Spanish Indiepop from El Palacio de Linares

El Palacio de Linares already have me in their corner, but I’m diving full in on the band’s forthcoming effort, Largos Agotadores. Once their latest single starts, there’s a quick verse before we’re thrust forward in these upbeat twanging guitar lines and precision percussion. As the song moves, I’m repeatedly charmed by the band’s combination of male/female vocals; it completely captures that emotional appeal that so often makes music timeless in its presentation. And, just because they like to toy with your emotions, the band pull back momentarily to work the vocal atop a lightly strummed guitar, just before bounding off happily. The group’s new effort will drop on January 31st via Pretty Olivia Records.

Brand New Business of Dreams

A lot of folks following musicians and blogs definitely have people that they adore, people that are untouchable in a sense; Corey Cunningham is one such person for me, be it in Terry Malts or, in the case of this post, Business of Dreams. On the latest single, the bass line opens heavy and pulsing, the lifeblood of the tune. It unfolds to build in driving synth work, as well as other electronic sparkles in the background. All the while, there’s Cunningham, sitting carefully in the mix, careful to hold the song’s lofty pop sensibility intact. It almost feels like something in the vein of Blank Dogs, but if it was crafted with sunshine in mind; there’s a natural vibrancy to this one. You will find this tune on Ripe for Anarchy, the new album out on Slumberland Records on February 1st.


Stella Donnelly Announces Debut

If there’s one thing last year’s SXSW showed us it was that Stella Donnelly has a bright career in front of her. She could hold a room on her own with her presence, but more important was her biting wit. She’s not afraid to call people out in song, but she doesn’t do it in a fashion one would find laborious. In her first single from her debut, she’s calling out men and their inappropriate behavior; I appreciate how she approaches her views through a certain pop sensibility, stuck in your head all day and forcing you to listen to what she has to say. Beware of the Dogs will be out on March 8th via Secretly Canadian.

New Music from Mope City

Don’t let that sludgy guitar deter you from finding the pop nuggets lurking in this brand new track from Aussie outfit, Mope City. I love the mellow pace of this track, letting you sink into your chair as it takes over while Matthew and Amaya trade vocals with one another; it reminds me of the cute moments in a Moldy Peaches song, though much much cooler. But, just as I was comfortable, the band blast forth with a forceful moment of rock n’ roll, making me jump out of my chair. Haven’t heard anyone execute the quietLoudquiet routine this perfectly in quite some time. The group will be releasing their new album, New from Home, on January 18th via Tenth Court Records.

Seductive Pop from Pavo Pavo

Pavo Pavo are just a few short weeks away from their sophomore release, but I’m surprised more people aren’t clamoring and fawning over the group. The opening is rather playful, feathered vocals hanging behind finger snaps, light percussion and a thump. While that in and of itself has me head over heels for the song, there’s this angelic bliss that gets churned just after the 1 minute mark, right before fading away into a propulsive groove that rides the song to its close. And, then there’s string arrangements too! Seriously, why isn’t everyone in love with this!? Mystery Hour drops on January 25th via Bella Union!

Dreamy Pop From Sea Cycles

After a somewhat down year in 2018 for music, I’m moving into 2019 with the hopes of finding some inspiration via new bands and tunes. Today I look no further than Jacksonville, FL based band Sea Cycles and their new single entitled “Quota”. It’s as if a band like Choir of Young Believers took their mellow pop and meshed with with the striking beats of a band like Grizzly Bear. Here’s to a new year, and new music.

New Music from Sharon Van Etten

Sharon Van Etten is poised for great things in 2019, at least if you read all the cool blogs and what not. I’ve always enjoyed her work, but I’m admittedly on the fence with the new sound. Her voice has always had this emotional sprawl and surprising range, but that’s always been draped over some great guitar work. This time around, the vocals have the same power, but there’s less guitar and more prominent electronics. It still pulls at your emotions, and Van Etten can still draw you in on her voice alone, but, I just am not connecting like I once did. But, who am I to say…make your own choices. You can do that when Remind Me Tomorrow drops on January 18th via Jagjaguwar.

Revisiting Fog Lake’s Carousel EP

I’ve definitely been way into Fog Lake, but somehow the Carousel EP slipped past me during peak list season. But, over the break, perhaps this was the one piece of music I kept returning to time and time again. There’s something nostalgic in the work of Aaron Powell, as if we’re looking back on the classic sound of the 50s. But, rather than just make it a revisiting project, he’s adapted his own sound, quieting his voice, muddying the mix just a bit, leaving you with more of an homage to the past. I’m in love with every song on this EP, and I reckon you will be too. It’s listed as NYP, but remember, tip your favorite bands!

Upbeat Ballad from Kirsten Peckham

As most blogs and sites get back to work today, there’s only one song, at least that’s come my way, that will lift your spirits; it’s this delightful new tune from Kirsten Peckham. The instrumentation instantly creates this healthy bounce, from the jagged guitar lines dancing around strummed ukulele and a rolling back beat…I dare you not to tap your toes. Peckham has this smoky voice that rides throughout the tune, but I’ve found myself captivated by the way it rises and falls around various notes…not to mention the very soft backing vocal just beneath the mix. You’ll find this charming number on Kirsten’s new album, KP Time!, which is being released on January 25th via Crush Grove Records.

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