New (ish) Tune from Tiger Waves

Often times I get a bit saddened, thinking that the Austin music scene seems to be in sort of a rut, but going back over this year’s releases, I realized there are some definite local gems.  One of the ones I completely forgot about is Only Good Bands Have Animal Names by Tiger Waves.  Don’t know how I stumbled upon it, but it’s definitely worth a visit.  Still, to get to the point, the band released a new single not too long ago, so I thought I’d give it a look see. It’s this building number that trickles ever so carefully, sort of in the manner that Ducktails constructs songs. It’s a song that takes you on a quiet journey, and sometimes, those are the best to take.


Download: Tiger Waves – Take Me Home [MP3]

New Rock from Tribes

Man, you’ve got to love it when a band throws caution to the wind and actually goes into the studio without a bunch of pre-programmed tracks to build on.  This is just such the case with UK outfit Tribes, who’ve just released their We Were Children EP, which is the precursor to their album, Baby, which should make its way over here in January.  From the get go, it’s got a bit of that off-kilter warble that you might remember from early Wolf Parade tracks.  Still, they have a gentler side that you’ll find a bit further along in the track, which is where they stay for the most part in the remainder of the song.  All in all, there’s definitely a bright side to this offering, so check it.


Download: Tribes – We Were Children [MP3]

Noisy Power Pop from Sonic Avenues

Montreal has been known for kicking out some sweet jams, but you typically don’t get something as energized coming from the city as you’ll find here from Sonic Avenues.  The group is about to release their new album, Television Youth, on Dirtnap Records on January 15th, just in time for my birthday.  Based on this lead single, it’s going to be a bouncy effort, fueled by some grinding guitars that leave a little bit of dirt on the bottom of your shoes.  It’s high energy, and highly catchy, which leads me to believe I’m going to have a lot of fun with this full length–hope you do too!


Download: Sonic Avenues – Television Youth [MP3]

New Music From Sinkane

Sinkane is the musical project of Yeasayer multi instumentalist Ahmed Gallab.  Gallab actually has been doing his thing under this moniker and touring with bands like Of Montreal and Caribou for a good bit longer than he’s been with Yeasayer, just joining up with them prior to the Odd Blood recordings.  This new song under the Sinkane name is called “Jeeper Creeper” and will appear on a new album entitled Mars which does not have a release date at this point.  What I first hear in the song is a familiar sound similar to the sonic qualities of Odd Blood with that mellow psych feel and soothing repetitive beats. Fans of the style should stay tuned here as I’m sure we’ll shoot you more details as we receive them.  In the meantime, say hi to Sinkane on Twitter or over on Facebook.


Download: Sinkane – Jeeper Creeper [MP3]

More New Music from The New Tigers

I’ve already spent a lot of time over the last month raving about The New Tigers, so when our friends over at Soliti Music sent us two brand new songs, I got a little bit giddy.  These two tracks are left over, apparently, from the recording session that created the band’s recent self-titled record.  Much like the album, there’s a whole lot of noise living right in your face, but lurking behind it all is the soft pop sensibility that makes the band so dynamic.  These are the kind of songs you just want to listen to over and over and over again.  Here’s “Toffee,” the first of the two tracks.


Download: The New Tigers – Toffee [MP3]

New Music From Dr. Dog

Here ladies and gentlemen is our obligatory Dr. Dog post with the new song “That Old Black Hole” which has been tearing up the blogging world recently.  The track is on a new album from the hard working group entitled Be the Void and is due out in mid-February.  This band has become one of the most reliable producers of solid and steady music in the indie game.


Download: Dr. Dog – That Old Black Hole [MP3]

New Music From The Couch

Anyone else feel like it’s been a fairly slow year for local releases?  I’ve heard some quality stuff, but nothing that’s just really blown me away to date.  Hopefully that will change with the upcoming album from Austin based rock band The Couch.  I’ve seen the band live at least twice, opening for someone I can’t seem to remember at the moment, and they were full of energy and on point both times.  This tune below “Close to You” will appear on the band’s upcoming debut LP Old and Touchin’ Blue due out December 14th.


Download: The Couch – Close to You [MP3]

New Tune From Dear Lions

Here’s a new tune called “Exactly the Same” just sent our way from New York based outfit Dear Lions.  The song is taken straight out of the twee pop genre with hushed vocals and subtle drum beats.  A brand new EP from the band Lying to My Lies actually just hit stores today so you should check it out if you’re enjoying this jam.


Download: Dear Lions – Exactly The Same [MP3]

New Punk Jam from The So So Glos

God, I just can’t get enough of this band!  Every time I hear something new, I immediately get excited.  The So So Glos are a little bit brash, but definitely energetic, which makes it easy to fall so hard for their hooks.  This new track hit the Internet just before Thanksgiving, and I’ve been jamming ever since then, eagerly awaiting news on their upcoming album.  These guys seem to just want to have a good time, and sometimes rock n’ roll needs that bit of fun, so here’s to these dudes just kicking out the proverbial jams.


Download: The So So Glos – Son of an American [MP3]

Nice Pop Jam from Young Buffalo

After releasing the excellent Young Von Prettylips EP earlier this year, Young Buffalo is back with a brand new track to win you over today.  The duo has just released a new single that we’ve got here for you today, titled “Baby Demons.”  There’s a bit of an angular jaunt that kicks off the track, but the distance of the vocals really give this track an old school sort of feel to it, and not in that blatantly nostalgic sort of way.  If the band keeps writing tracks like this one, then there’s telling where they’ll go, but our bet is that it’s going to be awesome.


Download: Young Buffalo – Baby Demons [MP3]

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