The Melvins 25th Anniv. @ Emo’s (05/20)

melvinshoudiniKing Buzzo and the godfathers of grunge will be invading Austin this Wednesday evening for a sure to be historic show at Emo’s outdoor stage. The boys will be performing their 1993 classic Houdini in it’s entirety with original drummer and founding member Mike Dillard. Co-produced by Kurt Cobain, Houdini was the first of three albums The Melvins did for Atlantic Records and remains one of their greatest and most accessible albums. Grab tickets here while you still can for the low price of $15. And to get you jacked up for the show, we present Honey Bucket:



megafunWe don’t know a whole lot about this band Megafaun other than we really like their tunes and they hail from Durham North Carolina.  From first listens their sound draws a lot from fun countryish sounds similar to maybe our own Brothers and Sisters with maybe even more twang.  Or you could just call it fun.  Here’s latest single from the band “The Fade” which will appear on new album Gather, Form & Fly due out July 21st.  You Austinites will also be pleased to know that Megafaun will be opening for Bowerbirds when they come through town in August at Mohawk.


Download: Megafaun – The Fade [MP3]

Young Love @ Mohawk (5/20)

052009_mohawk_younglove0Many moons ago Dan Keyes used to live and play music in Austin with his hardcore band Recover.  After the demise of that band, Keyes left for the big NYC to start his new dance-rock project Young Love.  High critical praise has been coming over the last couple of years and now the band are making a stop off in Austin on Wednesday night at Mohawk.  Promising young bands Paper Route and The Always Already will provide your opening entertainment.  Tickets are on sale now for $10 or can be bought at the door for $12.  Head out and say welcome home to our man Dan Keyes!


Download: Young Love – Black Boots [MP3]

Chaos in Tejas

chaosThe great thing about Austin is that we get the benefit of having our local promoters put together amazing weeks of shows, and this week, Chaos in Tejas proves just that point.  Sure, the bands might be a little bit on the harder/faster/heavier side of things, but there are some great bands; just check out these names: Ted Leo, The Thermals, Harvey Milk, Propaghandi, Strange Boys, Times New Viking, The Business and The Shaky Hands.  All bands that deserve your time and attention…not to mention the other great bands that will grace the stage along the whole Red River district.  A detailed list of shows and venues can be found here.


Download: Ted Leo – Under the Hedge [MP3]

Tunes from An Horse

horseWe caught up with An Horse during SXSW for a quick interview, and now that their album Rearrange Beds has been circling aroudn, we thought we’d offer up more of their festive pop for you today.  Also, this single, “Camp Out,” has just recently got the video treatment, and you should check it out here.


Download: An Horse – Camp Out [MP3]

White Rabbits – It’s Frightening


Rating: ★★★½ ·

Brooklyn via Columbia, Missouri six-piece the White Rabbits rose to critical acclaim seemingly out of nowhere with their debut album, Fort Nightly.  This time around, the band has enlisted Spoon frontman (and sometimes Austinite) Britt Daniel for production duties on their latest album, It’s Frightening.  You’ll find his touch on a lot of the songs, but ultimately, this sophomore effort is worthy of your attention on musical merit alone.

One of the runners for song of the year, at least up to this point in time, opens the album. “Percussion Gun” with its dual drumming technique climbs into your ears as the tribal element of the song bombards you.  But, this isn’t the only trick the band has, as the piano work provides a much needed backbone that allows the song to go beyond just a mere rain-dance.

You’ll find the influence of Britt Daniel marking “They Done Wrong/We Done Wrong.” This songs is reminiscent of pre-Gagagagagaga Spoon, with a bouncing bass line accompanied by a meandering piano.  The guitar stutters along the song as the vocals arrive in that croon come falsetto that Britt uses to perfection.  Now, we’re not assuming that this is just a knock-off because the song definitely warrants repeated listens; we’re just stating you can find Britt’s fingerprints on it.

“Comapny I Keep” is the slow summer jam come early.  It’s a mostly acoustic number with light percussion walking along the backbone of the song.  It’s the warmth of they lyrical content here that makes the song ultimately rewarding.  Sure, it might not be the most exciting of this batch of tunes, but you’ll definitely find this as one of the ones worth putting on your summer mixtapes.

One of the things that’s lacking from this album, however, is a little bit of pacing.  It’s not that there is poor pacing in so far as the organization of the songs, rather that the majority of the songs don’t seem to have too much movement to them, often becoming entirely too subdued for their own good.  Oddly, the only songs that have movement seem to rely upon the drum stylings of “Percussion Gun” with just a softer quality to them.

Still, there is something to be said for the quiet presence of this album. It provides for the easy listening experience now that you need to focus on new projects.  It’s an album full of songs constructed precisely for headphones and mellow moments in this time of your life.  A decent effort, though much stronger on the front end.


Download: White Rabbits – They Done Wrong/We Done Wrong [MP3]

Crystal Method @ La Zona Rosa (5/19)

the-crystal-methodHope you’re ready for a crazy dance party because that’s what you’ll be getting if you head to La Zona Rosa on Tuesday night for some Crystal Method action.  The show still has some tickets on sale for the small price tag of $23.  The DJ duo will share the stage with openers LA Riot.  Music starts at 8pm.


Download: Crystal Method – Name of the Game [MP3]

More New Music From Foreign Born

foreignborn1Not long ago, we dropped a new single your way called “Vacationing People” by L.A. band Foreign Born.  Now we’ve got another new song from the band’s upcoming album entitled “Earl Warnings”.  Both of these new tracks are creating a lot of positive buzz about the new album in the ATH offices.  You can pick up Person to Person June 23rd via Secretly Canadian.   You can also catch a live session by the band in July when they make a stop at Mohawk .  Stay tuned for more deets on that closer to the actual date.


Download: Foreign Born – Early Warnings [MP3]

Offspring/Alkaline Trio @ Stubbs (5/19)

thumb_alkaline_triowhIf you aren’t making it out to Crystal Method on Tuesday night, make your way over to Stubbs for a sweet little lineup of now veteran punk rockers at Stubbs.  Your lineup includes openers Street Dogs, ATH faves Alkaline Trio, and old schoolers The OffspringTickets can still be bought for this one at a cost of $35.


Download: Alkaline Trio – Help Me.mp3 [MP3]

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