New Music From Oh Look Out

Oh Look Out is the new side project from Built by Snow leading man and Austin resident JP Pfertner.  JP tells me that BBS are currently on a little break and he’s been writing and recording some music on his own in the down time.  The product of these recordings can be heard below in the form of “Analogatron” with a few more on the Oh look Out website.  This tune keeps that nerd pop sound of BBS, but also implements something new and itriguing: a heavier bass sound and scratchier vocals.  I think it’s really showing some growth from JP as a song builder and keeps us looking forward to a new Built by Snow album when the guys start playing again. 


Download: Oh Look Out – Analogatron [MP3]

New Music From Young Girls

We rarely get a lot of music out of our neighbors to the east in Houston so imagine our surprise when we were sent this new song from H-town based Young Girls.  I’ve seen these guys on some local Austin bills before, but have never seen them live or given their music much of a listen.  After a few spins of this new track “Six Pack Back Stab” I’m really glad I gave the band a chance.  This jam has some great surf rock style guitar riffs with those muddled vocals eerily similar to our friends Surf City of New Zealand.  Whoever you want to compare them to, you have to admit that they’ve got some great pop melodies.  A debut LP from Young Girls is said to be on its way in mid-March so stay tuned here and to their myspace page for updates.


Download: Young Girls – Six Pack Back Stab [MP3]

More New Music From The Dodos

So I’m a bit late on posting this other new song from the Dodos new album, but I don’t really care as it is growing into one of my favorites of the year.  If you haven’t heard the track elsewhere yet, it’s called “Don’t Stop” and is featured on the new Dodo’s album Color. You’ll be able to get your hands on that one during your trip to Waterloo during SXSW on March 15th via Frenchkiss Records.  I’m seriously not sure how I’m gonna handle this busy ass spring.


Download: The Dodos – Dont Stop [MP3]

Show Preview: White White Lights @ Red 7 (3/5)

Date 3/5/11
Location Red 7
Doors 9pm
Tickets $6 @ Door

 A great show is going down Saturday night at Red 7 with some of the best talent this little town has to offer.  Your stacked lineup of up and comers includes The White White Lights, She Sir, A Tiger Named Lovesick, and recent ATH favorite Milk Thistle.  All of these bands could be thrown into the favorites of Austin Town Hall bag.  We recommend that you don’t miss this chance to see these bands, as I’m sure they’ll be playing to larger crowds soon.


Download: White White Lights – It’s Cold Here In Japan [MP3]

New Music From White Denim

So the nice folks over at RCRD LBL posted a brand spanking new song yesterday from everyone’s favorite Austin band White Denim.  The track is called “Drugs” and appears on the bands upcoming and highly anticipated new album D. You fans will be able to get your hands on the new joint from these Austin boys on May 24th via Downtown records.


Download: White Denim – Drug [MP3]

Show Preview: The Walkmen @ Stubbs (3/4)

Date 3/4/11
Location Stubbs
Doors 7pm
Tickets $18 @ Frontgate

A night that many of us have been looking forward to for quite some time has finally come with the Walkmen show at Stubbs on Friday night.  Opening support for the night will be provided by The Head and The Heart and Austin’s very own up and comers TV Torso.  Making the night even more enticing is a set by friends of ATH Whitman on the inside stage immediately after the Walkmen finish up outside.  More good news is that you’ll get in free to the Whitman show with a wristband from the outside show.  Make a night of it people.


Download: The Walkmen – Stranded [MP3]

More New Music From Craft Spells

Not long ago, our very own Mr. Lankford shared a sweet new track from up and coming Captured Tracks band Craft Spells.  Well now the band has given us another new track called “You Should Close the Door” that I’ve immediately taken a liking to.  The number has a sweet backing beat behind it with pop sensibilities reminiscent of several ATH favorites like POBAH or The Drums.  I can’t seem to get enough of this shit.


Download: Craft Spells – You Should Close the Door [MP3]

New Music from German Measles

Yesterday we brought you a little bit of punk rock from the up-and-coming label Krazy Punx, and we’ve got yet another exciting band from the label to hit you with.  This time up, we’ve got NY’s German Measles.  This single is definitely worthy of sing-a-long moments, not to mention the rest of their new LP, A German Joke is No Laughing Matter.  I’ve had a blast listening to this record all weekend, just bopping along, making sure I knew I could sing every word they’ve got, and I’m sure you’ll do the same once you get a hold of this track by the band.  Go ahead, give it a listen, press repeat, and sing along.


Download: German Measles – It’s Me Babe [MP3]

New Music from King Creosote & Jon Hopkins

Just last week I was raving about how great the new album from King Creosote was on our SITE. Then, seemingly out of nowhere our friends over at Domino send us a track offering up more new sweet tunes from the man, this time with music written by Jon Hopkins, and KC singing over it.  It’s every bit as splendid as I thought it would be.  This record, Diamond Mine, will be out on March 28th, and it possesses the same beauty we got from the latest from KC, just this time giving him the freedom to let his voice reign supreme over the music.  I’ve been listening to a lot of fast rock this week, but even still, one can’t miss the magnificence in the track below.


Download: King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – Bats In The Attic [MP3]

New Tunes from Silver Shampoo

There’s a sweet new label quietly kicking out some really solid jams this year, and we’ll be bringing you a bit of the tunes from the label this week.  For now, we’ll call the label Krazy Punx, and the first gem I’ve grabbed onto comes from Silver Shampoo, a product of Paul Museums.  The newest album is called Higher and Higher, and its sort of all over the place, but in the most wonderful sort of way.  You get a bit of garage, but then the next track you’ve got this catchy little bop pushing you along.  It’s just a whole lot of fun, and the kind of thing we can all dig as the weather gets sunny.  Try this out for size.


Download: Silver Shampoo – Streaks of Satan [MP3]

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