New Tunes from The Babies

A few people in NYC’s The Babies have full-time gigs in other known bands.  Some of you might have heard of Woods or even Vivian Girls, but trust me, this band doesn’t sound anything at all like that. It’s got a bit of jangle, but the vocals and the guitar work are a lot more geared towards getting you to bounce all about your room (or cubicle), and we can’t see a single thing wrong with that.  This track is off their new 7″ Meet Me in the City, which you can get your hands on by going to Make a Mess. It also features the B Side, “Somebody Else.”


Download: Babies-Meet Me in the City [MP3]

New Tunes from Comet Gain

This band has been one of my favorites for the longest time, and I’m super excited that they have a new 7″ titled I Never Happened.  It features the Comet Gain trademark jangle pop, which just grows on you time and time again.  This 7″ also shows some promising leads as to the new work of the band, as it features two songs that were started by the band, then finished by Love is All and Crystal Stilts.  If this is any indicator of the work to come from the band in the future, then it looks like I might have another incredible record to enjoy for years to come.  You can get the 7″ HERE.


Download: Comet Gain – I Never Happened [MP3]

New Music From Hooray For Earth

New York based outfit Hooray For Earth are getting ready to release their new EP Momo this summer on Dovecote Records.  The band is supporting their upcoming release with this new single entitled “Surrounded By Your Friends”.  I’m thinking it will get you kids ready for the dance floor this weekend.  The Momo EP will be in stores June 1st.


Hooray For Earth – Surrounded By Your Friends

FTC: Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

Call Bone Thugs-n-Harmony what you will, but don’t say they’re not original.  A focus on harmonic textures may have just come into vogue for a recent wave of indie bands, but it was always a part of Bone’s sound.  This wouldn’t be strange in its own right, but Bone brought harmonizing to a place it had rarely been: Hip-hop.  The speed at which they rhyme coupled with almost impenetrable slang makes understanding exactly what Bone is saying difficult.  But even if you don’t follow every word, the weird mix of rap over singing has to be heard to be appreciated.  Bone broke into the main stream in the mid 90’s with “The Thuggish Ruggish Bone” and their tribute to Eazy-E (who famously discovered them) “Tha Crossroads.” For my money though, the “1st of Tha Month” is the best of their popular tracks.

We bring you this because the band is playing @ Emo’s on Saturday for only $18.


New Music From The Wailing Wall

Those unfamiliar with The Wailing Wall best recognize!  But seriously folks… The Wailing Wall is a project by New York based multi-instrumentalist/guru Jesse Rifkin.  Rifkin writes all the songs for his project while recruiting friends from all over the place to help him lay the music down to tape.  His first album under the moniker, Hospital Blossoms, can be downloaded for free on the JDub Records website.  A new LP, The Low Hanging Fruit, is also planned for release on June 8th and features this single “Bones Become Rainbows”.  You like?


Download: The Wailing Wall – Bones Become Rainbows [MP3]

New Music From Mystery Jets

It’s been some time since we fell in love with the jangly pop tunes on Mystery Jet’s last LP from 2008 Twenty One.  Well now the UK boys are back in the action and have this new pop number “Flash a Hungry Smile” ready for download.  The track is set to appear on the band’s upcoming new album which currently has no title or release date.  Glad they snuck in this new jam just in time for some summertime fun.

Update: album is titled Serotonin and will come out July 5th.


Download: Mystery Jets – Flash a Hungry Smile [MP3]

New Music From Blonde Redhead

Man, when was the last time you remember hearing anything from Blonde Redhead?  I can’t seem to remember anything from the band since their last LP 21?  Being a supporter of the group, I was pumped to find this new MP3 “Not Getting There” floating around the internet today.  The track apparently appeared on the exclusive 4AD 12″ vinyl released on Record Store Day.  Hopefully this means we can expect more new material in the near future.


Download: Blonde Redhead – Not Getting There [MP3]

Seaholm Electric @ Chain Drive (4/21)

Date 4/21/10
Location Chain Drive
Doors 9pm
Tickets $2 @ Door

We’ve taken a liking recently to the post-punk sounds of this relatively new Austin band Seaholm Electric.  The band, being as new as they are, don’t have many photos or information floating around about themselves.  They do however have a new self-released EP out that you can stream over on their website.  The band is also playing on the cheap at Chain Drive tomorrow evening along with fellow locals Persian Wars.  We’re thinking you’ll want to get on board with this band quick like before they start selling out all over town.  We’ll keep you updated on the band as the information gets to us.  Until then, check out why we’re backing these guys with this catchy number “A Million Points of Light”.


Download: Seaholm Electric – A Million Points of Light [MP3]

More New Tunes From Band Of Horses

So the much anticipated release date for Band of Horses new joint Inifinite Arms is still a solid month away.  Prior to that heralded day in May, the band has made the opening track “Factory” available for free download over on their website.  This is in addition to the free streaming video of first single “Laredo”.  Here’s to hoping that they pull through on their 3rd studio album.


Download: Band of Horses – Factory [MP3]

New Tunes from Pernice Brothers

I’ve been following Joe Pernice for a long time.  His voice always seems to fit into my life at some point or another, so I’m glad to welcome a new tune from Pernice Brothers.  This tune comes from their upcoming record Goodbye, Killer, which will be out June 15th via Ashmont.  First listen sees the band a bit more upbeat than their last go round, but I know old Joe will fill this album with pitch-perfect pop ditties to keep me humming along for some time to come.


Download: Pernice Brothers – Jacqueline Susann [MP3]

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