Gothic Psych From The Well

Austin’s The Well have been at the game of 70s doom psych for a long time, but they’ve just dropped a new single, “Death and Consolation,” that shows a slight change direction for the trio. This new track is a trip into less of the jam band genre and more into the tighter knit gothic realm, a-la The Cure or Joy Division. While the song begins in the typical hazy-trance-like state, I’m most interested in the change up at the end of the track, at roughly the three minute mark, when you get an eerie, haunting build of vocals in the background while the guitar part is going wild. A lovely slice of gothic psych, “Death and Consolation” offers a taste of what’s to come on the band’s upcoming LP by the same title, which will be out April 26 via Riding Easy Records. Pre-order it here.


bdrmm Bring You Synthy Dream Pop

bdrmm are a shoe gaze group based out of Hull, making, well, bedroom pop tracks for your dreams. They’ve just put out a new single called “Heaven,” which is below for your listening pleasure. From the moment the twangy guitars enter your ears, you just know that something special is brewing. Then you get those twee synths that smother the whole song in a layer of light, new wave funk. The vocals are soft and warm, balancing out the twang of the instrumentals almost as much as the ever-humming bass line does. Take a listen below and fall in deep with bdrmm.



Hash Redactor Announces Debut

You’d expect nothing short of the sound below if you found out that members of Ex-Cult and NOTS formed a new band named Hash Redactor. There’s this heavy post-punk, consistently being spliced into pieces by jagged guitar chords as the matter-of-fact vocal delivery serves to steady the ship. We get to hang out here, in an anxious state, which only grows around the 2 minute mark as the song gets more frantic, more discordant, rushing listeners to the song’s end. Drecksound, the band’s debut album, will be released by Goner Records on April 26th.

Bad Sports Share New Video, Playing Hotel Vegas on March 27

Bad Sports have dropped a new video for the track, “Don’t Deserve Love,” off their recent Dirtnap Records LP,Constant Stimuation.The video shows a drunken night for a sad bastard kind of character that aptly fits the title of the video and, naturally, the anthem of the song. It’s a punk ripper with a catchy chorus that you’ll be singing along to in no time. I will warn fellow Austinites– this video may feel all too familiar to you or remind you of someone you know or maybe last night out on 12th Street (hopefully not).

Bad Sports are kicking off a good sized US tour with a night at Hotel Vegas on March 27, you know, after that SXSW thing is done.


Charming Pop Tune from Flying Fish Cove

Seattle’s Flying Fish Cove first popped up on my radar with their excellent EP for Jigsaw Records in 2018; they’ve recently announced the follow-up, and today we have another poppy gem to indulge your sweet tooth. Keys and jangling guitars kick things off, you’ll be bouncing in a matter of minutes; those opening 30 seconds remind me of a “Boys Don’t Cry” era Cure, but in the end the song fits with other great acts like Jetstream Pony. In a year when indiepop has been few and far between, this is definitely shaping up to be a must have release; look for At Moonset to drop April 5th via Help Yourself Records.

Field Medic Shares Used 2 Be a Romantic

There’s something about Field Medic that seems so familiar, like a friend playing me his story as we drink beers in apartment. That’s the sort of singer-songwriter vibe I always appreciate; it’s the personal, the empathy from shared experiences that makes you long for days gone long ago. The sound is pretty bare bones, mostly with strummed guitar and some lush arrangement; reminds me of Limbeck (did I just date myself?). Oh, and be sure to stick around for the last line; it’s an important one coming into SXSW…and any other time of the year. Fade into the Dawn comes out on April 19th via Run for Cover Records.

Please to Meet You Sweet Whirl

A great deal of my childhood was spent listening to my father’s folk collection, and perhaps that, more than any other memory, will be our legacy. I mention this as Esther Edquist aka Sweet Whirl seems steeped in the rich history of folk music; her powerful voice has this faint quiver in it, something that reminds me of Harris or Baez. The track’s arrangement definitely aid to the songs depth, though those bits seem careful to stay out of the way when necessary. It’s a striking voice, and, for me, a striking introduction to the newest Australian export to land on Chapter Music; the label will release Love Songs & Poetry on May 3rd.

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