New Music From Yim Yames(Jim James)

mmj-jim-james1Shortly after the death of George Harrison, Jim James (under the moniker Yim Yames) recorded a 6 song EP of Harrison covers that has been on the shelf up till now.  Next week this covers EP, and the first solo release by the MMJ frontman, will be released in digital, CD, and vinyl fashion.  We’ve got a little taste of the EP below.  Not sure why the man needs to use a different name, but the songs are sounding superb.


Download: Yim Yames – Behind That Locked Door [MP3]

This Will Destroy You @ Mohawk (7/2)

thiswillThis Will Destroy You are a band who are of course often compared unfairly to fellow Texas instrumental band Explosions in the Sky.  We like to think of them as a few parts Explosions mixed with some old school Appleseed Cast sounds.  Regardless, the band is coming to town at the Mohawk on Thursday and it should be a nice option for your nights music endeavors.  Sleep Whale & Power Animal are joining in as opening support.  Cover charge is $10 and doors are at 9pm.


Download: This Will Destroy You – The World is Our [MP3]

Fun x 3 Announces Bands

fun As the lull in summer music news gently takes  hold of us here at ATH, we hear via our friend Chris at GvsB that our local Transmission Entertainment has begun to slowly unleash the list of bands hitting the stage at the 4th Annual Fun Fun Fun Fest.  The bands so far released are reunited Jesus Lizard, Broadcast, Atlas Sound and King Khan and the BBQ Show.  We’re already stoked, so lets see if they can pull the Descendents together.

New Tunes from Lightspeed Champion (sort of)

Dev Hynes (Lightspeed Champion) at the Sound Fix CafeDevonte Hynes is the former Test Icicle who has now gone on to fame of his own accord with Lightspeed Champion, and he now has some new tunes for us to listen to whilst he puts the finishing touches on his new LP.  But, he has opted to release this piece of tunes under the Blood Orange moniker, which is probably due to the fact that it doesn’t sound quite like his other works, but definitely wears the influence of his new home in Brooklyn. Enjoy this track from Blood Orange (not Lightspeed Champion).


Download: Blood Orange – Said No [MP3]

New Tunes from Cold Cave

cold_cavePhilly group Cold Cave are releasing their latest LP, Love Comes Close, on Heartworm.  Since it just rained here in Austin, we figured you need some dark synth-pop to get you moving through the rest of the day, which is why we bring you “Life Magazine.”  There’s nothing like the electronic pulse of a song such as this to get you going.


Download: Cold Cave – Life Magazine [MP3]

Nylon Summer Music Tour @ Antone’s (7/1)

nylonmagIt’s finally July and what better way to celebrate summer with a mini-festival being put on by Nylon Magazine at Antone’s on Wednesday night.  We call it a mini-festival because the lineup for the late afternoon/nighttime show features 4 incredible acts that should tickle your fancy.  The lineup includes showman Patrick Wolf headlining, Living Things, Plastiscines, and long time ATH fave Jaguar LoveTickets for this big show are only $15 so we suggest you make plans to be there for this extremely cheap show.  Doors are at 6pm and first act starts at 7pm.  If you don’t like the idea of being at Antone’s for so long, get there early, get stamped, and come and go as you please.


Download: Patrick Wolf – Hard Times [MP3]


Download: Jaguar Love – Highways of Gold [MP3]

Spoon – Got Nuffin EP


Rating: ★★½ · ·

It’s been awhile since Spoon threw Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga our way, but unexpectedly the band has released the new Got Nuffin EP.  It’s a three song excursion, but will mostly be known as a single to tide you over while the band works on their newest album.

“Got Nuffin” is hands down the best track on this EP.  It’s brooding bass line meets guitar hook beats the song into your brain.  Britt’s vocals sound solid, and you find him with a bit of an edge, as his voice occasionally reached the realms of a guttural growl.  It’s a lot less like the Van Morrison stylings of Ga Ga Ga… and it reminds you of the work that came about on Gimme Fiction.

“Tweakers” is a track you can skip as soon as you get your hands on it.  Not trying to be rude or judgmental, but it sounds like someone just decided to go into the studio and see how far they could get with tampering with a drum sample.  Unfortunately, they tampered away for 3 minutes and 39 seconds, which is only good for those listeners who are actually tweakers.

“Stroke Their Brains” is something that might just grow on you.  It begins with guitar work that sounds like Daniels is just flexing his musicianship before it bounds into the song with a steady drum beat.  Once again, you find his vocals straining a bit, which might be disconcerting for some.  The song fills out the empty space much better than you initially suspect, but it doesn’t go much further than that.  Still, it’s not a bad piece of work.

In the end, this seems to taunt the listener a bit.  “Got Nuffin” reminds you of how incredible Spoon can be when they want to do so, but other pieces such as “Tweakers” are things that band might want to ask forgiveness for when they head into church.  Surely it’s worth the $5 you’ll spend on it.

New Music From Spoon

spoonAustin giants Spoon just announced that they will be dropping a new EP our way and we’ve got a little taste of it here for you.  This new track “Got Nuffin” will appear on the EP of same name which hits stores tomorrow.  You’ll be able to pick it up as an MP3 download, CD, or in the old school vinyl version.  Anybody want to offer up opinions on Spoon’s first new material since the incredible 2007 album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga?


Download: Spoon – Got Nuffin [MP3]

New Tunes from Sondre Lerche

sondre Sondre Lerche has been at it a long time, and he never really misses his mark when he goes into the studio.  He’s got a new album titled Heartbeat Radio coming out this September, and we’re sure you will all love it.  We’ve got the title track right here for you to sample.  And as always, it’s really about the wonderful vocals of Sondre, which continue to warm us over. 


Download: Sondre Lerche – Heartbeat Radio [MP3]

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