Show Preview: The Rumble @ Beerland (7/13)

Date 7/13/11
Location Beerland
Doors 9pm
Tickets FREE!!!

It’s time once again ladies and gentlemen for another monthly Rumble at Beerland in Austin.  This month, we’ve teamed up to feature local buzz worthy bands The Asteroid Shop, Bali Yaaah, and The Ghost Wolves.  As always, you can expect specials on PBR and some great local musicians all night long.  Come on by and say hi.


Download: The Asteroid Shop – Planetary [MP3]

New Music From We Were Promised Jetpacks

I was fairly excited yesterday when I caught wind of a new upcoming We Were Promised Jetpacks album.  The new album entitled In The Pit Of The Stomache, is due out later this Fall on October 4th via FatCat Records.  As we wait for that date in anticipation, here’s new slow burning single “Act On Impulse” form the forthcoming LP.  It takes a little while to get going, but when it does, it shows a lot of promise for a young band growing up before our eyes.


Download: We Were Promised Jetpacks – Act On Impulse [MP3]

New Folk Hit from Musikanto

One man’s love for fast rock n’ roll can only take him so far, so I’ve always got to have some folk or melodramatic jams to help me unwind.  Recently I’ve been introduced to Musikanto, a Chicago songwriter who will likely be making a name for himself all over the country soon. Press releases hint at Van Morrison and Ryan Adams connections, and I definitely see that there, but I also see little pieces of early Mason Jennings.  It’s heartfelt and honest, and there’s a willingness to provide a good narrative, even from a first-person point of view.  Looking for something mellower today? This could be your jam; you can grab it, as well as the rest of the songs from his Sky of Dresses album on August 2nd via Grape Juice Records.


Download: Musikanto – Every Which Way [MP3]

New Tunes from Young Buffalo

I have a feeling that people are going to find it hard to pigeon-hole Young Buffalo.  They’re set to release their Young Von Prettylips EP on Cantora Records on July 18th, and they’ve been kind enough to send out a track to give people a listen.  At first, I thought I heard hints of TV on the Radio, but in the middle, the song erupts into a joyous akin to Local Natives, especially with the percussive presence.  However, they seem to have re-imagined that sound, giving something a wee bit different, then softly flowing back into the atmospheric construction that began the song.  If you can’t find a genre to throw at these guys, probably should just stick with the fact that they’re just plain good.


Download: Young Buffalo – Only We Can Keep You From Harm [MP3]

New Slow Burner from RACES

The LA based group, RACES (formerly Black Jesus) have just signed on with Frenchkiss Records, who will be releasing the band’s debut LP this fall.  In preparation for the ride to their debut, the band have just released a single that should probably win you over pretty quickly.  There’s somewhat of a distance at the opening of the track, but as the vocals enter with the thick bass line, you find yourself being sucked into the dense sound of the “Big Broom.”  Accompaniment of female vocals add a nice softness to the track, leaving you with sort of a sleepy feeling.  Should be an interesting collection of tunes.


Download: RACES – Big Broom [MP3]

New Music from Sundress

Our good friends over at Austin’s Paperthin Media sent over this gem of an EP this week, and we see that the word is quickly spreading about Sundress.  The Denton quintet are releasing their EP on August 16th, and it should only brighten the star of press for the band.  On this single you’ll hear squalling guitars and a quieted vocal that rests just on the crest of the compositions.  At times, your ears will hear a shift in levels, with the traditional rise and fall of your every day dream pop.  I can’t wait to hear how their sound blossom and grows in the coming years, as this seems like a good musical investment for us all.


Download: Sundress – Derelict [MP3]

New Song from Big Troubles

I had heard about the signing of Big Troubles while stalking Slumberland Records (as you can see I’ve been doing today!).  I’d been keeping my eye on these kids since their debut, Worry, came out, so I’m excited to see that September 27th we can celebrate the arrival of Romantic Comedy.  Clearly, there’s a bit of youthfulness going on with this band, which enables them to sort of take dead aim at crafting pop gems with earnest, without having to endure backlash about who or what they were influenced by during the writing process. Smoky vocals placed lightly atop sharp bending guitar lines make this worthy of repeated listens.


Download: Big Troubles – Misery [MP3]

Show Preview: White Denim @ Antones (7/9)

Date 7/9/11
Location Antones
Doors 9pm
Tickets $10 @ Ticketfly

One helluva show is going down at Antone’s Saturday night headlined by Austin veterans White Denim.  To make the show completely local, and more enticing to you, the bill includes upcoming taletnts TV Torso, Not in the Face, and Watch Out For Rockets.  That’s an incredible local lineup of heavy hitters if you’re asking me.


Download: White Denim – Drug [MP3]

New Music from Veronica Falls

It seems like Slumberland Records is intent on signing all the great bands in the world; I expect a Celebrity Death Match between them and Captured Tracks soon.  They just announced today that they’ll be releasing the debut record from Veronica Falls on September 20th.  The label has even been kind enough to offer up a free download of “Come On Over” for every one to sample.  This track sort of begins with a trickle, jangling guitars and all, but then it jumps off with banging drums and faster guitars.  Female vocals soon enter to provide a dream-state that will accompany listeners through the rest of the song.  It’s a pretty promising single, so let’s all get excited about Veronica Falls.


Download: Veronica Falls – Come On Over [MP3]

New Song from John Wesley Coleman

Maybe this is old news, as in yesterday’s news, but I can’t help it. I’ve been a huge fan of John Wesley Coleman for some time, and at this point, it doesn’t seem like he can do anything wrong.  Word is being spread that he’s doing a split 7″ which will feature a Gary Stewart song, and a reinterpretation of said song–the 7″ comes out on July 26th Sophomore Lounge Records.  True, JWC might not have that honky-tonk feel some associate with Stewart’s music, but there’s that same sense of desperation and pain in his voice, and that’s always going to grab me by the ears.


Download: John Wesley Coleman -Oh Woman

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