Sharing New Pional

PionalWhen Love Hurts will be released September 30th on Counter Records. It is an EP by Pional. Hailing from Spain, Pional has history remixing, producing tracks, doing a little solo work and working people like with John Talabot and most recently Empress Of for a track on this new EP. This track called “Casualty” is a beauty, to good not to share.

If you want to take a listen to one of Miguel Barros’s previous works as Pional, I suggest checking out the song “In Another Room” from 2010. OK, bliss out…

Crisp Synthpop From Computer Magic

12195905_1088545674491532_8588598464197031963_nAre you looking to put some spring in your step and bound through the rest of your day? Well, look no further, because this synth pop from Computer Magic is surely the answer to your needs. This track, called “Dimensions” is the epitome of synth pop gold– from the moment it starts, the song bathes you in bounding electronic sounds, while the master behind the tunes, Danz, greets you with her cool vocals that act almost as another electronic element. Computer Magic are releasing an EP,Obscure But Visible, which will be out October 9thvia Channel 9 Records.

Feel the Tangible Excitement! IndiePop!

tangibleThis word doesn’t get thrown around so much in relation to Tangible Excitement, but my record collection is definitely calling these guys a supergroup: 1/4 Summer Cats, 1/4 Boyracer and 1/2 Lucksmiths. Need I say more? Indiepop fans are already clamoring to get their hands on this ridiculously fun release. I like the upbeat jam, “Puzzle Pieces;” it’s the best jangling pop tune you might not have heard yet…feel that groove. For those of you not familiar with the participating acts, just spend about 12 minutes indulging in the delightful pop waiting at the click of a button. Then, be a good human, and go grab the 7″ from Emotional Response!

More From J&L Defer

jldeferStop. You’re going to need a few minutes here. 8 to be exact. But, that’s precisely why you’re going to listen to this new J&L Defer once, then come right back to it. A synth pulse drives the songs first 1.25 minutes, before the voice of Gabriele de Mario begins to echo in the distance, coming into the front of the mix as chords dance in and out of the foreground. There are some careful little notes added in such as what I believe are some barely audible female vocal bits. There’s such focus on the extension of this track, that it encourages the listener to focus in their own way. Look for this song on No Map, which comes out September 2nd via Exploding in Sound.

Dream Pop from Few Bits

fewbitsReally enjoying kicking off my day by jamming to this elegant dream pop from Few Bits. It’s a subtle number, pushing forth with an understated side of smoky vocals gracefully sitting atop the song’s backbone. It’s all about the melody, gracefully resting inside the vocals that coolly float throughout the track. Pretty sure that this new album, Big Sparks, is going to win the hearts of all those Beach House fans, and the many more who like to indulge in airy pop music; it comes out on September 30th via PIAS.

ATX Premiere: New MCG Video

About this point last year I was getting my first taste of MCG, one of the best pop bands working town; they played at our ATX Popfest event. Their Outside EP was released earlier this year, and they’ve given us the pleasure of premiering their new video for the single “Start Over.” It’s one of the standout tracks on the EP, though, admittedly, they’re all pretty solid pieces…this one has Mariclaire’s vocal performance really taking the cake. Pay close attention to the video, as the members all have little bit parts to play. Enjoy the new video and grab the EP from the band!

Stream Endless Summer from Big Wave Riders

bigwaveIf you’ve been riding along on our site, you surely know that I’m greatly anticipating the forthcoming Big Wave Riders album, Endless Summer. And wouldn’t you know it, we’ve got it streaming below for your enjoyment. I love the maturity the band have show, hitting various touchstones that I adore, particularly in the realm of great guitar pop like “Crest of a Wave” or upbeat pop numbers like “Flipping the Bird.” You’ll even hear some fuzzier psych influenced tracks lurking around, so music nerds will get a little bit of it all from this album. It’s soaked in an essence of cool, begging for you to get hip to the Finnish band’s sound. Grab it from Soliti on Friday!


ATX Spotlight: Did You Miss New Slugbug

slugbugA few years ago I raved about Truck Month, my first introduction to Slugbug. Since that time, things have been quiet on that front, and so quiet that I somehow missed the release of his latest release…Stupid Rock EP. One of my favorite things about the songs Paul writes are that he fully embraces oddity, in every sense. His songs never stay wholly in one place as he looks to fill in various spaces with extra textural layers, usually in the way of blips and bloops. If you ever wonder what keeps Austin “weird,” then this is precisely the place to look. Stream the whole EP below, and grab it!

Dusken Lights Release New Video

Dusken Lights came into my radar via a loose connection to The Cannanes (who are reissuing their first album via Chapter Music!). But, while this song definitely will offer up pop sensibility, it’s more in the vein of folk traditions. The video is filled with quick images of the world, both beautiful and dark. In the song you should listen carefully for the touches that work behind the front of the mix, maximizing the song’s emotion…matched by the video’s imagery. This song is our first listen from the band’s forthcoming LP, The Service of Spring, which comes out on September 30th.

New To Me Track From At/All

At-AllSometimes you get an email about a second single and accidentally listen to the first single that was released earlier in the month and you get mad at yourself. This track from At/All is that very scenario. While I liked “Frequency”, it was the track “Deeper” that got me fully dialed in. Take a listen.

At/All are Matthew Nicholson, Pascal Babare, and Lucy Roleff. They have a lovingly awesome electro-pop sound with flourishes and harmonies. Melbourne is home to the band and Aussie electro-pop dominates. The full-length LP, SUN DOG, is out 8/29.

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