New Music From Sour Notes

The Sour Notes have slowly become one of the most talked about bands in Austin as they continue to pump out solid tunes and play the local scene.  Well now the guys are prepping the release of their upcoming album Last Looks on February 17th with a release show at the Mohawk, which we’ll tell you more about closer to the date.  For now we’d like to share this new song with you called “Hot Pink Flares”.  The catchy new number recently appeared on a 7″ self-released by the Sour Notes and will also be track #2 on the new album.  Also for a limited time, the band is offering up their entire discography for free download on their bandcamp page. Keep up the rock guys.


Download: Sour Notes – Hot Pink Flares [MP3]

New Music from The Wilderness of Manitoba

Admittedly, I’ve been posting lots of rock n’ roll, and things that aim to get your blood pumping.  But, I still have an affinity for well-crafted folk-leaning pop music, and so I was grateful for the change of pace that swept into my email late this afternoon.  The Wilderness of Manitoba definitely has a rootsy-feel to it, but their usage of lofty harmonies and all around craftsmanship have made them a joy to listen to this afternoon.  If you’re enjoying what you hear, and I sincerely hope you do, the group will release their US debut on May 10th, titled When You Left the Fire. If it’s anything like this track below, it’s going to come in handy on those summer road trips and camping ventures with your friends.


Download: The Wilderness of Manitoba – Orono Park [MP3]

New Music From Le Bucherettes

Mexican garage rockers Le Bucherettes recently announced the release of their debut album Sin Sin Sin coming out on May 10th.  The group have a rough edge to their sound fairly reminiscent of fellow ladies of rock Allison Mosshart and Karen O.  For some reason I’m really into the tough girls of rock sound as of late… what can I say!?  Check out a taste of the new record in the form of “New York”.


Download: Le Butcherettes – New York [MP3]

New Music from Xray Eyeballs

Everyone seems to have their favorite style of punk or new wave or garage or whatever, but Brooklyn’s Xray Eyeballs seem to have all of that in mind when crafting their songs, that and a touch of down-trodden temperament.  The songs could easily go double time on your turn table and sound like run of the mill garage punk, but in this time, they just sound like your party ran out of beer, and you lost all your money gambling on beer pong.  Luckily, you can add this to the late night soundtrack of your life on April 19th when Kanine Records release the band’s full length, Not Nothing, to the rest of the world.  I’d write more, but I’m sort of bummed from listening to this track, in a good way of course.


Download: Xray Eyeballs – Crystal [MP3]

Jonathan Richman in Austin!

Who doesn’t love a headless photo crop?  Well, aside from that, Austin is being blessed this week by a semi-residency of the great Jonathan Richman.  He’s one of the greatest American songwriters all time, who got his start with the band The Modern Lovers.  Still going strong, Jonathan just released his latest solo album O Moon, and it’s been quietly enjoyed around my house.  Jonathan will be playing a show at Hole in the Wall tonight, as well as a few more gigs at The Continental Club.  This is your chance to watch one of the great icon of American music do his thing, so be sure to get out to at least one of these gigs, if not all of them.


Download: The Modern Lovers – Hospital [MP3]

More New Music From J Mascis

The incredible frontman of Dinosaur Jr. known as J. Mascis has another new tune from his upcoming solo album for us to check out.  This new jam is called “Is it Done” and appears on the new singer songwriter style album Several Shades of Why from the legend of the indie world.  You can get your hands on the new album March 15th via Sub Pop Records.  This jam is in addition to the song “Not Enough” we dropped on you a couple months ago.


Download: J Mascis – Is It Done [MP3]

New Music From The Strokes

Well we finally have a new Strokes single.  It’s called “Under Cover of Darkness” and appears on the band’s upcoming and highly anticipated new album Angles.  I’m sure you people have seen the news about the tune already, but we figured we just had to share so we don’t look like the losers without the song on our site.  This should give everyone a reason to look forward to that March 21st release date.  I’m already into it.


Download: The Strokes – Under Cover Of Darkness [MP3]

New Music from Idiot Glee

A lot is always said about creativity amongst singer-songwriters, and recent hits like Jens Lekman (or I guess you could say James Blake) use the layering of textures to craft amazing tracks.  James Friley does much the same thing under the name Idiot Glee, except my itnerest in his tunes comes from his influences musically, such as Scott Walker or Brian Wilson…you know, real pop geniuses.  He’ll be making his way to SXSW this year, and you can look for a full-length at some point in the summer.  For now, just enjoy the fact that his layering of textures and melodies seems harmonious, as that’s what it should be about.


Download: Idiot Glee – Do You Wanna Go [MP3]

New Music From Year Of The Tiger

So I’m sort of in a different mood today and decided to mix things up on the site a bit with some tunes that maybe wouldn’t normally find a place here.  Maybe it’ll turn into a new feature called “outside the box” someday… Regardless, my “from left field” song of the day is a jam called “War” by Brooklyn band Year of the Tiger.  I’m sure you’ll initially make the easy comparisons to Jaguar Love or indie darlings Sleigh Bells, but this song has much more of a swagger to it than those bands.  However you want to label them, enjoy the song below and check out a stream of their debut EP over on bandcamp.  I predict these guys will be tearing up the hipster dance hall scene any day now.


Download: Year of the Tiger – War [MP3]

New Music From The Raveonettes

News hit the interweb wire yesterday of a new LP from Danish hit makers The Raveonettes.  The new album is entitled Raven in the Grave and hits stores April 5th on Vice Records.  Prior to that date, the band has made new and completely irresistible single “Forget That You’re Young” available as a free download.  I’ll be adding this to my list of must have albums for the spring.


Download: The Raveonettes – Forget That You’re Young [MP3]

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