New Music from Cheap Time

I’ve really been enjoying the great work by In the Red Records this year, as they’ve been putting out some really solid releases, at least in the vein of garage pop bands.  The newest record from Cheap Time, Fantastic Explanations (and Similar Situations), is just another gem waiting to be grabbed up by everyone.  For some reason it reminds me, vocally, of that old punk band The Saints, but the music is a bit slower, and a little bit more straightforward.  You can get your hands on these sweet tunes now!


Download: Cheap Time – I’d Rather Be Alone [MP3]

New Music From Jonquil

I’ve really been enjoying this new track called “Fighting Smiles” from Oxford band Jonquil.  The track will appear on the band’s first ever stateside EP entitled One Hundred Suns which is available November 16th on Dovecote Records.  Have yourself a listen to their version of feel good pop music below and let us know what ya think.


Download: Jonquil – Fighting Smiles [MP3]

New Music from John Wesley Coleman

Austin’s full of great songwriters, so occasionally you pass by one that you wish you had spent more time with during their career.  Sure, this guy is in the killer local outfit The Golden Boys, but I don’t have time to listen to every release put out in town (I’m Sorry!). Luckily for all of us here in Austin, John Wesley Coleman is alive and well. So well, in fact, that he’s going to release a new solo record later this November on Goner Records titled Bad Lady Goes to Jail. I’ve been jamming out to this release all day, and it’s got a bit of classic rock n’ roll sound, with little hints of garage-style recording throughout.  One thing I won’t call it is lo-fi.  The recording, while possibly on the low-end is brimming with solid work, so JWC should be proud of this recent effort.  For all our readers, you can catch John traveling the country; go check his tour dates HERE.


Download: John Wesley Coleman – Bad Lady Goes to Jail [MP3]

New Music from Kisses

We premiered “Bermuda,” the debut single from Kisses earlier this year, but now we want to bring you another great track from the band.  This jam is a little bit more of a mellow club banger, but it’s got this understated little bubbly bass popping in the background.  Personally, the vocals are pretty groovy–sort of up my alley. All this is in preparation for their release, The Heart of the Nightlife, which comes out in stores on November 16th.  We have a feeling that a lot of people will be slowly getting behind this as we get closer to the release date.


Download: Kisses – Kisses [MP3]

New Music from Discodeine

Last week I raved about my man crush on former Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker, so I couldn’t resist running this track.  Sure, its not exactly what one thinks of with relation to JC, but his voice is so perfectly fitting to the electro work of Discodeine.  This is what all dance music should be like, if I made in my room on my laptop.  I’m just tossing this out there because Jarvis is one of the Guys I’d Go Gay For, so check out this song, and just chalk up another sweet tune that proves the sexual prowess of one of my favorite musicians.


Download: Discodeine – Synchronize (feat. Jarvis Cocker) [MP3]

Show Preview: The Strokes @ Stubbs (10/6)

Date 10/6/10
Location Stubbs
Doors 7pm
Tickets Sold Out Duh.

So the night has finally come and I’m sure a lot of you have already pissed your pants in anticipation for The Strokes show at Stubbs tonight.  From what I’m hearing, the rock veterans don’t even have an opener so make sure you get there early.  I personally didn’t feel like $60 was worth it on this one since I can see the band at ACL.  Honestly, does anyone ever remember a show at Stubbs that cost this much?  I know I know, C3 had to pay what I’m sure is the ridiculous fee to get the band… but come on!


Download: The Strokes – Hard To Explain [MP3]

New Music From La Sera

I think it’s time we all jump aboard that hype machine train with this relatively new Hardly Art band La Sera.  The project is the brain child of current Vivian Girls bass player Katy Goodman who began working on new material under the La Sera name back in February.  For now, the only material from the lovely ladies new band is a 7″ single featuring the track below “Never Come Around” and flip side “Behind Your Eyes”.  Street date for that single is November 17th with a full album coming in 2011.  You’ll notice a sound similar to Best Coast combined with some of the sweet bass/drum beats created by Vivian Girls (duh she’s the bass player).


Download: La Sera – Never Come Around [MP3]

New Tunes from Talbot Adams

What do you do when your rock n’ roll career is hampered by the birth of children? Well, in the case of Talbot Adams, you retreat to your home, turn the amps down from 11, and start writing kick ass songs.   His new Jack and Jesse EP, which is possibly inspired by the birth of his twin boys, contains four tracks, all of which are really short, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot of spirit and heart!  You can get said business by visiting Douchemaster Records, who consistently put out solid records for us all. Here’s a sample of Talbot’s new work.


Download: Talbot Adams – Life is Good When Cinematic [MP3]

New Music From Sunset

Local boy Bill Baird and his band known as Sunset have a new MP3 floating around of a track called “Heavy Light”.  The song appears on the band’s upcoming new LP entitled Loveshines but the Moon is Shining Too which is already available digitally and physically in stores October 12th.  I’m enjoying the jangly pop vibe of this song and it should convince you to pick up this release as soon as it hits your local record store.


Download: Sunset – Heavy Light [MP3]

New Tunes from Yuck

While I might not be 100% behind the name of this group, I definitely can get behind their sound.  Yuck hails from the UK, and they’ve just signed an American deal with Fat Possum, which seems to be picking up lots of solid groups.  You might say they have a little bit of POBPAH in their sound, but the female vocals are a lot stronger, giving a youthful vibe to the group’s sound, while still keeping it in that gaze arena.  The band has the Georgia single coming out in the Stages on November 23rd, and you can look to find a whole full-length in 2011. Buen Proveche.


Download: Yuck – Georgia [MP3]

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