More New Music from Future Islands

The more I listen to this band, the more excited I get about their upcoming release for Thrill Jockey. On the Water will hit the street on October 4th, and it’s shaping up to be an album for everyone.  There’s little hints of atmospheric ambiance thrown in here and there; you’ll find pop goodness all over the place.  Even those with love for the electronica have to feel that this could really go their way.  It’s hard to find a band that can wrap it up in a nice little package and win everyone over.  Pretty sure that one listen to Future Islands, and we’ve all got to get on board.


Download: Future Islands – Balance [MP3]

New Music from Kathryn Calder

It doesn’t seem like too long ago that Kathryn Calder burst onto the scene once she joined up with the New Pornographers.  But, while that might be her staple, she’s been slowly crafting her own career on the side, releasing a record last year, and prepping a new one for the month of October.  This record’s going to be called, Bright and Vivid, and based on this first single, there’s a bit of a different approach to her writing.  Yes, those great vocals you expect from her are there, but there’s definitely some programmable beats being used here, giving Calder a bit of punch to her pop du jour.


Download: Kathryn Calder – Who Are You [MP3]

New Music from Pony

Do you ever just find one of those songs that immediately takes you over?  For some reason (because it’s good), the simple trickling piano of Pony did precisely that, and has since been absorbed to the max. It’s all the work of songwriter Audrey, and she just released her album I Forgot to Turn You On.  It’s a very simplistic record, full of brief ballads and haunting melodies; sometimes it’s the simplest things that make the greatest impact on us.


Download: Pony – Lost Sun [MP3]

New Music From Pomegranates

Here’s a new slow burning jam entitled “Softness” from an ATH favorite band Pomegranates.  The song is a bit of a turn from some of the upbeat pop music we’re used to from the group and features a more intimate style.  Not to say the band was ever an over the top pop group, but this song seems to replace the familiar driving bass and drums with hushed vocals and clean guitars.  It’s a style change for sure.  This song appears on a new Double EP release from Pomegranates called In Your Face Thieves/Chestnut Attic which is available for purchase in digital or physical format now via Lujo Records.


Download: Pomegranates – Softness [MP3]

The IT Department – v1.0

The trial run went well enough that the IT Department is going into production. Version 1.0 will include some have-to listens, our first repeat guest, some darkwave, a new to me artist and *gasp* a remix or two. People that know me know I hate remixes, so you may not gasp, but I know a few out there will.

Past the break you will tracks from M83, Tunnels, Active Child, Walls (kind of) and more.

So welcome to the next step, welcome to the IT Department V1.0.

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New Music from The Great Nostalgic

Make no mistake about it; we’re huge fans of Austin band The Great Nostalgic.  Just recently they released their second album, Hope We Live Like We Promised, but they’re not stopping there.  Currently the band is holed up, hard at work on a brand new EP.  You can clearly tell the band’s sound has changed from their first effort, sounding tighter here than they have in the past, throwing out a melding of sounds in the middle of the track to bring you effortless brilliance.  It’s about time more people start taking notice of this great act.  Heed my warning folks.


Download: The Great Nostalgic – Doomsday Radio [MP3]

New Music from The Sweet Ones

As a younger music fan, I just needed fast guitars, maybe some shouting and a good melody.  Nowadays, I find myself attached to all sorts of sounds (you can’t rule anything out these days), which is why I’ve been enjoying this track from The Sweet Ones.  At first, it sorts of comes off like an oddball Modest Mouse, but the more I listen to it, the use of horns doesn’t seem like excess, so I tend to align these guys with more of a Rock Plaza Central feel–just with a bit more pop.  Make no doubt about it though, it’s definitely quirky, in the most endearing way.  You’ll find this track and others on the group’s new album Big Mistakes, which is in  stores now.


Download: The Sweet Ones – Carburetor [MP3]

More New Music from Wise Blood

Thanks to a big push from the Interwebs, Wise Blood has quickly grown in popularity, and after hearing his most recent single, there’s a reason for that.  Personally, that sweeping melody hiding beneath the mass of ambient noises grabbed me, but those ringing guitars that come in and out in the middle of versus, definitely furthered my appreciation.  Every time I repeat this track, there’s something else that stands out to me, which is the sign of great craftsmanship.  You can find this song, as well as others, when the These Wings EP hits stores on August 30th via Dovecote.


Download: Wise Blood – Nosferatu [MP3]

New Pop Jam From Prussia

Fun pop jams are proving to be harder to come by now that summer is winding down and bands are preparing for more subdued fall releases.  Well don’t tell Detroit band Prussia and their sweet pop tune called “Mediator”.  The song appears on a new 4 song EP from the band Poor English, Pt. 1 which is available on bandcamp at a name your own price deal or for purchase on 10″ vinyl.  It’s an enjoyable listen to say the least.


Download: Prussia – Mediator [MP3]

New Music From Whalers

Local boys Whalers grabbed our attention earlier this year and landed a much coveted Artist 2 Watch tag.  Since that time, the band has been hard at work recorded some tunes to follow up their late 2010 release How the Ship Goes Down.  The new song I have for you below “Cheat on Each Other” is taken from those new recordings and appears on new EP, Paddle Easy which hits streets on September 6th.  Apparently more great things are on the horizon for this up and coming Austin band, so stay tuned as we get the details.


Download: Whalers – Cheat On Each Other [MP3]

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