New Music From Mwahaha

I’ve been sitting on this band with the strange name Mwahaha for a little while unsure of whether or not I was really into their music.  Well after a few days I’ve decided that, though the band is extremely strange, I’m sort of into their sound.  It’s a synth heavy sound with a mellowed out yet powerful vocal delivery.  The song below “Sleep Deep” is on the band’s debut self-titled LP due out December 6th.  Those finding the tune interesting should check out two more free tracks streaming on the group’s bandcamp page.


Download: Mwahaha – Sleep Deep [MP3]

Sorry I Missed This: Spanish Prisoners

With so much going on in the month of October, I regret to inform you folks that I missed something pretty excellent, the brand new record from New York’s Spanish Prisoners.  The band has self released their album, Gold Fools, over at their web site, where you can pay what you want for it (please pay to support the band). There’s a recent remix of the following track floating around, but I think the original epitomizes everything I love about this listen.  The guitars trickle ever so gently, as percussion builds up, and the light-hearted vocals really add another level to the song.  Head over and check out the band’s record quick; you don’t want to miss this one.


Download: Spanish Prisoners – Know No Violence [MP3]

New Pop from Raised Among Wolves

I love spending my weekends searching the Internet for really solid pop tracks.  Usually I’ll come across some gems, and once again, I stumbled across this wonderful little piece from Denmark’s Raised Among Wolves. They’ve got an album coming out soon titled Bear Tracks, and I’m hoping it’s full of such low key pop moments as the lead single from the record. There’s nothing that blows you away immediately, but the steady stream of the melody, along with the quirky pieces floating in the background definitely allows the band to build a nice little tune.  Hope you enjoy this one.


Download: Raised Among Wolves – Boys Will Be Kings [MP3]

New Music from Wide Sea

Wide Sea is a German transplant four piece currently living it up in London.  They first caught my ear when I was following Edwyn Collins label, AED, seeing as he’s one of my favorite all-time songwriters.  The band is just now releasing their debut record A Place to Call Home, and while it might not harken precisely back to the work of Edwyn and OJ, it still has a huge bit of mass appeal.  The title track begins steady and soft, with a gentle swing to it that kicks in almost immediately.  For me, these are the sort of songs I always fall in love with, which is probably going to be the case once I spend more time with this album.


Download: Wide Sea – A Place To Call Home [MP3]

New Synth Pop From Ice Choir

Drummer for Pains of Being Pure at Heart Kurt Feldman has always been the one in the group who seems to keep himself busy during lulls with his full time band.  Between his time with his original group Depreciation Guild, POBPAH, and now with newer group Ice Choir, the guy gets around.  His current project Ice Choir just released their very first 7″ single “Two Rings” via Shelflife Records a couple days ago and we’re pretty pumped to pick it up.  The style truly embodies the genre synth pop and confirms that the return of new wave is in full force.


Download: Ice Choir – Two Rings [MP3]

New Jam From Damien Jurado

It’s always a good day when we get sent a new tune from long time favorite around here Damien Jurado.  This time the tune is called “Nothing is the News” and is more of a jamming psych style song compared to what we are used to from the singer songwriter.  A new album entitled Maraqopa is due in the later part of February via Secretly Canadian with this song and 9 more in tow.  Enjoy.


Download: Damien Jurado – Nothing is the News [MP3]

New Blissful Pop from The Color Bars

When you get a press release that mentions Belle and Sebastian, The Flaming Lips and Pavement all at once, you’ve either got to be excited or scared.  After listening to this single from The Color Bars, I will definitely say I’m leaning towards excitement, and clamoring to get my hands on their recently released record, Prosopopoeia.  Really, it’s just great pop music, and with the electronic influence on this track, I’m getting more of an Of Montreal feeling here, giving a bit of classic quirkiness, though it’s a bit more in the nerdy vein as opposed to Kevin Barnes hyper sexuality.  Just let the hooks sweep you through the day.


Download: The Color Bars – Structupoppie Rally [MP3]

New Track from RACES

Frenchkiss Records has a pretty solid track record with me, especially since the label’s run by some of the bros from Les Savy Fav.  They just released a new EP yesterday from LA band RACES.  The EP is titled Big Broom EP, and I’ve really been enjoying this track here.  I don’t know why, but for some reason the vocal performance sort of gives me this Walkmen feel, but that’s also part of the overall song structure true.  Boiled down, it’s pretty much straight forward indie rock, which in and of itself is refreshing, since no one seems to be kicking it old school anymore. Give it a listen and enjoy your afternoon folks.


Download: RACES – All For You [MP3]

More New Music from Hospitality

I can’t tell you how excited we are for this Hospitality record.  When we first run their track “Friends of Friends,” RayRay and I were so excited, that we both wanted to post it, almost letting us post it twice.  So yesterday when Stereogum ran the second single from the group’s upcomingself-titled album, I got super stoked all over again.  Merge Records is going to put it out on January 31st, and it just can’t get here soon enough.  This band is clever and whimsical, but there’s definitely a lush pop quality to the music they’re creating.   It’s just a simple formula, but the perfect execution makes it perfect for what any music listener looks for in a hit. Try the new track out.


Download: Hospitality – Betty Wang [MP3]

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