Delightful New Tune From Covey

What a pleasant surprise finding this new single “Same White Shoes” from Boston based outfit Covey. The song is a sort of slacker folk style of song which manages to be fun and playful while still maintaining that drab style. It’s an interesting and fun take on an older indie folk style that is sure to warrant repeat listens. Check it out below.

Covey will self-release Haggarty on September 22nd.

Introducing The Oysters

Disbanding a popular outfit such as Dreamboat can’t be easy, but it doesn’t seem to have slowed down Will Maxwell; he’s bringing his new project, The Oysters, into the Austin limelight. It can’t hurt that the band recorded their upcoming EP with Austin’s Ian Rundell (a hot commodity who recorded our own Pollen Rx). The song we’re sharing with you today opens up with a meandering folk bit, sending you right into daydream mode…though careful ringing sounds of the guitar seem to indicate an impending burst. However, the band doesn’t just toss that out willy-nilly, moving into a mathematical jam in the song’s middle before forcefully erupting with a growl just beyond the 3.5 minute mark. I’m a huge fan of movement within the confines of a track, and really happy to see these guys execute it so well. Lookout world, The Oysters are here!

P.S. Don’t be afraid to click on the Bandcamp link below and find another new track waiting for ya!

Enjoy New Music from The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

It’s been quite a ride as a fan of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart…they hit us hard and fast, then some line-up changes gradually allowed Kip Berman to build huge pop opuses that seem to always have been lurking. He’s conquered this gentle softness that pervades his newer music, matched perfectly in this track by a female vocal foil. It’s great that he’s still writing love songs too, as that’s the key to a pop song winning over hearts, right? The Echo of Pleasure is just a few short weeks away (September 1st, digitally), so partake in the further maturation/rise of PoBPaH.

Stream the Ocean Party LP

I think anyone that was fortunate enough to catch the Ocean Party on tour this past Spring would agree that the band is a full-on tour de pop. Every member is a gifted songwriter, which allows for a great bit of diversity…both live and in the studio. They’ve just released Beauty Point, and I can only revel in the joy that you’ll get by spinning this LP on repeat all day. It’s filled with bouncing rhythms, synth stabs and vocal accompaniment in all the right places. Honestly, while I’ve loved the band forever, this might be their most complete record to date…not a single song misses its mark. It’s available now from Emotional Response (US) and Spunk Records (AUS).

Brand New Music from Brad Peterson

Brad Peterson earned huge successes back in the day, sharing the stage with the likes of Radiohead and Jeff Buckley. But, a spinal injury put a premature stop on his musical career…until now. He pushed through the pain, rehab and dark days to complete The Ellipsis Album, which will hit on September 22nd. Our first listen is this track, opening with a joyous burst of promise, then pulling back for Peterson to allow his hallowed vocals to soar atop the pounding rhythm. The recording of the album alone should be a testament to Brad’s undying strength, as he recorded all the instruments himself, persevering beyond the pain and internal woe. Really, this song’s a marvel, but we should rejoice in the spirit of music for bringing Brad back to us.

The Return of Seapony

Like many fans of dreamy indiepop, there are few things better than seeing one of the bands you adored spring back to life after announcing the end. Thanks to IPSML I was pointed to the fact that Seapony have quietly returned, with promise of the brand new Be Here Again EP to come in late August; it’s their first release since 2015 when they said they were calling it a day after releasing the vastly overlooked A Vision. I love this band so much I once booked them for one of our favorite SXSW gigs in a backyard on blacktop next to a chicken coop with a table full of Deep Eddy vodka…and to this day don’t ever think I’ll top that show. You enjoy the song. I’m just going to sit here grinning at my desk.

New Music from Redding Hunter

Redding Hunter aka Peter and the Wolf has long been a staple of ghostly folk music in Austin (and beyond…when he’s left town). He recently created the soundtrack to Long Nights Short Mornings, a film by Chadd Harold. I’m sharing this gem with you, which begins as many of Hunter’s early tracks do, with vocals popping up just over the light guitar strum. Eventually, through whistling and careful percussion the song picks up a slight pace, whilst still leaving that space for the vocals. There’s an emphatic burst of primality right at the track’s end. The full soundtrack will be released on August 22nd, but feel free to sample this tune below.

In Love with This Sam Evian Tune

In the late 90s, thanks to a few friends, my musical tastes gradually began to change. I fawned over tunes by the Glands, Beulah and Grandaddy…and for some reason Sam Evian‘s new single brings that period to mind. There’s this incredible craftsmanship, no doubt aided by his collaboration with Chris Cohen, but even with that, it still maintains this lighthearted quality that allows you to lose yourself completely, overtaken by a general pleasantness. It’s smooth pop, with hints of California sunshine; I think I could play this song all day long. Look for the collaborative EP with Chris Cohen to be released by Saddle Creek on October 6th.

Manalishies Sign with Soliti

Another week, another deserving band signs with Finland’s Soliti Music. Manalishies are the latest act to join the stable, and their sound seems to imply they’ll be bringing something new to the label. This track slowly opens with a brooding bit, like a dark psychedelic wave that the band is just waiting to unleash. However, they never fully jump off that cliff, instead pulling back to allow for a somewhat steady release of vocals; it gives off the affect of early BRMC (if anyone remembers them), bringing in a combination of subtle noise and a classic rock n’ roll vibe. The band’s in the studio wrapping up their debut EP, and I’m definitely interested to see where this is going.

New Playful Pop from Reptaliens

Am I the only one that sees Reptaliens mimicking Deerhoof? Well, if I am, that’s no matter, as I’m sure I’m not the only one enjoying this track. There’s the same playful sensibility in the song, especially during what we’d typically consider the verses. I like how that’s stretched and pulled back moderately, allowing for a more introspective vibe as the song gradually unfolds. Luckily for us all, this gem comes with the announcement of the band’s latest LP, FM-2030, slated for a release date on October 6th via Captured Tracks.

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