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Library Voices Bring Back Classic Indie Rock

lovishI don’t know, but if you were to ask me what a “classic” indie rock period sound was like, it would sound like Library Voices.  It was that period where rock music started to take on tones of Americana, but still adhered to fuzzy production and a DIY aesthetic.  In my mind, it’s the most memorable period, as a whole, as some of my favorite records were birthed during that time, which is perhaps why I’m so in love with this Library Voices track.  The band have had some struggles over the last few years, but isn’t that what crafts the best tunes in the long run? Their album, Lovish, will be released by Nevado Music on November 6th.

ATX Thursday Show Spotlight: Carry Illinois & 101X

Letting Up Despite Great FaultsTrying to be more on the ball so you folks know where to go when your afraid the music’s dead, so wanted to point you in the direction of these two great local gigs tonight. I’ll be short and brief…sort of.

Carry Illinois got a lot of love from us earlier in the year, plus that show includes the esteemed Lindsey Verrill, Marijuana Sweet Tooth and Rain Collectors.  It’s over at Holy Mountain; it’ll have sort of a mellow/folk/pop vibe. Be sure to go to HM before it closes.

Or. You could find yourself over at Empire Control Room for 101X Homegrown. Say what you will about the radio station, Diedre’s got her finger on the local pulse.  Just look at all these rad bands: Sphynx, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, Shivery Shakes, Alex Napping, Gold Beach, Slomo Drags, Young Tongue, Tamarron, Velo.

“All I do is fill up (Philip) banks, Aunt Viv it”

Over the course of about three months rapper Fabolous released a series of freestyles every Friday as part of his Friday Night Freestyles series with DJ Clue. Once Fabolous wrapped up his FNF series, he packaged all the releases together in a free to stream or download mixtape. Fabolous is one of the most creative punchline rappers of all time, and the FNF series is full of them. Some of the things Fabolous says just can’t possibly be truly freestyled because they’re just too clever, but it doesn’t matter because it still makes you laugh. My favorite freestyle from FNF can be streamed below and includes the gems “I don’t care what her man says / he better come airing (Aaron) like Hernandez”, “talking like they’re shooters but they wouldn’t spray perfume”, and of course “all I do is fill up (Philip) banks, Aunt Viv it”.

Darwin Deez Is Pure Fun

darwinA lot of time I find myself caught up in the world of artistry or hype or both, but sometimes, you just want a great pop song.  Something that makes you smile, something undeniable: this is Darwin Deez, and it’s always been Darwin Deez.  He writes infectious tune after infectious tune, coming across like a radio friendly Pedro the Lion.  His newest album, Double Down, is just around the corner with a September 18th release date scheduled by Lucky Number.  I don’t know about you, but it never hurts just to have a little fun with your hits.

ATX Spotlight: Allgood Has Me Excited

allgoodIn going through all the local shows, I was looking towards Saturday’s show over at Empire Control Room.  One of the bands, Allgood completely caught my ear.  They have an album, but their latest single, aside from that release, is pretty remarkable.  It lives somewhere in the world between bands like Wampire and Unknown Mortal Orchestra; that basically means you’ll be drawn into playing it again and again.  From my investigation, it looks like the band are fairly recent transplants to town (even though it’s dying), and looking to get out and play some shows, so go check them before they amass a huge following.

How’d I Miss This Pony Time Track?!

10608375_10152464745691479_4329158210801408450_oSo you should probably already know this by now, but just in case you’ve been asleep or out of the country, Pony Time are about to release another album called Rumours 2: The Rumours Are True on September 11th. They already shared “Time Tells Me” a few weeks back and now we’ve been treated to another track called “Really Nice Guys,” that’s got a rough and tumble DIY feel to it as the band rolls through. I’m digging the choppy sound of the song and the full drum sounds that carries the tune. Luke Beetham’s vocals provide the cohesive element to the mix that brings everything together in the rag-tag tune. Take a listen and get ready for that new album.



New Gem from Post Louis

postlouisPost Louis has been on my radar for a bit, ever since I heard their Uptight EP; I had to go back then to their first one, This Could Be a Bridge. Word’s been passing around this week that the band is in the studio working on their debut LP, and with it they’ve released this delightful new track, “30m.”  Part of the song has this sultry pop side to it, but the other pop has these careful artistic flourishes like a Joan of Arc record.  I’m hoping we hear more of that sort as the band continue to develop their sound, polishing the corners of their tracks. I’ll keep you posted as we hear more, but for now, at least you have this tune.

Boogarins Are Back

boogarinsTraditionally, I wouldn’t post a lyric video…but seeing as this song isn’t available any other way yet and it’s in Portuguese, it might just require such a post.  Well, there’s that and the fact that I really enjoy the work that Boogarins have been doing…this new jam included.  You’ll definitely hear moments of the band’s exploratory psych tendencies, but I also like the art-pop moment that comes from the line “that will not let me see the sun/they will not let me see the sun;” it’s possibly my favorite moment on the track.  Their new LP, Manual, will be available on October 30th via Other Music/Burger Records.

True Gem From Matt Rock

screen-shot-2015-08-16-at-6-34-11-pmI’ll be honest here, I love this damn song.  Something about the almost Queen like quality mixed with heavy, fuzzed out guitars has created a truly powerful and intense song.  Coming from London based Matt Rock, this track for you today is called “Gimme a Sign”.  I hope all you fan boys out there enjoy it just as much as I have today.

Matt Rock will release Get Blank on October 16th.

Dark Bubblegum Pop From Thee AHs


Dark bubblegum pop? Isn’t that a contradiction? Well yes, but in the best possible way. Vancouver’s Thee AHs just released this terrific album called Names over at their band camp page that shows a mastery of sugary pop music with enough darkness to tone it down to not only an enjoyable level, but a great one at that. This track, “Andrew,” that I’ve got below will give you a good idea of what I’m talking about, as it blends these two sides of the spectrum quite well. The guitars kick things off on a grungey note, and then the gang female vocals wash the track over with sugary sweetness. Like this song, the whole album is filled with pop goodness that needs you attention, so go pick it up over here and enjoy. 

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