New Music From Matt Pond PA

mattpondpanv8I think we may have  missed this new Matt Pond PA song during our holiday hangover, but we figured you’d like it regardless.  The PA band has been hard at work as of late and is now prepping a new LP entitled Dark Leaves for an April 6th release.  Many of you have heard a few of these new songs when we posted about a free EP from Matt and the gang back in December.  Check out a preview of the upcoming album below with new track “Starting” which also appears on a new 7″ single.  You can pick up a copy of one of those on the Altitude Records site.


Download: Matt Pond PA – Starting [MP3]

New Tunes From Alkaline Trio

alkalineI think we’ve made it fairly well known that we are still fans of the now super veteran act Alkaline Trio.  Many of you may have moved on at this point in their career, but we refuse.  So now in 2010 the guys are about to release their anticipated follow up to the underrated 2008 release Agony and Irony.  This new LP will be called The Addicition and features the single of same name you’ll find below.  Head to stores Feb. 23rd for the new album.


Download: Alkaline Trio – This Addiction [MP3]

New Old Tunes from The Lucy Show

LucyShow_RidgeFarm_520The great thing about reading solid print magazines, like The Big Takeover, is that they always put so much work into their magazines. With that, you inevitably discover new things, much as I discovered Britain’s The Lucy Show.  While I’m not sure why they named their band after Lucille Ball, I do love the fact that they re-released Undone, which has loads of great songs.  Take a trip down memory lane with me, and enjoy The Lucy Show.


Download: The Lucy Show – Undone [MP3]

New Music From Let’s Wrestle

lets_wrestle_web_1So I don’t know a whole lot about this British band Let’s Wrestle other than they just signed to Merge Records for their debut LP.  Outside of that, I know that the song we’ve got posted below “We are the Men You’ll Grow to Love Soon” has got to be one of the catchiest little diddies I’ve heard in a long time.  I dare you, hell I double dog dare you to get that tune out of your head.  Me likey.  You can get your hands on the band’s debut LP In The Court of the Wrestling Lets on March 23rd.


Download: Let’s Wrestle – We are the Men You’ll Grow to Love Soon [MP3]

New Music From Morning Benders

the-morning-bendersA new song called “Promises” from Berkley band Morning Benders is showing up all over the internet today.  The new single will appear on the foursomes upcoming LP Big Echo which hits stores March 9th via Rough Trade.  This new jam comes off sounding a tad like Grizzly Bear minus the incredible vocal harmonies. Of course that’s not too surprising since since Chris Taylor is co-producing the album.


Download: The Morning Benders – Promises [MP3]

Stream the new Spoon @ NPR

Sorry I didn’t throw in a picture, but you know what Spoon looks like by now, right?  Anyways, their new album Transferrence, which hits stores next week is now being streamed over at NPR.  I suggest getting a good listen there because word on the streets is that those leaks you’re stealing from the net are poor quality, and who wants to listen to that? So check it here.

The Cold Beat

TheColdBeatThe Cold Beat are a fairly new band hailing from the Boston area who have been getting some spins in the ATH offices recently.  Sine the band is currently unsigned and releasing material on their own, we know that most of you probably aren’t familiar with the band.  The trio have been living around the Boston area for years and just started The Cold Beat after stints in a slew of other bands.  Now coming off the release of their debut EP Dumbwaiter, the guys bring more new self-released material with a split 7″ with fellow Boston boys Movers and Shakers.  The tune you’ll find below,”Absolute Zero”, appears on said 7″ along with one more from The Cold Beat and two from Movers and Shakers.  Upon first listen you’ll hear a bit of an old school pop/punk aesthetic similar to early Juliana Theory.  Lead singer Chris Amaral also sounds a hell of a lot like Tim Kasher from Cursive and that spells goodness to me.  So have a listen, check out more songs on the band’s myspace and let us know what ya think.


Download: The Cold Beat – Absolute Zero [MP3]

New Music from Fyfe Dangerfield

fyfeFyfe Dangerfield is usually known for his role in Guillemots, but he’s decided to step aside from the group, just for a bit.  His album, Fly Yellow Moon, hits American stores on March 16th.  It’s a supremely British sounding track, encouraging you to stomp your feet along with Fyfe, as his somewhat throaty vocals soar atop the rest of the song.  It might just be an acquired taste, but it’s something I think most of you will enjoy.


Download: Fyfe Dangerfield – When You Walk in The Room [MP3]

New Music From Slow Six

Slow_Six_STNiiLocal label Western Vinyl stays hot on the trail of release for 2010 with a second album from Brooklyn band Slow Six.  Their new joint, Tomorrow Becomes You will hit stores next week on Jan. 12th.  Those unfamiliar with the band should know that they rock as an instrumental outfit somewhat similar to our very own Balmorhea or Calm Blue Sea.  Have a listen to new single “The Night You Left New York” below to make your own comparisons.


Download: Slow Six – The Night You Left New York [mp3]

New Tunes from Northern Portrait

nThe wonderful thing about being brand loyal, especially when it refers to record labels, is that you are usually guaranteed to like one thing, if you like the rest of the label’s output.  Such is the case with Matinee Records, the label that put out Cats on Fire (one of my 09 must haves).  Now, through their web site, I discovered another gem,  by the name of Northern Portrait.  The group is from Denmark, and they write jangle pop, some might even call it twee. Whatever it is, it’s good. You’ll like it.


Download: Northern Portrait – New Favourite Moment [MP3]

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