Futurebirds On Hear Ya

Hearya continues to put out some nice sessions on their live video blog this week with a set from folk rock band Futurebirds.  We just missed out on seeing this group when they came to town a week ago so we’re happy to get a taste of what they’re like live.  The live session features four MP3s, a couple videos and even the option to download the whole thing as one big file.  I’ve been enjoying this sweet live version of “Ski Chalet” which you can find below.

[audio: http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/05-Ski-Chalet-1.mp3]

Download: Futurebired – Ski Chalet (live on Hearya) [MP3]

More New Music From The Vaselines

As a guy who is greatly looking forward to the second ever Vaselines release coming out this fall, I’m excited to see that the band is offering up this new track “Sex With an X” for free.  This song comes after we already heard new track “I Hate the 80s” from the group’s upcoming Sex with an X LP.  Fans of the band will be glad to know that the first album of new material in over 20 years will come out on September 14th via Sub Pop.

[audio: http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/The-Vaselines-Sex-With-An-X.mp3]

Download: The Vaselines – Sex With An X [MP3]

New Music From Kelley Stoltz

Veteran San Francisco musician Kelley Stoltz is returning on October 12th with an album of new material on Sub Pop Records.  The album, entitled To Dreamers, features material recorded mostly by Kelley himself with the occasional assistance from his live band.  Below you’ll find the first single called “I Don’t Get That” from his upcoming effort.  It’s got a bit of that 60s style British pop to it that I’ve been into recently.

[audio: http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/09-I-Dont-Get-That.mp3]

Download: Kelley Stoltz – I Don’t Get That [MP3]

Free Compilation From Domino Records

As if your weren’t enjoying all the free music on our Summer Mixtape, Domino Records jumps in the game and is offering up an 11 song compilation from artists on their label.  The free download features music from Owen Pallett, Villagers, The Dirty Projectors, and a bunch more.  Check out new song “We Still Got the Taste Dancing on Our Tongues” from Wild Beasts below and download the free sampler now.

[audio: http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/01-We-Still-Got-The-Taste-Dancing-On-Our-Tongues.mp3]

Download: Wild Beasts – We Still Got The Taste Dancing On Our Tongues [MP3]

New Music From Apache Beat

Apache Beat have some sweet jams that I’ve been into lately.  The group have a sound that would fit right in at your local dance hall or DJ mix table.  Below you’ll find a new song from the band “Another Day” that will appear on upcoming album Last Chants.  You can get your hands on that one October 5th.

[audio: http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Another-Day-Single-Edit-1.mp3]

Download: Apache Beat – Another Day [MP3]

New Music from TV Torso

Everyone in Austin knows the name TV Torso by now, right? Well, it’s made up of some of the kids from Sound Team, and a few new friends, namely James Rhea. The guys have been working really hard, and we’re happy to announce that they’ll be releasing their Status Quo Vadis EP on August 31st, followed by a nice jaunt across the states.  You can pre-order the entire EP, as well as stream it in it’s entirety over at the group’s BANDCAMP page.  You’ll also get to hang with the guys in person when they rock the stage at Emos on August 18th. Get on board folks, this is going to be one hell of a ride.

[audio: http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/02-Slanderers-Stew-1.mp3]

Download: TV Torso – Slanderers’ Stew [MP3]

New Music from Frederik Teige

Frederik Teige spends the majority of his days backing up Efterklang in the live setting. But, he’s just released a new single of his own, which shows a lot of incredible promise.  The tracks is called “What is New,” and it might surprise people who follow his main gig, mostly because it’s so straight ahead in its approach to pop goodness.  Somehow I keep thinking of David Bazan when listening. Give it a test, and tell us if you dig it.


Download: Frederik Teige-What Is New [MP3]

New Music from Capstan Shafts

A few years ago someone somewhere told me that Capstan Shafts would be right up my alley because they had the whole Guided by Voices quality.  It’s true, and you can’t really complain with anyone who makes bedroom recordings, or in that style, sound really interesting and worthwhile.  So here we are, and its time for the new CS album, Revelation Skirts, to come out on August 24th.  You can label me excited.


Download: Capstan Shafts – Quiet Wars [MP3]

New Music From Paleo

Paleo is an artist who has been as hard working as anyone in the business over the last several years.  The guy records and releases all his material on his own, produces his work and the work of others, and even had a stint living out of his car.  Damn.  So congratulations my man on finally finding the right fit with Partisan records, who subsequently are putting out the new Paleo LP A View of the Sky. Fans can pick up that record in stores September 28th.  Until then, enjoy this new track “World’s Smallest Violen”.

[audio: http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/paleoviolin.mp3]

Download: Paleo – World’s Smallest Violin [MP3]

New Music From The Murdocks

As previously reported, local boys The Murdocks have been hard at work on an album of new material for the last year or so.  So now in 2010 the guys have the new album ready to go and plan to put out The Distortionist on September 14th.  Prior to the release, the guys are offering up 4 free songs from the album for only the price of an email address.  You can download those songs and go ahead and pre-order your copy of the bands new album on their website.  Check out new song “Black Jesus Knocking” below and see why we’re all about this band.

[audio: http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/04-Black-Jesus-Knocking.mp3]

Download: The Murdocks – Black Jesus Knocking [MP3]

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