Detox Retox

Detox Retox are an indie band hailing from our nations capital that we’ve taken a liking to over the last few days.  The group mixes the right elements of Phoenix style beats along with some occasional aggression in the vocals eerily similar to our friends Cursive.  The group recently released new EP, Movement, which can be purchased online via Amazon or iTunes.  You’ll hear sounds on that EP similar to “Caroline” found below and should get your head nodding along to the catchy tunes.  You may not hear the Cursive comparison after a listen to the radio ready single below, but trust me, you’ll hear it after a few spins of their new EP.  You might also hear a hint of Ted Leo in there somewhere.  We dig it all.


Download: Detox Retox – Caroline [MP3]

New Tunes from Bottomless Pit

This band really excites me.  Bottomless Pit received a lot of rave reviews with their last effort, and now the band is set to return with their new album, Blood Under the Bridge, on Comedy Minus One Records.  As someone who is personally tired of all the same old electronic pop music coming our way, I love the fact that this new single just rocks along, using discordant guitars to create a nice little wall of post-punk.  Praise the return of guitars!


Download: Bottomless Pit – 38 Souls [MP3]

New Tunes from Jaill

It seems like August is shaping up to be a month for guitars, and well, minimal electronic intrusion. One of those bands, Jaill, is ready to prep the release of their new album, That’s How We Burn, with our friends over at Sub Pop.  While their latest single has hints of modern post rock, the rest of the album has a nostalgic sound to it, one that sounds like The Feelies on speed.  Guess that’s my impression. Whatever the sound, you’ll surely fall for this band.


Download: Jaill – The Stroller [MP3]

New Music From The Clientele

As far as British twee-pop goes, The Clientele have long been one of the best at what they do.  The Brits are continuing what they do best this summer and returning with a new mini-album of pop goodness entitled Minotaur.  The new short album from Merge will feature 8 new songs and hit stores on August 31st.  Below you’ll find new track from the band “Jerry”.


Download: The Clientele – Jerry [MP3]

New Music From Sharon Van Etten

I’v really been enjoying this track “Love More” by Sharon Van Etten over the last few days so I wanted to share it with you guys.  The song already appeared on a 7″ single back in February, but will also appear on the songwriters new album Epic.  You can get your hands on the new sophomore album from Sharon on October 5th via Ba Da Bing Records.  You can have a listen to more of her music over on myspace.


Download: Sharon Van Etten – Love More [MP3]

More New Music From School Of Seven Bells

School of Seven Bells have their brand new album Disconnect From Desire hitting stores next week on Vagrant Records.  Prior to that date, the band have made the new joint available for streaming over on the Rolling Stone website.  We’ve also got a tasty new track below called “” which opens up the new LP.


Download: School Of Seven Bells – Windstorm [MP3]

New Tunes from Two Wounded Birds

Here’s a band you might dig if you’re into the whole surf-pop array of the music world.  Two Wounded Birds hail from the UK, and they’re currently backing The Drums on tour, but don’t let that mislead you in any way, as their sound isn’t quite like that.  It’s got a real beach feel, but with a silky croon over it, that for some reason reminds me of Twin Peaks.  I don’t know though, that’s just me; you be the judge of this track.


Download: Two Wounded Birds – My Lonesome

More New Music From Of Montreal

Immediately after we gave you that sweet new jam by Of Montreal called “Coquet Coquette”, we’ve got another new tune from the band below “Hydra Francis”.  This slick piece of work is yet another reason for you to get amped up about their new album False Priest out September 14th on Polyvinyl.  You gotta know the ATH boys will be first in line to buy that one when it hits stores.  Enjoy.


Download: Of Montreal – Hydra Fancies [MP3]

New Tunes from The Jameses

Late last week, Captured Tracks, one of our favorite labels, let word slip that they would be releasing the full length album by Florida band The Jameses.  No date on that yet, but you can order the band’s self-released 7″ now, which features the track “The Haunted Rider.”  This jam was kicking around my house all weekend; it’s got a bit of that hollow vocal soundtrack, giving a distant feel, but positioned next to the melody, it provide a sublime listening reaction.  Give it a try folks.


Download: The Jameses – The Haunted Rider [MP3]

New Tunes from Dent May

If you read our Best of 09′ albums you might remember that we included Dent May in the Top 25.  Luckily, news has come our way (via GvsB) that there will be new Dent material coming our way soon.  No word on an exact release date, but a 7″ should appear sometime this summer by way of Forest Family Records.  You can’t ever go wrong with new tunes from Dent, no matter what time of year, so enjoy this little number, and we’ll keep you posted on the release date.


Download: Dent May – That Feeling [MP3]

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