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Stream New Single from Nicholas Nicholas

nicknickListening to this track from Nicholas Nicholas, it becomes clear that he’s operating in his own world, outside of the mainstream indie compositions.  First, you can look to the dark tonal quality of the vocals, which occasionally get some lightening in various parts of the track.  Second, I love the structure of the track, seemingly stringing two separate song ideas into one.  Despite the shadowy veil on the song, there’s this inner beauty that billows in.  You can pick up his new album, Wrong, from Miscreant Records on August 19th.  Here’s “Cave.”

Show Preview: The Coathangers @ Red 7 (7.26)

coatsThere seem to be a ton of shows going on this weekend, from local acts to travelers, but there’s none more exciting, to me, than the show with Atlanta’s The Coathangers.  They released their stellar album, Suck My Shirt, earlier this year, but if you didn’t catch them at SXSW this year, then you likely haven’t caught their incredible live set. They’re energetic and adorable, and they’ve got a killer set of songs to hit you with.  They’ll be joined by Feral Future and White Fang, who both deserve your attendance in their own right.  You can buy tickets to their show HERE, or just show up at the door to have the time of your life with these gals.

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Download: The Coathangers – Derek’s Song [MP3]


Even More New Tunes From White Arrows

Upload_White_Arrows_23We’ve already shared a couple of new tracks from White Arrows this year and I say let’s share even more new tracks from the upcoming full length.  The latest single coming at you today is called “We Can’t Ever Die” and features more of those great, dancey pop sounds we’ve grown to love about the band.  I’m sure many of you may find this one spinning on your DJ playlist as you prep for your dance parties this weekend.

Pick up new album In Bardo via Votiv on September 16th.

Quirky Pop From Wave Sleep Wave

fourpaws_wswbandpic_2Wave Sleep Wave is a duo that would certainly call themselves unconventional when it comes to their songwriting technique.  This new single from the band called “Pico” is a perfect example of how the band approach music in their very own way.  Upon first listen, you might hear comparisons to bands like Silver Jews or even a modern day Talking Heads locked inside somewhere.  Give the song a few spins and I’m sure it will be growing on you as it has grown on me today.

New album, Never Notice, will be out on September 9th via Curb Cut Records.

Pleased to Meet You: Waiters

waiterIt’s really easy to fall in love with a new act when the label that’s releasing them does such a great job of using band descriptors to describe new signings.  This was much the case when Belfast label CF Records put out some information on their newest act, Waiters; all they had to do was name-drop The Servants and The Shop Assistants and they had my money.  They’re crafting this melancholy pop music that’s hard to ignore upon first listen, or upon the fiftieth listen for that matter.  I’m glad to have found these guys; I’ll be picking up their 12″ What For Art Thou EP from the label today.

Free Time Share New Single

dionI wonder if Dion Nania is still playing with Twerps?  I reckon it’s irrelevant at this point, with his Free Time project announcing a brand new single.  Today we’ve got the mellow vibe of “Guess Work” for your listening pleasure, and while there’s similarity to his Australian friends, there’s an interesting spin he offers on this song.  It’s definitely got an Australian vibe in the guitar playing, but I hear a bit of Kurt Vile in the vocal delivery; it’s a nice touch that makes the song rather reflective in nature.  This here is the B-Side to the Esoteric Tizz 7″ that’s being released by Underwater Peoples in mid-August.

Chilled Vibe from Slow Magic

slowBefore you get full into your Wednesday routine, take a little breather, relax. What’s that? You need some accompanying music? Well, this new Slow Magic tune should do the trick for you.  It’s a slow moving electronic piece; it’s sort of a soul cleanser, if you will.  It opens up heavier on the “beats” side of things, then moves into this carefully trickling bit of piano.  As the piano plods along, there’s some vocal samples of “hold still” that whisper through  the front of the mix…then it blasts off emphatically.  This single will appear on the new album, How to Run Away, which is out September 9th on Downtown Records.

PS I Love You – For Those Who Stay


Rating: ★★★ · ·

Each time a band is able to produce a great deal of music in a small amount of time I’m always impressed. It seems like it wasn’t too long ago that I had gotten to know Death Dreams, PS I Love You’s last full-length album, but yet here we are, two years later and another LP from Paul Saulnier and company awaits us. This time around the band has delved once again into the self-deprecating and invasive side of post-punk and guitar centric tunes, but they have moved to a more straightforward approach with For Those Who Stay.

The beginning of this album has a real kick that pulled me in immediately. “In My Mind At Least” is a fast paced and exciting tune that starts the album off quite strong. Saulnier’s voice is as theatrical as ever, yelping and skimming over the top of the instrumentation in a wild manner that suits the jangly guitar and driving rhythm.  His voice wails that he’s “sorry [he] forgot about that thing [he] was supposed to do last week” and you find yourself jamming along to his apologetic declarations.

But the album is not all unabashed and unrevised rock and roll, but simmers down a bit off this hot entry, though this is nothing to complain about. On the contrary, I quite enjoy third track, “Bad Brain Day,” which has the guitar squall as if its going to jump into another speedy tune, but then stays there, riding on the delicate side of Saulnier’s voice and the quiet beat to generate a softer number that will have you coming back for this different side of PS I Love You.  The gentle plucking of the guitar right alongside the matching vocals is a soothing break from the rock and roll. However, this break is not for too long—the very next track “Limestone Radio” kicks right back into the fast paced guitar rock.

Though offering such a promising start, this album doesn’t escalate the way in which you wish it did. While far from boring, it does fade into the background a little too easily, but not before it gives you a few really great tracks at its start, but trails off after the title track. Perhaps you’ll dig it all the way through.


More Indiepop from The Luxembourg Signal

luxOur friend over at IPSML hit this track before us, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t give it some much deserved attention.  The Luxembourg Signal, comprised of former Aberdeen and Trembling Blue Stars members, released a great single on Shelflife earlier this year, and it looks like that will be the home for what’s to come.  There’s not a lot of information, as to whether it’s a new album or a new single, but if you’re heart’s not getting swept away listening to this dreamy pop tune, then you need to get to the doctor immediately; it’s broken!  We’ll keep you posted as we get more info, but for now, just delight in the simple joys of great pop songs.

Touring w/ a Band: The Handy Guide from A. Sinclair (Pt. 3)

asinclairIn case you haven’t already been tagging along with Brendan Bond of A. Sinclair and What Made Milwaukee Famous on his travels on tour with both of these local bands, here is his latest and third installment depicting life on the road. If you missed Part One or Part Two, feel free to go back and catch up, or simply jump in and read on for more details describing this leg of the tour and some tips from along the way. Be sure to check out the latest addition of The Song in the Van for some tunes to put you in the touring state of mind while you read.

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