New Tunes from Will Sheff

We all love Will Scheff and his band Okkervil River, but Will recently released a split 7″ with Charles Bissell of The Wrens. Will covers The Wrens “Ex-Girl Collection” while Charles covers Okkervil’s “It Ends With a Fall.” The release is already out in stores, but if you want, you can head straight over to Jagjaguwar Records to purchase your very own copy. 


 Download: Will Sheff – Ex-Girl Collection [MP3]

Here We Go Magic

Usually solo artist Luke Temple recently formed a group with some of his Brooklyn friends called Here We Go Magic.  The band is planning to release their debut self-titled LP on Feb. 24th via our local record label Western Vinyl.  First single “Tunnelvision” can be found below.  It’s getting heavy play around the ATH offices.


Download: Here We Go Magic – Tunnelvision [MP3]

Free Album From The Dogs

We just heard about this new band hailing from Chicago, The Dogs, and wanted to spread the word about their new album.  This is the band’s debut album, it’s self-titled, and you can download the thing for free from their website.  The songs are mostly acoustic driven, folk ballads with some pretty nice harmonies mixed in.  Here’s opening song of the album “I Don’t Know Your Name”.


Download: The Dogs – I Don’t Know Your Name [MP3]

New Music From Yo La Tengo

Don’t start going crazy over the headline of the post just yet.  It’s sort of new music from Yo La Tengo and sort of not.  The story goes that way back in March a band by the name of Condo Fucks played a surprise type show in NYC with some other bands.  Sort of unexpectedly, that band turned turned out to be just another name for now famous New Jersey indie outfit Yo La Tengo.  This new band, side project or whatever you want to call it has a new album out via Matador on March 24th entitled Fuckbook.  Not sure exactly what the idea is for the project or why the need for all the cursing, but all YLT band members are involved.  Here’s a recently posted song by the band called “Whatcha Gonna Do About It”.


Download: Condo Fucks – Whatcha Gonna Do About It [MP3]

Stream New Andrew Bird

If you’re growing impatient for the new Andrew Bird album, the nice folks over at NPR are streaming the entire thing right now.  The new album is entitled Noble Beast and won’t be out in physical form until January 20th.  Here’s whistle heavy first single from the new album “Oh No”.  Don’t forget that Mr. Bird is also coming through Austin on the 12th of February at the ParamountObstructed view tickets are all that’s left so scalping or alternative action may be in order.


Download: Andrew Bird – Oh No [MP3]

Bootie USA Mashups Of The Year

It’s never too late for another end of the year compilation!  This compilation is brought to you by Bootie USA and features the best mashups of the year.  Our friends The Hood Internet were fortunate enough to make the list with two of their best jams from the year.  Download the free tracks now!  Here’s a taste of what’s instore with a tasty little mashup from French DJ ComaR.


Download: ComaR – I Want You To D.A.N.C.E. [MP3]

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