ATH Contest: Mass Promo Giveaway!!!

Hey guys, it’s that time of year again.  As you all know, we get a lot of CDs and promos coming our way through the year, and we’re super grateful for it all.  However, one can only amass so much in a lifetime, so I’m cleaning out the closets.  I usually get the promos, so I’m giving them all away, at least the ones I’ve gotten in the last few months, most of which I’ve already purchased on vinyl, so I have the music still.  There’s some gems in here like Quasi, Moby, Shabazz Palaces, etc. All you have to do is tell is leave a comment and tell me what your favorite album of the year is so far, I’ll pick the one closest to mine, and the package is yours, free of charge.  So get at us; you’ll be happy you did.  Unfortunately, this is a contest only for our Austin clientele.

New Song from Laura Jean

We worked with the guys in Chapter Music to bring the excellent Crayon Fields to our SXSW show a few years ago, so I always like to keep track of what the label has going on.  They’re about to release A Fool Who’ll by songwriter Laura Jean on September 3rd, and I’m sure they’d be happy to send you a copy via the old fashioned mail.  Jean’s playing a somewhat muted guitar, quietly whispering “im missing you” to begin the track, but it’s her vocal performance that grabs you once the drums join in on the accompaniment. This is definitely a heartbreak song, and I’m definitely a huge sucker for such types. What are your thoughts?


Download: Laura Jean – Missing You [MP3]

New Music from All the Apparatus

Portland seems to attract music of the shanty sort, much like All the Apparatus.  The ensemble cast have just completed and released All the Apparatus, the self-titled album that will surely have you fawning.  An easy comparison would be to make a Decemberists association, but the heavier vocals give me a the feeling of a more complex Murder by Death.  It’s sort of like a folk-core version of Efterklang, but maybe that’s a stretch.  Regardless, the group makes sweeping music for sweeping your house, and for all those other times when you just want to listen to really great tunes.


Download: All the Apparatus – Portland’s Rose [MP3]

New Music From Tom Vek

Here’s a a fun new dance ready song called “Aroused” by London based Tom Vek to take you into your weekend.  The song appears on Vek’s recent sophomore album Leisure Seizure which is already available digitally in the US and will see a September 13th physical release.  This song is sure to start getting major plays in the indie dance hall world.


Download: Tom Vek – Aroused [MP3]

Zlam Dunk On Daytrotter

When local Austin bands appear on national website Daytrotter, we try to talk about them.  Well our local friends Zlam Dunk just had their session posted today and we wanted to share the info with you kids.  The guys recorded 4 songs for the live in-studio, including 3 songs from their recent album Noble Ancestry and one from an as of yet released album.  Below you can find that unreleased song “Patrick” for you downloading pleasure.  Check out the full session now.


Download: Zlam Dunk – Patrick [MP3]

New Music from War on Drugs

I’m pretty sure we raved about War on Drugs with their Future Weather release, a record that turned time and time again around my house.  The band is preparing their new release, Slave Ambient, on August 16th, and I can already tell that it’s going to cause some problems in my daily musical rotation.  There’s something about the way they craft the songs, using distant vocals in order to allow for the guitar lines to spin and swirl around them.  It creates a great effect, and one that endlessly begs to be put on again and again.  I think more people should write songs like this, but hey, that’s just like, my opinion, man.


Download: War on Drugs – Come To The City [MP3]

New Track from Boston Spaceships

Not much really needs to be said about Bob Pollard these days.  He’s pretty much conquered everything out there, yet he still keeps on kicking out great jams.  Such is the case with this new track, “Christmas Girl,” which will be featured on the new Boston Spaceships record, Let It Beard. It’s going to be a double album, and if the tracks are half-as-great as the one we’re featuring, then it’s going to be one hell of a collection of Pollard tunes. There’s also an awesome video contest that goes along with this song, and it’s being sponsored by the good folks over at Spinner.  Make sure you get your hands on the record when it hits stores August 2nd.


Download: Boston Spaceships – Christmas Girl [MP3]

Show Preview: Guns of Navarone @ Threadgills (7/15)

Date 7/15/11
Location Threadgills
Doors 8pm
Tickets $5 @ Door

Local up and coming Austin boys Guns of Navarone have a show planned for the Threadgills south location (on Riverside) for Friday night.  Joining the alt-country styling boys on the stage for support are fellow locals Clyde and Clem’s Whiskey Business and East Cameron Folklore.  Should be a great night to unwind with some great music after a long week at work.  For those of you who don’t have summers off that is…


Download: Guns of Navarone – You Used To Be [MP3]

New Jams From Leatherbag

Austin boys Leatherbag are one of those bands that are highly underrated in this town, yet somehow seem to be on the verge of blowing up any second.  Hell, after some searching, it seems as though we ATH geniuses have never posted music by the band.  Derp.  Well this hard working Austin band recently released new LP Yellow Television AND new EP Patience just last week.  Below you can find lead single from the full length entitled “Imitation Generation” for your enjoyment.  I think it will show you that we’ve been missing the boat on one of Austin’s finest songwriters Randy Reynolds.  By the way, you can stream both new LP and EP over on the band’s website so get to it.


Download: Leatherbag – Imitation Generation [MP3]

New Power-Pop from Jacuzzi Boys

A slew of jams popped up yesterday by the likes of Real Estate and Cymbals Eat Guitars, but the one I have been enjoying, actually a few weeks before yesterday, is this pop hit from Jacuzzi Boys. Based on what I’ve heard from their upcoming record, Glazin, which comes out August 30th on Hardly Art, they’ve got to be one of my two favorite bands of the moment…the other being Texas’ own Bad Sports.  I mean, it doesn’t get a whole lot better than gritty licks and power-pop kicks.  If you’re in need of a pick me up, put this track on 11, and go to town–the day will only get better from here.


Download: Jacuzzi Boys – Cool Vapors [MP3]

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