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Colleen Green Returns with New Album

clogreenA few years, Colleen Green was a hot commodity; she created quite a buzz rocking things out at SXSW as I remember.  Since then, things have been quiet for her, though I have a feeling that will change, as her new single is already being played left and right.  It’s definitely got that same playfulness that made her so endearing, playing to some distorted guitars that pulse and throb throughout the track.  You know that her new album, I Want to Grow Up, will be filled with infectious singles just like the one below; it comes out on February 24th via Hardly Art.

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Download: Colleen Green – Pay Attention [MP3]

Two Show Preview: Gotobeds and Alvvays on Friday Night (11.21)

alThe weather’s been cold, and it’s not likely to get any better on Friday, but you’ll find some solace knowing there are two different shows indoors worth attending.  Those of you in the need for rock n’ roll, make your way over to Beerland for the Gotobeds.  They come into town having released the excellent Poor People Are Revolting, which you should have gotten. They’ll be joined by Mystic Inane and local heavyweights Empty Markets.  But, some of you look for a little bit of pop in your life, and you’ll be lucky to know that Alvvays and Absolutely Free bringing some joyous sounds to Red 7; it’s a $12 and indoors as well, so you can keep warm while you enjoy your tunes.  Just be sure to enjoy yourself, wherever you find your fun.

Introducing American Wrestlers

amThe folks over at Fat Possum Records are notorious for putting out records from excellent artists, so it should come as no surprise that they’ve got yet another great band to introduce to us. American Wrestlers is the name behind a Glasglow born gentleman who finds himself transplanted to The Good Old US of A, and now making tunes. The debut 7″ from him is due out on January 27th and features the song below, “I Can Do No Wrong,” and its got the perfect balance of gritty garage production as well as sweet melodically jangly guitars. The vocals are light and breathy, floating above the groovy instrumentation. It’s a wonderful track that I can’t seem to get enough of, so have a listen and rejoice in finding a new band to jam to.

Playful Pop from Seagulls

gullsThere’s a certain little genre that perfectly wraps hints of garage and surf rock, spins them in a washer with traditional pop structures, and spits out great tunes.  It’s the sort of music that made me love our boys Shivery Shakes, but now I’d like you to take a nice listen to Seagulls. The band have been hard at work in a remote cabin, trying to make sure their debut is perfect.  If you listen to this track, you’re bound to think, like me, that the group is onto something special,which should make for a great listen when Great Pine is released on February 3rd via Yellow K Records.

A Tour Diary: Aisha Burns Reports from Europe

Upload Aisha Tour 2014_11_09_14_03_36I’m a huge fan of Aisha Burns, from her careful instrumentation with Balmorhea to her excellent solo career.  She’s journeyed off to Europe with her friend Jake Woodruff (the Dreamtigers); he’s playing with her, as well as a solo set of songs by his own band. They’re hitting up Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and more; you can find her dates in Europe HERE.  But, more importantly, I called in a favor and asked her to check in with us if she had time, and she’s graciously agreed to offer a glimpse into her European travels.  Read on to hear for details, and go pick up her album, Life in the Midwater, courtesy of Western VinylRead More

Here’s Another MOURN Single

mornYoung Spanish act MOURN burst into our world of awareness a few weeks ago when it was announced that the youngsters had just signed onto Captured Tracks.  Now we get another glimpse at the hot commodity coming from our Iberian friends.  You’ll hear a little quiver in the vocals, which reminds me of Screaming Females, though I think there’s a bounce and twang to the rest of the group that allows the band to stand on their own two legs. It definitely amazes me how a group so young can make tunes so accessible and in the now at such a young age.  You can grab MOURN next year in February.

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Acoustic Goodness from Alasdair Roberts


Alasdair Roberts is a Scottish singer/songwriter who has been around for quite some time bringing you classically Scottish gentle tunes. He’s back with a new album on the near horizon, featuring his classic style stripped down to acoustic. This self-titled album feels like its going to be a return to a celebration of roots and self– minimal musical elements accompany Roberts’ voice on the track below, leaving the meat of the song to be found in the vocal tenderness. The song is gentle and the songwriting detailed, as Roberts pulls you into his little world and spins a soothing song to ease your mind musically. Have a listen to “Artless One” below and get ready for the new album expected to come out from Drag City in January of 2015.

Listen to the New Cassingle from Michael Rault

mrTuesday’s always bring new music to our inbox, and one the songs I immediately latched onto was this tune from Michael Rault.  There’s two tracks below for you to jam to, both offering a nice bit of subdued glamour pop.  You can hear hints of Ty Segall inspired songwriting in what Rault and his band have completed, though it’s spun in an entirely different direction, focusing more on the perfect arrangement of pop structures. This single is a release sponsored by Burger Records in anticipation of a full length to come your way in 2015.

Enchanting Number from SPELLES

spellsI’ve grown into my appreciation for female-fronted acts over the last few years.  It’s not to say that I didn’t appreciate it early on; I just have focused more on the sound of the voice as an instrument.  That’s opened me up to acts like Chelsea Wolfe and Sharon Van Etten…and SPELLES seem to be onto the same track, though there’s a darkness to the musical world being crafted by Kathryn Baar.  There’s really light instrumentation added to back up Baar, which is mostly piano; it makes for a brooding tune that builds slowly.  This single is available now.

Rejoice in New Sonny & the Sunsets

sonnyThis is one of those pieces that really excites me.  I love the work of Sonny Smith, so I’m excited to hear that he’s got new tunes coming our way; I was beginning to think it had been awhile.  But, that being said, he seems to be taking a step in a slightly new direction here.  Now, it’s not that I don’t really love this track, because I do, but if you’ve listened to his latest releases with Sonny & the Sunsets, there seems to be more of a group effort in the song’s construction, which casts a wider net on Smith’s spin of pop music.  The rest of the band seems more involved, and I think that’s going to set things up for quite a listen when Talent Night at the Ashram is released via Polyvinyl on February 17th. This number also got some nice video treatment you can follow HERE.

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