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  • Thanks for giving us a listen. Were heading that way as an official selection of SXSW this year. Hope you dig.

  • Hi there

    Louis The Child just released their debut EP titled, “Love Is Alive” and we would love to have the song “Slow Down Love” featured in your blog. The link to the song is attached below for your consideration. Thank you and hope to see this song featured!

  • Hey,

    My name is Marc Maynon. I’m a busking singer/songwriter and I play farmers’ markets all throughout the Bay Area of California. I’m coming out with a 10 song LP by the end of this year and I’m releasing a new song from the album every month. I was wondering if Austin Town Hall would be interested in premiering the first one.

    “What Are We Really Saying?”

    I think it sounds like something Nicole Baumann would be interested in hearing, but also maybe RayRay or Nathan Lankford. You can check out the micro music video I made for the song on my instagram @marcmaynon

    Thanks for your time

  • Hi,

    It seems your submit form is broken!

    I’m part of an indie rock band based out of Los Angeles called The Rare Occasions. We just released a music video for our song “Notion” in anticipation of our upcoming summer tour. We’re very excited about the Notion video – it’s a song which has racked up over 170,000 streams on Spotify. I was wondering if you’d be interested in covering the video.

    Video link:

    Let us know what you think. Thanks!


    Peter Stone
    The Rare Occasions

  • Buenas,

    I’m Jesse, editor of Santa Rosa Recordsan indie music blog and promoter of obscure music from around the globe and across all genres.

    I fucking dig your blog so I’ve added you to our blogrollfeatured in the footer of every single page!

    Peace and love!

    Jesse Gilmore

  • Hello!

    It does appear the submit form is broken. This is Dan & Kyle – we’ve been playing in the Austin band Whalers for several years. Here’s the latest set of songs we put out as a side project called Damn Hands (“get your damn hands off her”).

    DAN & KYLE

  • Hi,
    here’s Ronny from the Augsburg (southern Germany) based label Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten. It seems your submit button is broken …
    In April i have released the album of The BV’s “Speaking From A Distance” that was reviewed in your brilliant Blog.
    I have a new release on my label and it will be out on September 4th.

    Here’s the information:
    Jetstream Pony are born out of a common love for power-pop, post punk and indie-pop. The band feature Beth Arzy (Trembling Blue Stars/The Luxembourg Signal/Lightning in a Twilight Hour/Aberdeen) on vocals, Shaun Charman (The Wedding Present/The Popguns/The Fireworks) on guitar, Kerry Boettcher on bass and Sara Boyle on drums. Their songs “Like You Less” & “Had Enough” are perfect C86-inspired noise pop gems and bring to mind bands like The Primitives, Shop Assistants, The Rosehips, Black Tambourine, etc.
    The band have received brilliant online reviews around the world for early demos, and have gigs arranged for London and Hamburg this Autumn 2017. The amazing “Like you Less” 7″ KUS 010 is their debut and will be released in an edition of 200 on black vinyl in a beautifully designed linen paper sleeve with labelinsert on our small label Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten on September 4th!!!

    Upcoming gigs:
    6th October – London Dalston Victoria (with The Electric Pop Group)
    28th October – Hamburg Astrastube (with The Soda Stream)
    Soundcloudlink for “Like You Less”:
    Link from my label:
    I hope you like it …

    Best wishes from Augsburg

  • Hi!

    I’m in a band called Ex-Cousins from Austin and we’re putting out our second EP next month. Here’s a link to it –>

    If you’d be willing to give it a listen, that would be awesome. The best songs on the EP, in my opinion, are YCSS, Goodnight KC and My Eyes Hurt.

    We are or have been in other bands like The Gary, Economy Island and Blue Kabuki.


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