Repo Fam Announce New 7″ EP

Repo Fam will be dropping a new 7″ EP next week, so we wanted to whet your appetite with just a few quick little ditties that might capture your attention. For starters, the two tracks couldn’t be more juxtaposed, illustrating the diverse brand of rock n’ roll the group bring to the table. On “Psycho Bombs” you get more of that anti-pop meets garage rock, utilizing slowed jagged guitars and steady drumming bombast. But, “Whipped Cream” flips things over and gives you this scuzzy noise fest, though the band still manage to capture some of hint of melodic format as they push forth. Both these jams appear on the Whipped Cream 7″ EP, out next week via our friends in Gentle Reminder Records.

Me Rex Announces Stegosaurus EP

If you’re one of those folks that really enjoyed We Were Promised Jetpacks, you’re going to really enjoy listening to Me Rex, to a certain degree. It has that same sort of distinctive feel to it, though I’ll admit there’s a little more restraint in what Myles McCabe is doing here, holding back from those blasting choruses. I think therein lies his success on this song, as it allows a bit more intimacy between songwriter and listener, perhaps owing to the personal sentiment in the lyrical content. This track comes with the announcement of the new Stegosaurus EP, which drops November 27th via Big Scary Monsters.

Lunchbox Share Over Way Too Soon Video

In less than two weeks, Lunchbox will be dropping After School Special, their enchanting new LP. But, in listening to this brand new single, I think the world over is going to have some strong feelings to the track’s thematic message; it’s set “against the backdrop of the ever-changing Oakland cityscape,” with a friendly ghost frolicking about town to emphasize that all the things we love and hold dear, “nothing can ever stay the same.” Of course, two decades of pop from Tim and Donna definitely feel familiar, giving off a sense of comfort amidst the harrowing theme. I love how the horns sort of burst through those jangling guitar stabs and push the pop envelope just a bit more. There’s no such thing as too much pop! After School Special will be out on October 30th via Slumberland Records/Lost Sound Tapes.

Time for Dreams Drop New Conflict Dream Video

Our friends over at It Records some good jams coming your way, so we’re back this week with a spotlight on Time for Dreams, who will have a new LP coming out in early 2021 via the label. On their latest single, they have this sort of new age anti-pop feel to it; its clearly a pop song, but the beats are subdued, almost there as a place holder. But, Amanda Roff’s voice is like finding a sparkling crystal buried in the wall of a some dark cavern, just faintly sparkling and hopping around the 1:31 mark; you sort of have to dust off that crystal to reveal the inherent pop nature of the track, but do so and you’ll be supremely rewarded. Life of the Inhabitant will be out early next year!

Did You Miss Julie Et Joe’s Debut LP?

On our end, things are a little slow, at least as far as new jams I’m enjoying, so I went back a week or so to cull some releases I may have accidentally forgotten to inform you about, like the debut from Julie Et Joe. This Marelle LP is the first of the collaboration, featuring Joe Moore (the Yearning) and Julie Big (Le Superhomard), creating some joyous pop bits you’ll all enjoy. Upbeat numbers like “Baskets Fluourescentes” will surely have you bouncing in your home office char, while the title track “Marelle” is a much more thoughtful piece of delicate pop. Just thought some of you might want to try this on for size; the album is out now via Elefant Records.

Pleased to Meet You: Bergman Beach

Okay, so let’s just put this out there…we’ve actually met the members of Bergman Beach many a time…as the group features members of Templo X and Shivery Shakes (both ATH Record alumnae). But, please don’t let those two bands influence your expectations, as the new project is said to envision “what the Beach Boys would sound like if they were from Nashville.” For me, it kind of recalls some of the latter Conor Oberst records where’s he culling from the rich history of Americana, much like this group does…though they’ve added in a nice backing vocal to give the song a melodic balance we hope you enjoy. Let’s hope we’ve get more from the group going forward!

The Legends Share Oh Well I Never Learn

Johan Angergard’s project, The Legends, will pop up its head from time to time, and due to his work with Club 8 (among other things), I’m always listening here. The latest release just dropped, dripping with this seductively warped electronic line that works subtly in unison with this minimal drum loop. Johan’s voice definitely helps add the melody, ensuring that we’re sufficiently up to par on our sugar tasting for the day. Love starting off with this tune, as it just has this effortless cool, but also as it seemingly slinks you into the working week.

Duncan Fellows Release the Sadlands LP

I’m a sucker for really great pop songwriting, particularly when its crafted inside Travis County lines, which is the case for Duncan Fellows, who release the Sadlands today. The record is filled with these swelling moments that burst into euphoria, like the soft lead on “Like I Used To.” You also just get these little classic pop rock moments where the vocals stretch for these high notes, only to crash down with joyous guitars like we get on “Swallowing Grains.” But, maybe your bag is that slow burning pop vibe, which you’ll find on “Best I Can,” shimmering its dreamy way right into your heart. All in all, if you just want a record that makes you feel good, spend some time with this LP today.

Dead Katz Share Dance of the Dead

I love when discordant guitar sounds seem to chime out in the perfect way, coming across as melodic in a sense; that’s the feeling I got from this new Dead Katz tune here. Those guitars are jagged and sharp in the mix, but they get the balance from those smoke-like vocals, billowing all the way across the tune as the volume reverberates in your ear. I love the tempo slow mid-track, drawing the listener back in with the faintest hint of respite from the noise. If you’re a fan of the steady blend of pop and noise, then look no further; the band will release Dozens in Idaho via Z Tapes on October 27th.

David Nance Shares My Love, the Dark and I

On his fifth proper album, songwriter David Nance went back and reworked the songs from Staunch Honey a handful of times to get the sound just perfect. From what we’ve read, he’s sort of peeled back the expansive sound we found on his last outing, Peaced and Slightly Puverized. But, if you thought dialing things back meant he couldn’t still deliver a powerful statement, you need to listen to his latest single. Fuzz rattles the speakers, riffs echo in the distance and his voice sounds like he’s got one last incredible performance to give; it’s as passionate as we’ve heard him. Beneath it all are the careful nuanced guitar chords, snaking beneath the suffocating heaviness blasting out the front of the mix. Friday’s are for jams, and this definitely fits into that category. Look for Staunch Honey on November 13th via Trouble in Mind Records.


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