Welcome The Slow Painters

The Slow Painters are a four piece band out of Oslo who create their very own brand of indie rock, sprinkled with hints of Americana and folk. My first introduction to the band came by way of this impressive new single called “Egon”. It is a tightly wound bit of indie music, exploring avenues of foot stomping folk music and chant worthy epics. Though the band is new to me, and likely you, I expect to be hearing more from them in the future after my favorite single of the week.

The Slow Painters will release their debut, self-titled LP on August 28th via KeepSecret Records.

Gold Star Gold Star Share If You Only Knew

Gold Star Gold Star is made up of two Adams, perhaps each carrying their own Gold Star. They began their musical friendship over a Beatles bond, carrying on from there to from Jungle Green…and now this current project. While at a certain point, any band can name drop the Beatles, it’s fair to say their current songwriting definitely harkens to that era of pop songwriting. That said, I do also hear a bit more of a doo-wop/crooner influence on this single, which is one of the reasons I love it so much. They manage to sort of switch gears casually and coyly in this song, which makes is supremely refreshing, especially for those of us with a nostalgic bent. Their debut, Introducing…Gold Star Gold Star, will be out later this year!

Immigrant Union Share Solider Field

Sure, Immigrant Union probably gets a lot of Courtney Barnett hype considering her meteoric rise the last few years, but it’s always been the project of Brent DeBoer, who might be better known as a member of Dandy Warhols. All the Hollywood gossip aside, you’ve got to listen to this crazy beautiful track today! It reminds me of something Jason Quever of Papercuts might do; it has this sly psychedelic backbone, but it’s wrapped in all these beautiful little nuggets of pure pop and atmospheric haze that truly does move you with its sweeping arrangement. Honestly, this should be the only track you fall in love with today; you’ll need nothing else. It appears on the band’s forthcoming Judas record, which drops later this year via Cheersquad Records & Tapes.

Paddlefish Share Small Song

Another one of those delightful tunes that’s been bouncing around my head the last few days finally gets its deserved day in the sun! Paddlefish just recently dropped “Small Song” in anticipation of their new Flyer LP, which based on this tune should be something really special. This is definitely the sort of indie rock that should be all the rage, at least to me; there’s this earnestness in the craft that sort of drives the energy of this track, though it still holds onto this sort of bedroom pop ethos. I love how Owen Misterovich hangs on some of the vocal notes, drawing them out to sink their emotional hooks inside you. Definitely a lot of quality in this number. Flyer is out on June 19th.

New Stuff from Robert Sotelo

I’m still catching up from last week’s releases that I either missed or accidentally ignored amidst all the fun of Bandcamp’s waived-fee Friday, like this new stuff from Robert Sotelo. It’s the recording project of Andrew Doig, who we’ve covered before with his Infinite Sprawling LP for Upset the Rhythm. This two song single came out Friday, and I’m absolutely in love with it; it’s these synth driven pop songs, crafted so uniquely that while I can hear lineage, I can’t recall anything current that really sounds like this. I was initially drawn to “Dear Resident” from the beginning of my listen, but on repeat runs through, “Operate Now” might be my favorite of these two tracks. It has this sneaky little directional change around the 1:40 minute mark that totally made me fall in love. Please spend some time with these tracks, out now via Permanent Slump. Oh…and if you click to go to the Bancamp page, there’s two great videos to accompany each track.

Love Sport Share Giant Hoof Video

This week’s been a real struggle; I feel like it has to be Saturday, yet its Thursday? Whatever, I need to rock this day into gear, so I’ll turn us all towards this new Love Sport jam. It instantly feels like you’re out of control, as discordant guitar lines feel like they’re hurtling towards disaster. Then another guitar line comes in to settle things down, drive the song forward with intensity and purpose. Still, the vocals feel like they’re harnessing the band’s wild side, especially when the vocals get their backing reinforcement, often done in a euphoric howl. They’ll be releasing their excellent new And Justice for All LP on May 22nd via Soliti Music.

Gum Country Share Another Jam

Honestly, I was just checking in on Gum Country this morning, wondering if another single had slipped by me. But, I was lucky, as I hadn’t missed a thing, though I had no idea this gem was coming my way. I love the pulsing energy from the guitars, pushing the pace with that steady rhythm in the background. The perfect blanket of fuzzy distortion wraps itself around the core of the song, not to mention the hazy bubble on the vocals; this is exactly what guitar pop music should sound like if you ask me. Don’t be afraid to listen for that slight little pop sensibility gurgling beneath the surface; put your head closer to the speaker if you need to! Somewhere will be out on June 19th!

The Berries Do It Again

Matt Berry and his Seattle based project known as, The Berries, released one of my favorite albums last year, Berryland. Since then, I’ve been totally hooked and eagerly awaiting more music to consume from the talented multi-instrumentalist. Well today we’re lucky to enjoy this new one off single called “Ancient Steel”, planned as part of an ongoing single series throughout the year. Reserving any superlatives or adjectives to promote the song, I will simply tell you that it’s time for you to check out this band. Do it now!

You can also support The Berries by purchasing their last album, or other merch on the Run For Cover website.

Mamalarky Share How to Say Video

If your first introduction to LA’s Mamalarky was the riotous single “Fury” back in January, you might be surprised by their latest single, as it offers up a different view of the group…though one that’s always been part of their sound. This short number uses some of the same sharp guitar sounds ringing out, though they’re crafted in a jazzier progression, similar to what we’ve come to expect from bands like Dirty Projectors. Livvy’s vocal control is incredible, going for playful to soulful to angelic, all in the span of a few moments. The video is fun and spirited, starring Livvy herself using whatever she can for al little bit of classic air guitar work.

The Dears Share Latest Single

Okay, so this track’s probably a few days old by now, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t throw some support behind one of my favorite voices in indie rock, Murray Lightburn. On this new jam from the Dears, I definitely feel the power in his voice drawing me in, balancing his baritone with those rises to a higher note, matched by the softness of Natalia’s voice in all the right places. And, like much of their previous work, they use lush arrangements to add depth to every note, layering it on top of Murray’s acoustic guitar and Natalia’s piano lines; they still craft this orchestral rock magic that I’m drawn to nearly 20 years after I first heard them play. The band release their new record Lovers Rock next week!

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