New Music from Houses

Houses, like many of us, have had a hard time of things, facing economic woes and what not.  In the process, they relocated to Hawaii, living in what some might consider obscurity.  Using solar power to fuel their recording process, the band ended up building a quite record, one that sounds as if it was created in a remote area of anywhere, as it clearly was.  Lead single “Soak it Up” uses quiet electronics to create some sort of contemplative oceanic wave, that gently idles along as you find yourself absorbed, possibly within yourself.  Such is the work of Houses, who will release their album All Night on Lefse on October 19th.


Download: Houses – Soak it Up [MP3]

New Music from Weekend

Don’t you just feel like you need a bath in some noise rock?  Well, Weekend just might provide you with that, but they aren’t content to just let squalls of feedback remain as their lone impression.  They’ve got driving bass grooves, and first single “Coma Summer” keeps a bit of melody courtesy of singer Shaun Durkan’s soft voice.  Their album Sports will hit the streets on November 9th via Slumberland, and rest assured that the album is worth every bit of the excitement generated by early press.  Be careful, this is going to be loud.


Download: Weekend – Coma Summer [MP3]

New Music from Adam H Stephens

A few weeks back we brought you news of Adam H. Stephens prepping his debut solo album titled We Live on Cliffs, which will now be released by Saddle Creek on September 28th.  The first single we brought you was what we would expect from one of the lads from Two Gallants, but this new single, “Second Mind,” has an entirely different feel to it altogether.  Slower pace, a bit of organ, and a steadier vocal performance demonstrate that Stephens can offer us so much more than I think we expected.  Be sure to give this one a try folks.


Download: Adam Haworth Stephens – Second Mind [MP3]

New Music From Broken Records

Broken Records are a Scottish band that have been on our radar for awhile, so imagine or excitement when reading today that a new record is soon to hit stores.  New album Let Me Come Home will be released October 25th on 4AD Records.  Latest single “A Leaving Song” from the upcoming record can be had for your enjoyment below.  We’ll be one of the many saying this record will be a good one.


Download: Broken Records – A Leaving Song [MP3]

New Music From Great Nostalgic

Were you aware that we here at ATH think of Great Nostalgic as one of the best new bands in Austin?  Hell, probably one of the best new bands in the nation?  Well you must not check out this site too often if you’re answering no to those questions.  This new and exclusive track “Wilderness” was just sent our way to promote a new sophomore album from the group Hope We Live Like We Promised.  No “official” release date is set just yet, but word it that a digital release is coming by the end of the month.  Later this fall a full on vinyl release with bonus materials will hit stores for you old school fans.  We already feel like this new tune shows a band maturing and really growing into a sound that compares to no one else.


Download: Great Nostalgic – Wilderness [MP3]

FTC: Red House Painters

So as I read through the Pitchfork’s very admirable attempt at listing the top tracks of the 90s, I came across a song by Red House Painters called “Katy Song” that I hadn’t thought about in a long time.  I’m not totally sure why I haven’t been spinning any RHP tracks as of late, but it might have something to do with it not being the best “summer music”.  So after listening to that epic track again from the band’s second LP(also known as the Rollercoaster LP), I started delving back into some of my old Mark Kozelek tracks.  Honestly the guy still doesn’t get his due even after 20+ years in the songwriting game.  Maybe it’s because his music defines the term “acquired taste” or it’s just too depressing for some people, but you can’t deny the beauty he creates.  I mean the Red House Painters debut LP came out almost exactly a year after Nevermind yet no one puts this band, or Kozelek for that matter, in the same breath as Cobain or other great songwriters.  I’m here to say he’s got that kind of talent.  Instead of blabbing on all day, I’ll just tell you to spend some time with the Red House Painters and their 5 releases in the 90s.  Then move on to some of that sweet Sun Kil Moon action via debut Ghosts of the Great Highway or April from 2008.  Below is one of my personal favorites “All Mixed Up”.  Yes I know it’s a cover, but honestly I don’t care much for the Cars and creating great covers is another one of Kozlek’s trademarks.  The track appears on the incredible album Song for a Blue Guitar which was the last release with the group still together until “lost” album Old Ramon came out after that big legal dispute.  Enjoy.


Download: Red House Painters – All Mixed Up [MP3]

Young Man on Daytrotter

We talked to you guys about how much we loved Young Man when he released his Boy EP not too long ago.  Unfortunately, those four tracks weren’t enough to hold us over for long, so when we found the awesome Daytrotter set today, we were really excited.  The recording features two brand new songs that haven’t been released yet, so you better hurry on over and get a hold of those tracks now.  We’ve got one here, just in case you can’t wait long enough.


Download: Young Man – Problem [MP3]

New Music From Women

I have been thoroughly enjoying this new track “Narrow with the Hall” from Canadian indie rock band Women.  The track starts off a little noisy but slowly builds into a head bobber with that nice backing bass line.  Fans of the tune can pick up their copy of the band’s upcoming LP Public Strain September 28th on Jagjaguwar.


Download: Women – Narrow With the Hall [MP3]

ACL Spotlight: The Morning Benders

Ah yes, can you really believe it’s that time of year again?  I swear I feel like I’m still recovering from a summer long hangover… Austin City Limits Festival is now only a short month away and we here at ATH are just as excited as we were our very first time.  So as usual we want to begin spotlighting some of our favorite artists playing this year’s massive festival in October.  We’ll try to touch on some of the smaller/mid-range acts that you may not know much about.  Those big name guys will hopefully give us an interview…  So our first spotlight of the ACL season (if you’re not counting the features on Ted Leo and The National we did for C3) goes to The Morning Benders.  I wanted to bring this group up in feature town because I feel like a lot of people, including myself, sort of forgot about the surprising sophomore effort Big Echo that Morning Benders dropped earlier this year.  I’m listening to it while writing this piece, and am already finding myself deeming it’s poppy and breezy tunes worthy of mention amongst the year’s best.  Of course gaining some popularity gets a bit easier when Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear produces…  So I’d recommend picking that one up if you already haven’t and also give a listen to solid debut LP Talking Through Tin Cans while you’re at it.  The guys are currently on tour away from their Berkley home with a planned stop in Austin on Sunday afternoon.  Make sure you see them live at 3:00pm on the Lady Bird Lake stage.


Download: Morning Benders – Excuses [MP3]

New Music from Amy Bezunartea

Gentle folk music seems appropriate considering its rained in our town for at least 24 straigh hours.  Luckily, I was fortunate to find the great new album from Amy Bezunartea in my inbox today, which is titled Restaurants and Bars.  It will be released by Kiam Records on November 2nd, and if this single is any indication it will be full of soft melodies, delicate strumming and Merritt-esque poetry.  If you ask me, that sounds like a great record to get to know.  Give it a listen.

Download: Amy Bezunartea – Doubles

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