New Music from Strawberry Whiplash

Strawberry Whiplash is one of those great band’s that unfortunately seems to fly beneath the radar of the masses.  I’m not sure why, as the simple pop formula of Laz and Sandra is nothing short of perfect, and you’d be silly to say otherwise.  The group’s been hard at work prepping their next album for your sunny travels, titled Hits in the Car, and it should be out later this year.  But, you won’t have to wait too much longer for new tunes, as the band is set to release a new 7″ for the single, “Stop, Look and Listen.”  Laz has been kind enough to allow us to share this great B-Side with you, which I’m sure will leave you salivating for more from Strawberry Whiplash.


Download: Strawberry Whiplash – Another Rainy Day In Glasgow [MP3]

New Track From Pajama Club

How often do we get to mention Crowded House on this website?  Probably never if I had to guess… Well today is the day with a new project and single from Crowded House front man Neil Finn’s new project known as Pajama Club.  This new song “These Are Conditions” will appear on a new self-titled album due out September 13th on on Lester Records.  That beat building throughout the track is just sick nasty.


Download: Pajama Club – These Are Conditions [MP3]

New Music From Rob Crow

I’ve long been a fan of post-emo band Pinback, and the subdued yet powerful vocals of leading man Rob Crow.  Fans like me can find a new tune below called “Sophistructure” from Mr. Crow recorded outside of his membership in Pinback.  The song is just a taste of a new solo album entitled He Thinks He’s People due out October 18th on Temporary Residence.  As is the case with most front men, the song comes across as one taken from his long time band’s catalog (which I’m in support of BTW).  We’re currently only offering this as a stream, but will let ya know when an MP3 is cool for download.


New Tunes from WATERS

You might know Van Pierszalowski from Port O’ Brien, but he’s beginning to make waves of his own under the name of WATERS. He’s already tossed out one tune earlier this year, and now here comes another stunner from the songwriter, prepping for his debut, Out in the Light, which comes out via TBD Records on September 20th. His voice seems to waiver just the slightest bit, giving a hint of an edge to the gentle track that slowly begins to unfold.  It’s like a more pristine Mile Benjamin Anthony Robinson, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Enjoy this number.


Download: WATERS – O Holy Break Of Day [MP3]

New Tune from Foreign Born (amidst hiatus)

Sad news coming our way as Foreign Born have decided to turn their focus elsewhere, at least for the time being.  I thoroughly loved their record, Person to Person, so I’m sad to see them take a break, but they do have other projects to focus on, such as Fools Gold.  Fortunately, before they head off into the California sun, they’ve left us with a brand new track to enjoy.  Sadly, it only makes me wish all the more that they wouldn’t hang things up just yet, as they clearly have some brilliant stuff left to accomplish.


Download: Foreign Born – Keep It In Mind [MP3]

New Tunes from Forest Fire

Man, it’s been a really good day for quirky pop numbers all over the Internets.  This sprawling little number from New York’s Forest Fire is just another one of those.  The band have recently signed to Fat Cat, who will be releasing their newest album, Staring at the X, on October 18th.  If you listen closely, I swear you’ll hear the voice of Devandra Banhart, though the music sounds nothing at all like that.  Light orchestrated touches come in and out, and carefully echoed guitar chords clang in the background.  Whatever their formula is for songwriting, I’m absolutely loving it today.


Download: Forest Fire – Future Shadows [MP3]

New Music from Quiet Company

The guys in Quiet Company have been hard at work the last few years, building a large fan base in Austin, and moving their popularity beyond our fair city.  On October 4th, the band will release their latest album, We Are All Where We Belong. They’ve been kind enough to offer the public a free glimpse of the record with the song “Fear & Fallacy, Sitting in a Tree.”  It’s based around a piano structure, and as it bursts into a pop euphoria, you’ll notice some similarities to the old tunes of Ben Kweller. It’s gentle, it’s hook-laden, and it’s just a joy to listen to, so give yourself a chance to familiarize yourself with Quiet Company.


Download: Quiet Company – Fear & Fallacy, Sitting in a Tree [MP3]

New Music From Magicks

Here’s a new noise pop jam from Jason Magicks and his project known simply as Magicks.  The track “Cycles of Sine Waves Peaking Through Valleys” appears on the new EP Triangles which is available to stream or download for free over on the Magicks bandcamp page.  Also of note, Jason will be stopping into Austin a week from today at Club 1808 for a live set.  If you enjoy this tune, be there to see what the guy can do live!


Download: Magicks – Cycles of Sine Waves Peaking Through Valleys [MP3]

New Music from Gringo Star

This little track has been floating around the Internet for a few days now, and we couldn’t help other than to toss it up your way.  Gringo Star, another band from the ATL, are ready to release their new album, Count Yer Lucky Stars, on October 25th via Gigantic Music.  If it’s got the hooks that you’ll find on this song, and those rising vocals during the chorus, it’s going to definitely be a joy.  You’ll probably find tons of things to compare the group too, but on this track, the guitar sound definitely has a quality I haven’t heard from a lot of guitars as of late.  It’s just a great track, hands down.


Download: Gringo Star – Shadow [MP3]

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