Unschooling Give Us More is More

If you’re missing Omni, or just really into Omni, you’ve got to get over here and listen to this new Unschooling EP, Random Acts of Total Control. Just take a listen to the opening tune “More is More” if you need convincing of how great the band is. They’ve got that same sort of frantic nature to their riffs, kind of angular and buoyant simultaneously. One thing I’ve really enjoyed about the French outfit is super apparent on this tune is how little they care for formulaic arty post-punk; they do dip far more than their toes into that proverbial water, but they also seek out the ability to destroy its patterns, exploding like a fireball, cutting through your headphones. The EP is out courtesy of Howlin Banana Records.

English Teacher Drop R&B Single

When you first press play on this English Teacher jam, you’re going to definitely here some likeness with recent pop acts like Dry Cleaning; the band employ the same sort of spoken word delivery coiled up in this anxiety ridden cavern of bobbing bass lines. Once you drop into that 1 minute mark, however, the song decides you’re in need of a good kick to the teeth; it rips through your speakers, shooting out distorted chords and rambunctious energy, like a train hurtling over a cliff…will we make it alive?! As calming as they being, the Leeds outfit are intent on destroying everything in their wake. Look for this tune as part of the Nice Swan Records Introduces Volume 1.

Baby Combat Share No Stranger Thing

I’ve really been enjoying the bobbing pop feels of Baby Combat and their latest single “No Stranger Thing,” an ode to the TV show. I’ll admit, that it moves in a bit slowly, almost as if the band are happy to sit back and let you come to them; it reminds me of Beulah at their very best, toying with us by luring us into their pop trappings. Here, Baby Combat erupts at the chorus with this really light-hearted pop twist that’s definitely undeniable, at least if you’re a sucker for all things pop. Plus, if you check the single version, it comes with a slew of remixes to see what other artists are thinking of the project.

Last Week in Music, Today

Everyone always be trying to wrap up the week with their “Week in Music,” but we’re a little lazier, plus we figured you wanted to slow start your Monday, so why not do it by checking out what we were jamming to last week. So, we’ve put all the singles, plus a few other things we were loving in the mix. That way, you can sit back and just enjoy a fun playlist…and if you weren’t in on it, jump back and see what we had to say. Or don’t. Either way, you can now start your day with this hip playlist. We kick it off with the latest from Los Esplifs, who drop their Estraik Back LP tomorrow for 4/20.

Hot Coppers Share Sunflower Seeds Single

You’ve likely heard Gareth Parton’s work before; he’s produced work by the Breeders, Foals, the Go Team and more. But, the pandemic gave Parton the time to fall back in love with songwriting, which benefits us all as he shares his debut single as Hot Coppers. I’m not sure what I’m more in love with, his velvety vocals or the way the song’s have been masterfully arranged. Give it a close listen and you’ll hear an array of sounds, all lifting the song’s melodic core to listeners waiting at the altars of pop music. This has that early Jeepster Records feel to it, if that’s your cup of tea. Look for the debut album later this year via Lost and Lonesome.

Colourmusic Announce Thank Goodness Hell Is Easy to Get Into

To be real honest, my friendship with Colourmusic members goes way way back, all the way into the late 90s, long before I ever considered dabbling in telling folks I cared about music. Through the years, they’ve added members, crafted brilliant noise, lost members, belted out sheer noise rock, and ultimately, refusing to succumb to the expectations of the indie rock cognoscenti. What I love about this new tune, coming with the album announcement, is that all their various influences and pasts seem to be colliding into one unique sound. The vocals have this cavernous feel, perfect for the sonic exploration that courses through the veins of the tune; you’ll hear this pulsating rhythm section bouncing and snapping to attention, but its buried beneath a wash of atmospherics. It’s great to know where they’ve been and to see the steps that led to this current recipe; they’ll release their new record Thank Goodness Hell is Easy to Get Into later this year!

Methyl Ethel Brings Another Hit

Our Western Australian friend Jake Webb, and his musical project known as Methyl Ethel, has been praised many times on these here pages of ATH over the years. We are typically not much into straight pop music so we’ve always been down for the more alt-pop approach coming from the recordings of Webb. After the criminally underrated Hurts to Laugh EP from last year, Webb is back with this new banging single called “Neon Cheap”. This might be one of the most danceable tracks we’ve ever heard from Methyl Ethel and once again offers some incredible pop music for the more alternative/indie listeners. This should be on your weekend playlist.

Moon Rituals Release Aura/Painting a Bird Single

Melbourne seems like a good place to hang out today, with a new band in Robot Fox we hit up with a bit ago, and now we’ve got the release of Moon Rituals latest 7″. Those hip to the scene likely already heard folks raving about “Aura,” which was much deserved, but today I figured we’d point you that way, as now you get a chance to get to hear the B-side “Painting a Bird” as well! Sarah’s voice has this playfulness that feels like the budding of leaves on trees, an awakening to Spring; she gets help on the instrumentation from Mikey Young and Shaun Gionis who fill the space between her voice with these tiny notes, or so it seems; they tiptoe around, careful as to not impose themselves on Sarah’s world. Stream the whole 7″ below.

John Andrews and the Yawns Share River of Doubt

I’m really enjoying the latest stuff from John Andrews & the Yawns; there’s something about his songwriting this go round that just feels so timeless and comforting, like he’s running on a relay team and he just grabbed the baton from M. Ward. It’s the sort of pop music you can share with a friend, or talk about with your grandfather over a cup of coffee…or maybe its the background to telling a great story. That seems to be the route Andrews went with the video, compiling footage of both his life on the road and his life in New Hampshire, celebrating both the contrasts and the harmony; it’s an homage to his friends, and perhaps a reminder of what a lasting impression a musical community can make. The band release Cookbook on May 14th via Woodsist.

Introducing Robot Fox + Announcing Sham Rage

It’s time we introduce you to the world of Robot Fox, a brand new outfit from Melbourne featuring members of Crepes, Cool Sounds and other local acts. Listening through the band’s debut single from their Sham Rage LP, this is how psychedelic pop music should be made. Full stop. In the first few moments, you’re seduced by this meditative guitar that seems to sedate the listener, like sinking into your chair and drifting away on some LSD trip. When Pierce Morton enters the fray, his lackadaisical delivery feels like a mantra, like a calling out from the beyond; you’ll hear an increased musical element shimmering, along with some backing vocals. I love how they let the song breathe too, allowing the listener to bathe themselves in the sound. Throw in a little jazzy breakdown that comes out with this sky ripping guitar solo and you’ll be totally in love with the band’s sound. Their debut is Sham Rage, and its out on April 30th via Osborne Again!

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