New Music From Stars

We are happy to anounce that one our favorite Canadian bands, Stars, is returning in 2010 with a new album in June.  The new LP is set to be titled The Five Ghosts and features this new single “Fixed”.  Physical copies of the new album will be in stores June 22nd via Vagrant Records.  Very excite!


Download: Stars – Fixed [MP3]

New Music From The Oh Sees

Yesterday P4K alerted us to this sweet new jam “I Was Denied” by San Fran band The Oh Sees.  The track is set to appear on the garage rockers latest LP Weird Slime, set for release May 11th via In The Red Records.  Maybe this effort will finally earn the veteran band some well overdue fame?  Only time will tell my friends.  I’ll keep giving them spins regardless.


Download: Thee Oh Sees – I Was Denied [MP3]

New Tunes from Blank Dogs

Blank Dogs is the project of Mike Sniper, and while much is unknown, the guy likes to put out a fair amount of material.  Speaking of new material, he’s got a new 12″ coming out titled Phrases, which should be in stores real soon (slow vinyl production) according to Captured Tracks.  Having listened to several tracks, the vocals are a little bit more clear than they were on Under and Under, his last full-length.  This tune shows Blank Dogs delving into the darkness of nostalgic dance pop, with a touch of oddball artistry. It takes a bit to kick in completely, so stay with it.


Download: Blank Dogs – Heat & Depression [MP3]

New(ish) Music From Joy Formidable

A while back, I brought you guys a tune/free album download from this Welsh band Joy Formidable.  I’m now reading online that the band recently signed to new record label Black Bell Records which was just created by Passion Pit’s Ayad Al Adhamy.  In May the new label plans to finally get a U.S. release for Joy Formidable’s 8 song EP A Balloon Called Moaning which was previously only available internationally.  I downloaded that EP when it was free last year and have recently been finding myself drawn more and more to the bands atmospheric fuzz pop sound.  Below you can find a sample of that sound in the form of a free song the band is offering up to grow some publicity for their upcoming release.  The future looks bright for this 3 piece.


Download: Joy Formidable – Whirring [MP3]

New Tunes from The School

Cardiff, Wales group The School will definitely have people dropping all sorts of names for comparisons to their pop sound, but I doubt many will hit it right on the head.  I’ve already heard the Camera Obscura reference, and while they have a girl singer, I’m not sold on the idea.  Still, having loads of reference points will definitely garner interest abroad, which is what the band have surely accomplished.  This track comes from their album Loveless Unbeliever, which hits stores April 19th.  This is one of the few songs that doesn’t sound entirely like a 60s girl group, so I chose this one up to offer you a preview to the band. You dig?


Download: The School – I Want You Back [MP3]

New Tunes From Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt

Okay, so the name Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt may be a bit much, but it really encompasses the sense of fun the band is trying to give out to its listeners.  Their album, I Love You I Love You. I Love You. And I’m In Love With You.  Have an Awesome Day. Have the Best Day of Your Life! hits stores on May 5th. This song here has an abundance of exuberance for you all.  It’s like taking Broken Social Scene and making them throw a party with Los Campesinos, which really isn’t a bad thing now is it? Give it a chance.


Download: Teror Pigeon Dance Revolt – Ride Frindship [MP3]

Hockey @ Emo’s (4/2)

Date 4/2/10
Location Emos
Doors 9pm
Tickets $10 from Ticketweb

Emo’s has a nice lineup for the price on Friday night with music by Hockey, Constellations and The Postelles.  We’ve seen 2 of the 3 bands on the lineup and can tell you that the ticket will be worth the price.  Below you’ll find that Hockey tune we dropped on you quite some time ago.


Download: Hockey – Too Fake [MP3]

New Tunes from The Lodger

I’ve long been a fan of British band, The Lodger.  I loved their album, Life is Sweet, with all its jangly cutting guitars and infectious pop ditties.  Now, the band are set to release their newest album, Flashback, on Slumberland Records on April 27th.  We’ve got a new tune to offer you, and while there is still a bit of a jangle to the guitar, you can definitely tell that the band has put some work into evolving their sound.  Pretty excited for this one!


Download: The Lodger – The Back Of My Mind [MP3]

Free Live Pinhead Gunpowder Recording!!

I know we cover a lot of indie stuff, but I’m super excited to come across this recording of a recent February Pinhead Gunpowder show.  This band is full of punk history; I mean, Aaron Cometbus plays drums, and some dude from this band, Green Day, plays guitar and sings.  They just played a set at 924 Gilman, and now the venue has released an awesome live recording of the show.  They’re giving it to you, the fans, for free!  If you’re into this sort of power-pop, go grab it HERE.  And if you’re not sure, listen to this to make up your mind.


Download: Pinhead Gunpowder – 2nd Street [MP3]

New Music From Ben Kweller

So our very own locally grown boy Ben Kweller is offering up this new track “It All Happened” for free.  The song doesn’t appear on any of Kweller’s previous releases and apparently is just a one and done single situation.  We had to shrink the quality of the song just a bit since it’s so long and we can’t be uploading 8min songs at super high quality.  If you’ve got a little time on your hands, check out the extended story telling song.  I still dig his simple approach.


Download: Ben Kweller – It All Happened [MP3]

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