More New Music from Psychic Twin

Long have we adored Headlights over here at ATH, so when word leaked that singer Erin Fein was going out on her own as Psychic Twin, we got really excited.  We posted a track not long ago, and now we’ve got another one to offer you.  This one has a similarly darker quality to Fein’s music, though her voice still maintains that coy playfulness that drew us in so long ago.  It seems to me like she’s got a knack for this sort of thing, so we look forward to see what else she’s got up her sleeve in 2012.


Download: Psychic Twin – I Want to Forget [MP3]

New Music From Analog Rebellion

It seems that I am a little bit late to the picnic on Dallas based Analog Rebellion so I’ll go ahead and apologize now.  With that out of the way, I’d like to share with you readers a new song from the 2 piece outfit called “Father Abraham”.  For lack of a better descriptor, I’m going to call this “epic style guitar driven lo-fi”.  Yeah that’s what I said fool.  A new album from the duo is currently in the works with more information coming soon.


Download: Analog Rebellion – Father Abraham [MP3]

New Power Pop from The Spills

There’s not a lot that I know about The Spills at this moment, but I do know a good track when I hear one.  The British group has just released their album Occam’s Razor, and I’ve been giving it a good going over this evening.  There’s bits and pieces of power-pop, but you can tell there’s more intricate guitar play going on beneath, sort of like my heralded heroes in the Wedding Present.  Okay, so it’s not quite on that level, at least not yet, but the bass sounds similar and there’s definitely a personal touch to the lyrics. Give it a go. It won’t hurt.


Download: The Spills – Summer Vibes [MP3]

New Lo-Fi Jam From Lil Daggers

Here’s a new tune from hazzy lo-fi group Lil Daggers called “Dada Brown” that was sent to me recently.  The jam is on a new self-titled album from the group due out December 5th on Song, By Toad Records.  Until that physical release date, you can actually stream the entire new album and buy it digitally over on the Lil Daggers bandcamp page.  Hope you enjoy.


Download: Lil Daggers – Dada Brown [MP3]

The IT Department – v1.2

Heading into the FunFunFun weekend, I figured I might give you some stuff to chill to when you make it back to the house to decompress. What better than an installment of tracks from the IT Department?

I do a featured FFF6 artist in this edition, so I am “relevant” and “thoughtful”. Heh. Tycho melts your face, Small Black continues to mellow, Simian Ghost blurs influences, Sapphire Slows is and Grimes is the fun feature.

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New Track from Black Light Dinner Party

Black Light Dinner Party sent this over yesterday, missed when my inbox went ding for happy tunes. The latest from the rather stealthy project/band out of New York is called “Gold Chains”. The track goes back to the bright but smooth formula of the first release “Older Together”. I keep waiting for the lid to blow, get a peak as to what’s doing in the kitchen, but so far they just keep sneaking these tracks out for the blogosphere to disperse.

I was going to save this one for an overdue IT Department post, but nah. Enjoy!


Download: Black Light Dinner Party – Gold Chain [MP3]

F**king Great Track from The New Tigers

I caught wind of this group back in the summer when I discovered the great new label, Soliti Music.  They’re dealing predominantly, at least as of now, with Scandinavian acts, and The New Tigers are one of those acts.  They released their debut album recently in Finland, and I hope I can somehow get my hands on it over here in the States. This track just sprawls in the most beautiful way, launching into this blissful moment that carries you away.  Seriously, I jammed to this once in the past, but just recently found myself getting lost in this number.  And if this isn’t enough, you can also check out another track HERE.


Download: The New Tigers – Pocketful Of Sand [MP3]

More Fun Post Rock from MiniBoone

A little while back I brought you news of MiniBoone, a group with history in art-rock, using repetitive verses and frenetic imagery to win over fans.  This newest single is very similar, at least in the beginning of the tune, sort of like old school Futureheads.  But, as the song progresses it’s reigned in a bit, organized into a fairly traditional pop spin.  You’ll definitely find yourself lost in this track, especially as the vocals begin to warm a bit.  You can find this track and several others with the band’s forthcoming EP, On MiniBoone Mountain.  It’s shaping up to be a nice bit of fun.


Download: MiniBoone – Man/Woman [MP3]

New Music from Azure Blue

For me, it’s been a great week, seeing the triumphant return of probably the best small label out there.  Matinee Recordings had a silent summer, but they’re back, and their roster now includes Azure Blue.  The group is primarily the project of Tobias Isakkson, who played prominent roles with Irene and Laurel Music.  Matinee will be releasing Rule of Thirds this December, and the band is already getting comparisons to groups such as OMD and New Order.  Sounds like a perfect way for Matinee to wrap up the year, and for you as well. Try out this little gem.


Download: Azure Blue – The Catcher in the Rye [MP3]

Funx3 Fest Preview: Cold Cave

Well friends, Fun Fest is officially upon us this weekend and it’s time to take a bit of a closer look at some of the bands that we’d recommend you check out.  My co-writers and editors have already brought you some choice picks and battles so I guess it’s now my time to turn the spotlight on a band that’s got me amped up for this weekend’s events.  Cold Cave seem like an obvious choice.  Follow the jump for more on the band.

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