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Shelf Life Sounds Pretty Stellar

shelfsFor the last several years I’ve had a penchant for bedroom pop, wrapped in warped tape sounds, mixed with oddity a la Coma Cinema. This project from Philly’s Shelf Life reminds me of that, though the recording is a bit stronger, relying more upon the craftsmanship of the songwriting than on the process of lo-fidelity. The project is set to have its debut, Everyone Make Happy, released in September via Lefse, and this first single indicates a pretty remarkable start.  Tracks like this don’t just spring up every day, which is why I’m going to fawn on this all day long. You with me?

Interesting Pop Tune From The Dig

I10615486_10152352010061222_760884989755851137_n‘ve followed NYC outfit The Dig for several years now and have always appreciated the band’s ability to ever evolve their sounds and styles.  Today I’m pleased to share with you even further evolution from the group with this impressive new pop track called “Fourth of July”.  Pardon the irony of the timing in the song title, hit play and imagine this as a great addition to your party playlist for the weekend.  It’s a little bit of psych rock mixed in with some really intriguing pieces of quirky pop music.  Stay tuned for more information about an upcoming full length release.

Breezy Indie Rock From The Walters

thewaltersThe Walters come out of Chicago with their sea-breeze indie rock and in they come off the release of their debut EP last year with this new single, “Hunk Beach.” At first, the song sounds pretty mild: while the guitar licks hint at a little fire from the band, the vocals are soft. They remain this way as the gentlemen serenade you with their harmonies, but don’t be too fooled, the track really kicks up towards its close and blossoms into a full on beach rock jam.

Show Preview: Heathers @ Holy Mountain (7.2)

heatherA lot of talk this week will be about Blonde Redhead and Mono, but I think there’s a show that you don’t want to overlook, which will be a smaller scale show, but equally as good. We’ve been on the path of Heathers since they first started popping up in the small world of indiepop blogs, and I’m excited to see them play live…not to mention that they just released a new single; it’s like an indiepop version of the Replacements. They’ll be joined by Baby Bleu, Popper Burns and Good Talk, so you’ll get a nice dosage of great local acts too…plus it’s cheap, so save your money for beers at the Holy Mountain bar. Take a listen to this great new single.

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More From La Luz

luzesYou ready for the new La Luz to hit? If not, this song should pretty much seal the deal on the fact that the band have solidified their sound, leaving them as one of the bands you’ll fall in love with this year.  The latest single opens with this semi-Spaghetti Western psych maneuver, but quickly settles into this dreamy bit of soulful pop. Touches on guitar and keys are really light, creating this effect of that’s almost like floating; it’s very light, accentuated by the vocals being carefully placed atop it all. On August 7th you’ll be able to get your hands on Weirdo Shrine courtesy of Hardly Art.

ATX Spotlight: Pleased to Meet Pleasers

pleasersIt’s been a pretty awesome week for new Austinite Matthew Melton; we ran a single from some of his solo work, and now we’ve got his new project, Pleasers.  We should probably give a shout out to his bandmate Ben Tipton too, who is responsible for a great deal of rock n’ roll goings on in this city.  Together they have united, crafting a nice blend of Melton’s power pop songwriting and a little bit of punk rock, all in line to prep a new 7″ that will hit later this summer on Southpaw Records. Keep an eye out here guys, and don’t listen to the people saying the city is dying, as bands this good just keep popping up.

Talking Bush Nails It

talkingbushIf you notice something is coming out through Shelflife Records, chances are high that it’s going to be damn good. Such was the case when I found Talking Bush and their brand spanking new Ordinary Unusual EP. Talking Bush is the project of a young Russian gentleman whose sound evokes that of The Smiths mixed with a little bit of dream pop. Right now, I’m currently having a hard time figuring out which track I want to post from this EP, so you’re gonna want to head over to their soundcloud and then the Shelflife page to pick this bad boy up.


Throwback Rocker From The Naturalists

Vines-Naturalists1-620x405I can’t say I’m in a particularly throwback mood today, but for those who are, this new track from Buffalo based The Naturalists is certainly for you.  Yes this song, “What Puts You to Sleep”, is a great sort of emo style throwback jam full of emotion and a powerful rocker sound.  Those guitars are pretty damn badass as well.

New album, Home Honey I’m Hi, is due out July 28th.

The Return of Air Waves

airyRecently, I caught up with the owner of Western Vinyl at our Austin Record Flea, and he pretty much made my day; he told me he’d be putting out the new Air Waves LP.  What? New Air Waves? I pretty much burned through at least one copy of Dungeon Dots, and I fawned over the band when they played last year at Red 7.  The group, which is the vision of Nicole Schneit, crafts such effortless pop, filled with these airy harmonies that float off into world, connecting with every listener.  Their new album, Parting Glances, will be released on September 18th via WV. Just listen for the beautiful drop into the chorus on the track below.

Fruits and Flowers Readies Compilation

ffI first stumbled upon the label Fruits and Flowers via their work with Michael O. of Mantles semi-fame. Like a good fan does, I come back to their page every few weeks to see what’s new, which is how I discovered this interesting 3-way compilation they’re putting together.  The comp features 4 tracks each from Michael O., Piano Movers and The Reds, Pinks and Purples.  I’m really attached to the track they’ve shared from the latter, and I hope giving it a listen will get you excited for this release too.

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