The Shivas Never Fail

Man it’s always nice when a band you can rely on for quality, no frills rock music puts out new music right before the weekend. Today on of our old favorites The Shivas are dropping said rock tune with this new track “Gloria”. As we’ve come to expect from the band, the track features a great psych rock themed, droning rock number with great guitars and reverb. This band continues to be one of those that everyone should have heard about by now.

The Shivas will release new album Dark Thoughts on October 25th via Tender Loving Empire.

Surf Curse Shares Hour of the Wolf

It’s really hard not to fall in love with Surf Curse; they haven’t really dropped a bad note since they’ve burst onto the larger scene this year (they haven’t really set a foot wrong, period). Their latest single, as the video would hint, has this natural brooding to it; it’s both ominous and dreamy, with notes occasionally cascading off through the tune that allow for the flare of artistry. What really gets me is the faint quiver in the vocals; it’s both fragile and intimate, giving us the briefest glimpse into the soul of the duo. Their debut album Heaven Surrounds You is out on September 13th via Danger Collective, and if there was a band I was wishing success upon, its this bunch.

Rose Dorn Share Collar

I’ve been careful with Rose Dorn up until now, not quite sure if I would buy into the hype surrounding the super-young LA act; you can’t fall for everything from a town of smoke and mirrors. That said, some songs are just great songs, like their latest single “Collar.” This is sort of a downtrodden number, mood wise, but I was first struck by the layering of the vocals at the very beginning of the song; there’s something about it that’s both youthful and sort of ghostly, like it will haunt you forever. That is especially true when the chorus drops in and the band let the chords take a little more power on and build in the male backing vocals. Ultimately, they’re crafting these beautiful pop nuggets that seem so effortless, which is perhaps even more impressive considering singer Scarlet just graduated high school. They’ll drop their debut Days You Were Leaving via Bar None Records on August 23rd.

Bodega Return with Shiny New Model

When Bodega dropped their debut LP last year, it seemed, to me at least, like a refreshed version of early Parquet Courts; Ben Hozie had a similar delivery to the aforementioned, with the band walking the line between art/postpunk. Now here we are with the announcement of a fresh new EP, and at times, a fresh new sound. Ben still has that matter-of-fact lyrical delivery, though he seems to have softened the notes on the ends, stretching them into song. Guitars still have this sharp fuzziness, but there’s textured layers built in, supporting the band with this underlying pop sensibility. The brief instrumental starting right before the 1:30 mark might be some of the best bits the band have crafted to date; it’s clear they’ve really grown their sound, and I can’t turn this song off. It’ll appear on a new 8 song Shiny New Model EP, out on October 11th via some label called What’s Your Rupture.

Poppongene is Eternally Alone

Man, it’s only going to take a you a few seconds before you’re totally hooked on this brand new track from Poppongene. It opens with this seductive bounce that has you tapping your toes and bobbing your head, at least if you’re like me sitting at a desk this morning. Then, as the vocals come in, you can see some nice comparisons to like-minded Aussie, Stella Donnelly; the lyrics also share a similar sense of wit. This track’s all about falling for someone, of course, only when time allows for it. Had a lot of solid Australian hits up this week already, but this might just be my favorite? Try it on, will you? She’ll have a new EP coming out later this year!

Strange Mother Share New Single

Austin’s Strange Mother have been bopping around for a hot minute, and now we get a glimpse at what’s to come with the band’s latest single, a hint at their forthcoming LP. This short number has these jazzy guitar lines played with indie fashion, while singer Cameron offers up these inter-galactic vocals…which ties into the song’s thematic elements; it sort of feels like he’s composing transmissions to outer space…and if that’s the case then we can totally get behind that vibe! We’re told that Broken Mirror is just around the corner, but if you’re looking for something out of this world, start by checking in on Non Descript Schizo Homo, the last LP…then get ready for this next one!

Listen to Longriver’s Wasting Time

David Longoria has been a longtime fixture in the Austin music scene, so it makes sense that his new project Longriver features folks such as Thor Harris, Sarah La Puerta and Lindsey Verill. This song’s a nice stripped down ballad, but what struck me was the fragility in Longoria’s voice; it’s almost as if it’s accented by the strum of each string, plucked to match his changes in pitch. I like the quieter close of the song too, as if David’s resigned himself to the concept of just ‘wasting time’ writing this song. Trust me, though; he’s not wasting our time; you can grab his debut album, Of Seasons, on September 6th from Hullabaloo Records.

Seazoo Share Throw It Up

We were really fortunate to have Seazoo play for us this past year at our last-minute SXSW party; we were treated to an energetic pop set that was equal parts entertaining and catchy. The band just returned with this fresh single, an early hint at what’s to come from their sophomore LP (which should be out early next year). At first you’ll want to give the whole of this number to the guitars and the vocals; they offer the most obvious hook for a listener. But, what I loved about the band, which is apparent here, are the extra little layers; there’s some nice keyboard/synth marks within this number, backing vocals come in at just the right places and the rhythm section might just be the best part! What I’m meaning to say is that this group is a whole lot of fun, and they’ve got the songs to match! If you haven’t already, please go check out Trunks, while we wait for their next LP!

Slick New Track From SWOLL

SWOLL is a Baltimore based electronic project featuring Matt Dowling (vocals), Ben Schurr (bass), Erik Sleight (baritone guitar), and Zak Forrest (lights). Having already released a critically acclaimed debut self-titled album, the band now has plans to release a new LP of material entitled Unwound. Of course a new single comes along with this album announcement and you can check it out below. Immediately this new single, and title track from the record, has drawn me in with a slick ass beat and some vocals unique and weird enough to stand out on the song. Could be a little bit Animal Collective with a little bit of the chiller side of Painted Palms as well. It’s a nice.

SWOLL will release new album Unwound on September 27th via Blight Records. Pre-order now.

Amy O Shares “Planet Blue”

Amy O, out of Bloomington, Indiana, is making the kind of pop tunes that brighten the day. Her honeyed vocals combined with some gritty guitars turn out to be the perfect juxtaposition for a bubbly pop gem. As Amy Oelsner explains, “Planet Blue” is “about recognizing and appreciating the luxury of having space to grieve and feel hard feelings…And how light, silly feelings can sometimes coexist with depression,” which I’ve found is mirrored in the sonic structure of this track. You get the dark and distorted guitars during the chorus and Amy’s light, whimsical vocals to balance it all out. This track is taken from Amy O’s upcoming LP, Shell, which will be out on October 25 via Winspearpreorder it here.

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