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New Tunes from Lucero

luceroMemphis group Lucero have a new album coming out this October titled 1372 Overton Park, and they’ve slowly been seeing their tunes pop up all over the net. Singer, Ben, sounded great at Fun Fun Fun Fest last year, and he’ll be bring his whole group down there this year.  Expect the album, and the ensuing tour, to be phenomenal.


Download: Lucero – Hey Darling Do You Gamble [MP3]

More Fun Fest Leaks

FFF_VINTAGE_ORANGE_ROCKWe were shutdown on Friday for this badass new ATH V2 so we missed the second wave of Fun Fest leaks.  Today the third round of leaks has hit the internet so we’ll tell you about the 2nd and 3rd leaks all in one post.  Second wave additions are: Harlem, Fucked UpAlaska in Winter, and Brian Posehn.  Leaks today are: Destroyer, Mika Miko, Metallagher, and Shonen Knife.  These bands are in addition to the ones we leaked Thursday along with several other artist like King Khan and Shearwater who were confirmed many moons ago.  Full lineup will be posted tomorrow.

New Tunes from Voxtrot

voxtrotMake no mistake about it, Voxtrot is one of those great Austin bands that seems to have disappeared for far too long, but the past year has shown some activity on their end.  The band has just recently released a new 7″ titled Berlin, Without Return.  It’s limited edition, and it boasts this great song, which sees the band fleshing out their sound with a little orchestral flourishes. Buy it.


Download: Voxtrot – Berlin, Without Return [MP3]

Welcome to the New ATH


We’re back!  Now with 50% less wood grain. This has been a work-in-progress for around 6 months and we’re pleased with the result.  Here’s a list of just a few of the changes we made.  Consider this your tutorial.


The Latest Feature

Now when you load up ATH you’ll be greeted with our latest feature (it’s Blondie in the screenshot above).  ATH has some awesome features -like our Friday Top 5s and ATH Interviews– that often got overlooked in the large stream of posts we have on the site.  We’ve now stuck our latest feature at the top of the Frontpage and will stay there until something more important comes along.  It’s gigantic. Just click.

Read on & Share the Love

At the bottom of every post, just before the comments, we added a short list of related posts so you can read more if you want. You’ll also see a list of social networks that you can share posts with. If you’re a fan of ATH, the best thing you could do for us is to retweet or pass a link on to your friends.  Also, leave a comment.

A Better Sidebar

We made a lot of improvements to the sidebar. It’s now packed with links of recent popular and must-read articles you may have missed.  If you’re new to the site, start there. We refreshed the ATH Radio a bit, definitely worth a spin.  There’s also some better advertising space that is just aching for some love from your band or a local Austin-based business (hint hint).

Read on, Mighty Reader!

We won’t bore you with the delicate finesse of the new design and let you get back to your regularly scheduled Monday morning reading.  We’ll still be making changes and minor tweaks in the coming weeks.  Oh.  And if you’re having trouble viewing the site on Internet Explorer 6, you should just download the latest Firefox.

The Cave Singers – Welcome Joy


Rating: ★★★★½

Most people who have followed this band will surely know that the components that make up The Cave Singers have established themselves in a world outside the folk realm in which they currently live.  Guitarist Derek Fudesco, for example, probably is most well known for his role in Pretty Girls Make Graves, but let’s not get carried away here, as the band are now establishing themselves as a new voice coming out of the rainy Northwest. Welcome Joy is their second album, and it builds upon the strengths of the last record, and in doing so, finishes as one of the better releases of the summer.

When the gentle strumming of “Summer Light” begins the album, you immediately find yourself lost among the foothills of the Appalachians, coated in an earthy morning mist, as the guitars gently strum.  Pete Quirk’s throaty vocals are met here in this scene with additional vocals from Amber Webber of Black Mountain. You expect campfire songs from this band, but you don’t expect them to come off as beautifully simple as this one.

As the group introduces you to “At the Cut” you can here the post-punk influences in the vocal, and they seem to carry over through the song itself, giving it more than just your traditional neo-folk appeal so many people have been living with lately.  It’s this interesting aspect that makes The Cave Singers so appealing to so many.  They aren’t here to play the role of pretty balladeers, though their songs may come off as such; they came here to rock a bit…jangly percussion and all.

While it appears at times as if Quirk smoked too much at times, this album finds him with perfect accompaniment.  Amber Webber is joined by her sister Ashley on “Shrine,” and it carries the song from something rather banal into an otherworldly country stomp towards the end of the song. This is followed by “Hen of the Woods,” which stands out as one of the great tracks on this album, among many great tracks.  There’s nothing you can really explain about this song, but you’ll be sure to feel it as it comes through your stereo.

“VV” is one of the brighter songs on the album, coming in near the end with harmonious guitar parts, as light as you’ll find on this album.  Oddly, this is the one song on the album that seems rooted in traditional folk writing, although the structure of the song itself towards the middle definitely has a more modern spin upon it.  And as Welcome Joy draws to a close with “Townships” and “Bramble” you begin to notice the care that The Cave Singers put into the production of this album.  Every inch of space seems well thought out, as if they left various places open for your mind to wonder in the woods of your own brain.  To top it off, it never seems to get old; it never runs in place.  An album such as this is a delight, and dare we say, a Welcome Joy, as the summer comes to a close.


Download: The Cave Singers – At The Cut [MP3]

ATH Redesign Coming Monday

v2smallWe are pleased to announce that a brand new Austin Town Hall is coming on Monday, August 24th.  We’ve been hard at work over the past few weeks and months to make some improvements to the site.  Through a long series of discussions at our Corporate Weekend Retreats, Power Luncheons, and Synergy Conferences, we’ve come to a decisive conclusion on a design that we feel will change the face of blogging for years to come.

What does this mean for you?  Well, if you visit the site this weekend ATH will be down for maintenance and you won’t be able to reminisce on posts past.  But come back on Monday to bear witness to the majesty.  What should you do instead?  We suggest that you go fix something.

From The Closet: Blondie

ftc_blondieOh Debbie Harry… You’re still pretty hot… aaaaaand you’re playing in Austin today!  So without further ado, we give you the honor of making you and your band Blondie our from the closet artist this week.  The track featured is “Hanging on the Telephone” which appears on Blondie’s biggest and best selling album (20 million) to date, Parallel Lines.  This song is one of many singles from the album that tore up the US and UK pop charts during the band’s heyday in the late 70s and very early 80s.  If you’re interested in the show tonight at Austin Music Hall, fellow veteran rocker Pat Benatar and more recent ladies of rock The Donnas will also be on hand.  Tickets are still on sale and quite pricey at $70 a pop.  Rock on women of rock.

[audio: http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/hott.mp3]

The Music Of Pink Floyd @ Club Deville (8/21)

poodleLucy the Poodle magazine is putting on quite the event this Friday night at Club Deville in Austin.  The night features literally tons of local artists covering the great HOF band Pink Floyd.  The lineup includes Cari and Jason of Belaire, The Hi Tones, Til We’re Blue or Destroy, The Alice Rose, The Raven Tree, Blase Faire, The Clouds are Ghosts, The Noise Revival Orchestra, and Leisure Tourniquet.  Whew.  As if that wasn’t enough, the night will also feature a light show, tons of free stuff, and a screening of Dark Side of Oz after the last band has wrapped up.  Entrance fee is only $7 and doors things start around 8pm.  Should be one helluva night.  More info can be had over on the do512 or on that fancy flier.

[audio: http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/02-belaire-you-really-got-me-goin.mp3]

Download: Belaire – You Really Got Me Goin [MP3]

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