New Tunes from Passion Pit

passionPassion Pit has been all the rage since releasing their EP last year, and the new album, Manners, is riding along the hype machine, to what we can only hope is a worthy debut. This song, “The Reeling” starts off a bit slow, but wait a few seconds and you will see why the band has garnered a lot of praise from the media. Coated in the past, but pushing forward.


Download: Passion Pit – The Reeling [MP3]

The Bubbles @ Mohawk (3/26)

mohawkposterSeveral great local and rising to fame acts will be playing at Mohawk on Thursday night.  The lineup features Great Nostalgic (who have a great new album you need), Frantic Clam, Whitman, and The Bubbles.  Frequent visitors to our site know that we give lots of coverage to these bands and always support you seeing them live.  If you’ve got a little bit of time on your hands, head over to our friends do512 to like this event and get the buzz train movin!  Music is set to start at 10pm with Great Nostalgic.


Download: The Bubbles – Late Long Night [MP3]

Sound Advice Vol. III

sunsetpromoOur friends over at Austin Sound just came out with volume III of their Sound Advice series and it’s pretty sweet this year.  The huge sampler features 21 tracks from all the best under the radar acts currently playing music in Austin.  You can get music from Built by Snow, Model UN, Harlem, and tons of other great bands.  Thanks for putting this together guys!  Here’s a track on the sampler from ATH favorite Sunset.


Download: Sunset – When Perfect Flames Expire [MP3]

New Tunes from Death Cab for Cutie

deathSomewhere in the history of my adolescence, I adored this band. I’ve watched them change and grow from album to album, always finding something to appreciate. There newest album Narrow Stairs saw them branch further than before, but it also didn’t seem to fulfill Ben Gibbard’s desire for perfect acoustic songs with Death Cab. This number reminds us all why we fell in love with his songwriting, and check the midway mark for a change in the song’s progression. The song is the first track off their new Open Door EP coming out next week digitally.


Download: Death Cab for Cutie – Little Bribes [MP3]

New Tunes from Bill Callahan

billWe know this is a few days late, but seeing as we were busy enjoying SXSW, we didn’t have time to throw this up right away, which is a shame because we love our fellow Austinite, Bill Callahan.  This track is off his forthcoming record Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle, which hits stores April 14th on Drag City. 


Download: Bill Callahan – Eid Ma Clack Shaw [MP3]

New Music From Robert Gomez

robert-gomezDenton’s own songwriter Robert Gomez has some new music he’s ready to throw our way. The new song is called “On This Day” and will appear on the upcoming album Pine Sticks Phosphorus out on April 14th via Nova Posta Vinyl. It features a slew of Denton/Texas musicians and is even produced by Centro-matic drummer Matt Pence.


Download: Robert Gomez – On This Day [MP3]

New Jeremy Enigk

jeremyenigkFrom his storied turn towards Christianity to his involvement in legendary emo band Sunny Day Real Estate, Jeremy Enigk has lived a well-documented life, though unfortunately, it often is more tabloid fodder than about the music. However, this new tune shows that the backbone of piano combined with his voice still gives Jeremy that winning nod from fans.


Download: Jeremy Enigk – Mind Idea [MP3]

New Tunes from Apostle of Hustle

apostle Andrew Whiteman is just one of the many heads that is Broken Social Scene, but, like all the rest, he has a solo outfit with Apostle of Hustle.  The groups new album Eats Darkness is coming out via Arts and Crafts Records May 19th, and we offer you the first single, “Perfect Fit” for your enjoyment. 


Download: Apostle of Hustle – Perfect Fit [MP3]

New Music From Voxtrot

voxtrot-photoVoxtrot are a band beloved in the Austin music scene and everyone around town has been anxiously awaiting some new music from the band.  That new music is finally here and has been hitting the internet in the past couple of days.  The new song is called “Trepanation Party” and was recorded and mixed with fellow giant in the Austin scene, Jim Eno (Spoon).  You can also catch Voxtrot a couple of times during this weeks SXSW Fest.


Download: Voxtrot – Trepanation Party [MP3]

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