New Music From Bosco

Here’s a new experimental swingy pop tune from Atlanta based Bosco called “Joker”.  Lead singer Brittany Bosco exudes all kinds of pent-up emotions in her approach to singing throughout the number.    It’s pretty irresistible when combined with the erratic drum beats and picked electric guitar.  A new EP from the group Let Go of Me is due out next week on March 6th.  They’ll also be stopping into Austin for SXSW this year and we highly suggest you check ’em out.


Download: Bosco – Joker [MP3]

New Dance Jam From Reptar

We first got wind of this new band Reptar sometime last year when they dropped new song “Houseboat Babies” our way and it has since been on our ATH DJ playlists ever since.  Well now the band has just announced their debut LP Body Faucet which will be released May 1st via Vagrant Records.  Prior to that date, we were just sent this new dance jam “Sebastian”.  It’s sure to appear on DJ set lists in the very near future.

Hey and they’re also coming into town on Saturday evening at Stubb’s for the low low price of only $10!


Download: Reptar – Sebastian [MP3]

Free Album Reworking from PS I Love You

One of the groups that we fell in love with in 2011 was PS I Love You after jamming to their Meet Me at the Muster Station album. With their quick rise to popularity, the band was traveling all around the States, which led to the recording of the Muster Sessions.  It’s an album comprised of reworkings and live recordings the group did while hitting up Daytrotter and KEXP, as well as other spots.  Basically, it’s like a collection of John Peel-esque B-sides and remixes for you to enjoy.  They’re currently giving it away free in anticipation of their new record, Death Dreams, which comes out on May 8th.  For now, you can download the FREE ALBUM, and sample the hooks the band are sure to bring with their new effort.


Download: PS I Love You – Leftovers [MP3]

More New Music From Sauna

Just a couple of weeks ago, I posted a new track from Denver based band Sauna entitled “Please Don’t Go Away”.  Well today we just found another new song from the band “Wanting You” and it’s a nice compliment to the original tune we ran.  It seems that this band’s brand of infectious jangly pop numbers with a touch of motorcycle bad boy is catching on in the world.  Consider me a supporter.


Download: Sauna – Wanting You [MP3]

Stereogum Has the Hits – Violens and Crocodiles

We’re a small site, so we don’t always get the hits as soon as everyone else.  Normally, I wouldn’t post everything, as you can clearly go to Stereogum, but I absolutely am loving these two tracks.  The first one comes from Violens, one of our favorites.  The band’s always writing tracks it seems, and they’ve apparently got True set to see release in May on Slumberland Records.  Then there’s Crocodiles, who’ve refined their sound, bringing about this ridiculously awesome track.  The group will release Endless Flowers on June 4th, and I hope it all sounds like the track below. Check out both these tracks, as they’re worth your time, and tell us which one’s better!


Download:Violens – Unfolding Black Wings [MP3]


Download:Crocodiles – Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9) [Mp3

Loud New Track from Mynabirds

Well, this track isn’t precisely a loud rocker, but it’s loud in the sense that the Mynabirds, and main songwriter Laura Burhenn, came across a lot quieter on their first effort.  Now the group is back with Generals, again produced by the excellent Richard Swift; you can get your hands on the ablum on June 5th via Saddle Creek Records.  According to our sources, the record revolves around the concept of political protests, which isn’t surprising considering she used to work with John Davis of DC’s Q and Not U.  Several listens in, and this feels a little bit like a political bent on the Kills–not a bad thing.  Give this one a taste, and be sure to check the group out at SXSW.


Download: The Mynabirds – Generals


Bouncing Power Pop from Warren Teagarden

Who’s that handsome chap in the photo? That’s Warren Teagarden, San Francisco’s favorite garage rocker.  He’s joined with his friends The Good Grief to create the album Warren Teagarden and The Good Grief, which you can get from Meaningless World Records. Listening to this track, Warren’s got that same darkened howl of Tim Cohen, but he’s also got his hands on the punk rock guitar chug; it’s the main ingredient that propels this song along.  If gritty garage tracks is your thing, then this is the number for you!


Download:Warren Teagarden – Stupid Happy Fun [MP3]

New Music From Mirror Lady

Here’s a nice little lo-fi pop number called “You Left Me” just sent our way from Cali based band Mirror Lady.  The chorus is catchy as hell with it’s washed out vocals and head bobbing beat.  A self-titled EP from the band is due towards the end of March, but more tuneage from the band can be had on their bandcamp page.  I’d also recommend the song and video for “Roman Candles”.  You can also catch the band live when they stop into town next month for SXSW.


Download: Mirror Lady – You Left Me [MP3]

Celebrate Sunkissed with Bad Weather California

Today is the release of Bad Weather California‘s Sunkissed LP, their second full-length for the masses. You’ve got to celebrate with them, and the best way to do is by jamming to this sweet tune off their record.  There’s this sunny little vibe going on here, one that definitely aligns with the band’s album title.  But, beneath that, there’s this jam mentality, one that I’m not totally opposed to in this context, as it gives the song a nice groove, not unlike the works of Fool’s Gold, who like to toss out folk with a bit of movement within.  I’m hoping you like this number, leading you to pick it up at the record shop your next time out.


Download:Bad Weather California – I’ll Reach Out My Hand [MP3]

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