Super Catchy Track from Stepdad

This song from Stepdad is so ridiculously good that I had to share it with you.  It starts off with this electronic meandering, sort of like what you get from later Animal Collective, but then it unites with trickling pop structure…going back and forth.  You’ll find this song opening the band’s new album, Wildlife Pop, which comes out on June 12 via Black Bell Records.  Starting off an album like this is dangerous, but I have a feeling that the group can live up to the expectations.  If you’re looking for a pop tune that combines swirling gang vocals with electronic pulses, then get into this jam right now!


Download: Stepdad – Must Land Running [MP3]

New Music From Hands

Digging this new song “Come to Know” from L.A. quartet Hands that just premiered over on Nylon and wanted to share it with you fine peeps.  It’s a pretty busy track with many intricate parts going on at the same time that somehow seem to mesh well as the song builds towards it’s climax near the mid point.  The band actually just released a new EP Massive Context a couple of days ago, so you should check that out if you’re feeling this one.  You can also stream that whole thing over on Soundcloud if you’re so inclined.  You better be.


Download: Hands – Come To Know [MP3]

New Jam from Little Radar

Seeing as we rep Austin, we’re really happy to share this new track from Little Radar, one of the city’s rising stars.  The group will be offering up their new album Up In Arms on April 29th, and this is our first taste of the effort.  The guitars are a little bit on the traditional rocking indie side, but the softly delivered vocals give a nice contrast to the musical tones, creating a really powerful hook that displays the band’s abilities to rock it out.  With a history that includes Berklee School of Music, it’s clear the group has the talent to take us all by storm.


Download:Little Radar – Spitfire [MP3]

More New Music From Holy Esque

A couple of weeks ago we ran a brand new song from Scottish rock band Holy Esque called “Prophet of Privilege” and Nate and I immediately were drawn to the band.  As Nathan already commented, singer Pat Hynes is again the stand out on this track “Ladybird Love” as he seems to get so worked up that he can barely get out the next word.  The guy obviously brings some major emotion and passion to his music and we all love that.  As previously mentioned, the band has a new self-titled EP coming out April 23rd.  Pick it up.


Download: Holy Esque – Ladybird Love [MP3]

Bright Indie Pop from Tigercats

Tons of stuff is going on in the musical landscape of the UK, so excuse me if I hype on another recent discovery, Tigercats.  This group is as energetic as anything that’s come across the Atlantic, at least if we go by the track below.  Said song is featured on the band’s new record, Isle of Dogs, which definitely features some odd song names (Kim and Thurston for example).  While some songs sound a bit like Los Campesinos I like the brightened exuberance of this track as soon as I stumbled upon it.  Definitely an easy way to cheer you up.


Download: Tigercats – Full Moon Reggae Party [MP3]

New Track from Deep Time (formerly Yellow Fever)

It’s been a great couple of weeks for Austin artists (depsite Michael C.’s hatred); releases by Whitman, Zoltars, Literature and leaks of songs by Eastern Sea, Little Radar (coming tomorrow) and now Deep Time. Formerly the group was known as Yellow Fever here in our fair city, but as they’ve signed to Hardly Art, it’s time to move on up in the world–and move in new directions.  As Deep Time, the duo will release a self-titled debut as a sign of new things to come; it’ll be in stores on July 10th. I really like the sound of Jennifer’s voice on this track, and it’s definitely a stronger (if only in production) sound for the group. Congrats Austin…seems like you’ve got a lot going on afterall.


Download: Deep Time – Clouds [MP3]

Quiet Listen from Banquet

You’ve gotta love sprawling pop tracks, especially when you find them by accident.  Such is the case when I came across this new tune from Banquet, off the Impasse EP.  For almost two minutes, the song quietly moves along, patiently waiting its own little explosion.  The careful construction of the opening moments soon makes way for the explosion that erupts in a brief bit of pop bliss. If you like what you hear, then you can get your hands on the EP pretty quickly by heading over to Banquet’s site, or you can just give the whole EP a nice listen. I likes.


Download: Banquet – Impasse [MP3]

Show Preview: Bowerbirds @ The Parish (4/11)

Date Wednesday, April 11th
Location The Parish
Doors 800 pm
Tickets $15 from Frontgate

The week’s picking up folks, and Wednesday is definitely a doozy. One of the shows we think is worth your time is checking out the Bowerbirds over at the Parish.  I fell in love with their most recent release, The Clearing, which has the group sounding at their best.  Their sound is sort of quieted folk music, so you couldn’t ask for a better venue than going over to the Parish to catch the group.  I have a feeling they’ll be giving an incredibly emotional performance that will leave you talking about it for quite some time.  Dry the River will be opening the evening, so be sure to get their early, as they are another act worthy of your attention.


Download:Bowerbirds – Tuck the Darkness In [MP3]


BouncyNew Song from Ramona Falls

Brent Knopf is probably best known for his work in Menomena, but his work with Ramona Falls seems to be leading him in a really remarkable direction.  The group will release their second album, Prophet, via Barsuk on May 1st, and I won’t be let down if it sounds anything at all like the track below.  It’s got a lot of maneuvering going on musically, with slight bits of beautiful vocals thrown here and there. As it comes to a close, it takes on a more spirited emotion, ending with a track that we won’t soon forget.  Better get on this soon; it’s that good. Plus, check out a track they tossed out earlier that I completely skipped over! Sorry about that.


Download:Ramona Falls – Sqworm [MP3]


Download:Ramona Falls – Spore [MP3]

New (Old Track) from Emperor X

As much as I can get carried away by the world of power pop at times, there’s always been a soft spot in my heart for great songwriters; C. Matheny is one such writer, writing much like John Darnielle of Mountain Goats.  His group, Emperor X, is riding a high note after the release of Western Teleport last year, and will probably continue on a high note as Bar None Records are re-releasing their old albums for the masses.  I think once you give a good listen to this track from Central Hug/Freindarmy/Fractaldunes (2005), you’ll be just as excited as I am that we’ll all have a chance to get our hands on these great old songs from Matheny and company.


Download:Emperor X – Raytracer [MP3]

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