New Tunes from Tyvek

After releasing their latest release, Nothing Fits, last week, these Detroit bros are out to set the record straight, and get you pumped about the whole affair.  Tyvek have just released a new MP3 today, and it’s just another reason that those in the know are getting stoked on the band.  Put the bunny hats aside, and you’ve got a power-fueled record that will definitely get your heart pumping and your feet stomping.  If you haven’t gotten to know this band yet, now is your chance, so don’t miss out on the latest beast from Detroit.


Download: Tyvek – Underwater To [MP3]

New Tunes from The Liminanas

Watching a show the other night, I got this incredible idea (only incredible to me I’m sure) that all bands should bring artists from across the world on tour, exposing us all to new genres, styles, etc.  So, today I’ve been searching for something that would meet my fancy, and I came across the French group The Liminanas.  They use a bit of sampling, a lot of spoken word, and a lot of common psychedelia, all of which leads to some tunes that have been blasting on my playlist all day long.  You’d be wise to check out their new self-titled album, The Liminanas.  Welcome, world.


Download: The Liminanas – Mountain [MP3]

New (Free) Tunes from Scott Orr

This Canadian fellow has been doing the indie folk thing for some time now, but he wanted to strip it down a bit more.  Scott Orr has just released a free Acoustic EP, which has a few new tracks, and some old ones done in a super-stripped down manner.  One of the things I like the most about this new EP is that he vowed to just do it in his own style, with very few overdubs and retakes in the recording process.  Just giving it a listen lets you see that such an approach gives it an extremely personal quality, which never hurts anyone, now does it?  If you dig this, you can grab the EP HERE.


Download: Scott Orr – A Bird On The Ground (Acoustic Version) [MP3]

New Music from Velvet Davenport

Its pretty hard to find out a lot of info on this band, other than the fact that hail from a place one normally wouldn’t associate with their musical stylings, Minneapolis.  Velvet Davenport, as the name would have you guess, have a gentle affection to their sound, extremely reminiscent of the 60s wave of Spector, yet done with an enjoyable bedroom recording quality. Their latest LP, Warmy Girls, is really a special gem, and something you’ll surely be enjoying for some time to come.  You can grab it by checking out their label, Moon Glyph, and travel back in time with the band. I’ve sure been enjoying my trip.


Download: Velvet Davenport – Mystery Michael [MP3]

More New Music From Jonquil

The new EP from Oxford band Jonquil, One Hundred Suns, has been getting some pretty heavy rotation here in the ATH offices.  Locked within that EP, you’ll find some rather tasty subtle pop tunes that get better and better with each listen.  Lucky for you readers, that EP is now available for purchase on Dovecote Records.  The band is also currently giving away this new tune “Get Up” to celebrate the release.  It sort of cracks me up that the press release for Jonquil reads that they are “Paul Simon’s take on The Smiths”… spot on!  Don’t forget that album track “Fighting Smiles” is still streaming elsewhere on ATH.


Download: Jonquil – Get Up [MP3]

Contest: Black Angels @ La Zona Rosa (11/19)

It’s time again friends for another contest that some of you may or may not actually enter.  This time we’re going to make things super easy for all you lazy kids out there.  To begin with, Austin’s very own The Black Angels are playing this Friday at La Zona Rosa to celebrate the semi-recent release of their new album Phosphene Dream.  Making these passes even more enticing, the Austinites will be joined on stage by Canadian rockers Black Mountain.  So here’s the deal:

Up for grabs: ONE lucky winner will win a pass with +1 to the show on Friday. (that’s two in all for you math wizzes)

To enter: Simply leave a comment with why you should win and we’ll pick a winner at random.

Contest closes: Noon on Thursday (11/17)

Below you’ll also find recent single from The Angels “Telephone”.


Download: The Black Angels – Telephone [MP3]

New(ish) Music From Glass Owls

It seems like we sometimes have a soft spot in our hearts for hot new bands out of New Zealand.  Glass Owls are another one of those pop bands we’ve taken to with a sound similar to a more twee pop version of their country brother’s in Surf City.  Their tunes are poppy, lo-fi and often times perfect for an indie dance party.  This summer, Glass Owls released a debut EP entitled Dead Love which is currently streamable and available for purchase on the band’s bandcamp site.  Below you’ll find my favorite tune from the band “Summer Girl”.  Of course you can hear more hazzy pop jams on the Glass Owls bandcamp or myspace page.


Download: Glass Owls – Summer Girl [MP3]

New Tunes from Bear Mountain

Who doesn’t like a band with Bear in their name?  Well, another group has thrown their name into the ever=growing list, Bear Mountain.  While I haven’t been able to find too much information about the group’s origins, I did manage to come across their new mini album, also titled Bear Mountain.  The word was created at home, and while some of the tracks do have the influence of programming and other such home recording remedies, I really enjoyed “Green.” There’s this distant quality to the recording that gives it some sort of alternative reality aesthetic.  Try this one on for size.


Download: Bear Mountain – Green [MP3]

New Tunes from Glass Vaults

Glass Vaults is a little group from New Zealand, and you know how we like our Oceanic jams.  They’ve just released their Glass EP, which you can grab for free, and its something you should definitely get your hands on if you can.  This single, “Forget Me Not,” has a bit more of a collage pop effect than some of the other tracks, which leaves the band with plenty of room for solid growth; no matter which direction they go, according to this EP, it’s bound to be good stuff.  I like some of the mellower, dark burners, like “Set Sail,” so go give this a try, and spread the word about the band.


Download: Glass Vaults – Forget Me Not [MP3]

New Music from Eux Autres

With news that a new record from Eux Autres would be hitting this September, you’d expect to find a bit more press about the band’s latest single, “Go Dancing.”  It’s got a fuzzy little bass line and some vocals that recall recent works by Best Coast, just a lit more straightforward.  The entire album is full of hits that go between a bit of angular pop and downright blistering ditties.  Said album, Broken Bow, is slated to come out on November 23rd, so you only have to wait a few more weeks until you can get your hands on this gem of an album; I promise it won’t let you down in the least bit.  It doesn’t hurt that Jason from Papercuts recorded it either!


Download: Eux Autres – Go Dancing [MP3]

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