The Memory Fades Release New EP

Remember when all I did was rave about the Memory Fades, well, I’m back to ramp that up again now that the band have the new Space Pilot EP out there in the world. I feel like listening to the first two tracks seems like a fitting match, as one sounds like Jesus and the Mary Chain, while the other cops to jamming to JAMC, though its admittedly stylistically different than the preceding tune. Me? My favorite is “Run Away;” it reminds me a lot of our friends in Harlem, at least in the structure of the song, but you do have to strip away the garage rock tendencies and replace them with an adoration for pop music. Another pop ballad with a special story is thrown into the EPs back end, just to make sure your addiction to sweetness is sated.

Young Guv Announces Guv II

Guv I has barely stopped spinning on the turntable and already Young Guv is back with Guv II, the second in his Guv series of LPs. Today we get to drop that first single, and man, its a doozy. I immediately think of all the fuzzy power-pop I’ve been jamming to for these past many years; I definitely jumped right to a Teenage Fanclub reference in my brain here, though there’s a hint more swagger. I love the melodic pop breakdown at the 1 minute mark too, adding that sugary-sweetness that ingrains tunes in your head. This record seems like its going to be nothing but hook-filled guitar pop hits, so jump on board to make rock n’ roll fun again. Guv II will be handled by Run for Cover Records, dropping October 25th.

Obligatory Belle and Sebastian Post

I’m approaching this whole Belle and Sebastian project with a little trepidation, as I’m still fearful of being bamboozled like I was with Storytelling, but as of this moment, Belle and Sebastian are two for two with the song’s we’ve heard from their score for Days of the Bagnold Summer. This particular tune is all about my love for Stuart’s voice; it’s the central focus of this song’s duration, save for the forlorn trumpet solo. Murdoch works his vocals around lightly plucked guitar notes, aided by the aforementioned trumpet and some swelling string arrangements. Matador Records will release the Original Soundtrack on September 13th, and I’m holding my breath that it all sounds this special.

Stone Jack Jones Shares O Brother

I’m honestly surprise that Stone Jack Jones isn’t getting more attention on his latest release; I think it might be his best work to date…if anyone was asking. This long ranged plodding track is really something worth immersing yourself inside today; I found the percussive element alone quite entrancing. That doesn’t even get into SJJ’s vocal performance; there’s this barely audible fragility in his delivery, yet still so intimate and casual in its position within the song. Add those two bits with the heavy string arrangements swirling throughout, and it’s just brilliant. Please give it some time; Black Snake will be out on September 13th via YK Records.

New Ditty from Dorio

Dorio has fortunately crossed our path on several occasions this year, once with the track “Shortcuts” and also as part of our annual ATH vs SOTO show. We come across the project today as they’ve dropped another bouncy pop number that’s the perfect ear worm for your listening rotation today. The bounding piano line looped into the track, along with the percussion set the perfect playful mood in motion, allowing Chaz to coolly rest his voice atop the notes. It’s the sort of song you can see a crowd joyously pogoing before you with these insatiable hooks blasting through your speakers. Keep an eye on this here act, ya hear?

El Lago Return with Endless

I’ve been a huge supporter of El Lago since their first LP came out via Miss Champagne, and now, thanks to our friend Sjimon over at Week in Pop, we have another new tune from the group to enjoy…plus the announcement of a new LP. There’s something about this tune that crafts this brooding sensation; it seems to almost have an air of traditional goth flare…though with Lauren Eddy’s voice there’s always going to be this sort of angelic dreaminess working its way into the tune. They seem to play with that balance between dark and light here, especially around the 1:45 mark where the song turns into this pounding sonic exploration before settling back into Eddy’s vocal performance to wrap the tune in a perfect bow for you. Their new LP, Pyramid, will be out on Wallflower Records on October 25th.

Sheer Beauty From No Vacation

Hey now and happy Tuesday! Recent Brooklyn by way of San Francsisco transplant, No Vacation, has been building up a lot of buzz over the last few years with their whimsical, light and dreamy sound. This year the band plans to release a new EP entitled Phasing which is sure to yet again please the ever growing fan base. Prior to the October release date for the extended player, the band just dropped this new single “Estrangers”. It is another stellar entry in the band’s catalog which is helping to establish them as one of the best dream pop bands around.

Phasing will be released on October 18th via Topshelf Records.

Anthemic Rocker from the Hussy

Don’t let the scuzzy guitar fuzz on this tune frighten you; the Hussy are here to bring you a bright pop rock tune that will stick inside your head. They enter the scene here with this distorted swagger; the vocals delivered coolly, building the tension towards the chorus. It’s here you get this huge release as the volume seems to jump up, only highlighting the band’s infectious hook that they’ve built into their song. Blasting with sweet melody, the band just jump right in, melt your face, then they’re gone in just over 2 minutes…so feel free to go back there and press repeat. You’ll find this tune on their new LP, Looming, out this Fall via Dirtnap Records. They’ve got an Austin show at the end of September with Xetas.

Sea Caves Share Dart

While at work on their third album, Sea Caves have opted to switch directions, albeit just by way of a new vocalist. Their songwriting still sounds similar to what you heard on Bright Forest; it still has this woodsy adventurism working within the elegant confines of expansive indie rock sounds. It’s the sort of music that entrances listeners, carrying them away with the guitar chords echoing into the night. But, with Sydney Rohrs now in the mix on vocals, things have changed up a bit, allowing a soft quiet to sweep over the band; it creates a whole new layer of calm that blankets this single. Give it a try, won’t you?

Emma Russack and Lachlan Denton Share New Single

Two of my favorite voices from Australia, Emma Russack and Lachlan Denton, are teaming up again to release their 3rd album working together; they’ve both released wonderful solo records this year as well. In this video, the duo seem to be having a dinner party, built around the making of pasta with a bunch of pals. Emma takes the reins on the vocal duties for this number, with slight backing vocals provided during the chorus. The subject matter here involves self-love, and the inevitable drive to get out of bed and seek it out. Their new album is titled Take the Reigns, and it will be released by Osborne Again/Bobo Integral on October 18th.

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