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Light Music Give You Shimmering Indie Rock

9ba37457-ae47-4568-ac50-1bf866e634c0Light Music, who hail from Milwaukee, are releasing a new album next month, and have a new single of their electro rock music to share with you. “Don’t Go Quietly” starts off with urgent synth that rings out quickly, then the vocals join in, which soften the mix in their borderline folk rawness. The electric guitar adds a meandering presence to the song, as the riffs spiral outwards through the otherwise focused and intent electro rock sound. If you like this tune, Light Music‘s new album Ocean’s Daughter is out August 21st on The Record Machine.

ATX Spotlight: OBN III’s Strike Again

obnYou know ’em, you love ’em, we love ’em: local rockers OBN III‘s. They’ve been making the Austin scene a little more rock and roll for a good deal of time now and they’ve returned once more to hit us over the head with a great rock tune. “4KD” is nothing but gnarly; blistering guitars shred through from the start, and the vocals match this tone while complimenting the fast paced drums. Though a straightforward jam, you can’t help but enjoy the edgy simplicity the band brings to the song. This track is perfect for blasting through these intense summer days. Take a listen.

Doubting Thomas Cruise Control

doubtingthomasWould love to know more about the story behind the name, Doubting Thomas Cruise Control, but what I do know is that their latest single is pretty solid number in my book. It reminds me a lot of early 2000s indie rock, the kind that often showed up on Jade Tree.  It’s got a casual delivery, yet this slowcore approach to the guitar sound…and I’m a fan of both those things.  It’s another reason to keep an eye on the band as they prep the release of their new album, Remember Me John Lydon Forver; it’s being released on August 14th via our friends at Fleeting Youth Records.

ACL Single Day Tickets

2befba5e-6a7f-4a91-9771-4c275dcb0b1fNot to be out done by FFFX, ACL Fest has released the daily lineups and opened the store for single day tix. With all three day passes sold out, this is your only access to the fest barring you get brave and start jumping fences (i.e. get slapped around by security).

As for the daily lineups, Friday is pretty stacked with several of the festival band faves for Team ATH with Foo Fighters, Tame Impala, Gary Clark Jr., Albert Hammond Jr. and Mr. Billy Idol. The Strokes will finish out the fest on Sunday and Saturday seems a good night to get aftershow tickets and bail out early.

Buy your single day tickets here. Check the daily lists, Weekend One and Weekend Two.

Video Premiere: Shivery Shakes “Swimming”

Shivery ShakesWe were more than happy to put out the Shivery Shakes LP, Three Waves and a Shake.  And, one of the perks of having a label associated with the site is that our bands can do whatever they want…and usually we’re pretty cool with it.  So, today we’re premiering the second video from the band’s great debut, “Swimming,” which is one of the song’s written by drummer, Marcus. It’s a pretty rad little video, and it definitely continues the great vibe from their record.  Don’t forget, you can get your hands on that pretty clear vinyl right HERE. They’ll also be throwing a fun little soiree over at Rio Rita at 9 PM tonight to celebrate the video’s release, so be sure to show up and have a few drinks with your favorite bros.

More Indie Rock From Sports

unnamedA few short weeks ago, Nathan shared with you a single from a band by the name of Sports and today I’m here to throw another indie rock gem at you from this group of youngsters. “The Washing Machine” is a nice little track from the band’s upcoming record, All Of Something, which is due out October 30th on Father/Daughter Records, and it features some of the jubilant indie rock that you may have already heard from the first single the band put out, but whereas that track was all out rock, this one packs a bit of sentimentality to it. Don’t get me wrong, the song still packs a punch, but the vocals have a softer sound to them– as the lead singer Carmen Perry pushes her voice to those high peaks, you’ve gotta appreciate the sugary sweetness.

Be Captivated By This Communions Music Video

unnamedYes, your time is very precious, so you’re probably wondering why I’m asking you to watch/listen to a music video that’s almost seven minutes long. But really, you need to trust me on this one, as it really is worth your time. You’ll press play on “Forget It’s a Dream” below and within the first thirty seconds the sights and sounds of Communions will ensnare your attention, so much so that at the end of the track you will be wondering where the time went and why you’re so inclined to press replay. The delightful new-wave/indie rock sound that is on the track below comes from these Danish gentlemen’s latest EP, which they’ve released through Tough Love Records. You can pick up a copy here.  Do yourself a favor and get lost in the video below.

Rose Melberg’s New Band = Knife Pleats

knifepleatsI think any fan of great indie rock the last several years has to agree that no matter what Rose Melberg touches, it’s going to be magic…in some way or another.  The last project we had from her was Imaginary Pants, but now she’s got a new outfit up and running, Knife Pleats. And yes, as always, Melberg and her pals fulfill the promise, creating hook filled tunes that make you feel young…and ultimately smile. The foursome will release Hat Bark Beach on September 29th via Lost Sound Tapes…with the CD version coming out later via Jigsaw…both reliable options for great tunes.


New Music From New Order

New OrderNew Order is a very important band to me. You people know that. It was one of the shows at Austin Music Hall that will make me miss that place when it is leveled.

As many artists from that pivotal time in my musical life have fallen apart or lost their way, New Order is kind of back to being themselves. No matter how much anyone laments Peter Hook‘s departure, the band has held on the sound that defined it’s later releases once free of Joy Division era material. …and I like those records. It should be a surprise that I am on board for the new self-produced record, Music Complete via Mute, that has the band finding inspiration by working with people like Brandon Flowers, Iggy Pop and Elly Jackson. The fist single “restless” is just straight up New Order. It is a level-setting single that I have a feeling preludes a more up and down affair when listening front to back.

ATX Spotlight: Album Announcement From Moving Panoramas

10704346_598263210301617_6686870833111283289_oOur scene is pretty damn good, so it doesn’t really surprise me that locals Moving Panoramas have got a great single and album on the horizon to give to you. If you haven’t heard or seen this three piece around town somehow, you need to change that immediately and have a listen to “One,” below. When you hit play, you’ll be charmed by their effortless dream gaze with noticeable hints of Best Coast and Dum Dum Girls. One is also the name of the upcoming album from these ladies, which you can look forward to in October of this year on Modern Outsider. So take a listen to the hazily hooky track below and stay alert for upcoming tour dates around town from Moving Panoramas; you don’t want to miss out on this.

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