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ACL 2014 Lineup Announced

ACL 2014The two-weekends of ACL will be headlined by the nineties. Eminem, Pearl Jam, Beck and Outkast are joined by newbie Skrillex on the top of the marquee. Those of you that bought Weekend Two passes will get the musical stylings of Lorde. Meh. As usual, the alleged top tier will be the soundtrack to our exit.

While we aren’t giddy about the headliners here, we are pretty thrilled with the meat of the lineup. Interpol, Belle and Sebastien, Real Estate, St Vincent, Broken Bells, Tune-Yards, Polica, Cults, The Rosebuds, Phantogram, CHVRCHES, Temples, Miniature Tigers, Mac Demarco, The Replacements, Chromeo, SNOWMINE (WE1), Beat Connection (WE2) and what will likely be the best thing you see all festival JAGWAR MA!

New Music from Bored Nothing

boredA few years back, a friend of mine posted this great list of rising acts out of Australia; it included acts like Pop Singles, Royal Headache and more, but one of the ones I really gravitated towards was that of Bored Nothing.  I’ll admit that part of it was the style of recording, but another part of my enjoyment was the resemblance to a world where emo music met Elliott Smith, with just a splash of bedroom stylings.   Still, if you’re in touch with what’s going on today in the Aussie scene, then you can definitely hear where the music of Bored Nothing fits in. Give a listen to this brand new track to see if it’s up your alley.


Quick Number from The Wind-Up Birds

wind upLooks like one of my favorite acts will be releasing a new album this May.  The Wind-Up Birds came to my attention a few years back, and I’ve really enjoyed the work they’ve put in so far.  This new tune is the first single off their new record, Poor Music.  I love the way the guitars sound, while the vocal delivery definitely bears some resemblance to Art Brut.  Be it the jagged guitar or the way they quickly burst into a more forceful music foray within the tune, it still catches my ears.   Look for their new record just before the summer hits.

Show Preview: Odonis Odonis @ Mohawk (4.21)


Date Monday, April 21st
Location Mohawk
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets $10

There’s a ton of heavy-hitting shows in town this week, from Vampy Weeks to Mogwai…and beyond.  But, you should start your Monday night with something particularly special, something loud; you should get your week going by hitting up the Odonis Odonis show at Mohawk tonight!  We’ve mentioned the band on numerous occasions, but now that we’ve had ample time to have our ears destroyed (willingly) by the group’s new album, Hard Boiled Soft Boiled, I’m adamant that this show is something you can’t miss.  But, I warn you, your going to need to get your ears checked afterwards, just to make sure they’re still working right.  They’ll be joined by Shockwave Riderz and Super Thief, so be sure to schedule in some time for this can’t miss evening of tunes.

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Download: Odonis Odonis – New Obsession [MP3]

Rocking Tune from Eureka California

DSC_4222x-editI really love a track that just gives into the soul of the song, discarding all the bullshit to the side.  That’s the feeling I get when I listen to pretty much every song on the up-coming Eureka California album.  Their songs are catchy, as you’ll see below, but aside from standard song structures, the group doesn’t worry about much else; they dive into their songs with reckless abandon, emboldened by the spirit of just playing good rock n’ roll. You can pick up their new album, Crunch, from HHBTM Records as we speak.

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Fresh Music from We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves

wceoI love when bands we’ve written about hit us up with a new song after being quiet for so long.  We hadn’t heard from We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves since their last LP, Make a Mess of Sacred Ground…a must have if you ask me.  Today, however, they sent over this great track from their upcoming album, which should be out this summer.  It starts with a screeching bit of feedback before the guitars and drums start to bounce and jangle their way into the song.  Once the song gets going, there’s all sorts of little moves in and out of the plodding  fare that is the focus.  These guys have definitely been working on their craftsmanship, so take a listen.

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Download: We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves – Working for the FBI [MP3]


Have A Nice Weekend

artworks-000056441358-m66lnv-t500x500Busy lives are busy. I am still alive. New job, remodeling, family stuff…

Heard this song for the time in a few months and wanted to share to get your head right going into the weekend. It is called “Shape” and it is by Glasser. It is a layered beauty that is upbeat or downbeat depending on what your brain latches on to after you hit play.

See y’all at Red7 Saturday, OK? Now to figure out why I didn’t post it the first time I heard it…

New Music from The Proper Ornaments

properornamentsI don’t want to seem like I’m barking up the Slumberland Records tree, but they have yet another great band to work with, The Proper Ornaments.  This is one of those bands that I feel like has been vastly underrated throughout their short existence.  But, certain circles of pop aficionados, myself included will swear by the band. They’ve just signed on to release Wooden Head on July 8th, and I assure you, that such care will be placed on these songs that you’ll find it virtually impossible to ignore each track.  It’s a little twee, a little like Real Estate, and a whole lot of amazing.  Check the first single:

Landlady Unleash Another Single

landladyWhen we first heard from Landlady, the project of Man Man‘s Adam Shatz, we were ecstatic to hear what this new group offered.  Now that we’ve got another single to sink our teeth into, things are looking even better than before.  The vocals are patiently delivered, moving slowly to match the pace of the track as it moves effortlessly between louder rock moments and ornate guitar picking.  You’ll be able to hear the entire thing from the band when they release Upright Behavior on July 15th via Hometapes.

More New La Sera Tunes

laseraWe’ve definitely got to get you into this new La Sera track.  Now that Vivian Girls are over, Katy can spend her time concentrating on her other project, and this song is an indicator that she’s definitely spent that time well.  This latest single from her forthcoming record has her sounding in complete control of her songwriting craft; there’s a soloing guitar, crashing cymbals, and, of course, her intoxicating vocal performance.  It’s just another reason that we’re expecting great things from Hour of the Dawn when it’s released by Hardly Art on May 13th.

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Download: La Sera – Running Wild [MP3]


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