Bright New Pop from Imperial Teen

Much like the beginning of 2011, stalwart label Merge Records is going to kick off 2012 with another excellent gem; they’ll be releasing the new release from Imperial Teen titled Feel the Sound.  The record is going to hit stores on January 31st, and it figures to hit all the spots you’ve come to expect from the band, including gang vocal sing-a-longs full of bright harmonies.  Every time I go back and listen to an Imperial Teen record I just get this feeling of giddiness that’s only accomplished by listening to the best pop out there.  Surely after listening to this track we can expect that same feeling when this new release hits early next year.


Download: Imperial Teen – Runaway [MP3]

New Tunes From The Black Keys

Maybe you’ve heard of this band Black Keys?  No?  Well they are originally from Akron, Ohio and have been carrying the torch for the blues rock movement since their inception close to 10 years ago.  It’s possible that you’ve heard this song “Lonely Boy” elsewhere on the interwebs, but I don’t really care because it rules and it has to be on ATH.  New album from The Black Keys El Camino is due out December 6th on Nonesuch Records.  I’d say the decision to have Danger Mouse produce this bad boy was a good one.


Download: The Black Keys – Lonely Boy [MP3]

Beautiful Pop from Treefight for Sunlight

It’s sort of sad, in my mind, that there’s this vast sea separating us from some incredible music, most of which seems to come from places other than England.  A few months back, I first heard this exquisite piece of folk-pop from Treefight for Sunlight, but I had completely forgotten about it, that is until it resurfaced in my daily search for great music.  This particular track comes from the bands self-titled album, not to mention the fact that you can take a jump HERE to see the interesting short that was composed to accompany the track itself.  While you might see this as a beautiful piece of pop, there’s still definitely a bit of haunting to it, which always appeals to me.  Who knows, if this drought in Texas spreads, maybe we’ll no longer be separated from such great music by the Atlantic.


Download: Treefight for Sunlight – Time Stretcher [MP3]

Introducing Harouki Zombi

If you’ve been a follower of the Elephant Six work and the Saddle Creek Records family, then perhaps your introduction to Harouki Zombi might be a bit of a surprise.  The duo is comprised of Orenda Fink, who led Azure Ray, not to mention her own solo outings, and also Nina Barnes, wife of Kevin Barnes.  Together they’ve combined to create an interesting piece of art pop, using theatrics (primarily designed by Barnes) and electronic influenced tracks in their performance pieces.  Clearly the duo are in this for a great bit of fun, but the music, not to mention the project itself, seems tinted with oddities, but also grace.  While it might just be hedonistic DJ music, you can’t help but be drawn to the collaboration.  Keep a look out for these two in the near future.  Here’s a preview of their work together.


Download: Harouki Zombi – Harouki Zombie Swamp Theme [MP3]

Special Pop Goodness from Electric Guests

You figure that if Danger Mouse can back it, then it has got to have something to it, right? Well, such is the case with the debut record coming out from Electric Guest sometime in the Spring of 2012.  However, in the meantime we can satisfy our craving by picking up their new 7″ on Decmber 13th.  It’s got the track below, which sort of has smooth little feeling to it, like a more floating R&B track.  It’s definitely getting me to tap my toes quite a bit, and hopefully it helps round out your day in a positive light. Can you spot the Danger Mouse touch?


Download: Electric Guest – American Daydream [MP3]

New(ish) Tune From Keep Shelly In Athens

Always one for honesty in a relationship, I’ll admit that I really had no clue who or what Keep Shelly in Athens was prior to this year’s Fun Fest.  After my recovery period I went back and faintly remembered enjoying their shortened set at the Empire Automotive after show (I say faintly because it had been a “long day”).  Digging a bit deeper this week, I’ve discovered that the group just released their brand new 12″ EP Our Own Dream and also have about 3 tracks floating around the interwebs.  I’m choosing most recent single “DIY” to share with you guys because it’s by far my favorite of the 3.  More information and tuneage can be found about this band over on the Forest Family Records website or via P4K.


Download: Keep Shelly In Athens – DIY [MP3]

Peppy New Jam from League

Man, this track’s really making my Tuesday so much better. League is an LA based outfit who are putting out their How Do I Know EP, which is a blistering three song pop masterpiece–just saying. For me, I feel like there’s a little bit of MGMT hiding in their sound, but in a more progressive way, with a hint more of the rock n’ roll.  Regardless, the title track definitely will hook you in just a few short seconds, so if you’ve got the time, come get lost in this song with me.


Download: League – How Do I Know [MP3]

Song of the Year Battle

First, we’d really like to apologize for the site being down for a few days.  Clearly we had some issues, but we were enjoying Fun x 3 Fest, so we got to it as soon as we could.

Second, I feel like the guy in this picture today, so I wanted to toss something your way.  Aside from our post-grunge a-capella group during Danzig, we spent a lot of time talking about albums of the year, song of the year, and of course, the festival.  But, we can’t seem to agree on our favorite song of the year, so here’s where you can help. We’re putting up both the songs we feel are in contention, and we need you to give us your vote. Leave a comment and tell us which you like more. Or, if you hate us and completely disagree, tell us in the comments what your favorite is. Here we go:


Download: Snowmine – Let Me In [MP3]


Download: Twerps – Who Are You [MP3]

Beautiful New Track from FAMY

We’ll be heading off to Fun Fun Fun Fest today, but I wanted to leave you with this superb new track that I stumbled upon this morning.  There’s not too much info out on FAMY, but this track seems like the perfect way to spend the remaining hours of Friday.  There’s a drifting quality of this track, giving you the emotional feeling of moving outside of yourself, only to return with a sense of overwhelming calm.  I figured for those of you not fortunate enough to attend F X 3 Fest, this is a great way to wrap up your afternoon.  Enjoy folks, and be safe out there.


Download: FAMY – Mother Benita [MP3]

New (ish) Track from Cate Le Bon

I know this track’s been floating around for a little bit now, but I wanted to give it some love, as I really felt like Cate Le Bon won me, as well as many others, over during her recent performance opening for St. Vincent.  She’s solidified details for her upcoming record, CYRK, which will hit stores on January 17th. It’s great hearing her voice in this setting, as live, she seems so endearingly fragile, but you can clearly see her talent soar on this track.  Her voice sounds remarkable, and the arrangements that accompany the track really bring her songwriting to the forefront.  Give the gal a chance; it’ll be worth your time.


Download: Cate Le Bon – Puts Me to Work [MP3]

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