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More From Here We Go Magic

herewegomagicI was just talking to someone this weekend about Here We Go Magic and how the band almost seems like a local product with how much they are in town and how much we all love them.  Somehow the band has managed to stay popular, relevant, and evolve their sound over the years while we continue to support.  I’m excited today to be sharing this new single from the band called “Tokyo London US Korea”.  To me, it’s rather impressive how much the band has grown up and matured since their beginnings.

Be Small is out on October 16th via Secretly Canadian.

ATX Spotlight: A Few New Good Talk Songs

goodtalkAfter a weekend of celebrating good times at ACL Festival, it only seems appropriate that we kick off the week coming back home with some new ATX tunes. The two tracks below are the newest songs to come from local act, Good Talk. The band’s been picking up the pace of their activity in town recently, which might lead us to believe we can expect a full release from the band soon. One of my favorite things about the band is that they’re not really stepping too far out of the realm of every day indie rock, but what they are doing is perfecting the art, bringing in great melodies and a tenacity that often is lacking. These songs are free, but please donate so the band can bring you more tracks by going HERE

The Bill Ball: An Interview w/ Eric Bill — October 9th @ Swan Dive

12042917_10103610812125518_894458247127330031_nWith all the buzz about Austin music dying and what not, I think it’s interesting to note that there have been a ton of like-minded individuals coming out to create their own curated shows. We did ATX Popfest, Raw Paw had the Alien Zine, Vegas has Good Vibrations and now there’s the Bill Ball at Swan Dive on October 9th. These things have always been around, but they seem to be gaining prominence as people try to create a sense of community here in town. I caught up with Eric Bill of the band Big Bill to grab some of his thoughts on the First Annual Bill Ball…and his band too. Read on for the answers and a video for the Bill Ball! Read More

Yesterday’s News: New Gun Outfit Single

gunoutfitI think people are going to be really surprised by the depth that’s present in this new Gun Outfit LP. It’s all over the map, musically, which is pretty evident just listening to this track here. Opening with a trickling bit of psychedelia, it branches out into more of a warning of impending doom. I suppose you could stretch and say the darkened edges of psych rock are ever-present, but when listening to the album as a whole, I think it’s offering much more, even some tracks that are pretty simplistic in their presentation. All that being said, it’s diversity and accessibility make Dream All Over a special listen; it’s out on October 16th via Paradise of Bachelors.

Beautiful Music from Julien Baker

julienIt still amazes me, as a music nerd for a long time, how much the power of a voice can carry a song. Take a listen to this new single from Julien Baker, which has careful instrumentation that mainly serves as the vessel to carry you into the emotive realm of her voice. It’s a sparkling performance, and just as the guitars begin to twinkle and her voice soars, you’re lost in everything that’s perfect in the world. Her album Sprained Ankle will be out on October 23rd via 6131 Records. I guess the title of this track sort of gives it away.

ACL Fest Preview: Random Stuff To Help You

ACLWe have been setting you up with interviews, and a few news posts and some fun previews. Let’s get down to business. These are the things that will help you survive ACL. After the break you will get information that will make you feel like a seasoned pro at festing, updates on food and vendors around the grounds and plenty more.

Team ATH has a combined thirty eight years of ACL experience. You can trust us…

Read More

Enjoy Friendly Males New Track

friendlyI’ve been looking to find something that’s a bit out there, thus landing on this new single from Friendly Males. Musically, it’s not too distant from a lot of modern indie rock, but I think the way the vocals are recorded kind of singles it out as something more than just your ordinary fare. There’s a slight haze, and almost an electronic touch, to the voice, hiding right in the middle of the mix. Sometimes you just need a little change of pace, and for me, this song does just the trick. Look for the band’s Nopalera LP via Lolipop Records on November 6th.

Zone Out With With Zone Out

12032144_959241307447382_6959408142532804712_nI know ACL is tomorrow, but honestly it feels like it could be weeks away at the point from which I stand. Lucky for me, and maybe for you, Zone Out is here to help speed up that transition with their transfixing blend of electro pop. When I listen to this track, “Inside,” I’m transported to a land of bliss; the vocals are so clear they seem translucent and the electronic elements such as the percussion and synth sounds gracefully glide through the song and you feel as though it has led you by the hand to a different, perhaps more peaceful world. And who can deny the groove of that instrumental outro Look out for more from Zone Out in the future, as this seems to be the first single for their upcoming 2016 album.

Swings Unleash Second Single

swingsThere’s something brewing here with Swings. They’ve unleashed two singles to date, and each of those tracks has me more interested each time. I feel as if it looks back on some of the elements of slo-core, at least in how the songs are constructed, though the vocals give it a slightly different touch going forward. One of my favorite things is that it doesn’t sound remotely like some of the tunes coming out, so having a refreshing view is always solid. Look for their album Sugarwater to come out on November 13th via Exploding in Sound.

Stream the New Album from Knifepleats

knifeI’m an admitted fan of Rose Melberg and her work, so when we heard about a new project, Knife Pleats, I was really excited to hear what it had to offer. As expected, it’s every bit as glorious as we thought, and the full length is now available to pick up on your own. If you’re looking for something that’s just slightly hazy on the sound, but adheres to the delightful side of indiepop, then I think you’re going to want to pick up Hat Bark Beach. It’s available in the US via Lost Sound Tapes and Jigsaw Records.

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