Single Premiere: Tincho

TINCHO PROMO PICMan I love it when we’re asked to do a track premiere for some music I’ve really been digging lately. Today I am given that pleasure from Seattle based mostly solo project known as Tincho. Our track is called “Underwater Eyes” and is self-described as slop with touches of atmospheric pop. While that description does seem pretty fitting, I’d add this one is for fans of guys like Mac Demarco, Kelly Stoltz or even Kurt Vile. Needless to say, I’m pretty high on this guy right now.

“Underwater Eyes” appears on a brand new EP entitled Nos Vemos due out Friday June 3rd (pre-order here).

Told Slant Strikes Again!

11215880_611309239011111_7984172434889771659_nTold Slant, as I posted about a few weeks ago, is really on the up-and-coming as they prep for the release of their album,Going By.This Brooklyn group, which is fronted by Felix Walworth. This track, “High Dirge,” is a melancholy song, focusing around the twangy and emotion packed vocals of Walworth. It’s a quiet number that uses its slow-core aesthetic to rope you in, and then the lyrics keep you there. Lines like “It’s a long life, I can’t get it right,” that are repeated over and over, stick with you long after the song is over. Take a listen and find out.

Going By, will be available June 17th via Double Double Whammy Records, and you can preorder it here.

More Mourn Music

mournLooks like the Mourn press cycle is in full swing, with another single coming a week after the last one just popped up. This time around, the young Spaniards seem a little bit more rambunctious, which definitely has my ears perked back. There’s a bit of seeming animosity built into the band’s self-described “poem of hope,” loosely influenced by William Blake. Their newest album, Ha Ha He, is just around the corner, with June 3rd set as the release date via Captured Tracks.

Stream Most Intellectual by Plantation Band

PhotosPlantation Band are working with the good folks of ATH Records (that’s us!) to release their debut album, Most Intellectual. It’s our first foray into country music, but I assure you that labeling the band as such diminishes their abilities. Most Intellectual is the calm before the storm, as those who’ve witnessed the band’s live shows can attest, they’re growing in power, destined for great things. Their debut comes out this Friday, with a release show scheduled in Austin at Cheer Up Charlies on June 1st with their friends A. Sinclair. Stream the album below, fall in love with it and commit your future to the band…be glad you did.

More New Music from Hayman Kupa Band

haymankupaI recently wrote about how prolific Darren Hayman has been, having just released a new single for Fortuna Pop. Now he’s back with the Hayman Kupa Band, comprised primarily of he and Emma Kupa of Mammoth Penguins/Standard Fare. Emma opens up this new track claiming “I’m an asshole,” which is the self-deprecating humor that pervades the song, though it’s truly a song about longing for a partner. It’s hard to turn away from this sprite-ly tune…in part because it’s so great, and also because these two have been such a huge part of my listening as of the last few years. I particularly love Emma’s vocals just around the 2 minute mark. Enjoy this track, and keep your ears peeled for more from the band.

Check Out This New Video From Mothers

unnamed-42Mothers, from Athens, Georgia, have released a new video for the single, “Copper Mines” off their debut albumWhen You Walk a Long Distance You Are Tired, that came out earlier this year onGrand Jury Music. If you haven’t already familiarized yourself with their indie rock that sways in a folksy direction, you should start with the video below. The track is a groovy, laid back tune that features meandering guitar riffs and the lush vocals of front ladyKristine Leschper. Take a listen and be sure to watch what appears to be a wisdom-teeth-high video below.

New to Me: The Crystal Furs

crystalfursWhile all my Internet friends were raving about the amazing time they had at NYC Popfest (still jealous) they also tossed me a nod towards The Crystal Furs…a Ft. Worth based indiepop act. They’re fairly new to the scene, and seeing as our love of indiepop is always going strong, I’m really stoked to have another band to fawn over, let alone one from Texas. They recently tossed out an EP titled the Pentacon Sessions, recorded while the band was still working on their sound and name. I figured music world is slow today, so why not share it with you all today. Stream below, and look for more from The Crystal Furs.

There’s a New Cass McCombs Album Coming

CassMcCombs_MangyLove_CoverArt-copyThere are a ton of acts that get loads of press, and I’m not always on board with the buzz (I know, I liked the first album better…blah blah blah). But, I’ve really enjoyed the work of Cass McCombs, so with the announcement of a new album, I’m actually really excited. I enjoy the way the track opens with McCombs calming croon coming in over the strings and ringing guitar chord that’s high in the mix. There’s even a little bit of a touch that seemingly makes it perfect pop for lounge acts…and I mean that in the best way possible. His new effort will be titled Mangy Love, coming out later via Anti Records.


Enjoy This Beauty From Swimming Tapes

13237662_1095128163888521_9221963997744131932_nThis new song entitled “Set The Fire” by London based band Swimming Tapes premiered elsewhere yesterday and it’s too good for me not to share despite my tardiness. To begin with, this song is just so damn dreamy, it’s giving me all the warm feelings this morning. I’m not sure how I hadn’t heard of this band prior to yesterday, but with promising sounds like this, I’ll be paying closer attention from here on it. Stay tuned.

Rock Out with New Mumblr

mumblr-4Mumblr have worked hard on their latest album to really pull away from the tried and true sound of emo-punk that’s helped them gain some popularity. Interestingly enough, I think this is the tightest the band has sounded, not to mention the most enthused they’ve sounded. This new single from The Never Ending Get Down does still look back nostalgically, but less into the poppier side of things and more into the area where Jawbreaker pulled up the pop stoplight. Chords ring, cymbals crash, and you’re hooked on everything that’s great…which is pretty much this whole tune. Look for their new album via Fleeting Youth Records on June 10th.

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