Seabirds Share Gentle New Ballad

I hadn’t thought of Seabirds in some time, and in fact, they seem like a sort of indiepop anomaly to me. They had a great 7″ for Matinee Recordings, then just disappeared from the face of the Earth, other than a soundcloud page that had been mostly dormant until the other night. Sure, this wasn’t the bounding pop I remembered them for, but it was still a striking little number with barely more than guitar and voice. Today felt like a sort of mellow one, so I figured why not share this delightful ballad in case any of you fawned over the band like I did.

Say Hello To Sigmund Fraust

On a gloomy Wednesday morning, I hope you will help me in welcoming new Berlin based artist Sigmund Fraust and his bright brand of indie rock music. Recorded at his home in Germany, one can’t help but be impressed with the production quality and overall full sound of a song like “A Verdant Fancy”. It brings to mind elements of surfy, hazy rock music similar to a band like Surf City with some shinier and brighter elements of more modern indie rock. If you’re enjoying this one, I suggest you check out more from Sigmund on his bandcamp page.

H. Moon Shares Trustblood

We’ve been following the work of Philip Ekstrom since the earliest days of this blog, though at the time, that was with his band the Mary Onettes; today he brings us another tune from his solo work under the H. Moon moniker. Our first listen definitely recalls some of the emotional effects that resonate with Mary Onettes fans; it’s like you peel away the haziness that coated that and reveal this shinier pop version of Ekstrom’s songwriting. There’s all this negative space too hanging about, kind of building that cavernous feel that lets you fall deep into the context of the song, floating endlessly in the subtle textures. Trustblood will be out on May 22nd.

Katie Von Schleicher Shares Brutality

Katie Von Schleicher drops her new album Consummation next Friday, and as we hear another single today, it seems the songwriter has honed her craft into one of shape-shifting prowess. Her last single “Wheel” was this almost buoyant pop ditty, kicking its heels up and having a ball. But, with “Brutality” you get a more thought-provoking slow mover with Katie’s voice draped over a minimal beat and occasional guitar line. As a fan of 10 second pop nuggets, I think you can’t go wrong just check in at the track just before the 1 minute (and again at 1:52) mark, hitting the chorus highlights…worth its weigh in gold I dare say! Consummation is out on May 22nd via Ba Da Bing.

Album Stream: One on One by Fantasy Suite

I reckon that Missoula, Montana isn’t on every one’s list of music hotbeds, but Anything Bagel Records has been pretty great at supporting the scene; they’re keep that push going with their latest release, the new LP from Fantasy Suite, One on One. The band is led by husband and wife duo Zoe and Lukas Phelan; they’re brandishing an affinity for classic country twang all mixed up with a little bit of that quirky pop you might have found around Athens. “False Reality” kicks things into gear with this sort of jingling guitar that opens up for a steady strum and Lukas’ vocals; I like this as the starter as there are some playful elements poking out that really set the scene for the whole LP. Zoe gets to take the lead on the following “Basketball,” which introduces a bit more of the band’s country ethos. It’s her next performance in “#1” that really won me over, bringing in a slow churning dreamier element with her vocals…you can hear just the faintest fragility in her voice too, creating that perfect intimacy between listener and performer. They mix in a slightly different vibe later on with “Take Time,” which might be the most traditional indie rock song, but the album’s latter half has a couple of numbers that recall the best of Beat Happening: you should listen to “Inside the Ring” and “Full Kitchen” to catch my drift there. From start to finish, One on One is endearing and diverse, guaranteeing you’ll have plenty to adore here; the album is out this Friday and you can grab it HERE!

The Beths Share I’m Not Getting Excited

It’s going to be really tough to follow up Future Me Hates Me, but the Beths are sure aiming to top their debut with what we’re hearing from Jump Rope Gazers, their follow-up. Their latest single comes with a rad stop-motion video organized by Sports Team, and adds a personal touch to the album. Singer Elizabeth Stokes says the song alludes to her own fears that even though things get exciting, she’s always waiting around for the proverbial ball to drop and things to get shitty. Oddly enough, that feelings seems rather pertinent as we all face down whatever the hell comes next. All I can say is that at least we’ll have another great pop rock tune to sing-along to when this new LP drops via Carpark on July 10th.

Bright Number From Ryan Laetari

As I’ve said previously, one of my few joys in this whole stay at home thing has been the wealth of new music coming out with musicians occupying their time at home. One such bit of new music is from Wichita based artist Ryan Laetari and his new single called “I Don’t Need You”. Within the song you’ll find some nice driving bass sounds mixed in nicely with a bright synth and gently plucked electronic guitar. I think you’ll find lots to enjoy here.

Dehd Announce Flower of Devotion

I feel like Water was one of those albums that was vastly overlooked by folks, but I keep coming back to various songs and the record as a whole; I love longevity in a record, so take that for what its worth. Today, Dehd announce their brand new album, Flower of Devotion, and do so with a short film that accompanies the lead single, “Loner”. The band wanted to maintain their minimalist approach to song craft, though they admit to smoothing out some of their rougher edges in the new songs. Still, Jason Balla’s guitar lines still have that dreamy angular fascination with the world, whilst Emily Kempf’s distinctive voice dominates the performance on this tune…her range seems to know no bounds. I for one am all on board with those poppier edges! The new LP will be out on Fire Talk on July 17th!

Sorry I Missed This: The Bell Streets

Amidst all the global pandemic hoopla, it’s allowed that something truly great gets to slide by my ears, like the debut album from the Bell Streets. The band features Josh from Sugargliders/Steinbecks fame and Nick Batterham, for those of you falling the breadcrumbs of great indiepop stuffs. Opener “Brooklyn” is definitely one of the immediate highlights, offering a bouncy pop feel with ringing guitars and pure pop vocals. You’ll also find songs that are more contemplative in nature, though as rewarding, such as the slow burn of “Crying Inside” or “About to Find Out.” There’s a great amount of diversity within, so I highly suggest you check out Monument today!

Have a Nice Weekend + Cut Copy

What’s a weekend? Is it Blursday yet? As we try to reopen, we must also try to be safe.

Cut Copy provides a beautiful slow jam to ease into whatever evening you think it is and remind you that “Love Is All We Share”.

“It was written a year ago about the anxieties of imagined future times, as technology becomes more all-consuming. But in light of recent events, the song took on an eerie significance. Now, with our immediate future uncertain and people the world over self-isolating, love more than ever, feels like one of the best things we can share. – Cut Copy”

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