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Got a tip you want to share? Have an album you’d like us to review or a show you think we should check out? Fill out the form below and tell us all about it. Any personal information you provide to ATH will be kept 100% confidential, and we promise never to sell or share your information.

*Disclaimer*We promise to listen to every single music submission sent our way and will shoot you a response if it’s something we think fits to our tastes. We receive 100s of submissions a day, so don’t get your feelings hurt if you never hear from us.

A few tips to improve your career in music:

  • Please don’t link to full album downloads unless we specifically email you and ask for it.
  • Keep your email short. We would love to read your life story, but just don’t have the time.
  • Provide a simple link to your music via soundcloud, youtube, bandcamp, or direct MP3 link.
  • Take some time to peruse the sites you submit your music to and submit if you think it aligns with the style of that site. Does it look like we’re enjoying your dubstep remix of “Sex on Fire”?
  • Don’t pretend that you know who we are or “have been reading ATH for years”. Flattery will get you nowhere, and you are a dirty liar.
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