Stream the Umpteenth LP from Onesie

Listening through the entirety of Onesie has made me feel comfortable and safe; it’s like a warm blanket of nostalgia wrapped tightly around my ears. Umpteenth is as scatter-brained as Leos Consume, their last LP, but you can easily follow the power-pop bread crumbs from the get-go. Opener “Ten Times Tinnitus” has hints of that Big Star sound, though as it carries on, it also starts to lend itself over to Jets to Brazil territory, which inevitably sets you up for the more Jawbreaker-ish follow-up track “Customers;” this one’s slightly heavier on the riffs, but still adheres to pop sensibility. Skipping down to ”
Would You Be My Goon,” you get a glimpse of the landscape created by acts like Teenage Fanclub, with riffs muted slightly in favor of layered vocal harmonies. And, all that diversity comes before the band hit the sweet spot with “Awards Show” in the album’s latter half…it’s the pop rock number you didn’t know you needed. All this is just to say you could feel good too; you too can smile while you rock, but you can only do so by picking up Umpteenth, the new LP from Onesie, out this Friday courtesy of Dadstache Records.

Pop Ditty from Cat Apostrophe

I like waking up to really good pop songs, especially as that’s when I tend to get most of my work done. So, it was great to see this new Cat Apostrophe song getting some solid traction. It starts with this heavy bass line and steady rolling percussion; I love how the vocals sort of creak their way into the mix, like a door ajar casually blowing in the wind. Suddenly, the vocals stretch into cacophony, seemingly absorbing power as they burst through your speakers. And as quickly as they came, they’re subside to let the natural pop sensibility make its way into the mix. I like hooks, and this tune’s got ’em. They’ll be releasing their album Lifelong Amateurism via Everything Sucks Music on July 19th.

Jay Som Announces Anak Ko

When Everybody Works was released, it seemed that everyone unanimously fell in love with Jay Som, myself included. So, will Anak Ko live up to the expectations? Honestly, not sure, but I sure do love this new single; it’s sort of an amalgam of sounds that I’ve grown to love; there is that ringing guitar sound with roots all the way back to the Flying Nun scene, synth work is built into provide some texture, and later on there’s this buzzsaw guitar knifing its way through the tracks latter half…and it’s all spun with exuberance that immediately makes you press play and listen again. Sometimes bands can fill too many ideas and muddy the mix, but here, the execution’s perfect…all the more reason to look forward to Anak Ko, out on 8/23 via Polyvinyl.

Lachlan Denton & Studio Magic Share “The Time We Had”

Lachlan Denton is nearing the release of his upcoming LP, A Brother, which is a tribute to his lost brother, Zac, of The Ocean Party. From that record, he’s released the video for the track, “The Time We Had,” which is a beautiful and twinkling soft rock tune that looks back on lost time with fondness. It’s ultimately a track about holding a memory strongly in your heart and using that memory as fuel to press on in your day to day life. Denton sings “The time we had is worth more than anything / Far greater than its length / And for that it’s you I thank.” This track is a powerful one, layers of meandering guitars, delicate synth swells, soft percussion and poignant and wistful lyrics. Take a listen and then pre-order A Brother here before it’s out on July 2.


New Rocker From Drawing Boards

With members of Dirty On Purpose, Sisters, TEEN, and Darlings, new band Drawing Boards from Queens obviously has a lot of fire power for a new band. One can hear the power from the super group with this new, loud single called “Poor Bentley”. The listener will be treated to some expertly produced drums, well timed vocals, and some clean guitar riffs. Check it out.

Drawing Boards will new LP The Message on June 7th via Gentle Reminder Records.

Show Preview: Julia Jacklin & Black Belt Eagle Scout @ Barracuda 6/4 (Tonight!!!)

Your Tuesday night is about to turn into the best night of the week and that’s due to Barracuda playing host to a lovely combo of two buzz worthy acts. Opening up the night is Black Belt Eagle Scout, who has her own unique brand of folk rock that you’ll want to show up early to catch. The headliner for your night at Barry’s tonight is none other than Julia Jacklin, who released the killer LP Crushing earlier this year which has been a staple in my listening rotation ever since. Vocally stunning and detailed indie rock / pop awaits you, and if you’re not careful, you may end up swept up in the beautiful tunes that Jacklin spins.

Now, this show is sold out, so get to stepping if you’re going to find a ticket from someone for resale; don’t sleep on this!


Mal Blum Return with Salt Flats

A few weeks ago Mal Blum released “I Don’t Want To;” it was a pretty insatiable pop number, but that’s not what you’re going to get on this new track. This one is more of a slow burner, building the tension with careful percussion and an almost muted guitar throughout. At the 3:30 mark the tension is finally released with a noisy crash of guitars and pounding drums, but as quickly as it appears, it recedes, slowly grinding the track to a close. Lyrically, it’s not overly verbose, using simplicity to tie in the greater life choices the protagonist has to make through the entirety of the song/record. Look for Pity Boy on July 12th via Don Giovanni.

Mellow Ballad from Jacob Faurholt

I’ve really been enjoying this brilliant new tune from Jacob Faurholt; it’s a good discovery, as I hadn’t heard of Jacob previously, and yet he’s got a deep deep catalog. This track sounds forlorn, and continues to build…the cascading guitar line in the distance and the solemn bounce of the piano all work to further that agenda while Faurholt throws his vocals across the whole mix. At times, I definitely hear the good version of Neil Young shining through, though Jacob sounds youthful and yearning for things yet to come. His new album Shake Off the Fear will be out on September 6th!

Light Indiepop from The Slow Summits

It’s great when bands find you and send you their work just because they know they’re your ideal style; this is the case for Sweden’s the Slow Summits. They work with that bouncing brand of indiepop that seems so simple, but only succeeds if the execution is spot on. They just dropped their Languid Belles EP; it’s four tracks with understated swagger and a playfulness in the backing vocals that can’t be matched (doesn’t hurt that one of those voices is Amelia Fletcher). I think “A (Hit) to Your Wallet” is currently my favorite of this collection; it has that slight guitar shuffle mixed with quick percussion that reminds me of the Lodger. But, its indiepop so I’ll just go and repeat these tunes all day. Will you do the same?

Listen to Little Oil

I think one of my first musical loves as a late teen was falling in love with sort of weirdo-folk; I blame whoever gave me those early Elf Power CDs. Here we have a new act by the name of Little Oil; there’s definitely a group that are really going to appreciate this stuff. At times, it reminds me a bit of Coma Cinema, especially in some of the verses. But, and as much as I love CC, this has a little bit more musicianship to it in the long run, from the way the notes are strummed to the recording of the vocals; it’s this quietly unassuming gem that I can’t get outta my head at the moment.

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