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Have You Listened to Buxton?

buxtonBuxton seems like it’s been one of Houston’s best-kept secrets; I know tons of folks who’ve caught wind of the band, yet they never seem to get that one would expect.  But, they’ve just completed their third record, and this appears to be the one that’s going to reach the masses and gain the following they deserve.  This tune starts off with a stuttering guitar line before taking it’s stride with a nice little bopping drum beat. You’ll hear the musicianship that’s present on this new LP, Half a Native, as the song unfolds, with nice little doses guitars twanging.  Look for their new LP this March via New West Records.

Folksy Indie Rock From Twin Oaks


Twin Oaks is currently a four piece band from LA who specialize in combining folk, ambient and sometimes electronic elements to craft their sound. At the beginning of this year, they released a mini-cd called Lion’s Den, and so it’s only fitting that they round the year out with the release of two new tracks in anticipation of their debut LP, which they are currently recording. The first track, “Animals,” has a very Daughter-esque vibe to it in the elegant female vocals that glide over the minimalist instrumentation. However, this song gets a little bit of build to it near its end, and the drums really start to kick up the dust and delicacy of things to give you something a little more spicy. “Clarity” is soft all the way through, but by no way any less endearing.  Ease into Monday with these two songs.

Milk! Records Free Sampler

milk!Milk! Records is a record company based out of Melbourne, Australia, which is growing to be a hub of indie rock these days. They’ve specialize in signing their own and among those include Courtney Bartnett and The Finks and many more. Anyways, they have a free sampler of their heralded favorites of 2014 that I stumbled on. Each song on this little sampler is pretty great, so hit play and catch up on what’s been happening over in Australia this past year and then head over to Milk! Records website to pick up these releases. Enjoy!


Sorry I Missed This: Luke Saxton

lukeOk, so while surfing the interwebs for sweet tunes to share with you, I came across this artist, Luke Saxon, who has apparently made a large number of albums already in his bedroom, including Sunny Sadness, which came out a few weeks ago at the end of November. Now, normally we try to keep you fresh with the latest tunes, but after listening to this track I realized it was necessary to do a little backtracking. The song below, “Anything I Can Do” has this old school 60’s nostalgia and melancholy to it that I’m really enjoying: it starts with some simple piano and acoustic guitar, but slowly and surely Luke Saxton adds in elements (including handclaps) to his faded rock that has me playing this track over and over. If you’re interested, head on over here and pick up this album and look for big things from this guy in the future…after all, he is only 19.


Introducing The Artificial Flower Company

a0345362907_10I’m all over the place musically today, so it only makes sense that I take you down the path of the weird and quirky with The Artificial Flower Company. This group, despite releasing an album just a month ago, are back with another two songs of glam/experimental rock that should have you shaking it along with every eclectic beat. The song below, “A Lil Closer Now” brings a little bit of funk, but the other track on this two song release as well as their previous work reminds me a little of Ariel Pink. Head on over to their bandcamp page and have a listen to the rad sounds they’ve got brewing. Or just lose yourself in the track below. That’s what I’m gonna do.

Stream the Unblinking Ear Mixtape

unblinkingearFriday’s are best if they’re polished off with a nice mix tape, or a nice stream for the end of the day.  I figured you’d be best to wrap up the day with one from a whole bunch of bands that’ll keep your spirit up…not to mention it includes songs from some of our local favorites like Simple Circuit, Sally Crewe and Sweet Talk, not to mention ATH alumni, Literature. If you pick it up from the folks at Unblinking Ear Records, then you can read all about the recordings…such as where the work was done, who took part, etc…you know, if you’re into liner notes.  Anyways…every track offers something different, so enjoy your weekend and these tunes.

Dark Blues From Dorthia Cottrell

dcDorthia Cottrell of Windhand has a self-titled debut solo record coming out in the spring of next year, and she’s given us the first track of said album, which is below. “Gold” has this slow moving psych folk atmosphere to it, of course fronted by Cottrell’s powerhouse vocals that threaten to turn the song down an even darker road at any moment. If this forthcoming album has volatile tunes like this, you can sure count me on board. Check it out and see what you think.

Weekend Show Preview: 12.12-14


It’s that time of week again that we all know and love… its end! Here’s a list of all the shows you could and should be attending this Friday through Sunday. Enjoy the fact that you live in a city that not only has killer live tunes always, and that it never really gets too cold for you to go out and enjoy them. A lot of these shows, as per usual,  include some of the great local bands currently crushing it, so find someone you haven’t seen yet and cross ‘em off your list.

Friday (12.12)

Ringo Deathstarr, S U R V I V E, Indian Jewelry, Missions, Hola Beach, Ruby Fray @ The Mohawk // 8pm //Tickets 

Knifight, My Education, Young Mammals, Smoking White @ Holy Mountain // 8:30pm // More info

Jess Williamson, Dark West, Ryan Sambol, Migration of Wolves @ Cheer Up Charlies // 9:00pm // More info

Saturday (12.13)

Riverboat Gamblers, Ume, Red Animal War, Ghost Knife, J. Charles and the Trainrobbers, Broken Gold, Gentlemen Rogues @ Red 7 // 9:00pm // Tickets

Hot Chip (DJ set), Museum of Love (DJ set), Learning Secrets @ Ironwood Hall // 9:00pm// Tickets 

Sunday (12.14)

Sweet Sick Teen X-mas Show @ Hotel Vegas // 7:00pm // More info

Dream Pop from Darlings

darlinFriday’s push you to the weekend.  And weekend’s are for fun.  So you’ve got to have some fun music to kick that off, right? I think this tune from NYC Darlings will do just the trick.  There’s a guitar chord that rings in your ears, while the vocals push the hook to the max; it’s just the right level of fun, though not in a cheesy fashion.  You’ll be able to find this tune on Feel Better, which is being issued by Wild Canary Records on January 20th, making that a busy day with tons of hits scheduled for that release date.

Enjoy A New Taft Track

tiftTaft has tons of ties to Austin, be it their label Punctum Records or some of the band’s live members, so we’ve got to support that giant circle of community. It doesn’t hurt that their lead single off their upcoming release, Groove Redundant, is ridiculously solid.  The song takes what I hear as a stripped down approach to the craftsmanship of Kevin Barnes, though I feel as if that’s an easy way out due to some of the vocal tones.  Still, the music revels in this world of playfulness, though the subdued nature of the song’s arrangement might indicate otherwise.  Look for the LP to be released on February 10th.