Passion Pit @ Stubbs (6/18 + 6/19)

Date 6/18 + 6/19
Location Stubbs
Doors 7pm
Tickets Both Sold Out!

So a little bit of a lengthy show post here so read carefully for all information you need.  First up, Passion Pit has their highly anticipated shows with Tokyo Police Club and Brahms planned for Friday and Saturday night at Stubbs.  Both those shows are sold out, but a quick craigslist search shows a slew of tickets going for fairly reasonable prices.  You can also catch a free set by Tokyo Police Club and Passion Pit at Waterloo Records around 6pm.  I’d also recommend an interview we did with Passion Pit during ACL and a show review from a year ago.


Download: Passion Pit – Moth’s Wings [MP3]

More New Tunes from Mystery Jets

Long have we hyped up Mystery Jets, but I guess our work hasn’t been enough, seeing as the group just hasn’t quite hit it big in the United States.  Still, the band continues to grow, continues to transform their sound, and continue to release ridiculously enjoyable records that we’ll spin for months.  Their new album, Serotonin, comes out in the UK in July, but no word on whether or not it will make it here.  But, they have a new single full of jangling guitar pop and sounding a whole lot more adult.  Hope you get your hands on Serotonin, as its a great album by a band that continues to surprise.


Download: Mystery Jets – Dreaming of Another World [MP3]

New Tunes from I Was a King

Over a year ago I raved about the debut album from I Was a King.  It was everything that I like my power-pop to be, including a little bit of fuzz in the sound.   Now, word has gotten out (via theGum) that the group will be releasing a new record in August, titled Old Friends.  This is their latest single, and while I still feel the power-pop undertones, they seem to have thrown an “everything and the kitchen sink” approach into this new work.  You’ll see what I mean when you hear the track, but don’t judge the band on this alone, as they’re sure to have more great tunes up their sleeve. Personally, I can’t wait.


Download: I Was A King – Daybreak [MP3]

New Tunes from Film School

This is not the Film School that I remember at all!  That being said, I can’t help but feel more than excited by their new sound.  Usage of electronics and more straight-ahead melodies are rumored to be abundant on the band’s new album, Fission, which comes out on July 20th.  This first single definitely gives a foundation to the claim that this will be the group’s most accessible record to date, which isn’t an entirely bad thing.  Surely you’ll find yourself enjoying this little ditty.


Download: Film School – Heart Full Of Pentagons

Villa Cola

The ATH offices have been spinning the tunes by this new band Villa Cola and just realized that we’ve yet to tell you about them.  Hailing from London, the 3 piece outfit recently released their first recorded material in the form of a 5 song self-titled EP (available for purchase on itunes if you so desire).  Each track presents a nice take on the lo-fi pop movement that’s gained some popularity over the last few years.  Think of the band a bit poppier/dancier version of Beach House, who they cite as a source of inspiration.


Download: Villa Cola – Modern Lovers [MP3]

Free EP from Young Galaxy

As the way we purchase music slowly begins to change, bands without major label support are finding new ways to promote their music.  We’re fortunate to find out that Young Galaxy has used one of those ways, releasing their free No Art EP to the masses.   The EP features remixes and songs recorded during their sessions for their last album.  But, while you spend your time listening here, you should lay in wait, as the band has completed the recording of their new album, and are sending it out for final touches.  Hopefully it comes out later this year!


Download: Young Galaxy – Invisible Republic [MP3]

New Music From Wild Moccasins

Local act Wild Moccasins just dropped a new LP entitled Skin Collision Past on the music world last week.  The record is a solid effort from the up and coming band and should be on your radar if it isn’t already.  Below is the opening track from the band’s new release.  Enjoy.


Download: Wild Moccasins – Skin Collision Past [MP3]

New Tunes from Elf Power

I’ve long been a fan of Elf Power, and their earlier, odd, pieces really got to me.  Lately, they’ve taken a more straight-forward approach, at least in regards to their back catalog, and I’m sort of on the fence about it.  One thing is for sure though, as this new song from their upcoming self-titled album is really strong.  It’s got a bit of sadness to it, which people are relating to the passing of Vic Chesnutt, but I put it all up to the continuing passage of time into old age. Regardless, this new album slated for a September release looks really promising.


Download: Elf Power – Stranger in the Window

Lou Barlow @ Mohawk (6/14)

Date 6/14/10
Location Mohawk
Doors 9pm
Tickets $10 @ Frontgate

You’ve got a great opportunity to see a legend in an intimate setting with a set by Lou Barlow on the inside stage at Mohawk.  He’ll be joined by up and coming local acts Sarah Jaffe and Danny Malone.  I wouldn’t pass up this sweet show.  We’ve also got a new track from Lou called “Losercore” which is featured on a new EP from him and The Missingmen.


Download: Lou Barlow – Losercore [MP3]

New Music From Woods

It’s Friday and it’s almost the weekend, so take yourself a tasty new tune from Woods to jam too at your parties.  This new number appears on a compilation put together by the band’s label Woodsist.  The album will feature the best music from several artists on the Woodsist label.  You can pick that thing up on cassette or LP on July 20th.


Download: Woods – I’m Not Gone [MP3]

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