, Minutemen, & Descendents.  Phoenix’s Meat Puppets stood out from the manic pack, combining a unique blend of punk, country, and psychedelic rock.  The Pups still have a loyal fan base in Austin tracing back to the good ol’ days of Liberty Lunch.  To comemorate the release of their new record Sewn Together, Meat Puppets will be playing a free in-store at Waterloo Records.  Be there at 5… Free keg beer!  Here’s latest single “Rotten Shame”.


Pack AD @ Hole In The Wall (5/22)

thepackad_100As if your Friday night concert going decisions weren’t already tough, here’s another great show that should prove to be your cheapest option for the evening.  Hole in the Wall features a lineup of garage rock Canadians Pack AD, Poppy Austinites The Alice Rose, and local singer-songwriter Mario Matteoli.  Entrance to Hole in the Wall will usually keep you under $10.


Download: Pack AD – Making Gestures [MP3]

Nurses Sign With Dead Oceans

nurses2_11Nurses is not a band we know a whole lot about other than they’re from Portland and they just signed a deal with ATH fave label Dead Oceans.  We also know that we really like this strange yet catchy new single from Nurses called “Caterpillar Playground”.  We’re going to describe it as experimental pop music.  Sound good to you?  You can get your hands on the bands debut LP Apple’s Acre on August 4th.


Download: Nurses – Caterpillar Playground [MP3]

New Tunes from Personal and the Pizzas

pizzaIt’s Friday, and as you cruise into the weekend, you definitely need something meaningful to carry you all the way to the end of the day.  Well, let the wonderful sounds of Personal and the Pizzas put you on their backs and carry you into the weekend.  Sure, it’s a bit derivative, but if you don’t like this song you aren’t a United Statesian.


Download: Personal and the Pizzas – I Don’t Feel So Happy Now [MP3]

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